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I have been a slight headache daily that feels like a tension headaches with no sinus symptoms. Could that be a sphenoid infection?

What is the best treatment for sinus infection if that is what i have. I have pressure ( slight pain ) between my eye's, headache, slight fever.

28 yo frequent sinusitis sufferer. Headache, cough, fluid behind ears, tickling in throat. Reoccurring sinus infection?

3 days into a zpack sinus infection still feel bad and throbbing headaches fever on and off is that normal?

4 weeks ago starting dizzy/ear ache. 1 week ago had tons sinus pressure. Dr gave amoxicillin for sinus infection then 3 days later developed vertigo/nausea. Why did i get vertigo/nausea?

Almost constant sinus/nasal pressure without any fever or congestion. One week with no relief from meds. Feels OK in the AM and worse as day goes on.

Any help for sinus headaches which seem to be pressure related?

Bad sinus pressure in forhead and cheeks and headach?

Band of pressure around eyes. Is that just headache or a sign of sinus infection?

Been having each ache, sinus pressure, face pain, nasal drainiage, ears feel plugged up, dizzy/lightheaded, fatigue, headache for 3-4 weeks. Could this be sinus infection?

Been having each ache, sinus pressure, face pain, nasal drainiage, ears feel plugged up, dizzy/lightheaded, fatigue, headache for 3-4 weeks. Dr gave me Flonase 3 weeks ago no help. What is it?

Can a head cold be a symptom of a pe?

Can a sinus headache lead to a migraine if left untreated?

Can a sinus infection cause hives? Symptoms: day 1 - headache, 2 - headache, chills, body aches, 3 - hives, aches - nasal congestion, sinus pressure

Can a sinus infection cause migraine headaches? Headache all day no relief with cold/sinus meds.otc pain meds don't help.

Can acid reflux give you tension headaches or head pressure lasting for months?

Can allergies cause sinus head pressure ?

Can anxiety cause mucus build up even although ENT say my sinuses are clear. Headaches and usual sinus pain. Dizziness. Had a breakdown in May. ?

Can anyone tell me what could bad headaches, dizziness, and blood from nose be a symptom of?

Can chronic maxillary sinusitis cause drowsiness, foggy feeling?

Can eating a banana a day give you a headache or sinus ache?

Can fungal ear infection cause headaches and upset stomach? I am on clotrimazole for 4 days and having pressure pain, numbness and headaches.

Can headache b from viral infection? I had headache/pressure but no drainage for a week then developed what docs says is laburinthitis directly after

Can Hemicrania Continua cause a sensation like something is stuck in your throat or mimic a sinus headache?

Can my constant headache be a result of my adenoids?

Can nasonex (mometasone) cause forehead pressure or headaches ?

Can periodontal disease cause you to have headaches (around your nose and forehead).

Can sinus headaches affect the side & back of your head? The headache worsens when I stand up or bend over. Have chronic sinus infection.

Can sinus headaches shoot to back of head ?been getting one everyday pollen in red here on map.aleve (naproxen) d sinus headache only thing that works for me

Can sinus infection cause migraines and dizziness and confusion?

Can sinus infection cause pressure in the head?

Can sinus infections caused dizziness, headaches, jaw stiffness, toothaches, watery eyes, drowsiness?

Can sinus issues cause your whole head to ache?

Can sinus pressure, ear pain, fatigue and sneezing be signs of an allergy? ears clear and my GP says it's not sinusitis

Can someone tell me how to know if my headache/sinus pain caused by a virus or something else?

Can someone tell me why i get headaches after eating tuna? It happens every time and i think it's the frontal, sphenoid, and ethmoid sinuses.

Can tension headaches cause sinus congestion? My congestion always gets worse when I am doing things that cause my muscles to become tense

Can tension headaches cause sinus pain and congestion? Went to dr and have no sinus infection. Sinus congestion is always worse when I'm tense

Can there be something i can do to relieve constant sinus pressure?

Can turbinate hypertrophy cause nausea and headaches? Problem has been slowly getting worse for weeks. Head CT 2 weeks ago, doctor said sinuses normal

Can you give me advice with headache - sinus infection or blood pressure?

Chest pain, erache and headache - blood pressure?

Chronic headaches, pain in my right nasal cannel that shoots through my head. No flu/cold symptoms. ?

Chronic sinus swelling & dizzyness without congestion. Foggy headed. This started 2 yrs ago, I've had vestibular work ups, Mri, ct's, all ok..........

Cold allergy cause constant lighthead/tinnitus?

Cold for 3 weeks w/dizzyness and severe headaches.Got zpac and steroids from dr, no improvement.A lot of pressure and pain in left eye, no fever. ?

Cold like symptoms in morning and evening (in bed) and sinus pain during day time, what could this be?

Could allergies and sinus issues cause lightheadedness? I am having some ear pain and alot of sinus drainage. I'm also a bit light headed

Could frequent sinus headaches for a few months be blood clot symptoms?

Could sinus infections cause pressure above the ear &/ or back of head or cause tension aches?

Could sinus issues (mostly seasonal) cause scalp pain, headaches, tension, and pressure?I also have post nasal drip.Relief by pressing on nose bridge.

Could you tell me what's the best way to prevent waking up with sinus headaches in the mid of the night?

Difference between a cold or sinus headache?

Dizziness, tension headache and pressure in my ears. Been going on for about a week, what could this be and how to get rid of it?

Do nosebleeds relieve the pain & pressure of headaches , would my migraine get worse if nose was cauterised ?

Do people ever get a sinus headache without any congestion?

Does a tension headache also cause pain in the face, at the bridge of your nose?

Does nasal obstruction cause headaches and facial numbness?

Does the barometric pressure cause headaches or is it just sinus pressure due to allergies?

Dr said sinus infection b/c of congestion, headache & sinus pressure gave me 875 mg. On day 7 and no change. My headaches are persistant upset stomach?

Dry eyes. Headache. Dizziness. Pressure in face and nose. Fullness in head. And occasionally hoarseness. Started first day of spring. Treatment?

Dull headache for over a week, now I have post nasal drip and fluid in ears/ tubes. Varying brain fog. Can the fluid in my ears/ head cause the fog?

Eye and head pressure with sinus infection?

Fever of 102.0, cold, body aches, head aches, blurred vision, nasel congestion. E.R?

For last 3 weeks I've had consistent ear pressure, random head pains, and upper nose pressure and stuffiness. Sinus related? What can I do?

For twice days now I have been having a severe toothache runny stuffy nose headache and dizziness besides having high blood pressure and fever blister?

Forehead headache, neck stiffness, dizziness, brain fog, and chills. Tried Claritin and tylenol, (acetaminophen) didn't work. What could be causing these symptoms?

GotNasal surgery on 6/20/16. No headache but feels., pain & pressure like migrain but it's not what can I do ?

HA NP = tension headaches. No pain in back of head or feeling of rubber band on 4head. symptoms nasal pain, congestion, facial pressure & ear pain. Sinus?

Had c-section 4 weeks ago. Past 3 days i've had a headache. Blood pressure is 125/70. Is the headache going to be something bad?

Had headache, earache and watering eyefor 6 months had sinsus CT came back normal. Ent says headache is migraine and prescribed beta blocker. Correct?

Have facial, eye pain/pressure and tension headaches especially when waking up. Hard to breathe through nose. Need to take ibuprofen consistently?

Have irritated nose and pressure in forehead and nose also orthostatic hypotension any idea of an over the counter medicine?

Have severe headache upon standing, usually when sinuses are bad. Should i be concerned?

Having fever, migraine headaches sinus pressure little weakness in a lot of pain?

Having had sinusitis in the past 3 weeks, can it rebound?

Having massive headaches and sinus pain.. Had a bad cold about a week ago did it turn into sinus infection?

Head cold/sinus pressurre a prrgnancy sign?

Head pressure all over top if head face and nose area. no headache nor vomiting no dizzyness. Could it be sinus infection please help?

Headache behind eyes, stuffy nose, chills and naseau feeling for past 2 days? Migraine perhaps?

Headache for 2 days now when I stand/bend over. Sides of head. What kind of headache? I'm on Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) DS (sinusitis), have cerv. spondyl., high bp

Headache for over a week. Head pressure and achy. Feel like it could be sinus but no sinus symtoms besides pressure. Head is just heavy and aches.

Headache with pressure in nose area and temples also feeling dizzy. Can this be sinus infection or sinusitis!?

Headaches and face numbness; sinus infection or migraines?

Headaches everyday! doctor says its stress and anxiety, but i'm not stressed! headaches are all over my head, but a lot seem to be sinuses what cani do?

Headaches, sinus pressure and pain, congestion and tooth aches. Could they be all related?

Help please! is feeling lightheaded common with a sinus infection?

How can constant anxiety make sinus forehead pressure worse?

How can I relieve sinus pressure, especially under the eyes?

How can I relieve these headaches? I have had headaches for a few weeks. They arent severe like migranes just dull aches that don't seem to go away. Doctor said my nose was swollen and sinus problem / allergies are most likely the cause but I am unsure. I

How can you most effectively end daily sinus pain and headaches?

How can you tell if you have a sinus infection? I have worsening sinus pain, neck pain, tired each day, cough, & nausea. Are there any home remedies?

How can you tell if you have allergies, cold or TMJ? Clear runny nose, pain above eye, mild headache, jaw clicking. How to relieve symptoms?

How do I get rid of a sinusitis congestion? It's causing me headaches on the middle and sided parts , any medicines or homemade medicines ?

How do I get rid of sinus headaches/pressure in the spring/summer if sudafed doesn't work?

How do I get rid of this head-ache? It might be from allergies, head cold, or something to do with sinuses. Does anybody know why I have a headache?

How do you know if you have a sinus pressure headache or a migraine? I haven't been sick but I have severe pressure when i bend in ears, head and eyes

How do you treat a temple headache in a 15-year-old?

How does inflammation of the ear happen!? And could they be causing tension headaches

How likely is it that humidity can cause headaches?