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2 yrs ago my DEXA showed osteopenia & this yr. It was normal. Is that possible?

8years ago I did ct for head 5years ago kidney radiography(don't know type) now Xray,bone density,Mri of spine I'm worry about this amount of rays

A bone scan reveals that portions of the skeleton show greater than normal demineralization, what hormone can help me reverse this?

Are isotope bone scans safe ?

Are there bone tumors that do not show up on X-ray or CT but do show up on bone scan? Can't have MRI (icd)

At what age should I starting getting bone mineral density testing and a bone scan?

Bone fractures for 14 weeks and not healing. Normal? Bone scan and CT scan done stating serve trauma, which i haven't had. No sign of healing.

Bone scan - does this test involve any exposure to radiation as in x ray?

Bone scans of human foot show what?

Can a bone scan miss a fracture?

Can a DEXA bone density scan show something an X-ray doesn't?

Can a normal x-raypick up a tumor in your spine or can it only show if a bone is broken?

Can a spect scan show bruises on bone?

Can any doc explain why are my bones showing in my chest..Am i too thin?

Can anybody tell where bone mineral density test is done in kolkata?

Can DEXA scan detect osteomalacia?

Can I have a bone fracture that does not show up on the x-ray?

Can nuclear bone scans always show breaks/fractures?

Can the results of a bone scan of hips show the difference between cancer that has spread or if it is stress reaction?

Can there be any side effects of radionuclide scan of iliac bone?

Can you advise me on going for bone density test, would they weigh you?

Can you advise me with this bone picture?

Can you please tell me about a bone scan?

Can you see a bone tumor on an xray?

Can you tell me how are gallium scans different then bone scans?

Can you tell me if a bone scan reveals that portions of the skeleton show greater than normal deminderalization, what hormone causes this?

Can you tell me the difference between a bone density test and a bone scan?

Could a bad scoliosis cause a wrong interpretation of a bone scan, looking for cancer?

Could a neurologist order a "bone scintigraphy scan"?

Could an osseous density adjacent to rib seen on chest X-ray be a calcified nodule? Combined with bone island on other rib - cause for monitoring?

Could bone mets look like a bone island on mri?

CT Dental Scan showed I had enough bone 17 mm for #12,#13 Implant. Do you still need to add bone crafting because of the bone curvature in that area?

Do osteosarcoma and osteochondroma look the same on xray?

Do Standard99m Tc bone scans with tracer ever reveal lytic lesions of Myeloma, or only ever osteoblastic lesions, and fracture? Having workup for MM.

Do you know when you go for a bone density scan do they weigh you as well?

Does a bone density test usually hurt?

Does a bone density xray also show fractures ?

Does a bone scan use radiation?

Does a CT angiogram also show bone damage?

Does a CT scan show if there is healing potential for a pars fracture?

Does bone scan process involve any exposure to radiation as in x ray?

Does CT scan affect bone remodeling? I have a callus bump after forehead surgery (5 weeks) , wonder if getting CT scan would affect its healing.

Does X-ray detect bone metastases?

For a bone scan what is the purpose of doing some scans before/during the injection of the tracer? I thought that the scans were after it was absorbed

Had a CT scan on wrist showed no fracture. But could it miss a avalsion fracture. Which is basically a chipped bone, what to do?

Hello docs, is a full body bone scan like a gallium scan?

How accurate is the heel bone density test?

How can I convert bone scan t-scores to z-scores?

How do they do a bone scan on knees?

How do they test for low bone density?

How do you read a bone density x-ray?

How does a bone scan work?

How does an arthritis specfialist use a bone scan?

How does an X-ray show that the long bone growth is complete?

How does nuclear medicine do a bone scan?

How does the bone density test define osteoporosis?

How is bone density tested? How do doctors measure bone density?

How long after a spinal fusion is bone growth apparent on x-rays or ct scans? My previous fusion had no bone growth so I want to request extra testing

How long would it take for small fracture to show up on a bone scan?

How quickly will i get the results from a bone density scan?

How specific is CT scan to confirm avn in a bone in compare to MRI and bone scan? ?

How to detect bone density scan, so they weigh you as well?

I am getting a "bone scan" tomorrow. What, exactly does a bone scan detect?

I am having a tac scan for my severeosteoporosis what will it show, that is not shown on a DEXA scan, what is the difference?

I had my 2nd fusion 10 weeks ago. My first fusion in beginning of 2014 had no growth. Would it be out of line to ask my surgeon for ct scan? I'm 29.

I had xray done reads mild multilevel ddd and osteopenia. Am having a bone density scan done. Should i continune to work?

I have a history of osteomylitis and it showed up on gallium scan before, why did my doctor order a bone scan?

I have been having pain in my bones all over. Dr ordered bone scan what is she looking for. She just said what processes might be going on.

I just had a bone density scan and it said I have osteoporosis in my neck, and osteopenia in my hip. What can I do for this ? I am worried.

I'd like to ask can my DEXA scan report be useful to my doctor who want to see my xray. Is DEXA scan serve as a xray ?

I'm confused by the bone density t score?

I'm having a "bone scan" tomorrow. what does a bone scan detect?

I'm only 34 and I have osteopenia (according to a bone scan). What can I do for it?

In the bone densitometry is reported that I have osteopenia in the ap spine(l1-l4) and osteoporosis in the left femur(neck). Does i need treatment?

Is "abnormal marrow edema" the same as stress fracture on an mri?

Is a bone scan useful to diagnose childhood leukemia?

Is a heel bone density scan trustworthy?

Is a radioisotope bone scan more detailed then an iodine bone scan?

Is dark spot appearing on bones by bone scan cancer?

Is it "better" to have sclerotic bone lesions, than lytic ones with bone metases? Is there still a greater chance of fracture of the affected bone, whether it is lytic or now sclerotic?

Is it normal to need a bone density scan?

Is it odd that a nuclear bone scan would not detect 2 rib fractures?

Is it possible for a bone scan to miss something in the sacral area?

Is their a lot of radiation with a bone scan (left leg)?

Is there anything that can detect bone metastases besides a bone density scan?

Is this a normal bone scan? (profile image) thank you!

Just had a CT scan, it reprts a chip frc on anterior margin of scaphoid bone,Any suggestions or advice ?

Knee mri showed torn meniscus and bone spurs. Now dr wants bone that scan needed after mri. What would bone scan show that isn't on mri??

Mri & bone scan impression is suspecious metastatis, bmd show osteopenia spiral, m.Band negative, s.Cortisol 30 with dexona 1 mg, biopsy needed ?

Mri shows three lobulations in bone above knee. Bone scan says everything ok. How could mri and bone scan show two different results?

My bone density test shows that my hip bones have some bone loss. What could be the cause of it?

My bone scan says there is photopenic defect within my ribs what does this mean?

My bones pop a lot (cavitation) when i move around, could it mean there could be something wrong with my bones? Do i need a bone density scan?

Our 1 year old has been diagnosted with cgd. His bone scan supports that of a 7-8 yr old, what to do?

Please define what calcified bone cyst is?

Please tell me what happens during a bone scan procedure?

Please tell me, could a bone scan show organ tumors?

Radionucline bone scan process and use?

Results from my daughter's bone scan says that there is mildly increased uptake in the dorsum of her midfoot on delayed imaging. Stress fracture?

Should i get a bone scan or what for osteopenia?