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For the last couple weeks I've been having every morning diarrhea with pretty intense stomach cramping ... It seems to subside on some days ?

having extreme nausea and stomach pains/cramping , off and on for 3 days now. Also really fatigued . I do have Ulcerative colitis ,not my usual sympt?

Month ago had bad diarrhea lasting few hours followed by constipation for a week, now have it again. Diverticulitis surgery 2y ago. Is it back?

1 wk post gastric bypass,persistent L shoulder pain w/ persistent dull ache that worsens after eating. Roxicet 5mg helps but only for 2 hrs pls advise?

1 year old , vomiting for 2 days and diahrea. Day 4 no diahrea, only vomit. Went to er. Had xray. Said lots of gas showed up. What could be? Serious?

15 days after an appendectomy, my 4 yr old son starts having intermittent abdominal pain around belly button w/ low grade fever. What to do?

17/f - been constipated, now diarrhea for past few hours, vomiting, pain in ab, bruise on ab, very nauseated. Could this be serious or will it pass?

19year old daughter developed severe headaches last 2 days with vomiting on 2nd day . Pain has eased ..she just started university. Is cause stress ?

2 and a half weeks ago I came down with diarrhea preceded by significant abdominal pain. After 2 days and several bouts of watery diarrhea, I took an Imodium and the movements stopped for a day but then begn again with strong lower abdominal cramping and

2 day Virus with severe diarrhea and bad nausea, fine last night and into today now the nausea is vomiting as of yet 33yr male ?

2 hrs after meal,took zinc,spent night w chills,diarrhea,vomit,pain. 48 hrs later, still have diarrhea.slight stomach pain. Is this still from zinc?

2 nights ago I accidentally took 36 mg of iron via multivitamin. Have experienced mild diarrhea, abd. pain, and mild nausea. Is this an overdose?

22 yr f.In morning i had dizines, excesiv sweating, abdominal pain, urinal urgency.In the past this happened to me 3 to 4 times but dizines, sweating only?

23 y/o female, sudden abdo pain, nausea, dizziness, black stool. ER? Or call dr?

24/f, nausea, severe chills, worsened reflux, lightheadedness, diarrhea, etc. for 1 wk. MA sugg. anxiety. 7 pm onset, now starting earlier in day?

27 y/o F. Been having recurring stomach issues involving extreme diarrhea, sharp pains in the stomach, nausea, and sweating. Pains stay regardless?

2nd GI appt in 2 wks. Should this wait? Major fatigue, pain, IBS symptoms every couple days. Tonight, worst pain ever. Stabbing on right side, diarrhea, fever. Pain better now but passing bloody mucus

3 days ago I started to have fever 38.3 c Mild abdomen pain, one time vomiting diarrhea I took flagyl. Fever is gone but i have head pressure &nausea?

31w pregnant, stomach flu, diarrhea twice per hr for 4hrs. Belly pain comes in waves. How can I tell if the pain is labor or just from the stomach bug?

34 weeks pregnant, had egg omelet b4 bed n woke up at night with severe diarrhea, vomiting, back pain n shivering. Why did this happen?

3rd day GYN laparoscopic post op and now experiencing sudden severe vomiting and mild fever of 101. Is this urgent reason to consult doc after hours?

4 days of nausea and diarrhea, vomited once. Mild pain in bellybutton area. No fever. Gallbladder removed years ago. Stomach bug or more severe?

4 episodes of heavy bleeding in stool - 3 days. Went to ER, got GI referral but had another episode w/ nausea & burning sensation in stomach. Cause?

40 yo female. Dull pain in stomach with bloating ends with attack 3 hours later which consists of profuse sweating, pins and needles in hands, feelingffaint nausea and diarrhea.

48 hours ago i woke up with intese nausea, no appetite, tummy pain that hasn't stopped since. Not appendix. Could I have gastric cancer? 28y old, f

5 days ago quick bloating painful,nausea,violent vomiting 7x, diarrhea lasted 2 hr. Now, bad upper ab pain and to back, sudden after some meals. Help?

53 yr old alcoholic diabetic had pancreatitis before tonite stomach pains mild fever no appetite should he go to er?

5yr old daughter constant pain at her belly button. Vomiting every 15 minutes last 7 hours. Stomach flu symptoms for 6 days. Should we take her in?

5yr old w/ recurrent stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea. No fever Has happened 3 times in last month but never lasts very long each time. What is it?

8yo boy had constant low grade all over stomach pain for 7 months after severe bout of stomach virus with sev constip. Recently fell ill again, vomite clear fluid, pain disappeared. Explain.

A 7-year old boy with a 3 days non-stop nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, no fever! Given IV fluid. Taken to emergency room but cause is still null?

A friend of mine has had 3 days of intense gallbladder pain,its gone now.shes had nauasea, fever of 101-103 and her gallbladder is full of stones.

Abdo pain-right side near belly button since thursday pm with severe nausea,bloating,decreased appetite ?

About every five to six weeks, i experienced bloating and severe abdominal pain, following by vomiting and then diarrhea. This lasts anywhere from six to 24 hours. I am very groggy and my mouth is sandpaper-dry. I had some tests and the doctor said i have

Accidentally took 4200 mg of ibuprofen. Now having dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, shaking and muscle cramping. Should i go to the er?

Acute onset of vomiting(6 times),diarrhea(4 times),low temperature(96-97),stomach pain for the past 3.5 hours.Can't hold down liquids.

After 3 days of constipation, i had brief, but severe bout of diarrhea. Both sides below my ribs persistently hurt and i'm fatigued. What's going on?

After being at beach for 3hrs with gatorade/water, came home excruciating stomach pain/naseua, vomiting. 30 weeks preg. Still having minor pain/naseua?

After episotomy i was given 625 mg agumentin. But after 5th day i vomitted at night and then was having mild abdominal pain. What can b the cause.

After having dinner i used to feel abdominal discomfort. What symptom is this of?

Almost in tears not sure what to do. Abd pain x3 weeks nausea/vomiting constipation/diarrhea sharp/burning us normal cough making worse GI appt 2/28?

And symptoms still there even 2weeks tmt finish and she suffer with abdomen pain , bloating nause and taste less tongue for that what to do?

Are nightsweats and gallstones connected? I have no fever just nausea and lost 2 stones in 2 months but nightsweats started now aswell?

AST Liver Enzyme is 110. I am experiencing nausea, wanting to vomit, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Is this related? Have a dr. appt. Friday.

At greasy food with in hours belching, wake up with sweats, vomiting middle back pain nauseated fever could this b gallbladder, went to ER labs normal?

Ate sushi left out overnight. Serious food poisoning? Becoming v nauseous, feel strong pressure/abdominal/headache/mild pain swallowing. No vomiting/d

Back pain started mild a few days ago. Diarrhea but that is fairly typical for me (no gall bladder) but a few times this week it was black. Very tire?

Bad food poisoning w very sharp pains below ribs + diarrhea 4 days ago. Have had constant mild/moderate stomach pains (no diarrhea) since. What to do?

Bad rxn lasting over 24 hours after drinking coffee. Symptoms: severe nausea, stomach pain, dizziness. How do I treat this?

Been havin stomach issues for 2wks now. Nausea & minor pain in AM w/ minor pain & gas all day. No appetite at all. And i have diarrhea everyday. Bad??

Been having severe stomach/small int pain. hospitalized and told of infected jejunum. severe pain continues at home, and have lost 30 lbs/1.5 month?

Been unable to keep anything down for over a week. Bad belly pain and severe nausea. Liver enzymes keep up &down. Gi dr in am. What could it be?

Bf has ongoing rt side intestinal pain aftr meals, occas vomiting, nausea every am, persistent diarrhea/constipation. Gallbladder removed 2yrs ago?

Blood in stool nausea weakness stomach pain should I go to the er?

Call dr/wait 24h? Burn/sharp pain in upper abd and some regurgitating, nausea. Pain is 4, 1-10 scale. Nausea a 5. No fvr, "healthy" pizza dinner. Recent antibiotic use. Started 2 am.

Can an abdominal CT miss appendicitis? They checked me for it today but I hurt so bad. I've had fever / diarrhea / chills for days, and i'm stressed.

Can celiac cause days of vomiting w/chills, fever, sweating, congestion, bladder problems, severe sence of smell/taste every 2-6months suddenonset 14yrsago?

Can my back injury be giving me stomach issues (cramping, diarrhea)?

Can pain meds after surgery normally cause nausea and no appetite?

Can penicillin cause severe abdominal cramping, pain, and gas. Is this an allergic reaction?

Can stomach flu cause intermittent nausea that gets better and worse again over several (4-5) days?

Child kicked in stomach.Pain and 1 vomit episode 9 hours later, stomach pain/nausea still 24 hrs, no increase in symptoms.Should we get him checked?

Common cold symptoms for 2 days already, then all of a sudden severe abdominal cramping & slight nausea, loose stool.(doubled over in pain) any ideas?

Complaining of stomach pain, 1x so severe it led to a seizure. Pain is sudden onset, lasts a few secs. Today her urine was green. Thoughts?

Constant pain and nausea in stomach with intermittent diarrhea and vomitting 2mt . Pain to eat or drink w/o pain until after 8 pm still with diarrhea.

Constpation/intense abdominal pain/haven't eaten since sunday/vomiting/nausea/gaz/can't sleep/the pain is getting worse/weigth loss/ help?

Cough 4 days, now sever upper difused abdominal pain starting in right. Fever of 38.5c extreme fatigue. Pain better when ly down. Do go hosp. Or clini?

Could this be serious? I had a kidney infection in which i finished my medication on thursday. I drank alcohol last night and today I have server nausea lower back and abdominal pain and slight dizziness. I took asprin and dramimine but am progressively f

Could you tell me if someone is vomitting blood and they have abdominal pain is that consider an emergency?

Couple of months ago my mum was hospitalised for stones in her stomach causing vomiting and strong abdominal pain. It came back what could it be?

Cramps, diarrhea, chills, sweaty, not hungry at all, what do I have? I have major episodes of cramps in my lower abdomen and back, I have the chills in the middle of the night and can't sleep at all without having to go to the bathroom and puking. Please

CT & blood work normal dr said I don't have appendicitis,still having pain but worse in middle&right,vomiting,nauseous,constipation.taken ibuprofen. ?

Currently 18 weeks pregnant with severe right flank pain and my doctor is out of town I have no appetite and diarhea... What could be causing this?

Currently 33+2 pregnant. For the last few weeks 1-3 times weekly I have had vomiting, diarrhea, & abdominal discomfort. Cause for concern or normal?

Diagnosed with gastritis last Wed & my symptoms started improved but last night ive been having constant diarrhea chills bodyache Whats wrong with me?

Diagnosed with gi bleed in the er, dark red blood while going poop. 3 days later pain is getting worse nausea vomiting dizziness worse. Revaluation?

Diaherra and severe stomach pain for the last 4 days. Anything i eat i run to the bathroom. ..Always in pain nausea no energy. I'm on a trip help.

Diarrhea four every min., vomited initially, horrible stomach pain, muscle pain, headache, sweating, no fever. Could hardly walk, imodium (loperamide) didnt help.

Diarrhea immediately after eating, been going on for a few months, severe stomach pain . What could it be? 21,f, from tx.

Diarrhea some vomiting bad stomach pain and backache should I go to th er?

Diarrhea, nausea, pain in the stomach, strange anxiety insomnia for 5 days. Got cat scan and IV no problems. What do I have? What can I do? Gastroent?

Diarrhoea and vomiting with abdo pain. 4 days always worse at night. D stopped vomiting worse - throwing up stuff eaten 30 hours ago. Any suggestions?

Did a tylenol (acetaminophen) od a few weeks ago my abdomen really hurts. What to do now? Fever, nause, vomiting, can't walk straight/sleep/walk

Dizzy/fainted, mod to severe pain lower right ab (appendix removed) nausea, mild fever and general malaise. What could it be? Should I be seen?

Does medicine taken for typhoid fever can cause slight pain n gas in stomach or irregular bowel movements?

ER workup norm. for chest pain but having crampy, nausea feeling but only have diarrhea that I've had four episodes in the past hour. help?

Every time I go to the ER for my stomach pain they always tell me nothing is wrong. Severe pain nausea vomiting gagging and I spiked a fever tonight.

Every time i take antibiotics i get acid stomach, nausea, severe abdominal cramps, tender abdomen and gas. Why is this? C. Difficile always negative!

Everytime after i eat i poop bright red blood for the last 9 days abdominal pain getting worse everyday nausea vomiting dizziness bp 98/64?

Excruciating pain over entire body, fatigue and dizziness just after eating - any food. No pain in digestive system. No vomit or Diarrhoa, no fever?

Experiencing repeated stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea while pregnant. When should I decide to visit the gp?

Extended nausea every day w/4-5 bouts of either dry heaves or just close to vomiting.. Bowels normal No stomach pains. gallbladder?

Extreme bloating after eating especially in evening lots of abdo pain and nausea Blood tests show nothing Gone from extreme diarrhoea to constapation?

Extreme nausea, bloating and fullness on and off since many months. Triggers suddenly. Is relieved by 2 tsp of Mucaine gel.Doctor said it is Gastritis?

Extreme nausia, vomited once very loose stools every 30 mins to hour, stomach pains, froffy burps, egypt 1 week ago?

F 29 DX IBS abd pain bloating vomiting diarrhea dull headache & weak Pain woke me up 3 times last night bentyl (dicyclomine) is not helping What else might help?

Fever all night and day, vomiting, intense back and stomach pain, dizziness, and i'm unable to control my bladder. I'm 17 and i never get fevers.

Fever low grade, back pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, no appetite & over the course of months lost weight couple weeks ago was on clindamycin. Virus?

Few weeks ago had severe stomach pain followed by vomiting all night. Today same thing happened except lasted 3hrs. What could be wrong?

Few weeks ago had severe stomach pain followed by vomiting all night. Today same thing happened except lasted 3hrs. What could be wrong?