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10 days past ovulation. Nipples are becoming constantly erect and a bit sore, never had this before. Could this be a pregnancy symptom?

2 months ago 7/3/15 i had a 16 weeks miscarriage got my normal period 8/14/15 is normal to still produce alittle bit of milk when i squeeze my breast

20 year female. I haven't had a period for more than year. I discovered raised bumps around my nipples. Not pregnant. Breasts sore. Should I worry?

21 right nipple very sore with white montgomery glands. Odd periods 2 weeks on 2 weeks off heavy for 2 months not pregnant. Have 2 kids under 4 cause?

2wkslate boobs tender especially in morning bloated all the time nipples more veiny 2neg hpt no stress at all shld i go to the doctor or wait it out?

3 weeks pregnant and my breasts have gotten much larger! is this normal so early?

34 and 4 days pregnant with sore nipples and hard cramps?

4 DPO bigger areolas. Is this possible?

43-yr old female. Breasts and nipples sore. Period 6 days late. Husband has had a vasectomy. Could this be a symptom of perimenopause?

43-yr old female. Sore breasts and nipples. Period 6 days late. Husband has had a vasectomy . Could this be perimenopause symptom?

44yrs neg bloodtest twice. linea nigra from bra to panty,montgomery glands,much bigger breasts, huge belly, light 1day menses. Sex july 28th.Fibroid?

6 weeks pregnant. Every morning when i wake up my breast are so painful. What could be the reason?

After i ovulate my breasts get very sore. This month i had IUI 6 days ago. My breasts feel fine even though i ovulated. What gives? Also took chlomid.

Am having high temperature and my nipples are sore my are itchy .Dis doesn't normally happen .could I be pregnant .but am using protection ?

Am i pregnant i had sex for the first time 4 1/2 weeks ago and 3 times after that..I have really sore breasts and nipples. I have large breast idk?

Am i pregnant? Breasts are bigger, belly fatter, always eating, breasts and belly are sore.... Mood swings.. "should have period soon(in a week or 2)

Am very irregular, and for 13 weeks i´ve been without period, my breast has changed my nipples are bigger darker and opening could i be pregnant.?

Anyone experience sore nipples before period?

Are montgomery glands normal on girls that aren't pregnant? I'm really worried.

Are pimples on the boobs normal during pregnancy? How do I treat these?

Area around nipple puffy, but nipples aren't erect or hard, no pain.. 5 days before expected period... Pregnant?

As well as the sickness and high. Basal body temp I have what looks likemilk pimples on nipples and my pregnant test negative?

Asked doctor why breasts are sore 1 week after sex and he answered with "hormonal changes" so does that mean I'm not pregnant this month?

Been on mirena (levonorgestrel) coil about 4 months and keep getting really big, sore and lumpy breasts its quite painful like when your pregnant, every 2 weeks?

Been trying a few weeks to conceive, my breast are really tender &sore, a milky substance when we are intimate, are we pregnant? Too soon to test?

Besides being pregnant, why else would boobs be sore?

Boob hurts with sore and sensitive nipples? Any other causes besides pregnancy?

Breast and nipples are super sore and sleeping all the time, but my period doesn't come for another 5 days when should I take a test?

Breastfeeding an 11 month old baby, still no period... Is this causing me to have a bigger stomach well it flatten some what once i get period?

Breastfeeding my 3 month old and my nipples are getting more sore by the day. Only hurt for first 2 weeks. Possible reasons?

Breasts are sore,feel fuller&bruised. They have grown in size, but bra fits. I had a normal period on 13/06 & negative preg test. Is this pms/preg?

Breasts seem bigger, bumps on areolas, stomach getting bigger, vaginal discharge. Blood pregnancy test was <1? Haven't had sex in 4 months. Causes?

Bumps are around my nipples, am i pregnant?

Can breasts become tender, sore and bigger when going on birth control? I feel pregnant!

Can having coins in your bra for a long period cause any breast or nipple problems?

Can I be pregnant if my boobs are not sore but just bigger? And Can constipation be a sign of stress?

Can i get. Pregnant with a fibroadenoma on my left breast?

Can lutera make breast soar?

Can my birth control be a reason of my breasts being sore, sensitive and hard ?

Can someone get a infeccion by kissin a nipple of women?

Can you get mastitis from your boyfriend sucking on your boobs?

Can you get pregnant right after a breast augmentation?

Can you get spots on your breast from having sex?

Can you have montgomery's tubercles and not be pregnant? I don't know how long i've had them, but they are only visible when i'm cold. What are they?

Can you tell me about pregnancy: my breasts are sore, but havent grown at all?

Can you tell me is being constipated and having sensitive nipples normal before your period?

Can you tell me some of the reasons besides being pregnant would I have sore breast?

Can your nipples get enlarged before your period and darker around your areola? or is that just a pregnancy symptom?

Can your nipples get enlarged before your period and darker around your areola? or is that just a pregnancy symptom?

Can your nipples get larger and darker nipples before your period? or is that just a pregnancy symptom?

Can your period make your glands sore?

Cani get breast imaging if I am pregnant? I am four months pregnant and just found a lump in my breast that needs to be checked out. Are there any tests or treatments I should know about that could hurt my unborn child?

Could a girl have hard nipples and not be pregnant?

Could I be pregnant ? I have dreams about being pregnant and my breasts are tender and also my boyfriend has been throwing up for 3 days

Could I have a supernumerary nipple removed while pregnant?

Could my breast hurt due to me taking the prenatal vitemens or could I actually be pregnant. Its only in my right breast. ?

Could ovulation make a woman's nipple painful when touch?

Could sore breasts mean growth? Period coming? Pregnant?

Could sore nipples be anything major other than pregnancy. Been going on for 2 weeks give or take a couple days. Don't wanna be disappointed if i'm not?

Could upcoming period cause your nipples to hurt and veins in your boobs to pop out Or could growth cause this? If not could it be pregnancy?

Could you get pregnant on nexplanon? Because I have it an i've had sore nippples for 8 days

D&c may 24 breasts very tender, grown.possibly pregnant again. what are the risks I face getting pregnant so soon?why are breasts tender not pregnant

Dark blue veins on my left breast and nipple. Very sore. I am definitely not pregnant and I'm not on birth control. What is going on?

Did artifical insem on 11th 14th dec I have very sore nipples n veins appeared in breast is this a sign of pregnant ?

Difference between swollen breast before period and swollen breast due to pregnancy? How can I tell the difference?

Do all women get sore breasts when there pregant?

Do mongomery glands only come from pregnancy?

Do u bloat an get sore nipples during ovulation?

Do your nipples stand out more if your pregnant?

Docs, i'm 5+3 weeks pregnant my breast have been sore ever since i found out i was pregnant at 11 dpo, what's wrong with me?

Does erect nipples mean you are pregnant?

Does it mean you didn't ovulate if your breast don't hurt?

Does tummy gets slightly bigger during ovulation and a week before periods?

During pregnancy is it possible for nipples to hurt during the time I normally ovulate and only then.

Every month nipple areolas get bigger 1 week before my period,and breast very soft. Period related?Normal?After period they both get firmer

Extreme eating and sore nipples.. Pregnant?

Female; 21; sharp pain in nipples, not breasts just nipples. Also no period in 5 months? No pregnancy, not on birth control, not sexually active.

For maybe a day or two my breasts have been really sore and my period isn't for another 2 weeks . Could it just be my breasts getting bigger ?

For the last few days my breasts have been hurting pretty much just on the bottom. It started off as just my nipples now it's the actual breasts. my period isn't due for another 2 weeks so I'm just wondering why.

For the past couple of weeks my breasts have been hot, sore, swollen and hard to tomuch. I'm on implant and not pregnant. My nipples are erect too. ?

For the past two weeks my breast are real tender and I've been sleeping more during the day. Could i be pregnant?

Girlfriend has hard lump above nipple on left breast and has more mood swings should we be worried could this have anything to do with a pregnancy?

Girlfriend suffers from engorged nipples that are sore. It has been about a week. Not pregnant, recently started birth control, has lactated at times?

Green veins running down from breast to nipples. My nipples are puffy and have little bumps . Also took a pregnancy test that came back negative?

Had the implant and didn't use protection for a week. Now pains in my tummy, breasts are sensitive. Did 4 pregnancy tests and all were no. What's wron?

Have an iud. Hard breast-increased in size. Hard Pelvic area. Nausea, cravings. Could I be pregnant with an iud?

Haven't had my period in 4 months, breasts have gotten a little bigger, and nipples are dark but I don't feel any different?

Heart burn dizzy sore breasts have already had period quite worried sore under breast?

Heartburn, náuseas, bloated, sore and sensible breast and nipple, one week before my period. Can i be already pregnant?

Heavy and lumpy breasts doctor told me it's hormones would this effect me getting pregnant ?

Hello doctor, I am not pregnant but I have sore breasts, what can this mean?

Hello, I'm a 25 year old mother of one. I started implanon birth control about 6 months ago, 2 days shy of a week (full 7 days) I've been having some nipple discomfort. No discharge, just really sore. It started as both nipples now it's the left nipple.

Hello, so I've been feeling strong pregnancy symptoms, I have 11 days until my period is due, I have sore boobs and nipples with blue veins on breasts?

Help docs! Would it mean you're pregnant if milk comes out of your breasts?

Hi can u please tell me reasons u might have very bloated and sore belly and breasts and are not pregnant? Thanks

Hi doctor. What else can cause darkening around the nipple area? (Ive ruled out pregnancy though)

Hi I wonder if you can help. The first day of my last period was 6th March. I have had some spotting throughout but it doesn't come to anything. I have had a sore tummy and also my nipples have been sore.

Hi my brother is 13 in April and he says his nipples are sensitive and I was wondering if this is hormonal why vids I not get this is it somethingelse?

Hi we are trying for a baby and I have sore breasts and my uterus feels sore but Negative pregnancy test! Is sore uterus a sign of pregnancy??

Hi, i am 26 yrs old and 6months pregnant.. Im experiencing an unusual changes on my breast.. Specifically on my areola.. It is dry and has dimples.