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I went to a clinic with body aches. I had a 101.3 fever and they told me I had the flu. I had a very uncomfortable night and woke up with a rash. ?

no appetite, sore itchy skin, my feet hurt when i wake up and im constantly tired and unMotivated ?

-Tired for two weeks Since last week: -Some chills -Occasional clear phlegm -no congestion -General sick feeling Nervous body isn't getting rid of it?

16 year old female throat hurts, diarrhea, and body aches. Could this be a virus or should I take her to the doctor?

16y old.Nausea in the morning when he wakes up and nausea when he runs or plays soccer, any idea why? Keeps chewing gum so he won't feel sick.thank u

17years old, I've been extremely nauseous , sleeping a lot , whole body aches ,chest pain , no appetite Can you explain what it can be ???

2 year old is drooling extremy bad and has a slight rash all over his body what can I do to comfort him.?

22wks pregnant. Exposed to a sick man. My symptoms are cold skin, feverish on the inside. Intense headache, mild cough, light headed, aching muscles.

2day i feel really tired overall & haven't been out of bed all day. Last night i had bad chills. Also having minor body aches . Could I have something?

3 year old has 99.3 temp, won't eat, laying down all the time, no energy. Any ideas? Also been coughing and sneezing for the last week.

3x have had what it like the start of the flu but hasn't turned into anything. Grazed feeling inside allover and severe headache. What could it be?

4 year has headach and fever for 4 days what should I do? Won't eat after motrin he feels good but eyes are still glassy/

5 yr old always gets fevers in summer time with no other symptoms. He just says his body hurts. He is very verbal so This confuses me. ?

7yr had strep and flu in a matter of 2 weeks. Feeling great but sleeping more . Is that normal . No fever and eating fantastic ?

Abdominal pain feels sick no appetite skin feels cold like ice headaches whole body shaking when laid down skin itches my nails are ridged help please?

About a month ago I started throwing up randomly with very little warning followed by body aches and chills. I have a weak immune system; infection?

After a cold or virus i experience an extreme tickling biting feeling in my stomach. It causes me to want to cough. It goes away after several weeks.

After having a sudden spell of my throat constricting and feeling off balance my body is sore the next day, what's going on?

After I workout , for days I have very sore lungs and my body burns up slightly. Over the past few years, this has happend. What can it be?

Anytime my 5 year old is in a house with second hand smoke she gets ill. Complains of a headache, fever, and exhausted. What's the correlation?

Are these cancer symptoms? I am so worried. I feel very icy cold in hands and feet, loose stools, a fever.

At work, i feel tired halfway through the day, i also have joint aches and chills when i get home and my skin almost feels like i have a sunburn.

Autoimmune illness and I run fever daily around 100.2. Is it normal ? Also I feel brain zaps and feel jittery Everytime I have fever is this normal?

Baby had stomach bug. I have had temp around 100 for 2 days and my neck is a little stiff but could be from pillows. Could this be meningitis?

Baby has cough, some congestion. No fever(under armpit) but back of his head is really hot. Should I be concerned feeling this warmth there ?

Bad cough hurts chest to cough diarrhea stomach pain cold chills through body but body temperature is hot ?

Bags under eyes an feel unwell , upper stomach discomfort an sick feeling lesion on the liver . what's the cause ?

Been feeling weak and tired.. body aches. then came down with headache, irritated sore throat, and runny nose (a cold) feel better.. Still have a weak jittery feeling throughout arms and body. ?

Been having a rushing almost spreading feeling at night starts at feet, chills, sweat,body aches, throat pain,goosebumps, on anitboltics for 1 yr?

Been sick coughing headache stomach pains fever and now both hands are going numb and won't stop I ?

Been sick for the past few days, painful, restless nights and feverish "i have been having body aches, cold chills, fever, & i just went pee and it was an orange color?

Been waking up up to a pounding heart most night and lately i get a achy rush type feeling in legs when it happens, type of ache when u have the flu.?

Bf super tired all the time.He works with mold and chemicals.Lately his stomach has been hurting,his body aches,and he gets the chills. Flu or tired?

Body aches all over to the extreme for last three days. Chills and extreme fatigue. Just noticed a white thing on my tonsils that is kind of sore?

Body aches, chills, goosebumps, nausea, no fever or stuffy nose. This all hit really hard at bedtime, woke up about 5 hours later feeling better. ?

Body feels like I have the flu but i don't know what's wrong?

Bones ache, diharrea, stomach ache on-and-off, and i feel cold and weak, but i'm not running a fever. What could be wrong w me?

Both woke up feeling like death. 103 and 104 degree fevers and body aches. Is it possible we contracted it from food?

Burning feeling in face, red and warm to the touch, quickly spread to entire body Chills and feverish feeling, is this an allergic reaction?

Burning sensation in eyes, feels like fever, but my body temperature is 97.6F. Headache from past 4-5 days. Especially in evening. ?

Burning up hot but I feel cold, body aching, nipples sore, cramping, heart rate over 100, what could this mean? Is it serious I need to see a doctor?

Can bad pain cause your body to shake? My tooth been hurting bad since its broke and my body been shaking on and off.

Can down feather pillows give any diseases since it's from birds? New couch with down pillows and throat has lump and feel body aches

Can fibromyalgia feel like flu? I dont have pain, just the gross flu feeling all over, i get it often. Rheum. doc thinks fibromyalgia after exams

Can i nurse my 2 wk old if i feel like im coming down with something...Chills, body pain, headache.

Can sertraline cause flu like body pain?

Can stress make sjogrens worse? Because im starting to have issues with my throat, ear, body ache & headache all over agian now that i been stressed?

Checked temperature and i got 37.7 degree celsius. Until now i still feel my whole body aching. I also have sore throat. What do you think is wrong?

Chronic diarrhea no pain.itch worse in evening.sometimes I wake up at night and I scratch whole my body for few minutes.nocturia too.why?bad illness?

Cold hands, sick feeling and mild stomach pain. General aches, mildly weak and wobbly. Possible CFS, post viral, worried it's something sinister?!

Cold or flu? I just started feeling jittery on the inside and my sinuses are draining , loss of appetite too

Cold/or flu, body ache, weak muscles, 15y.O., headache, couhing, chest pain/ throat too, cold body but hot at the same time, seizure in sleep, help?

Constantly getting sick,ranging from cysts to colds What can I do to to stop my immune system from getting run down.On constant antibiotics for it?

ConstntHead Temp won't drop by medicine seldom nausea any idea hit my head no knock out been happening for a Week? body chills in cold air doc tom

Coughing, chest pains, head ache, scratchy throat, lethargic, body feels heavy and weak, and now my temperature is 98.9 degrees. What is going on?

Could skin cancer make you feel generally unwell. Mike change, dizzy, tired, headache, sore skin all over general aches and pains?

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 40. I don't have the typical sore muscles or pain- it just feels like yucky flu. Is this consistent with fibromyalgia?

Doc says I have glandular fever but it's month 3 and when I breath in It feels tight ish an I cough also aches in groins an a growl noise?

Does mono have long term effects, everyday since i was diagnosed 15 years ago i keep colds, feel very tired and fatigue, and feel aches and joint pain?

Does Penicillin cause nausea and vomiting along with fatigue and general feeling of being hit by a truck? Also itchy skin.

Exp. An awful feeling through my body.  sort of flu like with no flu where you feel pinned down and need to rest.  any ideas?  not frequent but enough

Experiencing shivering body what could this mean? Could I be getting sick?

Eye exam, balance test, touch nose/finger test, all normal.Doctor said headache is stress.Should i stop worrying?I also had fever, body aches, no cough

Eyes hurt body aches coughing up blood body cold symptoms for 2 weeks?

Eyes hurt when I look around. Headaches at night. Legs ache at night as well as sore throat at Night and elevated body temp and moderate fatigue. ?

Face pressure, body aches, less of an appetite, fatigue, feel like I'm not real?

Feel like my bodies on fire an aches but i'm shaking with chills I just had baby 7 days ago been having itchy throat and cough all day what do suggest?

Feel like onset of flu. Body aches and fever. Feel rough over all. Should i take Advil (ibuprofen) to help aches and fever? Or better to leave it?

Feel really bad, have cold chills, body aches, & sore throat. Temp was 103.5 & then i checked again and the thermometer read "hi" what does that mean?

Feel unwell got bad throat and fluey,feel cold yet cheeks red and burning up,mild headache so is this a cold or flu as still get hungry but eat less ?

Feeling weak and whole body hurts and I have the sniffles. How can I prevent the cold from developing?

Feels like a fever but no temperature?

Feels like a lot of mucus build up and can't cough it up slight fever any ideas don't know what temp is I am also in a body cast ?

Feels like fever but no temperature, what could be wrong?

Female 38 years sore throat, fatigue, body aches, nausea mild stomach pain. Just feel like sleeping but couldn't sleep?

Fever of 102.1,achy body, headache,stiff neck,stuffy nose,cold chills,dizzy w/moves, weakness,little burn w/urination,out of breath when moves. HELP??

Fever of 103 for the past week weird rash all over her body. She has body aches and trouble breathing been seen by two doctors and ER visit?

Fever, body is burning up but I'm shivering, have goose bumps, entire body hurts, have bad headache and starting to feel nauseous ?

Few days ago, i was having dizziness, weak body and cold chills on my face and hands. i bought some Iron complex but i still dnt feel myself?

Finally weather is warm out and I've spent it NOT feeling well and body aches. Seen Neuro yesterday and ALL labs normal. Any ideas?

Flu symptoms started 3days ago with a fever of 100.5 and achy body and headache and eyes hurting. Better now by skin still sensitive on back and torso?

For the last year i've been having chest pain body aches and get real nervous alot?

For the past 3 days, I have major lightheadedness(all day long) ,body aches to the touch and a bit nauseous. Is this a virus?

For the past 5 days, I have had fever but like internally. Feeling very hot and getting cold chills on and off. I have body aches toowhat could it be?

For what reasons do we often develop bad head aches after first beginning to over come a cold fever?

Frequent body ache with warm palms and feets but do not have fever. What does this sound like?

Garlic is amazing! it has been curing me of everything lately! tooth ache, ear ache, head ache, fatigue and viruses. Why don't more people use it?

Gf had stomach virus, now I have sore neck nd general head pressure intermittent stomach pain no puke no appetite hand and feet feel cold what's wrong?

Good evening, I have been sick for 5 days with the flu. I have been experiencing a really bad headache this evening though and have checked my body te?

Got flu shot in August but today woke up w/ weird feeling throat, cough only w/ deep breaths, & severe body aches (legs, back, joints). Can it be flu?

Had a bad cough for about a month. Basically dry. Antibiotics didn't seem to help. Just when i though it was over, it's back full force. Body aches, and slight fever. I did get my flu shot. 40 y/o m?

Had a upper GI series test done this morning feeling bad my head aches my body hurts tired and cold is this normal?

Had ache muscles shiving bad sinuses pain in face and teeth ears feeling tired and stomach not wanting to eat as much ?

Had appendix removed 4 days ago. Taking amoxicillin. Been feeling hot and cold randomly . Tonight I woke up with my legs sweating and body but no feve?

Had sore throat & felt VERY low energy like start of common cold. Gone after 24hrs. Could my body have fought off the virus that quickly? Other?

Had tick bite fever last year. Pain in neck+stiff. All muscles and glands pain in my body, feel unwell and dizzy.Should i go back to doctor for tests?

Hai I am not feeling well because of fever, body pain and running nose?

Have a cold. Now i had 99.3 temp and now my back is so sore. Feel like ton of bricks. Full blown flu. Not much sleep in 48 hrs?

Have Chikungunya. Fever's broken, body aches as well 3 days in. My throat however burns slightly as if tender, hard to swallow. Thoughts? On Tylenol (acetaminophen).

Have Low ph?, low iron, mono. Having skin flares, tired, body hurts to touch, bad ear ache muffled hearing but dr said ? I was fine. What could it be?