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111 kilo, big stomac fat area...How can I lose booth?

20 yr m, having chest fat, any diet advises?Also having tummy, may be it is gynecomastia, no drinking and smoking habits..Gradually mature look appearing

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After what age is it impossible to lose fat?

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Am 21 year bmi is 25. I have belly fat & hip fat how to reduce it?

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Anyone know what is a quick way to lose stomach fat?

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Asking mainly around my stomach and thighs. Do you know any good efficient ways to lose body fat within a week?

At what point does fat shed/burn off the body? Is it during sleep or during the workout? Please answer the direct question as some docs cannot.

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Body massaging helps lose fat? Of course balanced diet and exercise can't be ignored. But apart from those, is there anything I could do to lose fat??

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By taking low crabs and calorie deficet. Can it be helpful to loose stubborn fat areas?

Calories and grams of fat intake for weight loss is it more important to count grams of fat per day or is it just the amount the calories taken in per day that matters? For weight loss, how many grams of fat and calories should a sedentary woman take in p

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