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I am a 30 year old male that is about 100 lbs over weight. I am working toward weight loss surgery but I constantly have chest pain, nausea, ligh?

Since early January I experienced on and off diarrhea and weight loss I also have persistent abdominal pain and loud unexplainable noises constantly?

) can a mild weight gain cause mild shortness of breath?

10 yr old girl symptoms : fatigue, increase urination, increase in hunger, blurred vision, head / back ache, weight loss, what could cause this ?

20 year old male experiencing constant fatigue, foggy memory, body aches and 5 pound weight gain in a month. Possible hypothyroidism?

22 Female w/unintentional weight loss the last few months, loss of appetite, GFR of 84, GERD for 3 years, and irregular bowel movements. Ideas? Thanks

23yo, daily headaches, sore throatoften vomits once with red blood, losing weight not anorexia.Advice please?

24 yr old male suffering from excessive sweating, constant fatigue, 27 kg weight gain in less than 12 months, acne that wont clear up.

29 f sx-2mo w lost appetite/unwanted weightloss, extreme fatigue, headaches, cough, sweating d/n, allover musccle/joint pn, and bruising.No ins.Help!?

3 months without period (not pregnant/having sex), hair loss, fatigue, extreme irritability, unintended weight loss, anxiety--hyperthyroidism?

33yrs old smoker persistent cough, right sided back ache, fatigue, no weight loss, healthy appetite, anxiety leads me to believe I have lung cancer?

37 year old female with unexplained weight loss and fatigue. What could it be?

41 years of age female, migraine headaches everyday, loss of appetite, fatigued, unexplained weight loss what could be going on?

5 mons no period, weight gain, frequent urination, something tightens when I lie down, loss of appetite, legs feel weak, low abdo +back pain, ?

5 mons no period, weight gain, frequent urination, something tightens when I lie down, loss of appetite, legs feel weak, low abdo +back pain?

54yr old female with constant bloating, fullness and weight gain from 106-140 lbs over 8-10 months time frame. What can this mean?

5th month of looser , unpredictable BMs. Extreme fatigue, low appetite, back pain, headaches.Initial weight loss colonoscopy mild inflammation.Celiac?

60yr.Old male burns when urinates.Extreme thirst.Sudden weight loss.Dry mouth. What could be wrong?

61 year old female on Morphine 60 mg for chronic pain I am having a weight loss surgery to loose weight to help my pain.How can I titrate off Morphine?

62 yrs women suffers from mild fever (2 months), arthritis, frequent urination at night, pain through out the body & head; weight loss.What to do?

6cm ovarian mass bad flank pain only 3bms in 2 weeks after taking mom and it was diarrhea and 6 lb weight loss in 2 weeks am in a lot of pain, help!

8 months PP constant abdominal pain above belly button after eating, dizziness, bad hair loss, fatigue, body weakness in AM, thyroid and iron normal.

9 days past ovulation. Increased basal temperature, fatigue, flu, n weight loss.

A 50 year-old woman has unexplained weight loss and abdominal pain with no apparent cause.....?

Abdominal pain, bloating, irritability, irregular periods, weight gain in abdomen despite diet and exercise? Help!

Aching in both wrists a sign of loss of strength?

After one weak diarrhea, suffering from very low back sensation and burning and continuous weight loss from 65 to 59 from one month. Should i worry?

All lymph sites swollen for about13 months as well as skin nodules, accompanied by bruising, hair loss, extreme weight loss, fatigue, itching mostly a?

All over intense itching no rash hair falling out headaches daily abdominal pain after sex fatigue weight loss. TSH normal. What could be happening?

Am 34 yrs with a lost of appetite, losing weight, with nausea and a painful swelling behind my knee up my leg and am losing weight?

Anxiety can cause abdominal pain and weight loss?

Anxiety out of nowhere, weight loss 25 lbs with no change in diet, loss of libido, mental fog. Muscle weakness in right side leg. All came on suddenly?

Are chest pains, mysterious weight loss, hair loss, easy bruising, coldness, haemoptysis, fainting all symptoms of haemoptysis?

Are daily headaches, nausea, numbness in limbs, shortness in breath, weight loss, drowsiness and loss in appetite signs of cancer in teenagers?

Back and muscle pain. Sleep loss no appetite basic insomnia what should I do?

Barium Swallow = irregular mass like narrowing of esophagus, loss of 50 lbs in 6 months, weakness, fatigue and extreme nausea daily. Is this cancer?

Bones sore to touch& excessive wieght loss have lost 10 pounds in 22days. Do not sleep well. Trouble breathing.

Bruising , stomach pain, headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, paleness and bone aces any suggestions?

Burning pain in back and right side after eating itchy skin muscle loss weight loss ?

Can a problem with your thyroid cause headaches, swollen glands, tiredness and weight loss?

Can a significant weight gain be a cause of back pain?

Can a two-year-old who is getting molars cause of vomiting and appetite loss?

Can acid reflux cause tingling /heat feeling in the head ? And dizziness? + a little weight loss? If no what could it be?

Can anxiety cause persistent near constant nausea to the point of weight loss? If no other physical reason can be found? What would be the treatment?

Can anyurysm get loss of appetite?

Can CNS vasculitis cause nausea, weight loss and shakiness?

Can ear infection cause sleep loss, dizziness,reflux or G.I prob? Thank you. Can sleep loss cause dizziness?

Can fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite be symptoms also of chronic sinusitis?

Can frequent uti's cause weight loss? I've been losing weight not too hungry I get very pungent urine smell and migraines, depression and nausea

Can I have hyperthyroidism even if tests have been negative? Symptoms of rapid weight loss, hair loss, fatigue and dry circular skin patches.

Can kidney stone symptoms trigger loss of appetite or weight loss? I haven't had much of an appetite the last few days. Thank you kindly.

Can masturbating cause low back pain and memory loss?

Can over weight cause headaches?

Can pleurisy cause weight loss and pressure/ increased pain after eating? Very little appetite, am nauseous and when I do eat it causes pressure.

Can prostitatis/sinusitis or the combination cause fatigue and weight loss?

Can recent weight gain of 60 pounds cause severe periods-cramping, pressure, heavy flow?

Can rogaine (minoxidil) cause weight gain, body aches and pain in the kidney area? I've been on it nearly a month.

Can subconscious anxiety cause fast unintentional weight loss, arms achy and insomnia?

Can the pain or the pressure, of a fibroid cause you to lose your appetite?

Can too much weight gain lead to more frequent headaches?

Can ulcers cause weight loss, weakness and fatigue?

Can weight gain lead to frequent headaches?

Cannot quench extreme thirst. Appetite decreased, weight loss, bruising, headaches, hip and leg pain along w dull ache, fatigue, insomnia, diarrhea?

Could a bad gallbladder cause significant weight loss..Night sweats and pain between the shoulder blades?

Could an ovarian cyst be cancerous, or be a sign to ovarian cancer? Also have massive weight loss, fatigue, lack of appetite. And severe stomach pain.

Could dimples randomly appear due to weight loss?

Could I have a disease bloating passing gas all the time bacterial buildup hair loss weight loss bad breath ?

Could my tiredness (sleeping a lot) and and loss of appetite be due to iron deficiency. I've been really cold to and everyone else is burning up?

Could the loss of a kidney be a possible cause of cronic fatigue?

Decompensated adv liver disease with ascites, some confustion, fatigue, loss of apetite, drowsiness, sleepiness, breath is fowl, etc how long to live?

Diarreah x a month.Poor appetite.Normal labs..Urine..Kub and chest xray.4 lb weight loss in 5 weeks.Any ideas?

Diarrhea, no appetite x4weeks, lost 10lbs. Started amitriptyline 10mg. Appetite back, no diarrhea, gained back 3lbs. Now having mild lower back pain. Chances of lymphoma? I know these are symptoms.

Difficulty concentrating, pitting edema, weight gain, puffy face/neck, exhaustion, no energy, and trouble articulating sentences. What is going on?

Digestive issues, navel pain, weightloss (20lbs/1yr), muscle loss, vit d def, loss of appetite, depression, tummy full heavy hurts at night-what can it be?

Do people with blood loss have a lot of pain?

Doctor said u have high BP ,does that makes me loss weight too cos I lost weight with neck pain with sensation on my left knee ?

Does IBS cause weight loss or joint paint? Can it also cause no appetite?

Does listeria give you loss of appeitite?

Drastic weight loss, severe bloating, pelvic pain, fatigue, daily diarrhea 5'1 116lbs 38" waist, nausea , back pain, thin everywhere but belly, cause?

Due to sudden loss in weight and weakness i becom too skinny, I am annoyd seeing myself like this please help me with a good diet plz?

Easy bruising, hair loss, unintentional weight loss, dry skin, petechia, increased sweating, difficulty sleeping, low platelet count and taking ptu (propylthiouracil). ?

Ever since I had mild cellulitis with lymphangitis in my leg I've had no appetite. It's been 2 weeks. How do I get appetite back I am losing weight?

Extreme bone/nerve pain in coccyx without injury, weakness in legs, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite/digestion problems, lethargy/fatigue.

Extreme Dizziness, extreme fatigue and weight loss of over 20 lbs without much change of diet (within 4 months). What would cause this in a person ?

Extreme fatigue and loss of appetite started about 2-3 weeks ago, now random nausea throughout the day starting a week ago? Cause?

Extreme fatigue weight loss of 10 lbs chest pain cough what could be the causes?

Extreme leaking bladder, fatigue, and hair loss. What could this be?

Extreme thirst urination fatigue tourettes no weight loss confussion ?

Extreme weight lose lose appetite and thirst night sweats lump on right under my ribs tired and back n neck pain?

Extreme weight loss but badly constipated? Please help?

Eyes are always bloodshot and breathing problems. Dr. And pulmonologist didn't do much to help me. I shouldn't be losing weight and i am. Bad fatigue.

Fatigue weight loss light headed if i try to do anything an appetite loss what could my symptoms mean?

Fatigue, heartburn, don't have appetite, loss weight. What's the possible reason for all of this?Diagnosed with GERD 2 years ago.

Fatigue, muscle loss, abdominal fat gain, sore joints over 2 years.Really impacting my life, docs have not found anything in reg blood work. Any ideas?

Fatigue, night sweats, gastro disturbance, low sodium.CT chest/an/pel clear. Some muscle loss but abdominal fat gain. Out of ideas. Any suggestions?

Feeling of nausea, weight loss, weakness, no appetite, no energy, mem issues tachycardia. What doctor should I see?

For the past year i've been consistently dropping weight while my appetite has increased. Dizzy spells, trembling body, loss of balance?

Frequent urination, dry mouth, sulfur burps, fatigue, weight gain dry skin and hostility for no apparent reason are the order of the day, what gives?

Frequent urination, excessive thirst, increased appetite but losing weight, headaches w nausea, and chronic fatigue. Possible causes?

Grandmother has hashimoto's. I have 35 lb weight loss in 8 weeks. Also constipation & fatigue. And pain in spine. Could this be symptoms?