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People with Migraine with Aura but no headache could it be possible not to get either but to experience temp numbness in hand as a Symptom at times?

@ times need to go to ER for hemiplegic migraines but docs there assume im a drug seeker bc they've "never heard of this type of migraine"-what to do?

12mm pineal gland cyst calcification. Its not a headache/migraine/allergies/stress. I need suggestions on what to do/try so I'm not constantly in pain?

18 Y/O girl, been having tension headaches everyday for the past two weeks. Possible causes? diagnosed with tmj. Dad has frequent headaches.

22 y/o f w/ lupus. What could cause a bad headache and series of uncontrolled head jerking episodes? I was in class and didn't know what to do.

2nd migraine I have had in 6 years. Normal to have mild head pain and odd feelings in eyes after the migraine is over? Can migraines be prevented?

3 months of mild tension headache. Will regular exercise and right posture cure my tension headache ? .. Positive answer will relieve me from panic

3-4 blinding migraines/week. usually gone in the a.m. Leaving a headache hangover. This migraine has been constant for 83 hrs. How to make it go away?

4 severe migraines after d&c 10 days ago.No history of headaches even. Normal? Reason? Something wrong?

A doctor told me, that I have simple partial seizures, but i never convulse. I only complain of severve pulsating headaches etc, could this still be?

A friend has had migraine attacks for the past week each evening what might be the cause?

A seven year old suffers from monthly migraines and severe headaches everyday.Do these symptoms sound like any familiar condition?

Acephalgic migraine or occipital seizure lastnight. No headache. Recent fatigue, Irritability and muscle pain/cramping. Reason for concern or no?

After my concussion 4months ago I developed anxiety,mild depression and been diagnosed with tension headaches. What can i do by myself to relive that?

Aftr evry 2 or 3 years,on the start of summer, one sided headache starts occuring on daily basis which lasts for 2months or so,is it sinus or migrain?

Am i outgrowing migraines? How can I tell if they are going away permanently?

Any known links between headaches and a stiffneck?

Any suggestions for relief for a migraine caused by fumes in lab?

Anyone ever had child complain about frequent headaches during sleep?

Are all headaches with visual auras considered migraines? I occasionally see light specks, but the headache seems normal otherwise.

Are all thunder clap headaches serious?

Are epidurals linked to headaches postpartum?

Are frequent headaches a serious matter?

Are major migraines a common symptom of pms? My migrains brgin usually behind my right eye case light and sound sensitvity and nausea on occation.

Are migraine headaches more commonly found in women? I heard before that migraines were more common in women. Is this true? .

Are migraines and a prior PFO related in a child?

Are migrains a sign of anxiety and or depresion also if you have a migrain that mimics a stroke, hard time talking etc why?

Are ocular migraines a legitmate cause for concern or just a nuisance? (20 year old female. Had first 6 months ago, have had about five since). Thanks

Are recurring ocular migraines dangerous? I get one a week. Mostly without headache. And not always the same eye. Lasts about 10 min.

Are Sympathetic Nerve Blocks ever effective for migraines? Bad reaction to pseudoephedrine year ago kicked off migraine cycle & chronic tachycardia...

Are there any at home treatments for the visual aura preceding a migraine? any way to get vision back before the headache, or do i just wait it out?

Are there any clear cut symptomatic differences between temporal arteritis and a tension headache?

Are triptans still safe if I don't get headaches with my migraines? I get cognitive, vision, and balance problems, numbness, and sometimes paralysis.

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about cluster headache. Is that ok?

Been having constant migraines for 2 months lasting a week at a time. What could be causing it? What should I do? Aneurism run in family.

Been having headackes for 2months.Doc says its tension headaches.Had concussion 4months ago.If something was wrong what other symptoms would i have?

Been on topomax for a 1 year now and now I don't really have issues with migraines. Even with high stress and little sleep like 2-3hrs. Am I cured?

Body pain, headaches, hypersensitivity to light, sound, anxiety, hashimotos, pineal cyst, arrhythmia, tremor, headaches, fatigue, tinnitus.20mds.Nohelp?

Brief headaches "ice pick headaches" would be cause for a ER evaluation?

Can a child have headaches as only brain tumor symp? Hlthy 3yr old woke up with "headache" last 2 nights but isn't consistent if it really hurts or no

Can a high fever trigger the onset of migraines? My son spiked 107 from flu a couple months ago and has since had many headaches and 3 migraines.

Can a high fever trigger the onset of migraines? My son spiked 107 temp a couple months ago and has since had numerous headaches and 3 migraines.

Can a tension headache have no cause? I live about as a stress free life as one could have and have a constant tension headache from dawn to dusk.

Can a whiplash injury make you prone to migraines? After this injury i'm now super sensitive to headaches as a side effect of various meds.

Can a young lady in her 20s have cluster headache. Can second hand smoke trigger them?

Can azithromycin produce headaches?

Can botox injections help people suffering from chronic migraines? Hello. I'm a female in my mid-twenties and have suffered from migraine headaches for as long as i can remember. I've been to several neurologist and undergone several test to determine the

Can constant cluster headaches result to suicide?

Can extreme pain trigger psychologic seizures as well as silent migraines? Referred to a pain clinic for seizure and pain control. I don't understand.

Can getting a tattoo behind my ear cause or increase migraines? (I already chronic migraines.)

Can i miss school because of a headache caused by dehydration?

Can I start suffering from migraines later in life?

Can it be possible for you to pass out from a migraine?

Can L4/5 and T1 issues cause headaches?

Can lupus flare cause headaches? I'm in a flare and also getting bad daily headaches with dizziness?

Can Lyme disease cause chronic severe headaches, like 9/10, pressure or tension type headaches?

Can migraine cause hoarseness? Is it likely that a physician will rec revocation of license due to frequent/unmanaged migraines? (Blkout/vision loss)

Can migraine start in either eye and have different symptoms?

Can migraines be linked to high blood pressure? I get occasional migraines along with optical migraines frequently.

Can migraines lasts several weeks nonstop throughout the entire day/night? If not could be something else? Thank you in advance.

Can migraines or tension headaches last all month i know i have some type tension it seems in blood vessels they squeeze then release ect. ?

Can mild headache for hours without a reason be migraine, tumor or nothing?

Can my period be related to my nasty migraine?

Can nausea (which is set off from reading), be related to a migraine?

Can not wearing your Invisalign cause symptoms similar to sinusitis? It's been over a month. Lots of facial pain and headaches. That great of effect?

Can pregnancy bring on complicated migraines in somebody with no migraine history? Will they go away after pregnancy?

Can someone please explain to me what Benign Paroxysmal Hemicrania is exactly? I get bad migraines that ONLY respond to Toradol in ER or Indomethacin

Can the same symptoms of small fiber neuropathy be silent migraine /aura sxs? Same experience dif cause? Or are they separate?/exclusive? Wet/cold sensatns

Can topical retin a (tretinoin) 0.0.4 cause headaches ? I have been on it for a month. Have had a very mild headache for 1 week ? I never really get headaches

Can you describe solution to daily headaches. I have been suffering from daily headaches for three and a half years?

Can you get mild numbness feeling in your left side from a regular migraine or only hemiplegic ones?are antidepressants safe prevention for hemiplegic

Can you have micropsia without a headache and label migraine? Do i need to work up (eeg, mri?) symptoms only before sleep. 10 yo healthy boy

Can you please explain the concept of hormonal headaches. Tnx?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to resolve my situation about my migraines ?

Can you tele the difference between 'normal' headache and headache caused by cancer?

Can you tell me any thought on what's causing my migraines?

Can zanaflex be used to help with pain symptoms at the onset of a migraine headache?

Children complain of headaches?

Clusters of symptoms thtat internist diangosis silent-cluster type migraines without headaches. Stab in temple/eye with facial numbness & bad back pain. Migraines?

Concussion symptoms including constant headache What can the school do to help me? School starts in a week

Connection between bipolar II disorder and migraine headaches.? I did not have migraines prior to starting meds, now they're several time month.

Constant debilitating migraines. I had to go to the hospital because of them twice in the past 6 months and 3 times overall. What should I do?

Constant headache for 4 days now. I am prone to migraines, but this particular headache is lasting longer than typical. I tend to have a mild fever throughout the day. I have all the typical migraine sensitivity with, light sound smell, nausea. I have tri

Constant headaches. Varies between migraines and tention. Doc just prescribing meds. Concerned abt rebounds. The seem more freq. since seeing doc.

Constant headaches/severe headaches/migraines almost daily for hours and hours at a time - same exact spot every time-above the left eye- what is caus?

Constant migraine/head pain. Not due to trauma ect... How to determine if it's a stress headache? Remedies for a cure?

Constant moderate headaches, neuro needed?

Continuing from migraines. I am starting to repeat frases.alot.and having lots of migraines.what should i do??

Could a severe migraine attack be a sign of impending miscarriage? Can a persistent migraine trigger a miscarriage?

Could bleach fumes cause or bring on a migrane headache?

Could chronic (2 or more years) Lyme disease be the cause of my continous migraine-like headaches of over a year?

Could having really long hair be a cause of constant migraines?

Could I have chronic headaches because of a freak accident when i was younger?

Could migraine symptoms be a mild form of epilepsy?

Could migraines cause symptoms other than those specific to your head? If so what sort?

Could my headaches be related to needing glasses?

Could the fact that I have cervical dystonia account for the almost daily migrains that i live with? They start w/ocular migrain and develop over about 30 min time into full blown, knock your head against the wall, migrains that can last for days at a tim

Ct scan normal. Doc. diagnose tension/migraine headache. These headaches are in the evening. Still right eye pain. Lexapro (escitalopram) prescribe. Thoughts?

Daily headache in child (12). Stopped for a few weeks, changes in intensity, pain or pressure is less in the morning) No other symptoms. Causes?

Daily headache in child. Stopped for a few weeks, changes in intensity, pain or pressure is less in the morning) No other symptoms. Causes?