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Should i be concerned that there is a spot on my breast?

Should I be concerned with redness surrounding one nipple?

Should i be worried about this small dark blotch on right breast?

Six months post using a breast pump, my nipples look darker and have purple areas in them; one is darker than the other. Prior to pumping, they were always inverted. There is no scaliness, itch, warmth, or lump. Could it be breast cancer?

Small black spots on my breast. Wt could be the reason?

Small brown, almost scab like, spots appearing on my breasts and nipples. They don't bother me but they are strange. Not pregnant. They are not scabs?

Small kinda darker patch the size of a pinkie nail on my left breast to the right of my niple but out a few inches from it. been there for a few weeks?

Small pimples covering chest and breasts. Should i be concerned? And what can I do to treat them?

Small pinkish brown spot on/slightly under one breast not painful and has been there for a few years. Should I have it checked out?

Sore nipples for a week now I have had dot of blood?

Sore red bump/spot/nipple like on aerola next to nipple on right breast, could it be a pregnancy sign or something seriouse?

Started with 1 now have 5small spot like bumps on areola. Only 1 breast slight dischage from nipple not pregnant what could it be?

Sudden appearance of alot of moles around both breasts?

Tender area in breast. palpate cause brown discharge from nipple. wipe with tissue mostly brown with very very tiny dot of blood. Repeated and same?

The Brown bit of my nipple is getting bigger. What does that mean?

The lumps around my nipples look more apparent and slightly white ?

There is a rash around my nipples that look kinda like acne... I'm breastfeeding... Should I be worried?

There is a white spot on my breast by my areola. It's not a lump. It's just flat. Does this mean I have breast cancer?

There is a white, skin colored bump on my nipple for the past 3 months, any ideas what it may be?

There's a small dry brown patch 2cm under my nipple and sometimes i get pains in my left breast. The other breast is just normal, what do I do?

Theres some tiny ball shape on my nipple. The colour is brighter than my nipple. What is it? Is it dangerous?

This is different question I have little dots ony nipples of my breast and one is black what can it be?

Tiny Blood type spots on breast. Is this cause for concern?

Tiny red pin point dots on nipple, only one nipple and slightly tender, female?

Tiny red spot on right breast what could this mean? I've had it for over a week now. Noticed it near the end of my period.

Today i noticed a hickey like rash on my breast.. Right under my nipple. No pain, tenderness, itching. Should i be worried about cancer?

Took bra off, right breast slightly larger, red streaks, areola nipple sore, sometimes burning slightly red under breast. Is this cancer? Im 51

Tubercles on my both areolas,painless,no exudates,same size since 4ever,less pigmented than other skin,no exudates,i'm 20,should i be worried?

Very small round light brown bumps on breasts and small dark spots on nipple. Some been there for months. About 8 total so far. Not pregnant?

What are black posts on breast after popping lump under the skin?

What are signs/symptoms of nipple necrosis because I think I have it and I'm16.Nipple is dark green (kind of black)&yellow. A piece of nipple fell off

What are the circular dark marks on my chest and around my breasts?

What can I do about tender breasts and little white spots on nipples?

What can I use for this itchy red rash underneath both of my breasts? I'm really big breasted and they sweat and cause this irritation.

What causes nipple discoration?it becomes white,then change back to normal and it hurts..i'm only 17 years old??

What causes red spots under both breasts?

What could cause a brownish yellow discolouration underneath the breast area? No other visible abnormal patches. Thanks.

What do tiny spot warts under my breasts mean?

What does a red area on your breast indicate?

What does it mean if I have swollen breasts with lots of spider veins on them and nipple ddiscoloration with also random red patches with dull cramps?

What does it means when my breast are growing and the nipple area gets darker?

What happen if you have a red spot on my breast after husband sucks on it?

What is black pinpoint spots on breast?

What is flaky burning blood spots on a breast?

What is recommended for the immediate removal of big brown blotchy discoloration that appeared between breasts during pregnancy?

What to do if I have a red spot on the side of my breast. Is this ibc?

What to do if I have spots on my breasts and their inflamed?

What to do if the right breast always itchy, skin becoming darker and 'lumpy'?

What to do if the right breast always itchy, the skin is becoming darker and 'lumpy'?

What would cause a red streak on breast?

What would cause an area of the breast to become numb and discolored?

What would cause the areola of s woman's breast to become red ad itcy first then return to normal color.But now the skin is peeling like a irritation?

When i itch my breasts they get red, sometimes they feel dry, is that a sign of breast cancer?

When I squeeze my breast I have a blue or black fluid that comes out and my breast do get sore at times what could it be ?

When i squezzed by breasts there was a little clear and milk-ish color from two seperate spots on both nipples. Had exam 12/31/12. Early pregnancy?

When I was 13 my nipples produced a hard yellow/ green hardness inside. It is still there now so it has been 8 years. What is this stuff in my nipples?

Why are my breasts purple and blotchy red? Also there's a line of aching from breast to nipples. Should i be worried? I've had hysterectomy

Why did i see red color in my breast ultrasound?

Why do some of my daughter's breast buds appear swollen?

Why does it mean that I have flakey itchy breasts? They sometimes get yellow patches on them too and my nipples bleed a little.

Why does one particular spot on my breast hurt , also it can be itchy? Not even time for my period.

Why is the bottom of my areola look like it's sagging?

Why this bumps appear inthe aerola?Is it a sign of pregnant or nothing?

Why would a woman have little white dots on her nipple?

Why would my breast be sore hot and appear to be getting way bigger?

Why would my nipple be red and sore? It is a dark red and very tender and i can feel something on the side of my nipple

Yellow vaginal discharge, flaky sore left nipple which is swollen.slight indent in the same breast, small rash at corner of lips,is this all related?