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After clean MRI neurologist said I am having subangiograhic cerebral vasospasms.Hx of tia's. Can these increase risk for more tia's, treaments options?

Are basilar tias a risk factor for ischemic stroke? My dad had a medulla stroke right below basilar artery, both of us have had bas. Tia in the past

Are ischemic events hereditable?

Are ischemic strokes and cerebral thrombosis one and the same? Of not, how do they differ?

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Can you experience blindness with a basilar apex aneurysm?

Can you have a splenic infarct and have no underlying condition?

Can you please tell me how ischaemic optic neuropathy and retinal artery occulsion differ?

Can you tell me how the diagnosis would be made whether a stroke was caused by hemorrhage or other cerebral infraction (thrombus/embulus)?

Can you tell me meaning and results of having "moya moya disease"?

Can you tell me more about the brain disorder moy moy ?

Cerebrovascular ischaemia is what?

Chronis ischemic changes is that a stroke?

Could an acute cerebral vascular accident occur from a carotid endarterectmy?

Could you have a myocardial perfusion scan if you suffer from myoclonic dystonia?

Could you who has suffered brain or cerebral hemorrhage develop Parkinson's disease?

Difference between stroke and vasculitis?

Do all avms in the temporal lobe need to be treated if a symptomatic but have history of arteriale sclorosis in heart?

Do you know anything about cerebral vascular accident and middle cerebral artery (mca)?

Docs, could a cerebral embolism be due to genetics?

Does hypoplasia of the left anterior cerebral artery a1 segment increase risk for aneurysm or ischemic and hemorrhaging strokes?If yes why?

Does mom have brain damage or vascular dementia a year after a stroke?

Help please! could cerebral vascular accident be preexistent?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is left thalamic lacunar infarct?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is cerebral atherosclerosis?

How are basilar artery migraines diagnosed by doctors?

How can a doctor tell the difference from old blood or encephalomalacia after a stroke?

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How is cerebral vasculitis diagnosed?

How is cerebral vasculitis treated?

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How to differentiate arterial and venous infarct in MRI brain? Without mr angio?

How to treat a case of basilar artery thrombosis with multiple infarcts?

I had an ischemic stroke when young. Brain aneurysm coiled in may. Mra 2 weeks ago shows small vessel disease. What is this? Thanks.

I have been told I have mild ectasia of the basilar artery. I suffer with migraine and my father has multi infarct dementia. Should i be concerned?

I have cerebral amyloid angiopathy,can you offer any suggestions on how to cope with this?

I know apoplexy means sudden death but i want the clear explanation of both. Is apoplexy the same as cerebral edema?

I need some help regarding cerebral amlid angiopathy, what can you tell me?

I was diagnosed with cerebral amyloid angiopathy? What do I do?

If cerebral vasculitis is untreated what is the prognosis?

Is a brain attack from ischemia or bleed?

Is an ischemic stroke in the basal ganglia always considered a lacunar stroke?

Is cerebral ischemia reversible?

Is damage from cerebral vasculitis reversible?

Is infarcture in the thalamus treatable?

Is ischemic microvascular brain disease related to stroke?

Is it okay to get an angioplasty for cerebrovascular ischaemia ?

Is rehab institute known as cerebral vascular accident (cva)?

Microvascular chronic ischemic in brain can affect memory?

My father 70 yrs. Cabg 1999. Hypertensive and dm -good control diffuse cerebellar and cerebral atrophy & microvascular ischemic disorder - treatment?

My father has cerebral ischemia. What is the best medical treatment for this?

My father has cerebral aneurysm. What is it in a nutshell?

My neurologist had said that I am having on occasion sub angiographic cerebral vaso spams. Mri showed no infarct or aneurysm. What are the treaments?

My wife was diagnosed with 1.Rcvs 2.Multiple strokes in the cerebral mca 3. Peduncle stroke. Where can I more info on the strokes ?

Need advice for someone who has suffered with vasculitis?

Pathogenesis of an ischaemic stroke affecting the left cerebral hemisphere. What does this mean?

Periventricular isch chnges, infarcts both cerebral hemispheres incl rt parietal? Vascular event.Blood & vessels ok.Next check pfo, but could it be ms

Please advise what is the difference between apoplexy and cerebral edema?

Please help! what is the difference between ischaemic optic neuropathy and retinal artery occulsion?

Right middle cerebral artery vascular accident death, is this heredtary?

Symptoms of microvascular ischemic change ?

What are changes in microvascular ischemic?

What are microvascular ischemic changes?

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What are the differences between ischaemic optic neuropathy and retinal artery occulsion?

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What do you suggest if my mom has been diagnosed with a 9mm cerebral berry aneurysm.?

What does (1) 436 -Acute, but ill-defined, cerebrovascular disease and (2) 434.10 Cerebral embolism, without mention of cerebral inf codes mean?

What is a hemi-crvo ? & what's the difference from crvo or branch occlusion?

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What is lacunar infarct on thalamus?