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I noticed 2-3 days there was slight discomfort in my anus I examined I saw that there was some kind of pimple What to do i am scared ??? Help me out

"my anus has been sore for days and it bleeds prettyheavily inthe day time. I feel no lumps/bumps butwhat can it be? And where is the blood coming frm

11month postpartum 7 piles and bleeding from bum, pregnant again. Painful hard feeling lump inside anus, scared what could this be? Also have a fissure.

17 y/o occasionally get a pink lump on anus after straining, past years. Resides in a couple days. Feel lump of skin, when on toilet. Is this dangerous?

2 hard, painless pea sized lumps inch from anus, slight blood in stools, on and off pain for bowel but protected anal sex and HPV vaccination. Cancer?

2 months ago I got sores on anus, pain and blood in stool. they went away after a week but I'm still suffering from itchy and irritated anus. ?

2/3 years ago, my perianal area was swollen(below scrotum up to anus wall),this happened after I strained during BM, it also went away, what was that?

5dysago, tiny drop blood on foreign obj. Used for anal. Constant pressure/pain inside anus. Doctor felt internal hemoroid. & treated for it. Infected?

6 weeks ago i had a hemorrhoid that got smaller but it gets swollen after each bm; yellow discharge & little blood keep coming out. Is it anal abscess?

A 2 yr old boy has hemorrhoids but they are small lumps clumped together all around the outside of anus. Is this normal for hemmorhoids?

A cut or irritation in the anal area which bleeds when I wipe it after using the bathroom. Not bumpy like a haemorrhoid. Does not hurt like a fissure.

A white head pimple looking bump has just appeared on/in my anus/bum hole, it is quite painful when I have a bowel movement or just wipe it.

About 2 to 3 months I have been dealing wt anal itchiness, I have like 4 or 3 open little skin in anus, that doesent heal, help?

About 3 days ago i got a rash around my perineum and now it's spread around my anus. It's very painful to have bowel movements or anything. Whatis it?

About three months ago I got some extreme itching and discomfort on my butt about a month ago I pulled some small white worms from my butt what is it.

After a anal abcess i usedto have, it left a pink circular little patch on my anus, its this normal?

After i past tools i get a burning sensation in my anus and then it scratches sometimes when i wipe i see slit blood. help plz?

After I wipe my anus alot I get itchy and see little spots of blood. My Doctor checked my anus and said I was inflammed up there. Should I worry?

After researching online, I'm worried I might have anal warts. Do the warts usually "recede" into my anus if I flex my sphincter muscle?

Anal itching on and off for long time. Upon looking I saw a purple area with a tear in it just inside anus. No pain ever just itching. how serious?

Anal itching that results in bleeding and what looks like a clear liquid leaking, no pain. Seems to be from hemorrhoids and is only on the surface of the anus. Is there something topical that can help release the itching so it can heal w/out a dr?

Anus has been itchy and now blood on stools. What does this sound like?

Anus swelling...On closer view i saw that its a tear and small amount of blood...What is it ? Can i put dettol cream ?

Anus, just inside is very blue and small whitish like finger looking bumps, stomach pain and constipation. Gross, but what could be ?

Are anal fissures easily agitated? I had a smallish one, and it felt great after like a week and half. Recently hard strain stool and it hurts again

Are anal warts a good sign of infected buttonhole? should I be concerned?

Are external hemorrhoids always painful? I have what seems like a pea-sized red bump next to anus but not painful at all, but bleeds sometime.

Are hemmroids common in a healthy, 18 year old male? I have a few black bumps around anus. No pain, no bleeding

Are non- prolapsed internal hemorrhoids ever visible from the outside? I have a painless skin-colored squiggly line. Used to hurt but hasn't in weeks.

Are skin abscess near your anus dangerous while you are pregnant?

Are these symptoms of hemorrhoids -bleeding from anus after wiping stinging for a long time after toilet, it aches, small red lump on top of anus?

Baby has small looking blisters around anus, how do I treat?

Been experiencing Constipation, noticed small bump in rectal area (maybe hemorrhoids) now perineum feels a bit hard and swollen on the rectal side?

Blister on leftside of anal crack every 2-3 week?

Blisters inside rectal area. He has epidermolysis bullosa. Having a hard time pooping. Thoughts?

Blood in papel when clean my anus, itch, burns, little hurt, skin little bumps and a red gland in center of anus, hemoorroid? O and dificult to do #2

Blood in stool white pimple looking things on anus and descoloration of the skin around the anus. Itches at some times and causes it to smell backther?

Blood only TP after BM. It only spots the TP when I wipe the top part (furthest away from rectum) of the inside of my Butt Cheek. Help?

Bright red blood after anal sex. Is this normal as long as it stops. There isn't any pain other than some minor irritation near the opening.

Bright red blood after I go bathroom but my anal part itches and discomfort. I have a colonoscopy in a month can it be a disease rather than cancer?

Brown stuff leaking out the anal area?

Bump inside of anal been there for about two months went to use the restroom it was light blood on the tissue from wipping my behind and the bump?

Burning/itching around my anus for the past 1 month.Small white (ulcer looking) particles present at the opening of anus and are very painful, ?

Can a anal wart which I had about 5 years ago which got removed cause anal cancer I'm male bit concerned ?

Can a pilonidial cyst aggravate hemmoroids? I'm in a flare,the cyst just burst,& noticing small amounts of blood on toilet tissue.

Can anal bleaching treat a thick black ring around my anus?

Can anybody give me advice about lump near my anus. I searched online, and i think I have haemorrhoids?

Can hemmeroids be long and thin, going down from the anus, vascular appearance very very sore?

Can hemorrhoids besides the anal area, also cause swelling of some veins on penis?

Can internal hemorrhoid feel like rough patch of skin-circle, slightly raised & indented? ~.5 in. in canal. Stung when felt. Blood on stool for weeks.

Can pinworms be seen in any other parts of the body except anus/intestines? I had what I thiught were pinworms.However now they are noticable on my.Skin, mouth, eyes..Etc. As well as anus amd vagina. Are theses pinworms?

Can poop infect a cut near your butcrack?

Can small white worms in the anus affect fertility?

Can staph discharge mucus from anus and cause butt pain?

Can the use of rectogesic ointment cause perianal abcess? After 4 weeks of usage a small lump has appeared the opening of my anus - far from fissure.

Can wiping too much or roughly by putting pressure on anus cause hem to occur?

Can you cause the anus to bleed a bit if rubbing a bit too hard with cheap rough toilet paper?

Can you suggest some cures for bruise on anus?

Chronic anal fissure. 2 years, I just pop the outter rim of my butt where the puss/absece wants to push out.. help!

Circular red color in anus center, hemorroid? Or what can be?

Could a bump like thing at the bottom of your rectum be hemorrhoids? It itches like hemorrhoids.

Crazy question but on occassion I have rectal.Bleeding . Today it hurts a little there and there's like a purple bubble is that a hemmroid?

Cuts around my vagina and anus what could it be?Also i'm being treated for UTI , my anus feels cut and burns when I poo help! what's a good medicine over-the-counter for this?

Diagnosed with anal fissures, used prescribed creme twice daily but after 10 days i got a small white color bump around my anus, it's sometimes itchy

Dime sized oval red bumps appear around anus after bowel movements, now bleeding too after wiping, disappear next day, characteristics of HPV warts?

Do external hemorrhoids always bleed? Pretty sure I have a small red bulge on my anus, but it's not bleeding and it isn't itchy.

Do external hemorrhoids shrink & disappear completely? Or is there always a tiny bit left outside, or a skin tag, etc.

Do I have pinworms? My anus is itching mostly at night but daytime also. I scratched and there were few white lines could barely see them. What to do?

Doc said I have an anal fissure.Not huge,but something to take care of.Doesn't hurt to use restroom.Stings a little after.Small amt Blood on stool.OK?

Doc,i have hemmoroids i felt itching and little bit BEVASON bethamethasone valerate ointment is good for hemmoroids?

Doctor, I noticed bleeding after a BM & found fleshy bumps around my anus. Are these anal warts? Can I use Imiquimod 5% cream, from my GP, on these?

Does having inflamed hemorrhoids a sign of cancer a little blood when wipe get frequently very painful to have a bm? What are some treatments for them

Does hermorhoid or anal fissure affect on the penis for example extract it in while flacid or loss of sensation due to swallowen tissue inside anus?

Does internal hemorroid always hurts? Because I have one red blood color in my anus but don't hurt so much, it itch around and burns, and no blood eith

Does poking finger up anus weaken anus? If it does what are the remedies for a weak anus.

Don't remember hard bowel movement..doc found 2 paper cuts in anal area..y didn't she test for herpes?

DR Dx internal hemorroids- bright red bleed,pain -like a tear, itching,w/ BM- can feel tiny lump outside of anus. Is this normal?ho constipation 32yo

Dr said I have a hemorrhoid. Looks like a flap of skin where there used to be a tear on from me sitting on the toilet too long. Will it go away? Pls

Dr said I have hemorrhoid& gave me docusate&hydrocortisone cream. Looks like a skin tag w/a blood vessel. Will it ever go away &look Normal? I'm sad

Earlier this week I think I had haemorrhoids as I felt something outside my anus. This has gone but I can feel a hard lump. Can you advise?

Every time I have a poo on the tissue blood have been there, I felt and there is a small bump, it's quite sore. This has gone on for about 2 weeks now. Is it piles or something serious..?

Every time i have anal sex it my old hemmoroids flare up. its not painful but the area looks swollen. can i get rid of these for good?

Every time i poop, i cannot seem to get myself clean and then this leave me with a very itchy anus?

External hemorrhoid changed to huge skin tag causing discomfort, pain while wiping, itching how do i get rid of it? do i have to be put to sleep?

External hemorrhoid used to hurt during BM and wiping, used to be blue. Now maybe year later it's skin colored, painless and still there. Whatcan Ido?

Fecal leakage, swollen anus, and cuts appear when I wash or wipe too hard, area is also pink. I've had this for 4 months and have large stools?

Female 22 recently noticed a bump near anal canal and I believe its hemorrhoids?Is that curable? Does it go away natural? Sometimes it isn't that big

Female: I have what i thought was a hemorrhoid but now not so sure. It is a red lump by anus that has a yellow color to it very painful, no pus?

Female. Hysterectomy. Constipated for 6 months. Bowel movement once a day in tiny ball shape. Skin on face dry. Patichae on skin has been worsening. ?

Finished meds for chylmadia. Having on and off pressure in rectum. Still see small red lines on inside of vagina. It itches and burns. What is this.

Fissures/hemmoroidal tissue has cause my anus to look really bad, and I im worried I'll never be able to have receptive anal sex again.What can I do?

Flap of skin around anus since 6 years, no pain or itching, no problem passing stool. What could it be? Is it ok to just leave it as it is?

Flap of skin around anus since 7 years, no pain or itching, no problem passing stool. What could it be? Is it ok to just leave it as it is?

Flesh colored bumps around anal area noticed them after having anal fissures ?

Folds of pinky red skin were pushed out my anus when i did a bowel movement, but went back up again. So scared is this really serious?

Got a bump when I poop. I don't think it's a hemorhoid, so what could it be?

Got a fungal infection anus and scrotum area, I constantly feel like air bubbles or something moving is this the anal spinchter not working ?

Got a hemorrhoid in area between my balls and anus. How can this affect anal sex for me? It always burns/hurts when I do anal even with lots of lube!

Got anal last night now there is a big red vein going down the inside of my thigh what is it?

Got checked by Doc.Mentioned no anal fissures. Very small ("tiny" as she said) external hemorrhoid. Little to no swelling internal.Can I have sex w/bf?