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Have a marble size lump on my right areola below my nipple,only hurts when i lay on or touch it.Im 41yrs old blk female whst could this be.Im worrieD?

lump kinda hard dont move and is tender it located right above my left breast in the middle of my collar bone arm pit an breast im 35 wks pregnant ?

10.5 year old daughter complains of pain in left nipple area. She found a pea sized hard lump. Other breast normal. Breast buds? Please advise!

11 weeks postpartum and left breast is at least a cup size bigger than right. Right breast seemed to have shrunk. Is this normal?

11yr old daughter has lump which is sore under left breast?

17 male- when i squeeze things(not hard) with right arm i can feel something beating in my right breast above areola no lump, spot, pain or tenderness?

2 painful lumps on chest in between my cleavage area and another one on the side on my breast. What could it be?

20 y/o female. Noticed blue vein from centre left breast to & surrounding nipple. no pain or lumps that I can feel, am on pill, not happened before?

39 YO male. Past 6 weeks my left nipple has been tender/sore to touch.started to notice small lump on left side of left nipple.should I be concerned?

40 yr old black woman swollen tender breast tubuligation 18 yrs ago left breast bigge than right tightness in chest?

A lump under the right nipple of a guy; when should he worry?

A painful lump in lower side of breast?

Age 14, male, small lump on left pectoral directly under the nipple. Been 1 months and hasn't went away. Pain when touched. What is it?

Age 21: Tender spots above breasts and under breasts on ribs and side of ribs. No swelling, redness, or lumps. Possibly Costo?breast are not tender.

Armpit pain and breast lump = ca?

At the back of my breasts i feel lots of small lumps in both breasts. Is this normal to be there or do I need to be checked out?

Baby has 1 hard lump behind left nipple. Left nipple is inverted. Just noticed 2 weeks ago. Lump might be getting bigger. Almost 4 months. Cancer?

Breast implants with left breast burning pain with lumps or mass surrounding the breast closest to armpit what could it be?

Breast pain constant IN RIGHT Breast, numbness and tigling no visible lump how do I know if I have an invisible lump very sacred ?

Breast pain in left breast, feels swollen, bruise forming, glands are sore under armpit, burning feeling.?

Breast pain in right breast and armpit and numbness and tingling a little lymph in breast big lump in left corner of right breast and yellow discharge when you press on breast discharge?

Breast pain in right breast, pinching feeling , burning and itching occasional yellow discharge and lumpy feeling in breast and big lump on top of of breast?

Breast pain, unsetlle sleep for 3days. Nipple different colour and left side breast scar that other right breast?

Burning in right breast itching no more discharge painful nipple and lumpy breast feel movement in breast help?

Can a constant pain in top breast and a little into the armpit mean breast cancer?

Can i tell me how i can move breasts up?

Can the rash from ibc extend to the side and under the breast?

Can you please help soft swollen lump in my left armpit during early breast feeding. What is going on?

Can you tell me how come the left breast is bigger?

Could it be abnormal to have the right breast a little bigger than ur left one?

Could it be ibc or something else hurts!!?

Could use expert help with why the sides of my breasts hurt?

Do I need to worry about 12mm asymmetric on my left breast and my right breast are sore and there is a asymmetrical from the center of my right breast?

Do mammograms really hurt?

Does a breast MRI hurt?

Feel a huge lump in my left breast does this mean cancer for sure?

For 4 months I've had a swelling in my armpit by my left breast which is painful at times and it sometimes makes my whole left breast hurt. I seen a doctor but he said it was nothing to worry about. ?

For a while now randomly my left breast becomes itchy? I don't know what it could be

For about a week now I have had a red lump on the side of my left breast. It hurts when I touch it. What could it be?

For the past three months i've had a hard lump in both breast on the side near my armpit, it's very painful. What could this be?

For the past year, the side of my right breast hurts at the base of the breast, what could it be?

Found a hard lump on my left breast about a week ago, the breast is larger and firmer than the other and there is a dull pain. Should I seek help?

Girlfriend has a strange lump near her nipple on her left breast. Is this something to be worried about?

Got a small lump on my right side in the middle of my breast not on my breast had it for about 2 years could it be breast cancer?

Had breast implants 6yr ago and I have pain in my left breast.I have a 1yr old and i carry her on that side.Can it be from that or should I be worried?

Had my breast checked cause there was a lump. I noticed that my left breast is hanging a lot lowerthenmy right an it never has before. What should I do?

Have redness around left breast?

Hello doctor... My Left side breast is bigger than right...there are no lumps, no pain, no discharge, it looks connected to under arm fat.....wht it ?

Hello! I am a 44 year old female and I noticed a green bruise like mark on my left breast right above my nipple. It does not hurt but when I press it ?

Hi I am have weird breast pain in right breast, tingling inside, no lump or discharge, what can it be really scared ?

Hi I'm not understanding why my breasts hurt on the sides of my armpits and it's both breast.?

Hi I've been getting a throbbing/pulsation feeling under my left armpit, I checked and have no lumps in breast or armpit should I be worried ?

Hi im 40 year old male. I have a hard lump behind my right nipples and its very sore and stings. What could it be please?

Hi, 2 months ago I noticed an indent on my right breast. Doctor said no lumps. Now have a little one on other breast- I am 19 - what could this be?

Hi,I am 45 years old and I have pain almost over a year now under my armpit left side, and part of my left breast .Is this sign for breast cancer? Or

Hi. Went and had ultrasound today on left breast and underarm. Said lymph nudes 3 cm. Normal size ? Hurt

Hi..I have a bump on left breast and it hurts, is that cancer?

How come my right breast is always sore?

How to follow up 9-year old lump in her left breast?

I (male) have hard uneven lump left of my nipple, stays still but tender/sore to touch. I had Gynecomastia reduction 7 years ago. Could this be cause?

I am 16 years old, and I have a little sore lump above my left nipple. Should I be concerned?

I am 17 years old and my breasts always hurt. What can I do?

I am 17 years old. I've had numbness in my left breast and now I've realised that it's sore between my armpit and the breast...does it sound bad?

I am 20 and my right breast too much heavier than left side ....please doctor help me ...

I am 21 weeks pregnant and have tender breasts. Today I noticed a small lump in my right breast-should I be worried?

I am 22, I have lump in my right breast and my breast seems to br assymetric, when i touch the lump it pains.

I am 27 old male, my left boob is slightly bigger than right.. but sometimes they seems same. left nipple is for sure than right. why?

I am 30 weeks and 3 days. I just noticed that i have bruising all over my stomach and one on my left breast. Is this normal or ok? Is my baby ok????

I am 9 months pregnant and I have noticed on my left breast a single dimple under my nipple when i flex my muscle or raise my arm ?

I am a 28 year old male and have had a lump on my right breast for the last 8 years?

I am a male and have had a lump under my right nipple. What the heck is this?

I am a teenager and my left breast really hurts?

I am experiencing a bruised feeling between breast and armpit. Ive had benign cysts in breast for years. Dont think ive pulled it ?

I am experiencing breast redness and breast lump (quality: tender, swollen lump) .

I am experiencing tender swollen lump in breast. The following also describes me: Breast lump. What should I do?

I am having a painless spasm under my left breast. Is this something I should be concerned about?

I came across a painful lump on my left breast on top of my nipple, should I be concerned?

I did a breast exam, large area inside my breast close to the ribs hurts, at the top of my breast is a penny sized lump. Not pregnant. What do I do?

I did a home breast examination and felt a lump, not really sure if it's my muscle or a lump but it hurts what should I do and it's on the left breast?

I discovered a little bump in my right breast. What should I do?

I feel a lump under my left breast on my ribs. Should I be concerned?

I feel a two bump on my left breast and my entire breast hurts when it is touched. Should i be concern?

I fell I think I pulled something under my left breast?

I found a ball in my right breast what can it be?

I found a lump right under my right breast . It is red and sore to touch. What could this be?

I found a pea size lump right below my armpit beside my right breast, is this cancer?

I found a size at my left nipple?

I had a breast lump 2 month ago on a side of my left breast I checked my Dr and he said it's not clear yet but now it's moved to above areola ? ?

I had a lump in my left breast about 7 months ago and i had a mammogram the doctor said it was nothing lately it has enlarged significantly ?

I had a lump removed from my left breast in 2008, and now the same breast is hurting me again, could it be another lump.?

I had a lumpectomy on my right breast 10 days ago. Now it is all red and I have pain on the other side. Is this normal?

I had an aching pain in my breast which was really uncomfortable, today I have a lump behind the nipple its tender when I press it. What is it?

I had breast implants 5 years ago. When I get cold my right breast hurts..

I had breast implants put in 6 months ago and just in the last 3 days in my left boob has been sore and even to lay on what could it be ?

I happened to look at my breasts while arms were raised over my head. On my right breast, I noticed a very slight intention to the right of my nipple.

I have a big lump in right breast, skin is red, tingling sharp pains, right breast bigger than left, what does this mean?

I have a breastpain just below my left breast for almost 3 weeks now. Recently i noticed there is a hard vein from my breast down to my ribs?

I have a bruise on the left side of my breast should i be concerned about it.

I have a burning sensation on the top part of my breast after 2 days of having breast augmentation, is this normal?

I have a hard lump around right breast, should I be concerned?