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100 yr old not sick in over 30 yrs, but TIA strokes. No longer able to hold her head up & bedridden. Concerned about pneumonia. Suggestions?

33 year old mom's massive ischemic stroke now having secondary edema/swelling 7-10 days later. What to do?

33 yo woman, drug addict, had a stroke, has 3 blood clots in the brain and some kind of brain lining deterioration. Dr advised no treatment. hope?

42m ischemic stroke 5 years ago and recovered well. He just had a second stroke a few weeks ago. No cause ID'd. Is life expect. decreased? Im scared.

60 year old female had stroke 6 months ago admitted to hospital for frontal brain bleeding prognosis?

63yodad ischemic stroke 2wks ago. Before had a DVT & asymptomatic brain aneurysm. @risk for falls from motor control issues. Should he start coumadin (warfarin)?

66yr/ m congestive heart failure, stroke, pulmonary embolism, then 2nd massive hemorrhagic stroke, surgery to repair, fell into coma. prognosis?

75 y/o male with history of stroke has sudden change of personality (starts drinking, becomes hostile and violent). Could mini strokes be the cause?

89 yr old in hospital on aspirin clopidogrel and warfarin for stroke and heart attack has had another stroke and blockage seen on Brain scan and swelling left side of brain how come while on so many thinners is it possible?

A 37 yr old has suffered a stroke'/ has blood clot on brain, two surgeries to relieve pressure. On ventilator, unresponsive, is there hope of recovery?

After a migraine attack does the brain need to rest? Or is it ok to just go on as normal?

After a recent Ischemic Stroke at the age of 76 would it be wise to get a Pneumonia immunization while on Clopidogrel?

After hemorrhagic stroke what are the chances of surviving?

After major stroke that affected 3 lobes on left brain due to 100% blockage of coroided how will this effect my life expectancy?

After minor stroke w/ totally blocked carotid, husband fell for no apparent reason, and was only semi-conscious. Could it be another stroke?

Any advise on lifestyle habits after a TIA (transient ischemic attack)?

Any hope of waking up if a relative is in coma for 4mths after a stroke ?

APPROXIMATLY, how long after onset of stroke symptoms would you die if the stroke was untreated? Like what's the average time frame? Just approximate

Are fainting and convulsions part of stroke symptoms?

Are hemorhagic strokes the type you have from endocarditis?

Are hemorrhagic strokes preventable?

Are mini strokes common in elderly people?

Are people with acutely recovered cerebral ischemia more unstable?

Are strokes or tias caused by vasospasms?

Are there any simple ways to tell if somebody has a risk for stroke?

Are there different kinds of stroke?

Are there stages to recovering after a stroke?

At night I sometimes get body jolt or tremor. Is it mini stroke?

At what age do people get strokes and then a brain hemorrhage?

Because of bp stroke occur in midbrain.Now the patient in uncontious why? When it will clear?

Bp low, taking warfarin..all well ,suddenly brain could this have happened?

Called gma in nursing home, speech slurred, & she said she didn't know why her body wouldn't move right. She had ischemic stroke 4 yr ago. What to do?

Can a 17 yr old have a stroke? If so what would symptoms be

Can a 95 year old survive a bleeding stroke if also dementia?

Can a brain stem stroke cause bowel problems? After my dads stroke he can't control his bowels and it burns him up?

Can a fall cause an acute cva?

Can a hemorrhagic bleeding in the brain cause death, if not immediate, later on?

Can a mva cause a stroke?

Can a person heal himself after a stroke?

Can a severe UTI ever cause a stroke in the elderly?My mother has a Foley catheter and has been having many seizures. History of strokes. Face droop.

Can a stroke be congenital?

Can a stroke cause damage years after the stroke?

Can a stroke put you in a chronic vegetative state?

Can carotid surgery reverse stroke symptoms or not?

Can chemotherapy cause a stroke?

Can clogged cerebral blood vessels and tias cause forgetfulness or slurred speech?

Can deficits from stroke or TIA takes years to show or is it usually immediate?

Can dysarthria due to acute stroke be cured?

Can facial twitching be a sign of an impending stroke?

Can gram negative ecoli sepsis cause brain disorders years after the episode .If so ;what kind? I ended up with lesions and a stroke.Can this be?

Can having a stroke cause headache?

Can homocysteinaemia cause stroke?

Can hsv 1 and 2 attack your brain?

Can hypoxia and dementia in a middle-aged patient be the result of a heart condition? Could they be caused by a minor stroke or a drug overdose?

Can marijuana cause tiny strokes similar to the ones seen in patients with vasculitis?

Can midodrine cause a stroke?

Can mini strokes be detected on mri?

Can mini strokes cause mental impairment overnight?

Can mini strokes cause mental impairment?

Can mini strokes that cause death to parts of the brain be seen on an mri?

Can MRI detect previous strokes or tia?

Can MRI detect strokes and even prior strokes?

Can my grandmother who had suffered a brain attack understand what she is saying?

Can people cause their own strokes through worry?

Can recovering stroke victims have mini strokes? If so, how would you know?

Can someone explain this to me.--post stroke aphasia)?

Can someone in with normal INR still have a stroke?

Can someone who has been cleared with good flowing carotids, still experience symptoms of a TIA? If so how is that possible?

Can symptoms of a TIA appear for other reasons than an upcoming stroke?

Can symptoms of a transient ischemic attack last more than 18-24 hours?

Can tachycardia cause mini emboli in your brain and if so what can stop it?

Can the stress of being born cause infants to get strokes or clots?

Can their be heart stroke, because I was under impression that stroke can only be of brain?

Can there be both gastro-bleeding and a stroke in one time at one patient?

Can TIA stroke symptoms come and go all day for weeks?

Can we prevent stroke in pregnancy? how do we know if we have a weak brain vessel before pregnancy that way we can prevent stroke? im terrified

Can you do mixed martial arts if you have had a trans ischemic stroke?

Can you explain the differences between a stroke, TIA, seizure, and syncope?

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Can you get sepsis from a graft in leg it were he gets Dialysis? or after having a stroke?

Can you have a stroke from hypothyroidism?

Can you have a TIA and not know it?

Can you have multiple TIA strokes within several hours?

Can you please tell me if the stroke was like a tia(mini stroke) or not?

Can you remember things that happen in mimi stroke. I also have vascular dementia?

Can you remember things that went on during a mini stroke? I also have vascular dementia

Can you straighten the arm of a stroke victim?

Can you tell me about transient ishcemic attack (mini stroke)?

Can you tell me about ischemic/hemorrhagic stroke?

Can you tell me what the after affects of a mini stroke?

Can you tell me when someone is having a stroke what are the symptoms?

Can you tell me would a stroke survivor need oxygen for the first 48 hours in hospital , what is the physiological reason?

Cerebral stroke, tia, mini stroke--which are preventable?

Conmon age for stroke?

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Could a stroke drive a person insane or is he mostly be suffering another stroke..?

Could an ischemic stroke be fatal?

Could constipation causes stroke?

Could fenugreek cause a stroke. Doc said my brother had a clot of cholesterol which caused the stroke. He has only taken it for about 2 weeks.?