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37 weeks pregnant, breast are tender and leak. My only relief is using my breast pump, sometimes i pump 2 oz at a time. Is that safe? Normal?

Are plastic bags for breast milk bad?

Are the plastic bags for storing breast milk ok or do they leech molecules?

Are there any practices i can implement that will encourage my 4 month old with oral aversion to nipple feed her formula so we can remove her g tube?

Arnica safe to use while breast feeding?

Aside from lanolin, how can I treat a small nipple blister that I got from breastfeeding? Is dabbing alcohol safe? It's not a milk bleb.

Breast has red pumps after buying used breast pump?

Can breast milk be kept on a cool countertop for 8 hours?

Can I get an opinion on the safety of massage while breastfeeding? Is there a need to pump and dump after the massage?

Can i put vaseline on nipples to keep them from drying out . Ps i'm not breast feeding?

Can I still breast feed while using salonpas patches?

Can I use baby oil on breast?

Can I use icy hot on my ankles while breast feeding?

Can I use Mederma stretch marks in my breast while im breast feeding?

Can I use my extra breast milk to help my acne or will it not help clear skin?

Can rubbing vegetable oil on your breasts give you breast cancer?

Can someone contact h.I.V. Through sucking of breast?

Can sun heat or alcohol clog breast milk?

Can using a breast pump help increase thigh circulation?

Can you use a tanning bed while breast feeding ?

Can you use an aed on someone who has nipple rings?

Can you use baby oil for breast massage?

Can you use betadine douche while breast feeding?

Can you use brewers yeast while breast feeding?

Can you use nolvadex (tamoxifen) to treat puffy nipples?

Can you use tucks (witch hazel) pads on your nipples after pumping?

Can you use vagistat (tioconazole) 1 while breast feeding?

Could a woman use turmeric cream for puffy nipples!?

Could my pecs be used to squirt breast milk?

Could reusing water bottles cause breast cancer?

Do solutions applied to scalp enter breast milk?

Docs can you explain, is it safe to put toothpaste on your nipples?

Does breast that is not being massage have any effect?

Does massaging and using hot oad on breast increase milk flow?

Does using a breast pump to stimulate breasts, help to bring on labor and or contractions?

Has anybody used the avent inverted nipple solution?

Hello,i have fibroadenoma on my breast.nowdays my doctor said that put ichthammol on your breast.can it be side-effect,if i put this cream?

Hi. Is it safe for me to use a benzocaine spray on my throat, as i'm breast feeding my 8 week old baby? Thanks.

How can I use vatika breast enlarging cream?

How do I clean my breast pump?

How long will i need to use a breast pump? How many months am i going to need to be hooking myself up to a breast pump after i give birth? .

How long will i need to use a breast pump? How many months am i going to need to be hooking myself up to a breast pump after i give birth? .

How safe and effective is using breast reduction cream? Am 27yr old single girl.

How to keep your breast milk from drying up while on medication?

How to know what is best homeopathy medicine for dry breast milk?

How to remove Kerostasis pilaris? Need effective cream while breast feeding

I am 17 years old and am having 27.5 inch breasts size. Is breasts massage effective, safe and does it shows permanent results? Can I use fenugreekoil

I am a lactating mather.can i use lipomatic?

I am a mother of two breastfeeding a 7 month old. Every day after midnight my rightside nipple starts burning . I am using lanolin cream also .But to ?

I am breast feeding. Can I use vitamin a+e ?

I am only breast feeding my baby , when I use the breast pump do I have to sterilize it after each time or just wash it with soap and water?Knowing that I pump my milk 7 times a day in order to decrease the flow from my nipple to help the baby eat without

I an breastfeeding and I have tissue damage on my one nipple, it is very painful, what can I do? I am applying cream , should I continue to feed ?

I have a dense breast tissue in my left breast. I am 17weeks pregnant. What kind of oil can i use for breast massage?Any other home remedy to resolve?

I have clotrimazole cream for my nipples, I forgot to wash it off the last time I breast fed... Is it harmful to babies??

I still have breast milk after 15 years. How can I get rid off it. And is it safe.?

I use manual breast pump four times in a day . Will it misshape my breast or nipples ? I had problems with direct feeding as baby was not latching properly.

I used a hot compress on my breast to help block milk ducts. (Breast feeding) now my breast are very tender and painful. Why & what do I do now?

I want 2 stop breastfedng my 2yrs old but she use my breasts as pacifier all night.Is there anything i can apply on breasts that harmless & taste bad?

I want to get a small breast what do you think about electric breastfeeding pump?

I was wondering is it is ok if I use herbalife while breast feeding?

I'm breast feeding, my tyne thinks I have thrush and prescribed betadine douche. Can I use it while breast feeding and will it help the thrush?

I'm done breastfeeding but I was put on antibiotics for mastitis. Do I still need to pump or can I just let my milk dry up without having to pump?

If I use a cabbage leaf of my breast to help with milk ducts and tenderness, would I still be able to maintain breast feeding my 2 month old?

If I were to put baby powder under my breasts, would it prevent me from sweating there?

Im want to use oralject claire gel but i breast feed would it haram my baby?

Is breast milk good for babies below 1 year for applying on eye's regularly or any kind of infection :) help me?

Is it better to store breast milk in bottles or bags?

Is it dangerous to just use formula instead of breast feeding?

Is it helpful to deep freeze breast milk?

Is it ok to let your baby use your breast as a pacifier?

Is it ok to reheat breast milk more than once? If the baby didn't use it? Or should it be does right away?

Is it okay/safe to use a breast pump for a year?

Is it risky to use breast pads?

Is it safe for a 13 year old girl to use trima breast reduction pills?

Is it safe to breast feed after I took a mineral oil enema?

Is it safe to breastfeeding after breast silicon injection?

Is it safe to dye hair while breast feeding?

Is it safe to use drysol on vaginal region while breast feeding?

Is it safe to use halls mentholiptus whilst breast feeding?

Is it safe to utilize a breast pump to simluate my breast?

Is mastitis be harmful?

Is Mederma safe to use while breast feeding?

Is oral contraception safe to use while breast feeding ?

Is raw or local honey safe while breast feeding?

Is scar zone safe to use while breast feeding?

Is skin bleaching allowed in breast feeding?

Is there any way to try out a breast pump?

Is there anything i can use to rub into my sore breasts?

Is there anything safe I can use to grow my breast?

It is safe to massage the breast if have menstruation?

My 2 year old son acquired ezcema when i stop breast feeding him. What cream can I apply on him?

My breast touched my dogs flea med while I was giving her a bath and I am currently breastfeeding.I washed my nipples really well with soap. Am I ok?

My breasts have been hurting for a few days i can't even use my bra or use deodarant is there something wrong with me?

Need to know is white-ish moisture normal on my nipples 11 years after stopping breastfeeding?

Other than breastfeeding, do breasts serve a purpose?

Other than breastfeeding, what is the best brand of milk I should use?

Retinol creams during breast it safe? If not what are the alternatives..thhhhaaaank you ..

Should I use cream or ointment to soothe my nipples while i’m breastfeeding?

Started self breast massage - is 15 min daily ok? Should I do more? I've read it firms them more, true? And massaging now help future breast feeding?

Tips to reduce breast milk?