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I am 51 years old. I am having tender breasts 6 days after my period. My period was 8 days early. I also had a biopsy on the right breast 4 mo. Ago. ?

1 day period after being 4 days late with tender breasts and food cravings?

15 mon since last period menopausal now breasts tender and moody 1 week. Hormones? Normal?

2 months, nausea, cramping, tender breasts. Period last month. Cramping even when not near period. Tender breasts more sensitive this month. Causes?

30/31 day cycles for 6 months with very sore breasts before period. This month I had very swollen & sore breasts and a heavier period. Is this normal?

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Been having pain during sex, breast tenderness, emotional, day 22 of my regular 30 day cycle, more discharge than normal could I be pregnant?

Been on BC Pill almost 2 years. First 2 months, sore breast and then no symptoms until 3 months ago. Sore breast each month in 2nd week until period. ?

Been on my Period for one day and tenderness breasts. Am i pregnant?

Befroe period brest pain more to me why?

Bleeding after 2 months of c-section. Is it starting of my period or something else ? How to know ? I am on breast feeding .

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Breast are sensitive behind the nipples from ovulation until my period... Does that indicate estrogen dominance?

Breast for 2 weeks. 3 years later I have milk discharge and annoying breast tenderness all of the time. Should I even be concerned or is it hormones,?

Breast have been sore and tender for 2 months straight why?I haven't had my menstrual cycle in 4 years I have IUD what could be the cause

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Breast hurting after period?

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Breat tenderness for the past 2 weeks. Some days are more tender. Last period was irregular. Have been having some mild cramping here and there.

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Can you still have tender breasts and not have menstruation did not had period for 40 days.. I'm sure i'm not pregnant no intercourse.

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Cramping and breast tenderness on day 20 of cycle ?

Cramping and engorged swollen heavy breast a day before period. Is this normal?

Cycle day 20, cramping and nipples are sore?

Do u have abdominal cramps and sore breasts on the first of pregnancy?

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Experiencing a light period and some breast tenderness. Am I pregnant?

First two days I have cramps. Is it normal for breast tenderness to occur about two weeks before my period?

Had heavy tender lumpy breasts for 5 weeks but had a period for 6 days which is not normal for me possibility of pregancy or not?

Had spotting period an breast milk ?

Have been having pms and breast tenderness for 5 days. Now no breast tenderness and lighter pms. Does this mean period is close?

Have had breast tenderness for about a week. Today no breast tenderness. Period 7-8 days away. Is this common with pms?

Haven't had period in months but bad bloating and tender breasts, why?

Having sore tender breasts two weeks before expected period. Pregnancy unlikely. Is this premenstrual related? If not what could it be?

Having tender breasts and cramps ever sense ovulation?pregnancy or period?

Hi doc my breast paining two months now two weeks before my period what would it be is it normal?

Hi Doc, on my 4th day of my period had stricking pain on both of my breast is this normal?

Hi, I'm 3 weeks latte on my period, first time ever, feel breast tenderness and cramping?

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How quickly does breast tenderness start after conception? Can breast tenderness start five or six days after conception?

How soon would you notice breast tenderness if you're pregnant? I've had sore breasts since the day after ovulation. Is this normal PMS?

How to treat breast tenderness after abortion?

I am 2 days late for my period, I have aching boobs and tender nipples?

I am 42 year old woman with fibrocystic breasts. I often experience breast soreness 2 weeks before my period. Last month I had breast soreness 7 days after my period which lasted until my period (that menstrual cycle was a total of 26 days). I am experie

I am 9 days away from my period. Is it normal to have breast pain?

I am having breast pain a lot im not pregnant or on my period?

I am on alesse breasts are always sore before periods normal?

I am on day 15 of my cycle and i have sore nipples. Could this be because of ovulation?

I am on my period and I have pain in both of my breast and it been there for a week is that normal i never had that problem before?

I ended my period 10 days ago. I have been having steady migraines and tender breast here and there. The last few days I have been having cramping. ?

I had my period 1 week ago in my breast are sore can I be pergnant?

I had my period about a week ago and ovulated right after. Why would i still be having cramps, breast fullness and tenderness?

I had my period twice this month, could i be pregnant? I'm also having cramps and have tender breast.

I have a burning sensation in both of my breast. My period is four days late. What should I do?

I have a lump on my underarm and I'm experiencing some nipple pain and my menstrual cycle is no where near?

I have always have sore/tender breast when menstrual cycle begins to come. This week very sensitive nipples which never happen before. Is this normal?

I have any breast pain befor my period, is this normal ?

I have been onthe pill for 3 months and still have breast tenderness and light periods???

I have been spotting 11 days after my period with some breast tenderness and a higher libido ....Pregnant ?

I have breast tenderness negative pregnancy test I have pcos what could cause 13 days of breast pain?

I have had PMS & breast tenderness for 2 weeks. My period came and lasted for one day. 3 days later I am still experiencing breast tenderness. Normal?

I have had sore breasts and nipples for two weeks before my period. Is this normal? I have been under tons of stress. Period is irregular.

I have missed my period last month and now this month I been cramping. And having sore breasts, and sometimes spotting. And having nipple pain.