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10m boy rejecting formula. Substituting 1 feed with Nan as low supply. He has been on bottle since birth and breast milk only. What should I do?

12 day old twin son has running poop breast fed and soy milk . Is that a problem?

3 months baby is refusing to breastfeed, will i still have a good milk supply to continue to feed her till she is 6 months if i only pump all the time?

3 week old baby eats 2.5oz of breast milk every 2-4 hrs, with 2-3 supplemental formula bottles included in her daily feedings. Is she eating enough?

4 month old baby given gerber purees. Has hard stools and hot body. No temparature. Breast milk not sufficient and baby refuses formula no matter what?

5 days old new born baby, crying during night, most of the time, even having drink breast milk, may know the cause, is it ok if we give gripe water?

8month old baby diarrheal 6-7times/day for 6 days. Diarrheal after breast milk fed. Now only fed baby breast milk. No virus. Y diarrheal for so long?

9 week old baby with blue and white poop. She's on breast milk exclusively.

A baby is 1 year and till now he has no teeth at all and he's not feed by breast .Why? Is ir normal or not?

Adopted a three day old baby and i want to be able to feed her breast milk, can I do this without getting pregnant?

After having a baby how long normally should a woman be producing breast milk if she does not breastfeed her baby at all?

Am I taking something away from my baby if I just pump and bottle feed her? Pumping is less painful for me.

Any foods to avoid while breast feeding?

Are only male baby's breast fed?

Are the same natural saturated fats that come when a woman breastfeed her child vs formula? What do you think?

Are there any recommendations for how many times a day I should breast feed by 2 mos old?

Are there benefits of bottle feeding expressed breast milk over breastfeeding?

Are there some foods to avoid during breast feeding?

Baby having secondary lactose intolerence can i breast feed?

Baby is 5 wks old I'm still producing milk been formula fed since day 1 is it too late to start breast feeding?

Baby is bottle fed from day 1 by my mom,myself, & by my aunt since am having less breast milk. Will she identify am her mom? Will she gave attachment?

Baby won't drink milk from Breast or bottle. Refuses milk and will only take solids. She is now 19 weeks old. Was advised to start solids at 16 weeks.

Because they were breast fed are male babys healthier?

Breast pain 6 months after having baby but only breastfed for 2 days. Normal?

Breastfeeding nutrition for on demand mom and how many meals a days? And how to makes more milk?

Breasts still not dried up breastfed 1 kid that is 3 for few weeks never breastfed2nd child 19 months prolactin level normal now what? I am concerned

Can 10 month old have regular milk after nursing from mom 10 months ?

Can a breastfeeding mother drink her own breast milk?

Can a nursing mom pass beano through her breast milk and will it help the baby be less gassy?

Can a nursing mother with high bilirubin breast feed?

Can a pregnant mother with jaundice breast feed ?

Can baby's get thrush from expressed milk?

Can breast feeding mom with 6months old baby eat mangoes?

Can breast milk make my baby fussy?

Can breast milk make my infant gassy and give him reflux?

Can breastfeeding an infant or giving them breast milk prevent jaundice?

Can cows milk cause sore stomach in 6 month baby?

Can feeding solids to early to a baby cause them to become diabetic?

Can hepatits positive mother feed her baby by breast milk?

Can i add newly pumped breastmilk to already refrigerated breastmilk?

Can I feed my baby thawed breast milk?

Can i feed my wife's breast milk to my other children?

Can i give my 19 days old baby boy multivitamins drops, he is exclusively breast feeding and weigh only 2.8 kg?

Can i give my 6 months completed baby toned milk?

Can i know how many breast milk my son had from number of swallows?

Can i lost weight by pumping my milk same as breast feeding?

Can I mix half formula and half breast milk because I am not getting very much milk from pumping?

Can I nurse my baby when she gets hungry in between feedings, in addition to bottle feeding her pumped breast milk? Or is that feeding her too much?

Can i pass HPV to my baby trough breast feeding.

Can i pump instead of breast feed?

Can I save an unfinished bottle of breast milk for a later feeding?

Can i take milk magnesia while breast feeding?

Can I use glycerin suppositories for my 1 month old baby she has 2 days without BM? I feed her formula and breast milk but mostly breast milk.

Can milk come out of breasts without having a baby?

Can mothers flu spread to babys by breast feeding?

Can my baby choke on my breast milk while breastfeeding?

Can specific foods help increase breast milk? Could i not be producing enough milk days after delivery? Fear baby is not full as i feed her for 5 minutes

Can u give a newborn cold brest milk?

Can you start pumping breast milk before your baby is born? At 36 weeks?

Can you tell me for mother's who only pump milk for their babies, is this okay?

Cramping and breast milk coming out of my breasts.. My baby is 1yr 7mo didn't breastfeed at all.. What may be wrong? Help!!

Do babies get DHA from breast milk?

Do I need to throw out the milk I pumped before baby weaned?

Do jaundice be in breast milk and is it life threatening to a baby my son Jaundice level is 13.7and he is 2 weeks old is that's okay?

Do our bodies need milk after infancy?

Do surrogate mothers produce breast milk after delivering the baby?

Does a baby feed off a hormonal cyst for the first twelve weeks of pregnancy or does it feed off of you?

Does a baby getting formula and breast milk still get all the advantages of breastfeeding?

Does breast milk flavor change with what mom eats?

Does breastfeeding make women droopier than bottle feeding?

Does massaging breast after feeding help increase milk supply? I know frequent feeding does. should I massage them as soon as I finish feeding/pumping

Does the babies ( under 6 mts & on mother feed ) who fed more frequently gain more and r more healthy as compare to ones who demand less frequently .

Every time i feed my baby with my boob i get diarrhea later. Can breast feeding cause diarrhea ?

For working moms who pump at work how many times a 2,5 old baby must suck breastmilk in order to maintain milk supply ?

Giving breast feed to child and having light periods is that normal?

Had a baby five months ago. I am not breastfeeding but now all of a sudden I am leaking milk. What could be a reason?

Help asap! my bby is breast fed but I can't feed her right now because I had a few drinks. What can I give her? She doesn't want to take similac formula

Help please! is breast milk healthy for adults?

Hi Doctor I'm currently breast feeding my is there any skin product which I should avoid while breast feeding which can be harmful for my baby?

Hi doctor, my daughter is 4 months old. She is pooing after she take the milk (breast feed). She normally does 6-8 times a day. Is it normal?

Hi doctors i decided not to breast feed my baby and was given a pill to dry the milk .now i want to breast feed what can i do.

Hi im leeking milk from my brest but IV never brest feed and my yungest child is 2?

Hi, my baby is 6 months now can I feed her an egg ? Thanks

Hi, i weaned my baby (after breastfeeding for 1 year and a half), my breast became flat, i was a before breastfeeding what can I do?

How can drinking breast milk as a baby effect you when you grow older?

How can dry up my milk i don't wanna breast feed my two year old cuz my conditions?

How can I avoid gas traped in my baby's stomach during feeding. It makes her uncomfortable. She is feeding on both breast and formula milk (nan 1).

How can I balance breastfeeding on demand and weaning my infant off of breast milk?

How can I get more breast milk for my child?

How can I know my baby is getting enough milk from my breasts?

How can I produce more milk for exclusive breastfeeding.Breast feels empty.Baby still cries after 2hrs of breastfeeding.

How can I tell if my baby is aller to my breast milk?

How can I tell if my breasted baby is not getting enough milk?

How can I train my baby to stop breast feed ?

How can I transition from breastfeeding on demand to solids?

How do you feed an anorectic?

How do you make sure your baby is getting enough breast milk?

How early in pregnancy can I exspress milk? I want to breat feed once baby is born but how early can I express milk?

How is bottle feeding and breast feeding a baby over 1 week different?

How long after I drink can I breast feed again?