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I have been having vomiting with my bowel movements... Also pain duringduring bowel movements. What could be wrong?


I was wondering if it is normal to have loose bowel movements after a colonoscopy?

2 bowel movements before breakfast every day and 2 by end of day, when should I be worried? Will this pass?

6 month old, breastfed,started solid foods. Would like to ask about bowel cycle. Havent poop for two days. What is the range in their bowel movement.

8 months pregnant what can I take so I can have a bowel movement?

9 year old child been blinking eyes a lot and had a large soft mushy bowel movement in her sleep didn't wake up ?

A lot of blood during bowel movement. What can I do to stop this?

After 6years of my goal bladder surgery I am still having irregular bowel movement, loose stool and constipation why/?

After a bowel movement, I still have to wipe a few hours later. It seems like its a kind of leakage. What is the diagnosis of this condition?

After every meal i have to run to the bathroom and I have an explosive liquid bowel movement!

After increasing my fiber in the diet to about 20g. i have 4-5 bowel movement s daily. very very uncomfortable?

Also can aniexty cause different bowel movements?

Anal pulsating and throbbing feeling after bowel movement. With the first part of the stool there is mucus-like thing on it , rest of stool no mucus.

Antibiotics messed up my bowel movement cycle. What can I do?

Are changed bowel habits symptoms of gastroparesis?

Are long skinny bowel movements something to be concerned about?

Are more frequent but normal looking bowel movements a cause for alarm?

Are my loose bowel movements from drinking alcohol?

Are people who do not have regular bowel movements typically heavier because of it?

Are squats more efficiant when slow bowel movement?

Are there any correlations between fatigue and bowel movement?

Are there any foods you can eat that will help the first bowel movement not be so painful after a c-section?

Are there any types of vitamins or probiotics to help bowel movements?

Are yellow bowel movements anything to be worried about if they only happen every now and again? Can this be the result of fast bowel transit time?

Black strings in bowel movement? What can this be?

Bleeding after a bowel movement. Is this a sign of something?

Bleeding after a bowel movement. What does this usually indicate?

Bleeding out of vagina when having a bowel movement?

Bloating and no bowel movement after taking codeine. Is this normal?

Blood in toilet and on paper after bowel movement and bloated stomach! what could this mean?

Blood mixed with mucus during bowel movement?

Blood when wiping after bowel movement. Not just a tinge. Not constipated, it was soft...answers? ER???

Bloody stools, problems with bowel movements and now a lump right by his anus. What could this be?

Bowel moment after every small and large meal. Urge to bowel even there is no bowel.Help?

Bowel movement after every meal? And stool type 6, normal?

Bowel movement almost immediately after eating anything and diarrhea for a few months now?

Bowel movement coming through feeding tube feeding tube and bowel movement is coming up through it

Bowel movement from wormwood and black walnut?

Bowel movement is often green in color. Should I be concerned?

Bowel movement question my bowel movement is green, all green and lately I have been suffering with a lot of gas. What could be going on with me and how can I get my bowel movement regular color. Is this a danger to my body?

Bowel movement started hard black then soft brown then very watery all in one movement is that normal ?

Bowel movements are more frequent. A lot of pressure. Should I be concerned?

Bowel movements smell really bad, what can cause this?

Bowel problems. Takes four bowel movements until complete.

Bowl movement while waking from surgery?

Burping and frequent bowel movements in early pregnancy, normal?

Can a daily routine (years) of excessive straining on the bowel cause a loss of peristalsis in the colon? What is the chance of diverticulitis?

Can a hernia affect a bowel movement?

Can a lack of fiber cause a person to have mushy bowel movements?

Can anxiety cause a change in bowel movements. Ie consistency, constipation?

Can bowel movement be affected by a hernia?

Can breast feeding help me to have bowel movement? Or its unrelated?

Can constipation or needing to have a bowel movement cause irregular heartbeat?

Can Crohn's disease be associated with increase in bowel noises and movement?

Can excessive bowel movements be associated with pregnancy?

Can gas bowel movement cause labor like contractions?

Can having gastritis affect your bowel movements?

Can I do an emma after my hysterectomery . My vowels are not moving...?

Can I strain to have a bowel movement if I have CHF?

Can i take a laxative after colonostamy/ band hemorrhoids having trouble with bowel movement?

Can IBS or needing to have a bowel movement cause abdominal tenderness?

Can moderate exercise help with digestion and bowel movement?

Can not having bowel movements add weight?

Can straining for a bowel monement push out iud?

Can taking vicodin for an extended period of time cause constipation or sluggish bowel movements?

Can taking vitamins lead to frequent / loose bowel movements?

Can the use of two enemas have a side effect of frequent bowel movements for a week?

Can u give me some tips on good food and laxities so i can use the bathroom i haven't had a bowel movement in a few days?

Can you have bowel movements like 2 or 3 times a day at the start of your period?

Can you have Crohn's disease with daily bowel movements but stool so hard it makes you bleed?

Can you let me know how many times should a healthy person have a bowel movement in a day?

Can you tell me how could i stop having bowel movements all together while eating normally?

Can you tell me how could i stop having bowel movements all together?

Can you tell me how to stop having bowel movements all together?

Can you tell me reasons why I have intense bowel movement when I am anxious?

Caramel colored mucus in stool and when I wipe after bowel pain at all...should I be concerned?

Causes of sudden increase in bowel movements?

Change in bowel habits? Hurst to have bm so eating less.

Change in bowel habits. What does this indicate?

Clear anal mucus discharge 2X a week, with or without a bowel movement . No pain. Had a normal colonoscopy 2 years ago. Any suggestions?

Coffee grounds runny bowel movement cause?

Colon cancer with hypoactive bowel sounds, distended abdomen, hypoactive bowel sounds, no bowel movement 2 days?

Colonoscopy said everything was okay but bowel movements changed?

Constipated but still have small bowel movements with a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Could I be impacted?

Constipated for 2 days and then frequent bowel movements the next day am i pregnant?

Constipation for 2-3 weeks little defecation today i ate pitted prunes and now very loosen stool a lot of intestinal movement is this a good sign?

Constipation so bad I have bowel obstructions constantly and I've had an soap sud enema. Could there be a tumor in my bowel way?

Constipation? stools hard like rabbit droppings once every other day bowel movement. Also slight spotting from vagina when wiping after straining?

Could a change in bowel movements be cancer related?

Could having frequent bowel movments mean . . .?

Could this be cancer? I sometimes bleed from my vagina when I have a bowel movement.

Could you tell me what are leads to of bloody bowel movements in newborn babies?

Decrease bowel movements and increased passing gas for a month now. What should I do?

Difficulty with bowel movements..... ALWAYS constipated and very hard and painful. ?

Digestive system. Bowel movements are inconsistent. Many times fluidly. Had a colonoscopy 4 years ago everything good. Dr. Said it was my diet. ?

Dizziness and green black bowel movements?

Dizziness that occurs with bowel movements and eating. No diagnosis from docs, what can I do?

Do changing bowel movements (formed stool/diarrhea) occur for a few days after colonoscopy. Had a colonoscopy two days ago and now had one full formed bowel movement then one of diarrhea. Before procedure I had difficult BM or constipation ?

Do hormones affect how often you have bowel movements?