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1 yr old boy has 38 degree cel. Temp. Sleepy reduced appetite & but still playing. Worry? Wake during night if temp increases?

16dpo my temp drop to 97.61 and 17dpo temp rise to 97.72 with pinkish spotting is my temperature suppose to rise again?

2 episodes of low body temp (94.8 to 95) with hot flashes,sweating, palpitations, weakness, lasts a few hours. Therm not broken. hx hyperthyroid?

2 spikes in basal body temperature on clomid, (clomiphene) what's wrong?

20 weeks pregnant, temp of 100.6.Temperature steady all day. What should I do?

22 weeks pregnancy ear temp said 97.4 first reading and 98.4 after that. Normally temp is at least 98.6 usually low 99's should i worry?

36 c body temp. What does that mean?

4 days past ovulation and body basal temperature is 99.0. If conception occurs what is the body basal temperature needs to be at.

42 yo. Gluten intolerance/glucose intolerance. Why are my basal temps 96.8 and 97.0 and why am i so cold all of the time?What can I do to increase ?

4weeks after d&c, she developed rashes on her face and high body temperature.Is this normal?

50, soaked in sweat but no fever 2x in one night--is it the change?

5th day of fever usally dont last long and breaks with a sweat highest its been is 101.9 pulse also been elevated highest 130 usually with fever ?????

5year old with pkd, passed a stone, vomiting with low body temp, any ideas?

6 week old baby temp of 97.3 taken with an artery thermometer... Is this too low?

6 year olds temperature at night reads in the 95 range all night seems comfortable though should I be alarmed? Its normal 97-98 during day time.

7dpo and i feel like i'm getting my periods just had light spotting, I do chart my basal body temp, which is still above coverline, what could this be?

9 days post ovulation (bbt rise & CM changes), BBT rose again- very high. Now 18 dpo, hpt negative at 15 dpo. I'm not sick or on fertility meds. If corpus luteum cyst, why the sudden increase in temp?

95.3 temp. Cold shivers. When should I be worried. Low temp wise. Can low temp affect your heart. Brain. Other organs.

A 3 year old girl with a high fever of 103 and had a seizure yesterday and then today low body temperature 95. What should we do?


After ovulation during pregnancy how much level tempature F ? 98.6 F it's pregnant or not?

At what temperature should saliva samples be maintained at to ensure no degration occurs?

Basal body temperature confuse is it suppose to go up or down when my period is due?

Basal body temperature drops after ovulatory spotting. What does that mean?

Basal body temperature what should they read when youre ovulating?

Bbt rise a few days before ovulation, is that normal?

Before ovulation my temp is in the low 97.0 after ovulation they are in the high 97.0 never go over 98.0 is that bad?

Body temp fluctuates between 97.7 - 100.5 degrees with quick changes for the last 4 weeks. There is no infection present (low crp, normal leuko count)?

Body temp was 96.8 hour after 97.1 .mild nausea,achy body. Are these numbers cause for concern? I have normal thyroid function. Other causes?

Can a basal body temperature that is consistently in the 96 range be a sign of hypothyroidism?

Can a person have CRPS and not have hypersensitivity to touch and just have temperature changes?

Can a sixty degree drop in environment temperature (85 down to 20) for ten days raise blood pressure for people who are in normal range but with meds?

Can an average basal body temperature of 96.2 and pulse often below 60 be indicative of poor or improper thyroiditis and adrenal insuff treatment?

Can an average basal body temperature of 96.2 and pulse often below 60 be indicative of poor or improper thyroiditis and adrenal insuff. Treatment?

Can as asthmatic's body react to a pressure change or temperature drop without problem?

Can being cold (as in the temperature being low) cause palpitations?

Can being on birth control raise body temperature? Before starting the pill last year, my average temp was 98.2. Now it ranges from 98.9-99.6. Normal?

Can Clomid (clomiphene) cause triphasic basal body temperature charts (when not pregnant)? If so, how?

Can colds result from low temperatures or being outside in the rain?

Can diabetes affect sport and cause your temperature to dramatically fall?

Can extreme stress cause little higher body temperature? But under fever border

Can food intolerance cause temperature changes in the legs?

Can heat of any kind should it be blankets or air temperature raise your heart rate?

Can i be pregnant even if my basal temp is low without a thyroid?

Can i get pregnant the day after ovulation once i see the body temp rise?

Can I have a fever and just all thermometers are wrong? And is it ok to have various temp changes? I have high blood pressure but it's well controlled

Can i use fever thermometer instead of BBT for ovulation chart?How much does fever thermometer & BBT range before and after ovulation?

Can it be normal for somebody to have an average / resting body temperature of higher / lower than 98?

Can morning low basal body temperature be a sign of hypothyroidism mine between 96.08-97.7 for the last 18 mornings (before rising).

Can morning low basal body temperature be a sign of hypothyroidism? Mine between 96.08-97.7 (35.6-36.5) for last 16 days. Thank you very much!

Can normal human have body temperature 98.9 or 99 .1 ? Is it normal?

Can stress cause low grade temperature that fluctuates for about a week and a half. Cbc was normal?

Can u help me my baby has a high temperature is 38.4 to high?

Can you get a delayed temp spike after o? Will you always get a bbt temp spike after ovulation?

Can you please explain why it's bad for someone with multiple sclerosis to be exposed to high temperatures?

Can you still be pregnant with temperature dropping 16dpo?

Can your BBT rise without ovulating?

Cause of evening rise of temperature in tuberculosis?

Charting BBT vaginally.Temp hasn't really made much shift at ovulation. And my temps are lower in degrees than oral bbt. Is this normal?

Could prolonged exposure to the elevated temperatures of jacuzzis cause damage to the male reproductive system?

Could room temperature affect calorie burning?

Do children who have been diagnosed with celiac disease tend to run lower or higher in regards to body temperature?

Do cold temperatures increase the risk of injuries?

Do people with clammy hands have high or low body temp?

Do you think the fact that I was born in the summer has do with why I do so well in high temps and I am freezing when it's 50 and 60?

Does a rise in temperature confirm ovulation occured. Opk + and temp high day 13-24 of cycle, 6 months negative hpt?

Does a woman's temperature rise before her period?

Does body temperature rise in pregnancy? I'm consistently around 98.9-99.5 and am usually around 98-98.5.

Does dehydration in adults cause a higher body temp?

Does having a triphasic BBT chart indicate pregnancy?

Does having lower body temp 97.6 mean also run fever at a lower temp?

Does it can take up to three days after ovulation for the temperature to rise. Or the next day after ovulation?

Does it mean I have the flu if I have a temperature of 97.8?

Does menevit help regulate temperatures and what is the success rate?

Does minocycline raise your basal body temperature? I want to chart my temperature for natural birth control but i'm on minocycline.

Does temperature rise during menstrual period?

Does your BBT rise on your period?

Fever after positive OPK but temp doesn't stay up. I know i didn't ovulate but does the random fever indicate ovulation problems?

For what reason does my temperature raises to the point of sweating when i sleep?

Got a peak on my Clearblue monitor but no BBT temperature rise. What does that mean?

Had a high temperature and I urinate a lot what's wrong?

Have you ever monitored your temperature throughout the whole day? What does it show around ovulation?

Heard about body temperature going up when fertile?

Hello can you tell me is a body temp of 35.7 ok I'm from the uk ?

Hello sir my mothers body temperature feel normal , but the thermometer shows temp.Of 101.3. She has body ache. What do these symptoms indicate?

Help.Charting my temp for first time. Positive LH surge and dip in temp and then went up by 0.3degrees then next day went down by 0.2 have i ovulated?

Hi Doc, For about 10 months now i have been experiencing very high temperatures especially around my lower body part. What is probably wrong with me?

Hi the POS one of the cause having low body temperature?thank u

Hi my body temperature is fluctuating in minutes. Literally dropping from 36.2 to 34.1 in stepping outside for three minutes.

Hi. My normal body temperature is always in the 35s rather than the 36s. Should i be concerned?

High temp for 8 weeks now. 40.5 'c. What long term effects could this have on a patient? Cannot find source of high temp!

Hot flashes and high basal temperature at 43, what is wrong with me?

How can lower temperatures affect the growth of bacteria?

How can you follow your temperature to know when ovulation is occurring?

How can you tell you re ovulating by temp?

How come I often have an elevated temperature mid cycle?

How come my temp is higher at night than at day?

How do I use my temperature to know if i'm ovulating?

How is basal body temparature is effected due to hypothyroidism? Can i guess my ovulation based on bbt, if I am hypothyroid?

How is it possible for my basal body temperature to rise when I am spotting and bleeding little after a chemical pregnancy?BBT taken at same time.