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Just recently my right breast have been leaking is this normal, or an early pregnancy symptom?

30 days late. I took a few test and all negative. Symptoms are breast enlargement, burning nipples, blue veins in breast and chest. Could I be?

37-38 weeks pregnant, tightening on area just under the breasts (i don't know what its called) usually at early evening. What could this mean?

39 weeks pregnant with diarrhea and sore breast. Is this a sign of labor?

4 weeks 4 days pregnant and breasts arnt as tender as they have been is this a bad sign? I had intercourse 2 days ago has this effected my pregnancy?

4 weeks pregnant no breast changes or tenderness. No symptoms either. Normal?

A week of breast tenderness yet no periods. Is this pregnancy symptom?

About how many weeks in pregnancy should the nipples start opening up?

Aerolas and nipples are lighter. Is it possible that it can be a sign of pregnancy?

Are Aching Breasts A Symptom Of Pregnancy.?

Are bigger and darker nipples normally a sign of PMS or pregnancy?

Are bumps on your breasts in early pregnancy okay?

Are dark rings around your nipples a positive sign of pregnancy?

Are darkened areolas a reliable symptom of pregnancy at 6/7 dpo? Or too early? I weaned my toddler a month ago. I just noticed this change today.

Are darker areolas a sign of pregnancy or pms?

Are having tender breasts a sign that your period coming?

Are itchy legs a sign of early pregnancy? As well as the feeling of a "let down " in breasts? Im expectin my period soon.

Are my sore tender breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Are slight nausea and breast tenderness pregnancy symptoms?

Are sore and tender breasts w late nights , daily & early mornings nausea an early sign of pregnancy? 10 days away from period .

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Are sore temples a sign of pregnancy?

Are super sensitive and sore nipplesa sign of pregnancy?

Are swollen breast sign of an early pregnancy?

Are swollen breasts a sign of being pregnant?

Areolas enlarging and darkening along with sore boobs; are these PMS or pregnancy symptoms?

Areolas have gone darker too, might this be a sign of pregnancy or period?

Around my nipples there are some pimples, is it a sign of pregnancy?

Aside from a missed period by 2 weeks, and nausea, are slightly sensitive and cracked nipples a sign of pregnancy?

At 5 wks, HCG is 3700. No symptoms but for tender breasts. I have had 1 miscarriage. I am concerned because of lack of symptoms?

Boobs hurt what can it be? Could it be a sign of pregnancy?

Breast acne a sign of pregnancy after ivf?

Breast sensitivity during first month of pregnancy. Is it normal?

Breast sore episodes do you think it was normal PMS or might it be early sign of pregnancy?

Breast swelling.Is this normal in early pregnancy?

Breast tenderness down the side of only one breast? What could be causing this? Pregnancy unlikely.

Breast tenderness is a sign the ill be having my period. Now i had my period, i didn't have tenderness. Im having anxiety about ectopic. ?

Breast tenderness started 8 days before my period. Is it pms or an early sign of pregnancy?

Breast tenderness, nausea, constipation, could I be pregnant it's only been 2 weeks since intercourse isn't it to early for signs?

Breasts look bigger and are slighty sore. Is this an early sign of pregnancy?

Can a earache and sore breast be on of the pregnancy symptoms?

Can breast dimpling be a sign of pregnancy ?

Can breast pain affect every women in early stages of pregnancy?

Can breast tissue be a sign of pregnancy?

Can crampy, pulling feelings all over my abdomen be a sign of pregnancy? 2 negatives test, but no sign of a period, and I have sore breasts...

Can early pregnancy cause one breast to be larger than the other?

Can i be pregnant having breast pain around my nipples & stomach getting hard but had a cycle ! what are signs of being pregnant early?

Can nipples soreness at DPO past 5 days be an early pregnancy sign?

Can pregnancy symptoms occur earlier with your second pregnancy? I have breast tenderness and it's only been about 7 10 days past intercourse.

Can raised bumps on the areola be a sign of PMS as well as pregnancy, or just pregnancy?

Can rash on neck and breast be an symptom of pregnancy?

Can swollen breasts be a sign of an impending period?

Can tender breast occur as a very early sign of pregnancy or it occur only in pms?

Can you be pregnant after having tubes tied? I have all the classic signs! missed period, nipple leakage, soreness, ! any ideas?

Can you have pregnancy symptoms when you have had the arm implant out after 9 days?

Can you please tell me how pre-period breast enlargement and early pregnancy boobs differ?

Common reasons for breast tenderness besides PMS and pregnancy?

Could i be pregnant if I am 5 days late? I am 34 and I am 5 days late. My nipples hurt but i don't think I have any other signs that are evident of anything. Could i be pregnant?

Could itchy nipples be a sign of pregnancy?

Could painful nipple and waist pain be a sign of pregnancy?

Could sore breasts be a sign of pregnancy if the soreness is closer toward the armpits? I've had several other symptoms as well.

Day 5 embryo transfer on 15 april. Had puffy tender breasts/mild cramping from day 4 to8 then breasts reverted to being soft & not so tender. Urine pregnancy tst this am was neg, could i be preg?

Differences of breast tenderness before period vs early pregnancy ?

Do all pregnancies involve brest soreness/ tenderness?

Do areola changes occur during pregnancy?

Do veins clearly show 6 days after conception? And a slight hurt in the breasts when touched can be a sign of pregnancy?

Does breast appearance fluctuate in early pregnancy?

Does breast soreness come and go during pregnancy?

Does breast tenderness come and go in early pregnancy? I'm 7 w 2 d

Does sore breasts occur right before period during pregnancy, or is it consistent throughout the entire pregnancy?

During pregnancy or early pregnancy does the nipple area and boob area go dry ?

During the first weeks of pregnancy how will my breast look?

Hardness and soreness in breast, is it a pregnancy symptom?

Having sore breast, and slight cramp at pelvic area. Will it be a sign of pregnancy or menses?

Having tender breast a sign of pregnancy?

Hello I am 4 DPO & starting yesterday, my nipples have been constantly hard and very tender to touch. Could this be an early pregnancy sign?

Hello.. If i had tender breast immdiatly after ovulation.does it mean am not pregnant and its pms signs?

Help plz! Can scabby nipples be a sign of pregnancy ?

Help! could sore tender heavy breasts be a sign of anything other than pregnancy?

Hi! I am 9 DPO. Besides my sensitive nipples and sense of smell, my cervix is also tender during sex and I have more CM. Is this a pregnancy sign?

How can I expect my breasts to change in pregnancy?

How can I use my breasts as a sign of pregnancy?

How do I know when will you say that having a breast sore is a sign of pregnancy?

How do PMS breast sore and breast sore as early sign of pregnancy differ?

How do your breasts change before and after pregnancy?

How does breast look like in early pregnancy?

How early after ovulation can I have pregnancy symptoms?Like sore breasts and morning sickness?

How early can you feel pregnancy symptoms like breast swelling?

How early can you get pregnancy signs like around nipple?

How early in pregnancy do your nipples get dark?

How long does pregnancy related breast tenderness last?

How soon in pregnancy can you see or feel a change in your breasts?

How typical is it to have a linea nigra and not be pregnant?

I am 4 weeks pregnant and the only symptom of pregnancy I have is sore breasts. Should I be worried? I have had 2 miscarriages last year.

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have no pregnancy symptoms at all except sore / tender breast. Is this normal and ok?

I am having breast aches and breast tenderness. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?

I am having tender /sore breast and feeling sick as early as 3 days before ovulation is this normal or am I having early pregnancy signs ?

I am on 19th day nipples are itching very it an early symptom of pregnancy?

I been seen changes in my breast, and it has being getting darker, I have missed my period for 13 weeks now could i be pregnant, I have some symptoms?

I had an IUI on 12.07.12...When would i start having signs have pregnancy? My breast have been sore for a few days.