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A friend has pain all over body what can it be?

Aches and pains all over body and feel low on energy/dizzy. Pains in armpit area towards chest. Are these linked?

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Can anxiety cause pain in my body?

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Can pain killers actually find where the pain is or do they just act on the whole body?

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Cold and severe body pains?

Cold tiredness pain cramping at back of the head and whole body?

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Could barometric pressure affect body pain?

Could fibromyalgia be giving me the general aches I have?

Could my aches and body pains in the morning be caused by my pregnancy or arthritis?

Day 1: sore throat, body weakness and aches Day 2: severe nausea, diarrhea, body aches and general weakness Day 3: healthy What was going on with me ?

Do diabetes make your body be in pain?

Does extreme stress/anxiety cause body aches and pain in your feet, chest, and back?

Does fibromyalgia cause severe body aches, not muscle aches, but, body aches, like a bad case of the flu? Had it for 3 mos, pac said she thought it was

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Dull ache that travels all through body?

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Extreme sudden itching all over the body? What is it indicating?

Feeling muscle weakness and mild pain throughout body, two days after Tetanus shot. Is it a side effect?

Fever 102, muscle aches, rash day later starting ankles and wrists and neck spread to whole body, extreme fatigue, red eyes. What could it be?

Fever body pain?

Fever body pains?

Filling giddy and having body pain and headache?

For the past few days I've been having uncomfortable pain throughout my body at night. ?

Have a fever and joint pains all over body what could this means?

Have this body pains and feverishness ,went to see a doctor and was giving medications but still have the body pains?

Having pain in full body or feeling fever as well what I do ?

Having some aches in my muscles throughout the body and a pain underlying my left rib what should I do ?

Headache body ache and fatigue. What can I take ?

Headache, whole body pain and vomiting during pregnancy?

Hi dr. what is the main cause of pain in the intestin with allergy overall the body and fever ?

Hi I'm having a really bad headache and my body aches and my body is all sweaty but i have no fever?

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How to exercise to deal with the body aches?

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I always have a headache everyday and my body ache how do I go about treating this?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and been having very bad body aches all over is this normal?

I am experiencing diarrhea and body aches. The following also describes me: Aching muscles. What should I do?

I am feeling pain in my whole body?

I am feeling strong body pain? What are rhe reasons?

I am having high body temperature and unusual pain on my stomach region?

I am having persistent low grade fever since 15 days. I don't have any other symptoms like body aches, tiredness, joint pains. Only my body feels heat?

I am waking up everyday with body pain, is it normal?

I feel body pain and fever after my work every day. Even my foots pains a lot every morning while i wake?

I had a stomach virus two weeks ago but what could cause continued body aches and fatigue?

I have a massive headache, body aches and i've been sleepy all day . I'm not sure why though?

I have back pain, body aches everywhere and feel so exhausted. Help?

I have been experiencing general joint pain in various parts of my body. Could it be STD?

I have been feeling drowsy and the back of my neck been aching and my whole body aches all day for about a week and a half what's wrong?

I have been having body pains for a while now around my joints. This happens after some stress..and it feels like there's something wrong with me.

I have body aches, body twiching, and always tiered what could this be?

I have burning sensation in different parts of my body and pain with headache. Also pain on the rightside of my body?

I have extreme pain in every joint of my body, and it starts at night and its horrible in the morning, im always tired and I have headaches, im only 16?

I have fever and my whole body have too much pain .Please help me.Give me some medicine?

I have had a cold consisting of chills body ache congestion in upper and lower parts of my body. What would be the best OTC product should I buy?

I have had body aches on and off for 3 weeks. Could it have anything to do with coffee?

I have had body aches, chills, and localized rash on part of back, arms, thighs, and buttocks but without a fever. RBC is low(amemic) WBC is normal ?

I have had constant cramping about a week before due period. Acute sense of smell. And constant body aches. These arn't normal for my body. Any help?

I have had fatigue and a general body ache for a week an half now, what do you think I should do?

I have had the 24 hour virus that's going around and my body is achy all over what can I take for the achy body....

I have headache and some pain in body, what shoul i do?

I have hydrocephalus and I have a cold my whole body feels shooting pains?

I have neurofibromatosis and feel pain throughout my body, is there anything I can do?

I have pain every day. Mainly my hips and knees, but on bad days, it has spread to every part of my body. I need relief?