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If PCV is 36% & hamemoglobin 12.2 & person is having irregular bowels, at times lumpy at others soft & loose.A drop of blood at times.Is it a concern?

. I have had lots of anxiety the last week and my bm have been looser. This morning they were pencil thin. No other symptoms? Is it stress?

"digestive issues" told dr. Change in bms. Xray="full". prescription polyethylene glycol. Still may go 1wk w/out bm. Stool extremely long. Concern=last "piece" not dropping. Kegals not helping. Wiping 100x!

15 mnth old with very soft poo her entire life. Not runny just soft and mushy. It is 2x a day and normal color. Never a solid log or mass. Normal?

17 years old experiencing bloody stool with presence of mucous upon whiping. Individual is generally healthy. What might be the cause?

1yr boy passes watery loose stool once in the morning n 1 in evening which is soft in consistency, he had diner around 9pm, cause of morning stool?

1yr old boy passing stool after each meal?

2.5 yo drooling /mucus in stool.Sign of fb ingestion or internal bleed? Found minuscule piece glass in stool friday. No blood. Acting/eating fine.

21y/o BM more frequent+urgent than before for 4 months usually 1 BM a day no pain,cbc normal,once or twice noticed mucus also it's semi formed,worried?

25 yr old female. Constipation no bowel movement 4 days. Used a mineral oil enema, no movement except for very small hard and bloody mucus clear?

29 yo.3 months after having baby stools changed, narrower and more frequent.Been 3 years, still narrow and ribbonlike,frequent,soft.Worried re cancer?

2mo, very smelly gas, cried in pain during latest bowel movement. It looked normal except smelly also, thick like peanut butter. Should I worry?

3 bowel movements this am? 1 normal color and shape. 2nd softer and lighter brown and 3rd a lot of small pieces? Inconsistent lately- diet? Gastritis?

3 day BRAT after 9 days other symptoms really. Now morning bm, sparse/pencily/slightly formed but feeling kind of constipated. Normal?

4 months no period but my stomach is just bulky as normal & soft compared to my 2sons by the same time my stomach have harden i have to worry ok?

40yr female,having loose motion for 1day then formed stool 3-4 episodes with mucus and blood,hamorhoid present,h/o same symptom since 4 mnths?

5 week post hemorrhoidectomy. Prior to surgery had 1 bm every 3 days. Now having 3+ bm per day & thin stools that feel like diarrhea coming out.

5 yr old has last two nights needed toilet at bedtime and not made it - loose stools not quite diarrohea, soft and beige. now has abdominal pains?

7" skin colored item passed from rectum after treatment of constipation. Solid, does not break up like stool. Able to lift out of toilet. Concern?

92 yr. mom back&forth w/ constipation then soft stools..meds&food changes don't help?

A friend s colon ruptured, wears a bag now , doc. Told her was cause she ate a lot of salad. Does it mean u can't have that w/diverticulitis?

A month ago I was treated with Clindamycin. The past 4 wks I have had diarrhea and now constipation with hard pellets covered in a thick mucous. Help?

A prt of the intestine was necrotic, removed the necrotic part and reconnects it. day after, urge to poop was noted, cant pass stool, is that normal?

A question reguarding "firm" stools.... I use way too much paper in the restroom because my stools are too soft. I hate this, and want to know how i can have a nice, firm one, so i only need to wipe a couple times. Mind you, I have regular movements, just

About once or twice a month I have loose motions and i typically find one or two white mushy cocoon shaped stuff. Could this be undigested junumet xr?

After a food poisoning in '11, my stool pattern became strange. I mostly get flattish stool & always very soft. Its rarely round when hard. Is that CA?

After colectomy, till how many days is white mucus released from anus? After how many days is the temporary pouch for stool collection removed?

After having a laying open of anal fistula I am still having large mucus stools. 2 ops and 1 week on antibiotic drip have not stopped it. No issue b4 ?

After passing a stool i clean my self then after a while I have to go clean my self again could this mean i'm allergic to wheat?

After starting polyethylene glycol stool is strange- im passing normal looking, regular amts however the consistency feels like thick mucus and wobbly?

Always have a piece of string hanging out from the end of my stools. Is this fibre? I have taken meds for pinworms a few weeks ago. Nothing moves

An anemic. Bloatness after small meals on long term basis. Brown vomits and bleeding stools occasionally.

Apart from a mass or obstruction what could cause a flat stool.

Are there c diff strains that don't cause watery d. Maybe loose stools or mushy liquid bms? Like once a day. Or 1-4x a day on some days.

BABY never did stool without help stimul with qtip now 8 month old Allways soft stool Could this be outgrown or more serious problems the cause ?

Bad stomach cramps. Before & during bowel movement. What scares me is stool shape its many small thin pieces very light colored. All sinks?

Been a year since i've passed a large, solid stool. Frequent sigmoid pain and stools now come out very soft (type 5) or i'll easily get constipated.

Been having formed BM soft but Difficulty in passing. Tonight burned when inserting canassa suppository?

Black tarry stools/diarrhea > 6 wks. 3 days with no bm, then passed "sausage casing" apx 6 in long; now pass tiny thin stool/mucus w/diffuse pain.

Bleeding and incontinence, two days after manually removing impacted stool in ER. Also abdominal pain and loose stools but with little volume. Reason?

Bleeding when i defecate, whether it's hard or soft almost every time i go, what could be the reason? I've tried eating more fiber but it still happen

BM 3 times a day. Usually 2 Inches in Diameter and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in thickness. Should I worry about the thickness? Is this ribbon poop?

Bm anywhere from 7x-15x per day, stool foul smell of vomit, rarel solid form, normally soft pudding or shredded sale, symp 2+yrs,enlrg liver, stm soft?

Bm comes out slowly in soft bits and makes a large pile. Can take an hour for it all to fall out. Gi doc says that's impossible. What could be cause?

Bms sometime gloppy and soft, other times appear thin and separate like 4 inch green beans, other times formed and together in a long tube. Why?

Bowel change over 1 month -soft finger size to thin ribbon. Pain before and during bm above knee. Do have hemorroids -blood at times.

Bowel movements maybe once a week since I was a kid unless I take magnesium daily. Usually stool is on the diahrria side, occasionally white chuncks?

C diff. Are improvements loose soft stool. Still have abdominal discomfert. Belly goes all wacko. Hear it rumble. Use to have very smelly stool orange?

Can a weeks heat wave make your stools runny .

Can anxiety and stress change stool shapes, colour and ability to pass a stool?

Can c diff cause symptoms so mild that you only have diaherra loose soft bms a couple times a day. Like 2-3?

Can constipation cause feces to accumulate in your body over time? Leading to years-old feces in the body? Or will all extra feces clear when you go?

Can IBS make u feel drained. Weak. Not well. Lack energy. Some days better than others. Have soft loose green stool. Somedays 4/5 times a day?

Can improper sleeping habit result in bloody stool? What are your expert opinions?

Can insoluble fibre show up as strings in stool if broken apart?

Can internal hemorrhoids get so large that you cannot push stool out? Have to take milk of mag to get it out. Its flat on both sides but soft not hard

Can loose stool a soft one not with a pain in stomach or often no, just a bit soft stool, cause me loosing pregnancy, iworry, 25 weeks pregnant?

Can only have bowel movement in the morning after drinking coffee.. What can cause this? Stool comes out skinnier and longer than normal sometimes.

Can probiotics cause large amounts of stool during each bowel movement than usual? I go once daily but seems like a lot of stool. They are long pieces.

Can the asparagus symptom make me gentle and shy and soft?

Can years of straining from hard stools and a significant amount of time laying at a odd angle when in bed increase your risk for a hernia ?

Changes in stools. Sometimes small & hard, sometimes mucus coated, now I have mostly liquid. How to treat? Tests? No urgency in eliminating.

Chronic constipation for years. Thin stool when I drink hot water. Can feel the hardened stool in the rectum but it won't come out when I strain. Shar?

Cleanup after bm is very hard. Stool is brown, soft and formed. However always seems to be a lot to wipe and is mostly gathered at top of crack.Ideas?

Clear liquid diet 4d how long b4 bowels r cleaned out. Still passing stools small thin & mushy...Cld that be from old trapped stuff hx: diverticulitis?

Coffee ground looking substance all in bowels. Comes and goes. HX of gastritis. Is this a concern? PCP out of town for a week.

Colonoscopy last week showed diverticulosis. Started using align and increased fiber. Still have cramping, now loose stools with leakage! ?

Colostomy output is hard, formed pieces of stool mixed with very soft stool coming out at the same time. Getting fiber and fluids. Possible causes?

Complete loss of pinky movement , hangs like wet noodle?

Constipation for 4 wks and can only go after taking milk of mag. My stool is pencil thin and weird shaped. Feels like I am not emptying bowels fully. ?

Constipation or worse? Every few wks have to force my stool out because it wont go alone like it should. Very small amount of stool when this occurs.

Constipation. Foul small stool. Excess vomiting but nothing in me. Weak. Thirsty. 3rd day. Can't hold water?

Could improper sleeping habit result in bloody stool?

Crohn remission difficulty passing stool even though soft bm. Well formed but strain to psss then pain through penis at times?

Crohn's 4-5 stools but hard to go last week. Mon 10 loose stools now nothing in 36 hours even with stool softner. Not sure if good or bad?

Crohns disease, just had 2 perianal abcess drained last week. Now having bad pressure in back passage and when passing stool it's thick mucus instead?

Despite having have 1 large and 2 small bowel movements today, I still feel the need to go. When I try I can pass very small stools. Why is this?

Do antipsychotics affect stool quality.? I find that i emit poo smells from my rectum from light poo residue that comes out over the course of the day

Do patents with MS experience floating feces?

Do you have any tips on how to get rid of anal fissures? I'm guessing it has to do with my diet maybe? They don't occur every time I pass stool and when they do I can tell there's some tearing despite a normal-sized stool.

Doc. Pls I feel there is Moravian phlegm in my system preventing me from passing stool heasily?

Does everyone on antibiotics get cdiff? Have soft unformed stool once a day that comes fast, doc says it's not technically diarrhea. Any advice?

Does my son have colon cancer? No nausia barely but little stomsch cramp no blood in stool pencil thin stool constipation 13 years moderately active

Does probotic make kids stool bloody?

Does stress and anxiety cause the anal sphincter to be tighter than usual or it normally would be making it feel more difficult to pass stool?

Doing colonoscopy prep. On second laxative and all that comes out is a bit of yellowish solid that falls to the bottom of the toilet. Was liquid before. What is it?

Dr when i put pressure to pass stool .. some whitish liquid comes out from my penis i am 23 age and weight 82 and diabetic?

Dry hard stools, unable to pass out, impacted fecal matter. Upon eating, heavy bloatedness, headaches and irregular heartbeat. What can I do ?

Dx w IBS younger. Occas. anxiety. Was having normal thick stool, but for past few wks I do have daily BM but its small shape & size varies. IBS again?

Dx with divertic 4 weeks ago.Stool was diarrhea or round, long. Now they are wide & flat or round bumpy if on Metamucil thoughts? Have hemmerhoids too.

Embarrassing? I am 60 years old hav regular BM a.m. But maybe 3 days a wk large stool 8 in. not hard color brownish normal? Colonoscopy 2007ok.

Every time I have a bowl movement, I have a line from the beginning to the end of it. I have no other symptoms. Just "grooves" in my stool. Normal?

Exlax 2 bars not producing much. Tiny bm's 4 days now. No pain but discomfort. Should i worry or get strong stuff?

Explosive soft stool (not quite diarrhea) shortly after eating. Comes very suddenly and unable to hold it for long. Causes high anxiety. Cause? Fix?

F.21 irregular bowel habits since Dec. 1st. Painful diarrhea. Stools start solid but throughout day turns to diarrhea and mucous. BM 4+ times a day.

Father 82 has clear water from backside for approx 10 minutes after bowel movement. Why?

Fecal is soft every morning and take me over 30mins to empty, as fecal is sticky. Body feels like it has not go toilet again if I don't empty. ?

Female friend, severe constipation, used suppositories oral laxative. Was able to go, had fleshy object about 7" long, appear, not a stool? Er or doc

Finished zpak 4 weeks ago&digestion system still off.Instead of 1 bm a day,I have ongoing loose,small floating stools, minor diarrhea&constipation.ok?

Fistulotomy & lis done. Short colonoscopy-normal. After 1.5 month from surgery bowl movement small amount of blood in stool and little mucus.Normal?