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Everytime I eat I have a bowel movement after, even small meals. the stools are watery. I also lot of gas. Should I be concerned for colon Cancer?

I have horrible smelling bowel movements and gas after gastroenteritis. Stool looks a little loose. It has been about 8 days. Muscle weakness too. ??

After taking daily Miralax (polyethylene glycol) my stomach starts gurgling & hyperactive bowel sounds. Is this normal?? Constipated from meds no abd pain or nausea.

I passed intestinal tissue in my stool this morning. (Yes, I am 100% sure) What should I do? I feel fine. No more diarrhea or stomach pain.

since appendectomy in March my bowel movements haven't been normal. Constipation for days then loose stools w/ having to wipe a lot. Then back 2 Cons?

Symptoms of gastrisis from 5-6 months.Now having symptoms like small frequent stools,constipation,diarrhoea,tenasmus,stomach growling.23 years of age?

10 week old. No BM in 3+ days. Not sure what we should do or if cause for concern.

17 yr male & I've had a consistent condition. After every meal I have bad gas/stomach pain & I have bm shortly after (loose stool). What is wrong w me?

2 weeks of lower abdominal pain. Taking miralax (polyethylene glycol) for constipation. Motrin for abdominal pain. ?

2 year old who is constipated wakes in morning vomiting bile and complaining of pain-is this from the constipation?

20+ solid BMs a week. Urgency as well. Some nausea and gas. Been a few weeks. Should I see a doc? Is there something at home I can do?

28 year old male, bloated lower stomach, gassy, sometimes constipation sometimes diarrhea. On/off for about 4 months. No fam history of colon cancer.

3 nights ago I had anal masturbation. Since then I've had a bloated stomach, nausea, back pain, small rare bowel movements, etc. What's wrong?

3 years colon still always blocked by thick, stringy mucus from anus. Nonstop gas. Bloated, miserable, bedridden. Gi says ibs. Poss intestine candida?

30 days after antibiotics. My stomach and pelvis is backed up with gas & making noises. Hardly any pain... no diarrhea. Stool looks ok but mild bright red blood when wiping. Barely could digest greasy foods before but now it's worse with stomach gas?

34yr female severe abdominal pain 60days worse when sitting change bowel habits oily stoolnormal HIDA&gastric empty. better with clear liquds/lowfiber?

35 y.O.Healthy female with abdominal bloat, frequent foul gas and foul bowel movements. Most of the time stomach ache after eating also?

35.2 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to feel rectal pressure? Could it be from constipation or what are the causes?

4 days having bad pain in stomach after I eat.have had bowel movements.gallbladder been removed yrs ago, have ibs.what else could this be?

4 years old passing stool every day. Having abdominal on and off pain , Doc say due to constipation. How z it constipation.She z fine when gvn enema 4?

4 yr old daughter swollen abdomen most of the time even with her bowels moving normal has a lot of gas and some pain doesn't eat a lot of diary why?

5 days ago had pelvic pain & diarrhea followed by days of EXCESSIVE gas but normal BMs. Gas better, but now pelvic pain passing loose bm this morning.

55 urgent bowl movement blood in stool and flank pain all day. No other symptoms but had bout of constipation last week that I solved with ex lax?

57 year old male. 10-15 times a day, watery diarrhea with undigested food. lower stomach cramps and lots of gas. Chrones?

7 months ago i had meckles diverticulom and i had it removed but when im done eating my stomach hurts and I have bowel movement. Is that normal?

8yo no BM for a few days, then has bouts of stomach cramps, hard stool, then softer stool. But a bunch in one day. Happens often... Ibs? Mom has ibs

8yr old had appendix removed & had 2nd surgery for bowel obstr. & twisted colon. 2yrs later has stomach cramps, food coming up, burning, vomit help!

A 17 year olds sysmptoms :change in bowel movement constipation narrow stools small black dots in stool tight abdomen mild stomach pain colon cancer?

Abdominal cramping pain, trouble having bowel movement, nausea after eating some foods and pimple like rash on buttocks... What's going on?

Abdominal pain that has been going on for years, I stay constipated, but I often take phillips milk of magenisum to open my bowels, the pain is awful..?

Abdominal twinges had a colonoscopy two years ago all perfect no blood eating ok all ok could it be trapped gas or ibs?

About 5 weeks ago I had gastro and ever since I've had A LOT of gas and inconsistent bowel movements. Have had minor digestive problems in the past. ?

After drinking prune juice, had a LARGE BM after dealing with constipation for weeks, now lower back is sore and or in pain, that normal?

After drinking prune juice, had a LARGE BM after dealing with constipation for weeks, now lower back is sore and or in pain, that normal?

After eating I had gas and stomach pains and an urge to poop. it was normal but now I have stomach cramps and frequent bowel movements. why?

After every bowel movement I feel like there's more stool but I don't have any urge to pass it, still have random dull stomach pains. Constipation?

After having EGD 8 days ago I have pain in stomach go and come like gas pain. Can this be obstruction ? I did poop it was solid ? Maybe constipation ?

After i eat fiber foods i get bloated and abdominal discomfort. Been having constipation problems. Colonoscopy endoscopy CT scan normal. Why is this?

Alternating diahrrea & constipation, indigestion/heartburn at night, & occasional rectal bleeding when feel like i need to go, & weight gain.

Always blobloated and have gasses. Do you recommend colon cleansing if I am suffering from irritable bowl syndrome?

Am i experiencing ibs? Loud sounds in tummy after eating, gassy, constipation/soft stool, cramps, indigestion like acid reflux, hemroids?

Am i experiencing ibs? Loud sounds in tummy after eating, gassy, cramps, constipation/softer stools, bloating with gas and also indigestion?

Back surgery 5 days ago, no appetite eating very little. No bowel movement yet. Passing gas though. When should i be worried?? On 200 mg colace (docusate sodium) qd.

Bad flatulence with intermittent dark green bowel movements. gas X isnt helping. Could this be a gallbladder issue? Or is my colitis acting up?

Been having abdominal cramping on my left side, worse after meals. Noticing undigested bits and mucous in stool, and am constipated. What can it be?

Been having diherra for 3 weeks been getting worst all liquid i'm pooping. I have sever abdominal pain while having bowl movements. What could it be?

Been having trouble passing gas and having bowel movements..not pregnant, having weird stomach movements...could this be a sign of ibs??

Before/during period I get mildly constipated and have stomach/intestinal rumbling and occasional gas. Is this normal?

Bloated belly and gurgling tummy noises and trapped gas noises from rectum everyday ! Go to the toilet daily stool soft but have to strain ?

Bloated stomach, hungry but can't eat, constipation without laxative, slightly bloody stool, abdominal pain(most on left side) what's possibly going on?

Bloating after I eat, can't empty bowels, cramping, occasional rectal bleeding what's wrong??

Bloating and burning in rectum after bowel movement lots of bloating and gas, burning in rectum. Some times my stomach will gurgle and have stomach pain sometimes les.And very lose stooles.

Bloating and pain day after laxative worked. Is this normal?

Bloating and pressure, uncomfortable not painful, under sternum. Happens all the time not just after meals. Loose, frequent stools also.

Bloating below naval for a year. Colonoscopy normal. Stool comes out without any problem. What tests do i need?

Bloating, nausea, pain that goesto my back. I only have a bowel movement about once a week and then it's diarrhea ,also have family hist colon cancer?

Blood in solid stool (light pink), nausea, headache, stomach cramps. No IBS, no hemroid, no diverticulitis, no constipation, no aspirin/ibuprofen.

Blood when wiping, also feeling like I have to have a bowell movement all the time, and excess gas what could this be?

Bowels changing in habits. From constipation to diahorrea. And wen I have menstrual cycle my rectum is only painful wen passing motions?

Can a gallbladder with no stones only working at 15% cause constipation? My bowel habits have changed and I'm always constipated.

Can a person ve IBS without Ever having constipation, or bloating?i had lower abdomen pain,dihorrea[once p/day loose, bad smelling stools for 6 weeks]

Can anxiety cause constipation? I have been really anxious the past week and about 3 days ago became constipated. No pain. Just a few stools each day

Can being constipated make your stomach bulge and be tighter. Also how can I relieve constipation. Please help. What else could cause this

Can bowel movements be weird due to meds and bad gallbladder?

Can constipation cause nausea after eating? I get nausea after eating occasionally and i recently realised that i'm constipated at the same time. Ibs?

Can having a bowel movement after a period of constipation cause bad nausea that lasts well after the BM? What causes this?

Can irritable bowel syndrome cause me to have use the restroom numerous times a day a long with stomach cramps?

Can milkshakes cause pain if you have IBS?

Can nausea disrupt bowel movements making it green? I have had slight headache and am sick dizzy could bowel movement have to do with sickness

Can Plan B cause constipation stomach pains and frequent urinating? I have had this for 7 weeks!

Can probiotics make IBS worse? In week two of align and cramping, gas and diaherra is worse.

Can psyllium fiber cause upper abdomen to become distended?

Can rectal discharge be the first symptom of c. Diff? I hear weird noises after eating, abd pain, heartburn,gas, smaller feces, nausea

Can spastic colon come without strong pain, what I experience is loose stools, change in stool caliber,trapped gas and bloating,discomfort ?

Can you give detailed description of partialand full bowel obstruction . Will I have gas, where pain felt , can I take Ex-Lax ? Been 20 days since bm.

Can you have fecal impaction in RLQ & still have normal bowel movment?Xray show mild constipation & ive had pain for 4wks in LRQ. Impaction or constip

Can you have IBS without stomach pain? Such as what would cause varying bms? What if stool is mainly soft and formless?

Can you have trapped gas on one side I feel gas bubbles or movement I have Ibs and constipation I'm seeing a GI always feel while eating or after ?

Can you hear gurgling in abdomen if there is a bowel obstruction or no movement. Severely constipated & concerned about that, been 3-4wks since bm ?

Can't feel much fullness/emptiness of bladder, bowel,stomach and ejaculation after six years of varicolectomy?

Can't have bm, very difficult even with laxatives. Sharp pain in sides and low belly before & during bm. 2 months of recovery from purging disorder.

Causes for burning stomach with constipation burning bowel movement and fatigue.I also have bowel movement after meal.I have hick ups and gas prob to?

Chronic constipation, can only poop by doing enema, constant abdominal pain after eating, & today after enema my stool reeked strongly like olives?

Colon cancer at 18 years old? Bloating Alternating stools constipation and diarrhea Green stool Change of bowel movement I feel fine though?

Colon cancer in 17 year old ? Symptoms: change in bowel habit tight stomach not bloated constipated soft abdominal lump below ribcage gurgling stomach

Colonoscopy shows fecal impaction after 5+ yrs of constipation (1 BM or less a week). Why does this make me feel sick if constipation not toxic?

Colonoscopy&endoscopy 3 weeks ago. I am experiencing sharp excrutiating pains every time i try to poop constipated 3 weeks pooping pebles?

Combination of lower stomach distention, very painful daily bowel pain the past year and half. mucus. Very tense bladder esp. after eating citrus.

Complaints of abdominal pain soon after taking food and relieved by bowel movements..Stool consistency is normal but presence of mucus in it, what may?

Constipated for 4 weeks numerous enemas, 2 bowel preps and laxatives not working nausea vomiting hurts to move doc not doing anything pain is worse

Constipated for a week or so.Feel it to where it could come out but won't. Gallbladder/appendix surgery. Laxatives?

Constipated to the point of nausea. I go every day, but it's hard pebble like. What to take to alleviate but avoid pain with ibs? I have IBS d too.

Constipation a few times every month, random abdominal pain every day, gas, gurgling, have lost a 2kg in a week, eating normal. Colon cancer?

Constipation after diarrhea and no urge to go. What can I do?

Constipation on and off since lap app 5 weeks ago. A lot of stomach gurgling and rumblings constantly. Pooping at 3 am. Added more fiber. Worried. ?

Constipation which i control with psyllumhusk, mucous in stool and on anus, random gas pains throughout abdomen, lot of flatuence. I am 22, is this ibs?

Constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain. my constipation seems to come and go often. what is the best way to combat this ?

Constipation, vomiting, yellow mucus bowel movement, weight loss, poping joint, low iron, abdominal pain, intestines jumping or kickin? Poss chrons?

Constipation, yellow mucus w/ bowel, abdominal pain w/ loud noises & movement, nausea vomiting, weight lose, hemorrhoids in& ex, rectal pain, unable fart?

Could I be having stomach cramping due to straining to have a bowel movement for 3 days. Finally succeeded but now having cramping, no bleeding.