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15 weeks pregnant and I have a red spot next to my nipple the size of my palm. No pain, no lump. Feels a little feverish. Help?!

19 year old, female, white/yellow layer of cracked/bumpy skin over my nipples, pain like throbbing here and there no discharge, no change in breast?

2 days ago my breast was red under my nipple & sore. I used a anti-biotic cream & the soreness stopped & looks a light pink/purple. Now I feel a lump?

21 weeks pregnant & noticed my breasts have huge pores and an indentation was left by my shirt - bra so it was harden & lumpy.Concerns? peau d orange?

21 yr old female. Just noticed lighter patch on my areola that wasnt there before. No pain, or bumps?

21y/o female have yellow greasy skin like on nipples removed by rubbing in both nipples,not itchy or painful,no discharge if nipples pressed,paget's??

22 weeks pregnant and leaking orange liquid from nipples? Also nipples keep developing skin tags

28 years old rash near left nipple for 5 months fungal cream doesnt work. Small red patch on the side of the same breast and burning pains in breast.

29 weeks pregnant. Very small skin coloured slightly raised skin patch just under areola of right breast. Should I be worried? What could this be?

3 bug bite-like spots on side of left breast since 3days ago. 2 more appeared today. red and itchy. inflammatory breast cancer?

35yo female,brown age spot on breast & itchy.1st appeared & felt like a burn then turned brown on left breast. Also petite pois sized lump on bra line?

9 months ago i noticed the skin around my navel looks like scar tissue. 2 months i noticed it on my right breast and now on the left breast. Any idea?

About 2 days ago an itchy lump appeared under the skin on my right breast, it's also red in the area....should I be concerned?

After ovulation- is it normal to have tender/sore breasts every day for 10 days and not let up? Also noticed purple tiny veins on one side yesturday.

Almost 16 years old. Tiny bump with a black center on my right breast for a few weeks. Last and this summer, random clear discharge from left breast. ?

Am I pregnant? I have goose-like pimples on my aerolas, mainly on my breasts.

Ambah is five years old and has a sore left nipple...No discoloration or marks. Is this just a growing pain?

Are pinpoint red dots on breast mean you are pregnant?

Are unsymmetrical nipples anything to worrying about? One is slightly bigger than the other as well and is sometimes more sensitive than the other

Are white skin colored spots not bumps on the areola normal at age14? Also areolas getting darker at 14?

B/f mother red spots on my breasts , legs arms and belly they are not itchy but I do have extremly itchy and sore nipples . I use nipple shields.?

Blood spots rash under skin on left breast at the bottom and it itches a little. I am scared to death. Can this be breast cancer?

Breast US was normal but now I have a visible lump on my areola right next to nipple and my nipple is leaking blood and if stimulated very dark blood?

Breastfeeding 16 m/o, I have a flat, painless rash about 0.5" from each nipple, encircling the area. No signs of thrush in us. What could it be?

Breastfeeding twins 15 months, small graze 1 week ago on areola Now small patch on areola like shrivelled skin?

Brown crusts on my breasts and darker on my areola since i was 10. Peeling nipples. I am 18 now. Also have crusts near ribs though?

Brown spots on breasts can be squeezed like a pimple and hard stuff comes out of it is it skin cancer or normal??

Brown spots on breasts can be squeezed like a pimple and hard stuff comes out of it is it skin cancer??

Bump next to nipple looks like part of nipple but just showed up. No pain. Is this normal? I am 29 female

Can normal breast have pitted spots underneath both breast?

Can pale areola (on lower part) and a little bit swollen areola be a sign of some kind of cancer, or it could be something other?

Causes of more prominent white bumps on areola of breasts? Is it serious?Never used to be so prominent thanks.

Confussed as to dimpling of the breast ? I have a little crease right breast following what looks like strecth marks no lump no swelling rash or pain

Could i be pregnant on the implant I have the symptoms and white milk spots on my nipple area?

Could the new freckle under my right nipple, on the areola, be a sign of cancer?

Couple days ago my nipples were very sore & now i look & see a dark scab-like thing around the edges of my nipples. Im so confused, what could it be?

Dark itchy spot next to areola, also feels tingly and has gotten bigger over 3 months and i also have headaches at night and breast tenderness? 24 yo

Dark patch of skin with dry, peeling borders under right breast, no itch, no redness, left breast clear. Could it be winter dryness on right breast?

Dark scaly spot next to areola on right breast, tingly and itchy, also have noticed its slightly bigger over the past 3 months, could it be pagets?

Developing white, pimple-like spots around the nipples. Is that a sign of pregnancy?

Do I have breast cancer on my left breast i formed this brown spot that has now became the size of a quater. About a week ago i notice that their is now a lump their problet the size of a pea that has become very tender.

Doctors, what are these hard brown bumps on the stretch marks of my breasts?

Does inflammatory breast cancer look like a 4 mm pinkish bump on breast skin that has been there for 3 months unchanged? I'm also nursing.

Does it mean pregnancy when you have white bumps on your breasts and your nipples are getting darker? They also gotten bigger and very tender

Does my 11 yr old have breast cancer? She says her areola feels like there's a cut on it an her areolas are shiny.. I am very worried

Dry skin (1.5cm diam) appeared at the top of my areola following getting implants via armpit.. & now has increased my areola size- what's happening?

Female 19 bruising around nipple bluish color, slightly swollen on one side of the breast pain and tenderness. Suggestions?

Few weeks ago i noticed red blotches on my bikini area & on my lower breast and now that the lower part of my nipple looks really dried out. Why?

For about a month I have had insane itching on my breast. But recently I found red spots on my breast? What should I do?

Found about three days ago a red itchy irritated patch on my breast, thought it would go away but its still there and worse, is it breast cancer? help

Four pink slightly raised spots have appeared on my breasts I ve been exercising and sweating hard and also had a massage with oil today not on breasts?

Had breast MRI and there is a white spot. What could it be?

Had ultrasound for a rash on 1 breast. No lumps but thickening of the skin under the rash inside the breast. What does this mean exactly?

Have a crusty nipple discharge not sure if its shop seems to come and go nipple slightly red in colour no lumps so I don't think its Paget Diease?

Have a red mark on lower left breast it appears darker in center, almost purple and has a soft lump in middle. Worried about ibc no other symptoms on ?

Hello , one week before my period, I notice a little red pimple next to my left nipple . Sometimes it become flat . What should I do . Thank you ?

Hello Dr. Adberg, I have a very small scab like red spot on my right breast just above my areolla. I am concerned because I did some research online a?

Hello i have noticed that i have some hardening in my breast, its not painful but it is very sensitive. Its not red or swollen. Any suggestions?

Hello, I have a few teeny black spots on my right breast, just under the nipple. When I squeeze it, a little bit of black stuff comes out. What is it?

Hello, I have this light purple spot in my left breast, near my nipple, and I also feel muscle tightening some times a day out of nowhere in that area?

Hello! I'm going to be 19 this year and about 2-3 weeks ago I noticed a small purple spot in my left breast, near my nipple. Is this normal?

Hi ayesha there i have 1 son on my breast white head i have help me plz or how to do tighting the breast ?

Hi I have a dark patch on my breast and a lump in the same breast, been to a doctor but he saw nothing wrong as I dont have any symtoms as growing or?

Hi I have a disc shaped white patch on my breast and the skin is puckered, could this be breast cancer?

Hi i've found two purple spots on top of my breast and i don't know what they are (i am female)?

Hi I've got white spots around my areola and don't know what they are and my boobs are very tender can you help me please?

Hi my nipple on the left side has become harder and sore. Not the areola just the nipple. Looks like theres yellow spots under the skin. Anything to be worried about?

Hi, I am breast feeding and noticing a white patch under the skin near my nipple. Could that be milk stuck under the skin or something else?

Hi, I have 2 boils(?) on my breasts and one on my stomach. After a while they have turned black, why is this?H

Hi.. I have two yellow patches on each of my breasts.. last week on two occasions my husband squeezed them a lot and bit them as well.. could these be?

Hii, I have multiple brown spots on my breasts. Though it is not painful or itchy in any way. Nor any lumps are there. Could it be cancer? Also it

How do I remove a black sore on my breast?

How is the average 14 year old breast, nipple & areola suppose to look like? My daughter has small breast, they are getting darker & nipple longer.

I have these brownish tanish spots under my breast. What could this be? I was told that it could be the bra, from being too tight .

I am 17 years old and a dark spot appeared on my breast and i wanna know if it may be something dangerous or a breast cancer?

I am 21 years old and am really worried about my breast..there is a slight apperance of greenish vein in my right breast and moisty nipple..

I am 24 and have pcos. About 3 days ago I looked in the mirror and noticed both my areolas are enlarged. What could be causing them to do that?

I am 6 months pregnant my boobs have not grown yet but my left nipple is really itchy and developed a little rash on it, really dry skin. Why?

I am 7 weeks post partum & fully breastfeeding, i noticed white pimple like bumps on my areola close to my nipple but not on the nipple. What is this?

I am a 19 year old female, and I am concerned about a small red bump under my right breast. I have had it for years and my breast are undeveloped.?

I am a breastfeeding mom I got a rash on my breast around the nipple area. Red flakey/scaley blotches on skin as well as bright pink nipple.

I am a guy, nipples hurt and have brown spots?

I am an african female, age 29 and i noticed a grey ring on my areola directly outside my nipples. What could this be?

I am gassy and have visible blue veins in nipples and breasts, prominent bumps on areola, more pimples on my face then I usually get?

I am have dark scaly spots between breast and armpit area I want to know what it is?

I am itchy on my neck, breasts, upper abdomen, little miniscule white spots. What is this?

I am pregnant and noticed i now have brown splotchy areas on my breasts. Is this normal? its not just around the nipple, but in patches on both breast

I av little white pimple spots round my nipples i am 5 days late but was steralised in 2006 any ideas?

I finished my period a week ago and now have sore nipples and tiny spots on the areola. They feel and look as though I am breast feeding?

I found a black dot on my boob near my nipple it looks similar to a bruise but has been there for about two weeks. What could it be ?

I found a hard round lump in my right breast under my areola. It was red and sore on my skin above it. Thst went away. What is it?

I found a smaller then a penny sized pinkish dry skin patch on the side of my breast a couple of weeks ago should I be concerned? Is this normal?

I get pain in my breasts before periods. Now it has turned dark. I have small lump in vagina and its itchy. What could it be? I'm afraid. Please help

I had a black itchy rash on my left breast few days later i have a small rash on my right breast but now its gotten a little bigger what should i do?

I had sudden onset of a painful lump near the areola which has turned light pink should I be concerned?

I had to take out one nipple piercing today due to migration and i noticed both nipples are now turning purple. Why could this be?

I have a big lump under my nipple its sore and real red all around my boob went Dr b4 said it was to much caffeine ?

I have a black line below my brest in the middle of my chest what can it be?

I have a blood blister like spot between my breasts that pop up every few months now its a scar. Now I have one under my armpit. Its blue and red?

I have a blood blister on my right nipple. I haven't breastfed in almost a year. What else could cause this?