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About nipple discharge. Are there some nipple discharges that are normal in nonpregnant, nonpostpartum women?

All lab work normal. Burning nipple/breast on and off clear sticky spontaneous nipple discharge.Not pregnant. Normal prolactin. What can this be?

Black vaginal discharge and sore nipples. What can this be?

Blood from nipple discharge naked to the eye when squeezed is that a breast absess?

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Both of My nipples having some clear discharge can I be pregant?

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Breast discharge and not pregnant, what could this be?

Breast discharge i been having brown sticky discharge from my right breast as well as pain and itching. What could it be?

Breast diseases with nipple discharge. What are some of the most common ones?

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Breastfeeding, my nipple have yellowish pimpils, is it an infection?

Breasts tenderness cloudy discharge what might it be?

Brown nipple discharge from left breast at the age of 22 is it normal?

Brownish / yellowish vagina discharge ; breast hurt nipples are really soft nd really nauses what can be the cause of that?

Can gynecomastia cause a clear thick nipple discharge?

Can i be pregnant while treating greenish dicharge from breast?

Can you have a lump with nipple discharge milky no foul odor on one breast only and not be cancer?

Can you have fibrocystic breast disease in just one breast? And white discharge with no foul odors? Only comes out when squeezed hard

Causes of green nipple discharge and lump? In a guy!

Clear breast discharge not pregnant?

Clear discharge & sometimes inverted only left nipple...Breast cancer? Just turned 20 & don't think im pregnant

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Could gynecomastia cause nipple discharge?

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Creamy discharge from breast that always comes back after a few days not from nipple but around brown spot?

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Discharge from left nipple if squeezed what is it?

Discharge from nipple?

Discharge from nipple? Watery, whitish

Does breast fibroadenoma cause nipple discharge during pregnancy?

Does fibroadenoma also cause nipple discharge during pregnancy?

Extremely sore nipples and clear discharge?

Green discharge coming from my nipple. Should i be worried?

Green discharge out of nipple non pregnant?

Greenish brown discharge grin both nipples, what to do?

Greenish bruise-like on my breast, pregnancy?

Had baby 12 weeks ago, bottle-fed him from birth. But there is milky white discharge from nipple when I squeeze, is this normal?

Had clear discharge from rt nipple a yr ago, yest noticed greenish thin discharge from left only when squeezed , am 33, have pcos ?

Hello My question is, can ECP cause breast discharge? as when i squeeze my nipple i feel a tiny milky discharge from it

Hello! iam 22 years old woman . I have clear discharge from the nipple when i squeeze my breast.Have 2 days before period.Should i be worry ?

Help please! is discharge from nipples normal?

Help! there's white discharge from nipple stimulation. Is this bad?

Hi doctor i pregnant 28 week but my breast have discharge is normal ?

Hi doctor im pregnant 28 week but I have discharge in breast it is normal ?

Hi!!! My ovaries hurts and I'm having a milky discharge what this could be??

How can I remedy bloody nipples?

How common is normal colored nipple discharge when squeezed really hard?Discharge sent to pathology and was normal.

How do I get rid of white discharge from old nipple piercing?

How do resolve my clear inverted nipple discharge(both breasts) that happens all time?Going on for almost 6 years.

How often would I see nipple discharge from Intraductal Papiloma, and also, can Perimenopause cause nipple discharge. 52 years old, still get period?

How will my doctor evaluate nipple discharge?

How would I know if a brain lesion is the cause of a milky thick with blood tinge discharge coming from one nipple ? Discharge remains everyday.

I am experiencing nipple discharge and purple nipples?

I am having brown discharge for the past 4 days and just had a sort of lactation from my nipple.what can this mean?

I am having white discharge with smell and painful breast could i be pregnant?

I been having milky clear discharge comming out my breast?

I got sticky nipples no discharge and heavy breasts, not pregnant, what else could it be?

I had a bloody discharge from my nipple just once...No other symptoms of breast cancer.What should I do?

I had black discharge from right nipple it's slowly turning clear as other nipple had no discharge now it has clear! Am I pregnant and have cancer?

I have a greenish colored discharge coming from my breasts.. What is it? I have never noticed this before, and my breasts are a little sore.

I have a ordor comming from my breast?

I have a watery yellowish discharge from right breast when I squeeze it?

I have a yellow discharge coming from one nipple and wake up with a crust on the nipple. The breast is also becoming painful. ?

I have a yellowish discharge with blood comin out of my right nipple what could this be?

I have been noticing a milky discharge coming from my nipples..Is this serious?

I have brown bloody discharge from my right breast nipple. What is it? And what has caused it?

I have brown discharge leaking out of skin on breast?

I have brownish nipple discharge (and i'm a guy)?

I have brownish nipple discharge (and im a guy)?

I have clear and milky nipple discharge when squeezed both breast is this something I should be worried about?

I have clear discharge from my right breast (nipple) and I've had a hysterectomy 3 years ago... Should i be worried?

I have clear inverted nipple discharge and moderate breast pain here and there is this normal? Discharge came ever since i had breasts age 12.I'm 18.

I have discharge coming from my Montgomery glands and very tender breast. Is this normal? What could be causing this?

I have just a little nipple discharge when squeezed. Could it be dangerous?

I have milky discharge in my breast, what are its complication?

I have nipple discharge and ot smells sometimes. The nipples itch and sore too.47 yr woman, help?

I have nipple discharge yet I stopped breastfeeding months ago. What does this mean?

I have nipple discharge. Whitish?

I have something in my breast its movable i don't know what and I have a nipple discharge its white and it has a foul smell its only in one breast.?

I have white bumps on my nipple. Am I pregnant ?

I have white milky discharge and breast pain what does this mean?

I have white thick discharge breast have been really sore and.painfull.for.the.last 3 days?

I just had an abortion 5-6 days ago and I noticed wet spots in my bras were my nipples are an i lactating? Is this normal ?? What do I do ?

I need your expertise, is brown nipple discharge bad?

I noticed a clear watery discharge from my nipples for the first time. Only happens if squeezed. Should I be concerned?

I noticed a milk discharge from my breast, i was told i had hormonal imbalance, could this cause infertility?

I'm 16 and when i squeeze my right nipple a clear/milky discharge comes out. What could this be?

I'm 16 Not pregnant. And my nipple have white patches on them. Why?

I'm 16. Not pregnant. And my nipples have white patches on them. Why?

I'm experiencing sore nipples (just nipples) & white milky discharge. (not a lot) 4 days after ovulation. Could i be pregnant?

I'm have a bloody nipple discharge, itching of the nipple, and lump on side of my breast?

I'm having spontaneous clear nipple discharge and i'm a male. What could this be?

I'm wondering what kind of doctor would i go to for a nipple discharge?

I've got sore and itchy nipple with yellow discharge, what is it!?

I've had inverted nipple discharge ever since i developed breasts which is age 12. It's a clear color. Should i see a doctor or is it normal? I'm 18

If I have white discharge with smell and painful breasts, could I be pregnant?

If your nipple itch, does this mean your pregnant?

Im having blood discharge from my nipple. What kind of doctor is a breast specialist?