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The past three weeks I've been suffering nausea, occasionally feeling uncomfortable in my stomach region and have very sore breasts. Not pregnant. ?

Boobs are fuller I got veins in my breasts and areolas more visible. Nauseated and tightness in belly. But I have a period.what could this be?

"what are the symptoms for sensitive bosoms, and tender nipples?" i really can't explain how this feels but im really in pain.

11 weeks pregnant with 2nd child. Breasts are incredibly sensative and painfully especially at and around nipples. Is there anything to ease pain?

13-en weeks pregnant women Breast tenderness that feels different than usual, and is accompanied by red skin,hot and painful , unusal increase in size?

17 years old and I still have breast buds and getting breast development a lot more intense lately. What's wrong?

5 days after having sex my breasts hurt, I have been having cravings and my stomach feels uncomfortable could it possibly be early pregnancy symptoms?

About a week ago, my breasts started hurting, and I have been feeling sick in the evening with tender breasts. Not pregnant. Any ideas?

About a week before by period is due my breasts become extremely painful. And also hot to touch, swollen and heavy.what can I do?

Aching breast and other things, what to do?

After drinking a few beers, the next morning, my left breast tissue feels very bruised and tender, pain, my back feels very sensitive, like sunburn?

Am i pregnant? Tender breast, frequent urination, moody, sore breast since the first of april, increased appetite, veins showing, breast feel heavier, bloated, breast size increased.

Am i pregnant? Terrible pain in abdomen that come and goes. So emotional and tired and hungry. Sensative boobies bigger areolas. Headaches

Any ideas on why i'm constipated and my stomach is swollen and breasts are swollen?

Any reason why am i constipated and my stomach is swollen and breasts are swollen?

Been off Depo-Provera for almost 2 weeks feeling nausea, darker bigger nipples. Always peeing, really moody and i feel uncomfortable when i lay in my stomach?

Blocked duct or mastitis? Red hot patch on breast. Its very tender, full feeling, no lump or fever yet but feeling achy & tired Started <24 hours ago

Both my breasts feel really sore but the left side is more sore and tender, even wearing a bra is uncomfortable. Any ideas?

Breast feel extremely heavy, blue veins , nipples tender when touched, and irritability. What could these be symptoms of?

Breast feel full, tender nipples, veins in breast, fatigue, mood swings, backache, what are these symptoms of?

Breast hurt hot flashes and cramping?

Breast pain unsettle sleep 3days just has period normal. Breast pain dont goes away.

Breast pain, feel engorged but not pregnant or nursing and my cycle is in 13 days. So what could it be? More pain in one but don't feel lumps.

Breasts feel super heavy and nipples are really sensitive. I can see thick green veins on breasts and chest. Really achy lower back. Pregnancy symptom?

Breasts have been really sensitive lately, more sensitive than usual, been getting carsick easily, and it's uncomfortable to lay on my stomach?

Breasts still hurt after light period+pinching feeling, not pregnant, normal Ultrasound. Lumpy breasts, much more on the right side. Is it normal?

Burning feeling on outer side of breast. Tender nipple. Week after period.

Burning hot from the breast up, freazing cold from belly button down. Is this a normal fever?

Burning sensation in one breast after two hours of exercise with no bra? 18 years old.

Can a pregnant doesn't experience sore/tender breasts?Only occasional tingling sensational..Thanks

Can excercise make your nipples sore?

Can heartburn make breast ache, age 55 post menopasusl?

Can Motrin help with bread tenderness of breastfeeding? My breast feel do painful!

Can ovarian cysts make breast sore and feel heavy ?

Can phendemetrizine make your breast tender?

Can sleeping on my stomach affect my breasts?

Depressed and never feel full have gained 15 plus pounds in 5 months. Sore breast hurts worse when pressure applied?

Does a UTI make your breasts tender, dizzy, moody, head aches, and bloated?

Does anybody know what it means when you have a headache and your nipples feel sore?

Does pcos give off pregnancy like symptoms? Like sore breast and enlarged, constant need to wee and feeling nausea and sensitive to smells.

emotional(all i wanna do is cry), swollen breast, sore/hard/sensitive nipples, cramping, fatigue, pain when pushed on uterus, acne..Pregnant?

Extreme tiredness , sore breasts to where you can't touch them had filshie clips placed 11 years ago ..

Feeling lots of pain in breast something to be worried about?

Feeling nausea, headaches, cold and hot , boobs hurt, look bigger and always hungry why?

Felling gassy and sensitive and sore nipples 7DPO?

Female teenager, weird burning/uncomfortable tingling in my nipples/areolas, what could it be? Not due on for over two weeks yet?

Fluttering in stomach under left breast that's getting stronger could I be pregnant?

For last week i've been waking up starving and feeling sick but i don't throw up sore lower back moody slightly tender breasts any ideas ?

For some reason, my nipples started to become sore and painful. Not tender but continuous pain. Could it be from sudden very cold weather? Thanks!

For the past 2 days my mom has been feeling a pulsing pain in both of her breast and they are also sensitive to the touch. What could it be?

For the past 2 weeks i've been having soreness in one of my breast. Its really irritating when my bra or shirts touches it. Female. Age 39?

For the past month, my breast have been feeling sore, almost like bruised and tender. I hardly sleep on my stomach too. Thoughts please?

Frequent urination, tender breasts, dizziness, intense heart burn. Could I be pregnant??

Full breast feeling last 2 days years after being fixed never had this before. ?

Good night am feeling some tenderness in my breast and its not time for my period what could be wrong why they feel this way.

Have a strange sensation in right breast that comes and goes . Could it be from weaning ? Why only on 1 breast if from weaning .Normal recent u/s

Have Mirena, (levonorgestrel) swollen right areola, feeling a vein under the skin, feels hot sometimes, should I be concerned?

Have pain just below breast. on lansoprazole.feels like I've been winded.and painful and between breast bone feels sore?

Headache sneezing Abdominal bloating Frequent urination Fatigue Tender swollen breasts also blue veins on breasts and nippers nausea dizzy Vivid dream?

Heavy periods, depression, red face with light house work, tiredness, sore tender left nipple aches and pains and weight gain

Hello,at the moment Iam discovering a slight soreness in my breasts when I take my bra off they also feel really heavy could you help me please?

Help! I am so tired of having no breast please help?

Hi .I have tender breasts ,mood swings ,high sex drive ,tightness in abdominen area ,sickness if I lay on my stomach at night for bed ,always hungry .

Hi doc its 11days now that my breast are tender and feel fuller after my last period 30/7,its been itching so much lately,whats the reason for this?

Hi Doc. My breasts has been sore for a week and caused discomfort during bedtime. What can I do to reduce the tenderness?

Hi i had a hysterectomy about 8 weeks ago and i breasts are very sore and it feels like I have morning sickness day and night. What can I do.

I always have this tight ness under my breast .Doctor can't find anything wrong?

I am 17 years old and I am experiencing excessive ichiness on my nipple for the past two weeks. I have no rushes. Why is this?

I am 22yrs old.I feel breast pain when press them and having no period in monthly and feel headache when go oustide was hot.I have no sex experience.

I am breastfeeding for 3 weeks. Lately I have tingling feeling in my breasts. What does it mean?

I am experiencing breast firmness. The following also describe me: Cigarette smoking, Chills, and Tenderness to touch all over. What should I do?

I am feeling breast pain and water is coming out of my breast while I am not pregnant, what is the cause?

I am male 32.I am feeling pain in my chest nipples.Nowadays I am getting treatment of hyperthyradism.What can be the reason of nipples pain?

I am not feeling like myself. What are the symptoms of breast fibroadenoma?

I am super tired and my left breast is very tender and a little painful...I have also been sweating at night. Any ideas?

I am ten weeks pregnant and my breast all the sudden stop being sore is that a bad thing?

I been have a lot dizziness, my beasts hurt and i see blue vain in my cheast and breast, im always neasea. What can be wrong with me?

I been having tender breast sore nipples bloat action fatigue cramps what's going on with me?

I don't know what happening in my body. My face has become very rough with pimples lately, my breast is unusually heavy. Strange feeling in my Tammy.

I feel i heart in my stomach on the left side and my breast are sore am i pregnancy?

I feel nauseated at random and my brest are sore and getting bigger and fatigue often why?

I feel one of my breast is growing bigger than the other. No pain, no discharge but i feel some heaviness. What could that be doc?

I feel very severe strain in my breasts before periods is it ok?

I get badly swollen face and horrible bloating before my period accompanied by horrible mood swings and breast tenderness. How can I get rid of it?

I had a c-section 5 weeks ago and I don't have much feeling in my anus. I also can't feel my uterus contract when I breast Fed. I've not felt it at al?

I had a lumpectomy a month ago and my breast feels like I have a burning sensation in it?

I had my normal period this week but my breasts still feel heavy and swollen... what could be causing this? Is this normal?

I had my tubes cut and burned over 4 years ago. This last two weeks I have had nausea, reflex and sore breasts, all day. What would cause this?

I have creamy white discharge lower stomach pain tender breast feel lazy sleepy and annoyed?

I have a bit of chills and my breasts are tender and felling them a bit swollen and even feel like chills inside my breast. NO LUMPS AND NO FEVER?

I have a lite pain in both my breasts from one week. I feel the size of my breast has increased before 4 days. I don't know wats the reason. Could you?

I have a lump in my right breast and a sticky discharge headache i feel sick I am dizzy and have had daria for two weeks could I have beast cancer.

I have been eating more then normal, sometimes through out the day i feel nausa and have a a milky substance when squeezing breast is this pregnancy?

I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms and I had.vomited twice and I have little bumps around my areola and my breast hurt and all I do Is sleep?

I have been throwing up and have fatigue over the past two weeks. I found a lump in my breast and now have painful urination. What could this be ?

I have body aches, headache, and my right breast hurts a lot especially when breadt feeding.. What could it be?

I have breast pain it hurts worse at night when i take off my bra I am 19 I am a 34 c 145 lb and 5 6 I am not pregnant. I feel no lumps please help me?

I have breast tenderness, feeling sick, help?

I have butterflies out of the ordinary for me. My nipples are sore. Mood swings for a couple days now. And i physically feel weird. What's wrong?

I have constant heart burn & tender sore breast. Should i see a doctor?