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CAN I get breast implants being overweight?

About what size is the zygote when it implants in the woman's body?

After a breast implant, when is it safe to go swiming?

After breast implant removal do you have dents in the breast tissue and do they flatten out?

Am breast feeding with silicon implant, i felt something wrong in my left breast and my ultrasound said 3ml leak from the implant and MRI required why?

Any doctor experienced in removing silicone breast injections in dallas, texas? I am seeking a bilateral mastectomy with cohesive gel implants.

Are both breasts implanted at the same time?

Are breast implants safe?

Are butt implants reversible? If i don't like the results of my butt implants, can they be removed? .

Are butt implants safe?

Are female breast soft after implants?

Are saline breast implants safe?

Are saline breast implants safer than silicone? I'm debating which to get.

Are silicone breast implants safe in the long run?

Are silicone breast implants safe?

Are silicone implants more comfortable when lying on stomach?

Are there adjustable breast implants?

Are there any alternatives available after a breast implant removal? I am having a breast implant removal because it made my breast much larger than i wanted. I know i will not be happy with my original breast size either. What other solutions are there f

At what age can you get a breast lift/implants?

At what age is it safe to get breast implants?

Besides breast and butt implants, are there implants for the calf and other parts of the body?

Best brand of breast implant which have least risk of make caps and being tissue?

Breast augmentation with brittle bones, is this safe?

Breast implant removal done. What happens to your natural breast after weeks ?

Breast implants since 1997 no problems saline but sometimes i feel the ripple of the implant do I need to replace if so when?

Breast revision is needed how many years after implants?

Buttock implants on the celebs? What will happen in 30 years or do they care?

Can a 17 year old get liposuction and breast implants? With husbands consent?

Can a breast implant last for life?

Can a saline breast implant that is ruptured cause autoimmune diseases?

Can a silicon breast implant cause autoimmune disease?

Can an x ray tell if an implant is submuscular? I'm concerned that my implants are not identical.

Can breast implants cause neck rash?

Can breast implants pop or rupture if there is a lot of pressure on them?

Can dsomeone at the gym use a defibrillator on a woman with breast implants?

Can I breastfeed if I have implant?

Can i exchange my breast implants size?

Can i get breast implants if I have a defibrillator?

Can i get breast implants removed with a lift and down the road get small implants if i don't like shape?

Can i get breasts implants with dense nodular breasts?

Can I get most of my breast tissue removed when I get implants? Or do they not do that?

Can i get nipple rings after breast implants?

Can i get silicone breast implants at 20 years old?

Can I have a needle biopsy with breast implants, or is it too risky? I have a mass on 1 breast that has grown over 3 years. It is at the front of my breast, just slightly below the areola. I have implants, and am told that a needle biopsy is too risky an

Can I have breast implants again after having a breast implant removal? I need to have a breast implant removal because of a serious infection that was caused during surgery. Once I have completely healed, will i be able to start over and try to have impl

Can I have impant safety info for saline breast implants?

Can i travel after breast plastic surgery?Is it safe?Is that true about explosion of implants if travel by air?Can I wear regular bras after 2 weeks?

Can my doctor put more cc of saline in my breast implants? I've had them for a year now and I wanna go bigger,

Can silicone breast implants stay in for life?

Can someone with sle get breast implants ?

Can the contraceptive implant make your nipples sore and point out ?

Can there be a way to make your breasts closer together without implants?

Can women have zerona laser treatment if they have breast implants?

Can women have zerona laser treatments if breast implants?

Can women with breast implants go rafting?

Can you burn more calories after breast implants?

Can you get breast augmentation with fat instead of silicone?

Can you get breast implants if you are under age?

Can you get breast implants if you have cysts?

Can you inject medical silicone in buttock from a implant? Can you inject medical silicone in buttock from a implant?

Can you tell me about breast implant removal?

Can you tell me about breast implants permanently removed?

Can you tell me about having fragile bones having breast augmentation without any complications?

Can you tell me about regrets from getting silicone breast augmentation?

Can you tell me about regretted breast silicon implant surgery?

Can you tell me how to go about getting breast implants?

Can you tell me if i had a breast implant how many years could it last before it ruptured?

Can you tell me if I have my breasts removed to prevent cancer, can I get implants?

Can you tell me if you had a breast implant how many years did it last before it ruptured?

Can you tell me what it's like to have silicone implants after a mastectomy?

Could a breast implant rupture from applying extreme pressure?

Could a tumor have grown in my breast implant after my mastectomy to cause my implant to pop? The implant suddenly appeared flat and causes pain.

Could i get breast implants at the age of 17 with parental consent?

Could women have zerona laser treatments if they have breast implants?

Developed a lump in my breast 2 months after getting nexplanon (etonogestrel implant for bc) is it breast cancer?

Do breast implants affect mammogram results?

Do breast implants expand then shrink when you get on an airplane?

Do breast implants increase the risk of cancer? My friend just got breast implants. Does having implants effect the chance that she could get breast cancer at some point in the future? Do implants make it easier or harder to detect any lumps?

Do breast implants or breast lift bring far apart breasts closer together?

Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a breast implant removal?

Do I have to put new implant after i remove my leaked silicon implant and what's your opinion about saline implant ? Is it better ?

Do I need to replace my silicone breast implants?

Do penile implants feel unnatural to women, or are they designed to be undetectable?

Do people use a defibrillator on a woman with breast implants?

Do silicone implants affect sex life and breast feeding?

Do you know are silicone or saline breast implants safer?

Do you need surgery only once if you get breast implants? What happens to them as you age?

Does anything bad happen if you get breast implants under the age of 18?

Does shifting of implants mean i need breast implant removal? I think my implants have shifted. Is breast implant removal the only way to fix it? .

Does silicon implant in breast augmentation still cause deformity if it leaks into body?

Double mastectomy with "gummy bear implants" gel filled implants but muscle still tightens up, should I be concerned?

Following breast implant removal, is it normal to have dents in the breast tissuee?

For how long can I wait to remove my silicone breast implant if leaking?

Has any one had a mastopexy with implants?

Have any other women contracted agressive osteo arthritis from a silicone implant leakage ?

Have defibrillator, going through breast reconstruction after breast cancer, dr believe metal in expanders are sounding my icd.Expander that may work?

Have you ever had silicone implants after a mastectomy and wanted to go bigger? Is that possible?

Having type 2 diabetes and getting breast implants how safe is it?

Hi , I am due to have breast implants in on the 9th is it ok to have surgery again 2 months later to have a fibrod in the utrus out so soon?

Hi docs, can you tell me if string breast implants are still available?