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Is mild atrophy of both frontal lobes normal at 51, no symptoms? My GP said "perfectly normal at this age". Is this bad/normal, should I be worried?

5 yo Child with unilateral sphenoid sinus thrombosis 2 to mastoiditis. Now 2 months after event no clot resolution- prognosis and implications ?

doctor wants to keep me for ten days under watch because of a temporal lobe injury. is this routine?

?+oligoclonal in csf, + opt neuritis,vep abn,EMG Abn, ocular CT abn,neuro cog test abn. No lesions. ? MS. +s/s- n/t legs,balance, imitat.Neg

10 year o son diag clonus hyperreflexia mild left hemipareses what could have caused this quick onset neg brain MRI spine MRI mild bulges l4l5s1. Told unrelated. Is there anything else i can do for him other than ot pt? What could have caused this that i

13 month old gross motor, speech delay, head banger MRI shows cyst in pineal gland dr isnt concered should I be?


18 mnth after tb meningitis her ct scan says Diffuse atrophic changes in d bilateral cerebral hemisphere with large hypodensity in left internal capsule, she's 23 yrs nd hs spasm in limbs, Any hope?

18 mnth after tb meningitis her ct scan says Diffuse atrophic changes in d bilateral cerebral hemisphere with large hypodensity in lft internal capsule, She's 23 and hs spasm in limbs. Any hope?

2-3brain lesions non pathological same MRIs for 1,5year. Muscle twitching only symptom. Should i worry for MS? I am 25 female.

22 yr old male has had 4 brain mris since 2010 for epilepsy (probable tle ) & prolactinoma.Most recent MRI showed a few punctuate foci. Followup?

26 years old. Pet Scan showed decreased glucose utilization in the medial temporal lobe consistent with Alzheimers. Could it be anything else?

3 weeks ago had brain surgery and the neoplasma benignum hypophyseos removed. Now when she walks I hear ticking noise from head.Is it normal?

3 years post op (hem. Stroke): larger hypodense zone temporoparietal-right with enlargement of the right ventricle ex vacuo; any prognosis? Tnx

3 yrs post post. fossa tumor resection, complications included hydrocephalus, SAH, Tons. Herniation. Head still hurts when I cough, valsalva, etc. ???

35 yo f w/rrms. Brain mris every 6 mo. Recent report: "t1&t2 hyperintensity, could be hemangioma in right frontal bone." do I need more testing?

36m, CT head reveled ich wid biventricular extntion wid sah & cerebral oedema.Biventricular bleed prsistnt bt resolvn hamatoma, unconcious-7dys vntilatn?

37 yr old stroke victim brain scan shows eye movement & response to pain. On ventilator; top of skull may be removed 2 less pressure. Is this progress?

4 EEGs over 2 years.. All "mildly abnormal" but no dx. Spikes & slowing in perietal lobe. Could this be epilepsy, something else, or nothing at all?

47 yo fem. W/fatigue, ha & memory loss. Mri 9/9 & 11/12/13 abnormal t2 hyperintensity involving the globus pallidus bilaterally. Neuro says normal?

4th vent. tumor 2cm in size. My cerebellar tonsils descended 4mm. Would tumor account for descended tonsils? Is Chiari diagnosis immaterial due to tumor dx?

6 month old has extra cerebralspinal fluid. Im told will resolve on its own. Is this true? What if left untreated?He has fluctuating anterior fontanel

68 yr-old man, new-onset loss of left toes dorsiflexion, 51 years after Harvey Cushing's Osteoplastic Craniotomy for temporal lobe epilepsy.....?

6q deletion, developmental delay and small head. Mri was normal. Does this indicate that brain development is not affected?

7 mnth old MRI aftr TB meningitis says acute bilateral infarcts in caudate, thalamus and left internal capsule mentally she's better but still HS balance issues due to mild dystonia and hemiparesis???

7 month after TB meningitis MRI say chronic lacunar infarct in left thalamus right basal ganglia she's only 22yr having mild stroke symptoms. Can she be fine? She's on TB meds & tizanidine+baclofen

7 month after TB meningitis MRI say chronic lacunar infarct in left thalamus right basal ganglia she's only 22yr having mild stroke symptoms. Can she recover? She's on TB meds and baclofen+tizanidine

70 year old woman, diabetic and hypertension. implications of Acute Lacunar Infarct in left thalmus. What does it signify and what is the treatment.

8 months after TB meningitis, she still has issues with walking & cognition recent MRI say chronic lacunar infarct in right thalamus& left basal ganglia & dilated lateral ventricles, will she recover?

8 months aftr TB meningitis, still issues with walking cognition, recent MRI say chronic lacunar infarct in right thalamus & left basal ganglia & hydrocephalus as well. She's 22 yrs, will she recover?

8mm brain aneurysm + had brain angio 2 weeks ago with contrast. Is it ok for me to have scupltra and botox injections in my face before op next month ?

A mrii shows a hemangioma on my cerabellum.I am having tremors on predominantly the left side. If removed, will the tremors likely stop?

A prominent cistern magna was shown on my MRI? Is this bad? Does it affect intelligence?

A recent MRI for headaches and neck pain stated minimal tonsillar ectopia not in range of chiari i malformation. Flow voids were normal/maintained i a?

A recent mri showed cerebellar tonsillar ectopia up to 12 mm, does this along with having a lot of the symptoms of chiari mean that chiari is likely?

About the ct scan Bleeding occurs in the pons extending to right cerebellar peduncle and oedema also seen when it will clear? What are the side effect

After 1st child suffered bad migraines, found benign brain lipoma on MRI.Dr said I should have c-section for 2nd child to avoid pressure, is that true?

After coiling of an uruptured 8mm brain aneurysm, what chance is there of it bleeding in the future?Every twinge or pain in my head concerns me now.

After receiving an MRI to check for a pituitary gland tumor the technologist wrote in the report that it appears I may have hydrocephalus and possibly a small mass. If I truly have hydrocephalus would my symptoms be prominent. In other words, would I be h

Age 23. Coma patient. Diffused axonal injury. Intraventricular hemmorhage. Bleeding in frontal lobe. Chances of survival? Any possible impairment?

Age 36 male, CT head revealed ich with biventricular extention with sah and cerebral oedema.Biventricular bleed persistent but resolvin hamatoma help.

Age 39 Smoker Male, Blood Sugar Normal; TIA Stroke 1 week back.Taking Ecosprin AV75. MRI Brain: Tiny ischemic foci on both froantal lobe. Any risk?

Am 45 y old female , had brain tumor on the frontal lob (maningioma, size 18.7mm), how much the % of operation will be succeful .

An autopsy revealed 1070 grams brain atrophy, is that a significant amount?

An autopsy revealed 1070 grams brain atrophy, what does that signify?

Any reports of migraine with aura affecting a fetus' development?

Any way to reduce/eliminate cerebral small vessel ischemia/calcification reported on Er CT after running accident.

Approximately how long after a stroke does it take for brain tissue to fully decompose and does it appear with the same density as CSF on a CT scan?

Arachnoid cyst w/mass effect on right aspect of medulla in posterior cranial fossa measuring 15x13mm.What probs might it cause if any? Treat or watch?

Are asymmetrical ventricles in the brain a problem?

Are there risks to taking baclofen to address hiccups post- stereotatic brain biopsy?

At different times over the past 2 years on both my brain and heart MRI there has been noted "chronic microvascular disease" changes. What is this?

At what point does bilateral vestibular loss turn into bilateral vestibular failure?

Baby 9 months fits and subdural effusion in frontal,temporal region and mildly dilated ventricular chain.eeg normal csf exam normal milestone delayed?

Been to u of u unversity he said mild CP and then looked at brain scan and said normal a new one recently small venous diff adnormal what is it?

Been told I have trigeminal nearalgia, but not had MRI scan yet, i read this is connected with ms, my grand ma had ms, does that mean i will to?

Bilateral carotid stenosis-left greater 70 percent--right greater 50 percent no Hz of other medical condition-type treatment???????

Brain CT revealed I have 4-cm sized arachnoid cyst in lt temporal fossa.28 yrs old male with no symptoms except headache once a month.How to deal ?

Brain mra said I have a mucosal polyp in right antrum and wandering what that means ?

Brain MRI 62 year old female "expected major vascular flow voids are identified" , what does this mean; does this affect brain function?

Brain MRI July2015 8mm calcified meningioma anterior front region, August 2016 a 5mm aneurism right MCA bifurfication. Are these 2 findings related?

Brain MRI shows I have lesions on frontal lobe and sinus bradycardia. I have high blood pressure and pulse of 56. Passing out. Severe back painfatigue?

Brain MRI w/c 4 ha & tinnitus. Dx: chronic mild bilateral mastoiditis.Told not to worry about it by anp & that radiologist shouldn't have included dx?

Can a cervical neck MRI miss a brain tumor? I had one recently for a bulge disk and it detected a big sinus cyst. In case I had a brain tumor... Would it had also detect it? Thanks

Can a person have a persistent change in mental status due to punctate lacunar infact?

Can a pineal gland cyst cause seizures? I have deja vu more often than normal and cyst is only thing on MRI.

Can an MRI with and without contrast detect a brain aneurysm? I have chiari 7mm and a neurofibroma at c6&c7. Friend of mine had one rupture may die

Can any docs elaborate more about widened vestibular aqueduct syndrome?

Can brain infarction be cure? my mom has that, her l/3 left side of the brain has infarction, caused that she could not speak now..need surgery´╝č

Can cartoid stenosis be caused by trauma? Is it repairable or treatable? Is there an image or test that shows if the brain is getting enough blood?

Can cerebral/white matter scarring/calcification due to TORCH infection cause temporal lobe epilepsy? Can TLE cause aggressive explosive behavior?

Can cod liver oil help in chronic lacunar infarcts in left basal gaglia and right thalamus due to TB meningitis with TB meds. Any related side effect?

Can extensive cortical dysplasia cause brain swelling?

Can having over 120 ect tx lead to significant hyper trophy to brain? Had MRI said brain looked like much older person. I'm only 42

Can I lift weights in gym if developmental venous anomaly was found on MRI of brain? (no symptoms, it was noted it was small size, supratentorial )

Can moderate ischaemic changes and a 1cm meningioma found on brain MRI for a 53 yr old female be cured or is aim to stop progression?

Can obstructive aqueduct hydrocephalus after TB meningitis be cured with medicines? Lateral & third ventricles are dilated wid chronic locuna infarcts

Can someone 22 years old with chronic lacunar infarcts in right thalamus & left basal ganglia after TB meningitis recover to full or almost full level?

Can suffering different types of migraines over 20 yrs. Cause any brain damage? If so, what kind & how severe? Would it show as scar tissue on mri?

Can white matter on brain MRI be some kind of connection with my chiari malformation? Can it be spinal fluid build up?

Can you offer any other causes for renal infarct aside from cardiac problems? Suffered bilateral infarcts & docs can't find the cause.

Can you please advise what is the prognosis for acute haemorrhage in right thalamic region with extension in ventricular region causing dilation ?

Can you tell me in right homonymous hemianopia the site of lesion is in?

Can you tell me what is atrophic changes in brain for 9 months old kid, with megacephaly - ventriculomegaly?

Can you tell me what this means please Cerebellar function normal Clonus 3 beats Positive Hoffmans bilaterally Hypertefexic in arms (chronic)?

Case of brain tumor (frontal lobe mainagiouma) repate MRI after 6month , it shows same but tumor size 1.5cm bigger i got some convelation ned adv?

Causes of isolated right lateral ventricular of brain enlargement presenting with convulsion in a adult diabetic male?

Causes?? Mastoiditis 3/14 Optic Neuritis 6/14 High Lymphocytes in CSF 8/14 12 mm choroidal fissure cyst 12/14 T12 verte hemangioma Fluid in mastoid

Chronic lacunar infarcts in right putamen-this is MRI report.what is its treatment?is it a major problem?age is 49 years of patient.

Chronic lacunar infarcts in right thalamus & left basal ganglia after TB meningitis. She's 22 and now on TB meds. Can she become independent again?

Cn lacunar infarcts in basal ganglia and thalamus after TB meningitis show good outcome if 21 yr old female having mild hemiparesis in right side and fatigue. How long can it take? She had tbm in 2013

Could a 40mm arachnoid cyst in the right temporal lobe be responsible for changes in personality over a five year period (for an adult in 40's)?

Could a retro cerebellar cyst 4.7 1.3 CM cause neck pain headaches other things of that nature? Ct brain showed it in the e.R. ?

Could a small arachnoid cyst on frontal lobe and arachnoiditis from spinal block be related? Don't have arachnoiditis but do have back painafterspinal

Could an aortic aneurism cause a chronic cough? (i read it can cause a legion on cranial nerve x causing problems in the larynx?)

Could an unsheilded CT scan and multiple x-rays at 5 weeks gestation result in any of the problems wih my son? (autism, pvl, dysplastic kidney, silent aspiration, preauricular pit, heart murmur)

Could this be central post stroke painsyndrome 1st stroke large area in right temporoparital brain consistent with middle cerbralartery infary hemorhh?

CSF says "mature lymphocytes" present. Also 5 OCBs. 4cm brain lesion, persistent enhancement, relapsing remitting symptoms. 5 years trying to dx. ?

CT done at ED shows 'bilateral cortical atrophy' I'm a 43 y/o F. What could cause this and why didn't the Dr bring this to my attention when found?

Ct scan done for beadaches neurologist said i had mild cerebral and cerebellar atrophy of uncertain nature got riboflavin said i would be fine 24yr m?