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i had a huge brain tumor at CP angle 6 CM .i am 26 y male ?

2nd mild concussion in 3 months. what happens to my brain after a second concussion? afraid I will have no brain left, they were so close together.

4 CT of the brain in a year bad im 21 am i going to get a tumor now?

5 yr old with an arachnoid cyst on his brain..Is this disease treatable?

A 27 year old friend of mine had a brain surgery. Removed a tumor 4 level, what are her chances of surviving?

A couple of days days before my mother had a surgery of brain the doctor detedt that the tumor was glioma is it curable?

A friend of mine has astrocytoma. Looked it up, but it still doesn't make sense. What is astrocytoma? Is it fatal?

A friend says he was born with a brain tumor. He's 24 yo. Is it possible to still be healthy from this?

A mass was found in my fathers brain xray? Should automatically assume it is a brain tumor or is there something less serious it could be?

Acute myeloid leukemia, bone tb, can this affect the brain?Dr said my mom is confused and he wants to do brain scan.Why a scan and what could it be?

Advice for a possible brain tumor?

Afraid my mom has a brain tumor?

Afraid of having a brain tumour, so concerned help me please?

Afraid that I have brain tumour?

After brain tumor surgery, is that going to cause a permanent amnesia?

After going through treatment for primary brain tumor is there a way to tell if there are any live cancer cells?

An acquaintance I know just had surgery to remove a brain tumor. They are now in chemo for a few weeks. What does this mean? will it affect their life

And how often and how long do they come before a brain aneurysm ruptures?

Anurism on the base of the brain when cannot be operated?

Anxiety about brain tumor. What does it mean when brain seems to slosh around?

Any doctor- neurosurgeon around? I think I have a brain tumor.

Any ideas why most children have primary brain tumors and why do most adults have secondary brain tumors?

Any new meds or treatments for astrocytic brain tumors?

Are all brain tumors fatal?

Are astrocytomas genetic? My mother had one and I am wondering if I should get a brain mri, would that tell me anything?

Are brain lesions same as "tumor"?

Are brain tumora rare. What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?

Are brain tumors causes of headaches?

Are brain tumors curable?

Are brain tumors hereditary, if not, what causes them?

Are brain tumors rare in a 23yo female?

Are brain tumours usually heriditary?

Are GBM in brain stem hereditary? Ex husband has gbm in brain stem for 6 years now. Should I worry about the kids?

Are hiccups normal after stereotactic brain biopsy? For how long?

Are mast cell tumors people tumors or dog tumors?

Are melanoma masses in the brain treated the same as brain cancer?

Are meningiomas as serious as brain cancer?

Are primary brain tumors rare in a 22yr old female.

Are surgeries for tumors in the brainstem particularly dangerous?

Are there any brain tumors that you can survive for ten years?

Are there different kinds of brain tumors?

Are there good alternative therapies for childhood brain tumors?

Are there mushrooms that can cause brain bleeds?

Are there people with brainstem glioma who survived?

Are too many brain mri's dangerous? I have one every other month due to brain tumor treatment.

Are wilm's tumor associated with brain tumors later in life?

At what age is it not uncommon to get brain hemorrhages?

At what stage of meningioma does palinopsia occur?

Best way of early detection of brain tumuor?

Bleeding at lower brain stem?

Brain and told me everything is perfect. Would that mean no tumors/cancer?

Brain aneurysm question, any chances of survival with normal function after one bursts?

Brain damage- what happens when you are stabbed in the brain by a three inch blade?

Brain epidermoid, is it the same as a meningioma tumor the difference between the two 3cm brain stem / 8cm front lobe?

Brain freeze type headache, right side of brain, is this serious?

Brain lesion. i was told it was a brain tumor, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, and cortical dysplasia could it still be a brain tumor? thanks!

Brain maleria how it can be cured ?

Brain pet scan no metabolic activity means no cancer of brain or no cancer anywhere in my body? Does this also mean no inflammation, hypometabolism?

Brain tumor statistics - what might be the mean age and standard deviation for all brain tumors?

Brain tumor, what is the difference between a regular brain tumor and an astrocytoma?

Brain tumour what is typical survival rate for a man (aged 40) with a grade 2 tumour in the temporal lobe that has recurred 3 times in 9 years?

Bruising easily & they r lasting a while. I have a pineal mass in my brain(just an fyi). Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Bruising easily, multiple bruises, and they r lasting a while. I have a pineal mass in my brain(just an fyi). Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Can a 20-year-old college student develop a brain tumor?

Can a 2mm avm cause small bleeding in the brain?

Can a benign brain tumor exacerbate diagnosed dementia in an 86 year old?

Can a benign brain tumor shorten my lifespan?

Can a benign tumor in the brain go away on its own?

Can A Big Skull have a Small Brain, if Brain Shrinks does Skull Shrink to maintain the Brain Tissue and Grey Matter?

Can a brain tumor be caused by brain infection?

Can a brain tumor cause a sudden pain in a part of the scalp for half minute or 1 minute?

Can a brain tumor cause cancer elsewhere in the body by spreading out of the brain?

Can a brain tumor cause epilepsy?

Can a brain tumor cause increase in acne?

Can a brain tumor cause pehirerpal neuropathy?

Can a brain tumor cause photosynthesis (being sensitive to light)?

Can a brain tumor cause problems in other parts of the body? (ex: stomach ulcers, sickness) if a brain tumor is present near the optical part of the brain, can it cause problems in the body such as sickness?

Can a brain tumor cause twitch on both sides of lip or it is something else?

Can a brain tumor cause you lightheadedness?

Can a brain tumor make your head bigger?

Can a brain tumor on the pineal gland cause epilepsy?

Can a brain.Abcess heal on its own?

Can a daily aspirin cause a meningioma brain tumor to bleed or hemorrhage?

Can a hit to the head, like a concussion, cause a brain tumors symptoms to activate?

Can a malignant tumor do serious damage to the body if waiting too long?

Can a meningioma tumor in the brain be cancerous?

Can a metastasis to the eye grow and eventually reach the brain?

Can a person fly with a brain tumor ? ? I have a non-cancer brain tumor an i woul like to board a plane in 2012, can I board a plane?

Can A person with a Big Skull have a Small Brain?

Can a small benign brain tumor on cerebellum cause nerves to be inflamed without causing raised intracranial pressure?

Can a spider get to your brain the the nose?

Can a tumor form where you have had a stroke?

Can a tumor form where you hsve had stroke?

Can a tumor in or on your brain or head kill you?

Can a vascular AVM in the brain cause brain cancer or any type of cancer or stroke down the line?

Can adults develop extracranial germ cell tumors too?

Can an EEG detect any/every brain tumor? Meaning if someone has a brain tumor will it for sure be detectable on an EEG?

Can an untreated brain tumor cause a brain aneurysm?

Can antidepressants cause brain tumors? If so how can it be prevented?

Can ants get into brains?