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1 of my breasts are itchy around the nipple area and sometimes the whole breast, it itches maybe once or twice a day, no physical change what shall i do?

25 weeks pregnant. My breasts are very itchy especially around the nipples and some of the skin around it looks dry and flaky. Is this normal? Help!

Are itchy nipples always a sign of breast cancer?

Both breasts are really itchy and irritated?

Both breasts very itchy underneath, sides. And near nipples. No rash. Both a little tender. What could cause this?

Breast redness/irritation. Causes?

Can a UTI cause itchy breasts?

Can itchy nipples be caused by premenopause?

Can keloid appear on the aerola of the breast.

Can nipples be really itchy before periods?

Can you get scabies on your breast or under it?

Can you get scabies under your breasts?

Can you tell me how to rid of this rash between my breasts?

Could it be cancer? Breasts have itched for 6 months, had a rash on left 3 weeks ago, raw/red nipples on both 12/25, now both armpits and breast hurt.

Could menopause cause itchy, sore nipples?

Could you please help rash under breasts?

Could you tell me what is the red ring on my breast?

Dermatologist or gyno for nipple rash?

Dry rash on both breast on the sides. Could it be breast cancer?

Help please! could brewers yeast cause itchy nipples?

Help please! flaky and scabbing areola, but just one part of one areola?

How come my nipples itch ?

I am breast feeding 2 wk old little one. And my breast are starting to itch on the under side of my breast. Not the nipple but my skin on my breast.?

I am breast feeding my daughter and i want to know if it is normal for my breast and nipples to itch and also my nipples burn. Is this normal?

I am breast feeding. Why is my nipple pussy and my breast extremely painful?

I am breastfeeding and my breasts are both really red, flaky, scaly, itchy! please help me!?

I am breastfeeding for 3mos now and my left breast particularly the areola- is peeling and somewhat itchy. What could it be?

I am now not pregnant, what is this red rash on my breasts?

I am still nursing my 22 month old, and I noticed minor dry flaky skin in crease of areola and side of nipple, not on the nipple itself, no itchiness.

I feel itchy on my breast some time and i have rash on my breast too?

I had a rash for 2 months on my stomach now on my breast?

I have a red rash under breast and around anus?

I have a itching on my breast for 1 week ?

I have a itchy (rash?) on my left breast. It's only on about half of the breast, and it's spotty. Is this an irritation to something?

I have a lump by my nipple on my left breast and it pusses sometimes. Now, my entire areola is dry and peeling and ihave dry sores around my breast. What should I do?

I have a mild redness around my left breast's areola. It is not itchy and the nipple seems the same as the other one. I am 24. What is that redness?

I have a mole on my right breast its itchy sometimes is that normal?

I have a rash on my right breast that isn't very big but causes itching and burning sometimes. My nipple itches too. What could this be?

I have a raw rash between my breast what could it be?

I have a white ring on my areola around one of my nipples and my breast is really itchy, could it be cancer?

I have crusting and eczema on my nipple, does this mean anything?

I have crusty itchy red rashes around both areolas. On my left breast, the rashes are also on the skin of the breast. I'm 25, not breastfeeding. Help!

I have itchy nipple on my left breast. Sometimes it would go flaky. What is it?

I have itchy nipple, remedy?

I have one patch of itch dry skin on my right areola only I'm not pregnant or breast feeding moisturizer not helping.

I have red bumpy rashes on my breast which itch. on scratching them, there's more redness in the area. no history of breast cancer. What's causing it?

I have skin allergy which is now spreading on my breast. Is this dangerous to my breasts?

I have very itchy breast with sore painful at times nipples. I had a itchy spot under my breast for a while. It was not infected until after prednison?

I have what appears to be a rash on my breast and it's peeling, what could it be?

I'm breastfeeding and I have this itchy red rash on my breast i've had it for about 3 weeks now?

I've been experiencing sore and itchy breasts for a week or so and now have a red pin prick rash on one of my breasts can anybody help please?

If a girls nipple itches, what's wrong?

If i have an itchy nipple does that mean i have breast cancer?

If my nipples sometimes get crusty or flaky is this a sign or symptom of breast cancer? What should I do?

Im 18 and have one inverted nipple that itches, can it be breast cancer!?

Im breast feeding and have sore nipples so i started to use nipple shields i now have really itchy nipples and spots around my breasts and on my body?

Im breast feeding and have sore nipples so i started to use nipple shields i now have really itchy nipples and spots around my breasts on my body?/?

Is breast itching common in 50's. Hysterectomy do at age of 28.

Is it normal to have itchy breasts before period?

Is it possible to have eczema on nipple?

Is itchy breasts normal after radiation?

Is the rash for inflammatory breast cancer always red?

Is there a remedy for itchy nipples?

It is normal when your breast itch im 2 months pregnant now?

Itching in male breast?

Itchy nipple before and during period. What should I do for this?

Itchy nipple releif?

Itchy nipples! Nipples have been itchy for about a month now, also the areolas and parts of breast too. They have slightly bled from scratching ?

Itchy, scaly flaky nipple, on only one nipple? More recently slight red patchy skin around areola aswell. What could it be?

Left breast has been itchy for about a month. Flaky and some rugged skin around nipple. Itches sometimes and especially in the shower. What is this?

Left nipple itching for a month. began with eczema of areola and now nipple enlarged w/ dermatitis appearance. Soreness behind nipple. ?

My areolas are always itchy?

My boobs are always itching now and my nipples are dry and peeling. What could this be?

My breast are tendered and my nipples itch. Why?

My breast itch and my nipples hurt. is this normal?

My breast itching me. What does that mean?

My breast lately have been really itchy and its usually around my areola and nipple area, should I be worried?

My breasts & nipples have been itching for at least 6 months now. Slight rash only when itched. Rough patches on the bottom of the breasts. What could cause this & what can I do to help the itching?

My breasts are very itchy, mostly the nipples. It started around a week ago, my nipples were dry. I am currently on my period. What could this be ?

My breasts have been itchy the past 2 weeks. What could make breasts itch?

My breasts have been very itchy. Any idea what might be causing this?

My daughter has scabs on her breast by her niple and itching what should I do?

My left breast and nipple is itchy . No rash no bleeding no discharge. What could it be?

My left nipple is so itchy. Could it be breast cancer?

My mom had breast CA 30 years ago. Now she has two hard pimple looking skin eruptions and a rash under her breast (on the same breast as lumpectomy.

My nipple is always itching why?

My nipple is itchy and it's tingling could I be pregnant?

My nipple itche bad and there's a rash around it . What is it ?

My nipple itchy and some sore what do you call this its a paget desease?

My nipples itch a lot is it a form of cancer?

My nipples are really itchy and I have blackheads on my nipples and I have open source?

My nipples are really itchy. Is there a reason why ?

My nipples have been itching lately can you tell me why?

My nipples is peeling skin can I be pregnant?

My nipples itch a lot is it normal or is it a form of breast cancer?

My nipples itch and my breasts are sore. What could this be?

My nipples itch every now and then could i be pregnant?

My nipples itch, why ?

My right breast is sore and itchy and there is nipple discharge. What could this be?

My stomach and breasts( and nipples) have been itching for 3 weeks. I have used lotion and it does not help any. There are a few red dots near nipples?