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Small amount of fluid around the heart, given naproxen every 12 hours. Is my fatigue, shortness of breath, and difficulty swallowing due to this?

SOB, chestpain, tachycardia, weak arms/legs, swallowing problems, early nailclubbing,headache,swollen abdomen/legs/feets.ok echo/spirometry1 year ago?

1 year of SOB, chestpain, tachycardia, weak arms/legs. Now extreme fatigue, confusion, swollen abdomen/legs/feets, headache? Ok echo in january.

15 year old female suffering palpitations and left arm pain with shortness of breath and other symptoms like faintness, any idea why?

18 weeks pregnant. Sudden extreme weakening & numbness on left side face & arm. No racing heart or breaths. Symptoms subsided after an hour. Anxiety?

19yo,Suffer headaches &sometimes with pulse at head end,sometimes sudden with body heat General tiredness,chest discomfort,History of HTN what to do?

2 days with; lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, pain in middle and left side of chest. Detailer, hydrated

22 year old female with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough and fever all of which come and go. Consistent fatigue. ?

22 year old female... Constant shortness of breathe, tiredness, dry cough, and anxiety. I have celiac disease, asthma, and chronic fatigue.

27female, fever ranging 99-102 36hr, headache, allergies , asthma &pain in left upper abdomen when I breath in full breath. Should I go to a doctor?

3 weeks slight chest pressure/burning. Not constant but lasts a few hours. No other symptoms. Heart related? I have history of reflux. Age 34.

31 male breathless always and fullness in hailing . Headaches for past 4 months constant with weight loss and fatigue Nausea. Heart / pulse doesn't accelerate takes time to work it up even when running minutes. Clicking feeling / noise in throat. ?

34yo w/itchy throat & cough; malaise, weakness & noticed shortness of breath & heart weakness. Has gen anxiety but noticed difference last few days.

35 yrs old and been having a constant heaviness in my chest for 2 weeks. Fatigue has been a problem for months and a little nausea. Should i go to er?

37 years, Cold sweat at night , pain in the chest, then state of panic, move around the room, and the sensation of vomiting. EKG it is ok. What can be?

4 nights of extreme anxiety and insomnia. Head pain chest pain and shortness of breath. Feel like I'm going to die. Could it be impending anuerysm ?

5 episodes in about 5 years. Nighttime GERD followed by shortness of breath and shaking chills which last about 3 hours. Chest X-ray negative. Barrett?

55 active female have SOB palpitation hot flashes on/off. If I'm busy don't feel any symptoms at all when I'm resting symptoms are back. Help!

57/F has on/off palpitations, headache, feeling that legs are moving (no shaking/tremor visible), shortness of breath, insomnia. Worst @ night. Ideas?

9 year old has intermittent chest and throat tightness, fleeting in nature. No other symptoms - eating well, acting normal. What could it be?

Abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, racing heart beat, chest pain, shortness of breath?

Abnormal EKG. Pounding heart in morning, night sweats, LG fever, tightness in chest, white phlem, nausea, loss appetite, diziness, pain btwn shoulder?

Acute constricting chest pain, irregular heartbeat, inability to stand, nausea, and shortness of breath...

After 10 stairs, I have extreme sob, headache, dizziness. Chest heavy/weight feeling all day. Hard to breathe laying down. Labored in general. Asthma?

Almost everyday around the same time, I have strong fatigue-I also have diarrhea occasionally and serious shortness of breath at night (Rare). Advice?

Anorexia & adult onset asthma. Won't take prednisone Albuterol triggers migraine Palpitations Dizzy Short of breath Exhausted Chest pain Stomach pain ?

Are chest tightness, tiredness, shortness of breath, and light headedness early, mid, or late asthma attack symptoms?

Armpit,neck nodes tender, not swollen. Xtreme fatigue, short of breath (esp w/ exertion), cough,chest pain night sweats.Edema & weight gain 2 days ago?

Asthmatic just hit with flu symptoms feeling breathless and shaky and very fatigue should I be going to see my dr?

B/p is 189/102, pulse 106. Mild chest pain, a little shortness of breath. Major fatigue and muscle (shoulder) pain. Suggestions?

Backpain and sweating.Lately chest pain. Know it is not heart. Had EKG etc. Pain worse through night and when exhaling. Very tired.

Bad chest night sweats panic attacks weakness?

Been feeling hot at night but no fever sweating during the day chest pain under left nipple and trouble breathing but oxygen saturation 97%?

Been having chest pains and heart palpitations. Recently had a very severe episode of chest pain with temporary hearing loss and vision loss?

Blood pressure 157/107 headaches blurred vision feeling unwell at times pains in chest breathless and feel sick what can the problem be?

Breathlessness, nausea, lightheadedness. Breathlessness is worse while laying on left hand side. Ecg's have come out good. Any ideas?

Can a chest infection cause nausea, headache, wooziness, and blood streaks in sputum?

Can a heart problem cause severe weakness and dizziness? I have had chest pain and fluttering that lasts 2 to 3 mins then the weakness starts..

Can a menstrual cycle cause shortness of breathe at all? I am having worse PMS symptoms this cycle, and today I have mild shortness of breathe.

Can an arrhythmia cause you to get symptoms like dyspnea and fatigue?

Can anxiety symptoms last all day say like nausea breathlessness fatigue tight chest and mustles?

Can depression cause dizziness and lightheadedness aa wwll as passing out and chest pains?

Can heart attack symptoms disappear after vomiting? Symptoms were extreme pain in chest all around through back. Shortness of breath. Sweating, vomit.

Can mono cause shortness of breath, and tiredness? Can it also cause patterns in how you feel such as feeling okay for one hour and horrible the next?

Can severe pain from 2 herniations in the C5-C6 and C6-C7 cause shortness of breath? I also have Dysautonomia.

Can sevredol or concussion cause attacks with shortness of breath, blurred vision and feeling like youre going to collapse or pass out?

Can shortness of breath, fatigue, and chest pains be related to cancer, or any other disease? As well as dry hands, and an abnormal appetite.

Can something serious cause insomnia with impending doom feeling, head pressure/pain?

Can stress and thinking to much about something cause pressure on chest when you breathe and constant headaches ? Been having loose stool and blood ?

Can stress cause prolonged shortness of breath, chest pains, diarrhea, nausea, and tachycardia?

Can summer allergies cause chest pain and dizziness?

Can symptoms of a hiatel hernia such as palpatations and shortness of breath be influenced by body position? Mine gets worse lying down.

Can trapped gas cause 1.Slight breathing problem, 2.Tickling sensation in chest and ab conjunction and 3.Hedache?Please clarify all the symptoms.

Can you have shortness of breath and dizziness from excessive coughing due to allergies w/ diagosis of costochondritis?

Cardiac patient on end of day 3 of a bad cold. No fever, but dizziness, lightheaded, and congested with throbbing in upper chest. Any concerns?

Change of contraceptive pill 5 days ago, headache, nausea, chest discomfort on exhalation and slight breathlessness, bloods/x-ray fine, muscular?

Chest congestion, breathlessness, fever and weakness. Xray is normal. These are symptoms of which disease?

Chest pain (very mild) , gurgling sound when breathing in , chest pressure causing shortness of breath. Clicking feeling post excercise , really thirsty and tired , also have foamy urine . And frequent headaches . What's the cause of all these symptoms ?

Chest pain and shortness of breath for over a month. 2-3 second heartbeat skips and headache off and on for 4 days. Should i be worried?

Chest pain and shortness of breath. Sharp pains an pressure in chest then increased heart rate. Dizziness, fatigue, and extreme muscle fatigue nuasia?

Chest pain light headed nausea weak. Am 30 with no history of heart problems.?

Chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath after taking Thiazolidinedione, help?

Chest pain, headache, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath. Doctor said, I'm low on iron. Is that's why? Headaches are maybe caused by eye strain.

Chest pain, sometimes out of breath, dizziness, wheezing, that are symptoms, what is my problem ...What are type of disease i have?

Chest pains and fatigue and lots of other symptoms like getting sweaty for long time?

Chest pains and mild shortness of breath. Could it be a symptom of my anxiety attack that i had yesterday? I had a few today as well.

Chest pains, rare heart beats for a while now. Daily nausea, constant dizziness, some headaches and fatigue for about a month now. What can this be?

Chronic reacurring body aches, severe pain in back and chest with shortness of breath. Letting up then get "attacks" , lupus? What else? What tests?

Cold hands cold feet shortness of breath fatigue off n on CBC test normal blood pressure normal no fever EKG normal what can it be?

Cold, sweaty hands, left arm heavy, accelerated pulse, dizziness, nausea, all in 7 minutes of extreme attention and curiosity.Also short breath.

Cold/flu symptoms 3mths suddenly palpitations, shaking, sweating, pains in left arm/chest lasting 3hrs thyroid fine. Do i possibly have an infection?

Constant cough, tightness in chest & throat, lightheadedness & dizzy, inhaler's not working. Terrified of ER (severe social anxiety) help please? =(

Constant dizziness, spaced out, headache, tiredness, shortness of breath lately?

Constant off & on chest discomfort shortness of breath Lightheadedness Nausa Occasional vomiting?

Could i be pregnant I have shortness of breath, gas, bloating, fatigue, tiredness I have my tubes clipped?

Could my anemia be causing yellowish eyes? Shortness of breath? Nausea?

Crushing, squeezing chest and back pain/tightening, cold sweat, lightheaded, nausea with hashimoto's thyroiditis?

Daily I get lightheaded,nauseous,shortness of breath,stomach pains,some chest pains.Extreme sometimes.I don't think it's anxiety anymore, what is it?

Diarrhea, sweating, nausea, tingly hands, shortness of breath, what to do?

Difficulty breathing (really having to draw breath in), tightness in chest and light headed feeling/headache. Previously tested clear for astma, cause?

Difficulty breathing for 2 months. No infection or bronchitis. Heart rate over 105 for 2 months at rest. Tired and weak. Muscle aches. Headaches. Why?

Dizziness,stomach pain and nape pain, chestpain,panic attacks, anxiety at night,i woke up from sleep with very dry throat what can be the cause?

Dizzy spells with tingling in head and neck pain and like a pressure in chest hearing chage shortness of breath have 3 episodes a week resting or work?

Dizzy, light, headedness, fatigue, shortness of breath, yawning.

Dizzy, shortness of breath, mild pelvic pain, stinging nipples, loss of appetite. What could cause this? Note: I'm a virgin (only does dry humping)

Do I have pd or an anxiety disorder in the symptoms: chest pains, shortness of breath, visible shaking in the limbs and internal shaking at night?

Do people with cough syncope have a lot of pain?

Doc gave me klonopin (clonazepam) for shortness of breath, heart pain, numb/tingling and not thinking clearly. It didn't work. What else could be causing this?

Does normal chest x-ray rule out rightsided heartfailure? SOB, chestpain, tachycardia, blue nails, pale, extreme fatigue, weak arms/legs, swollen.

Ekg was clear: heart palps waking me, can't sleep, chest pain, SOB, general fatigue and aches, sense of impending doom. Whatbis the next step to take?

Er dr told me I have low thyroid which is causing extreme tiredness and heart palpations/pain. Can anything help for chest pain? Appt not till May 19

Experiencing fatigue, shortness of breath, numb toes, noticeably pale skin, headaches, joint pain, fast heart beat, dizziness, brittle nails. Help ?

Extreme chest tightness and pain dizziness lightheaded and fell faint, worse after ECG had symptoms before not this bad?

Extreme heat in chest are withrapidheartbeat?

Extreme Nausea weak and sore chest. Occasional spinning even when lying down. On and off excitement and crying. 28yrs diabetes and hashimotos. 2kids?

Extreme shortness of breath. Body weak heavy feeling. Extreme pain on chest and upper abdomen. Should I be concerned?

Fainting spells occured. Vision goes black can't breath when it occurs fever is also present. Out for a min or so. Breathlessness all the time. Help?

Fatigue, chest pain , rapid heartbeat, lightheaded , shortness of breath , rib feels bruised, naseau . What can this be?

Fatigue, chest pain, sometimes white tongue and sugar craving! what are these symptoms of?

Feel faint, chest pain, nausea, slow heart rate, cold sensation in hands and tingling, can't see when standing up, symptoms lasting more than a day?