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bruising on arms legs and ribs not anemic no appetite nausea vomiting abdominal pain making me double over gagging no appendix or gallbladder

excessive burping, burning sensation in stomach and throat, abdomen pain, sudden body pains and cramps. Weakness, weight loss. What is the reason ??

High pain tolerance Awaken at 5am sweating in upper abdomen pain threw up due to pain... Loose bowels all day, now green. Heat helps not pain meds?

11 year old girl with aches in lower tummy and pressure feeling no urination migraine for 6 days 3 days vomiting please help!?

18 weeks pregnant i m having lower abdominal pain sore ears mucus on my chest also a headache i ve had these aymptoms all night any idea as to what s?

18 year old girl with vomiting, blurred vision, back pain and knee pain. What are the possible causes?

19 yr old has had fever on and off x 1 month, dizziness, severe nausea, arm, leg, abdominal puffiness, general ill feeling

21 yr old male. Abdominal pain mid and lower left side through too back. Pain waking me up from sleep. No bowel movements nausea and loss of appetite.

23f constant headache x2 weeks with no relief, nausea, fatigue, occasional dizziness, low back pain with some very mild low abdominal cramping/pain?

33 weeks pregnant: pelvic pressure, irregular contractions & lower back pain for over a week. Now diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, headaches.

34 weeks cramping on and off pelvic pain, back pain, pain low and constent, nausea headache feels like I have a fever and I have a bad headache. ?

34 weeks pregnant with nausea , dizziness, blurry vision, upset stomache , upper and lower back pain comes and goesabd shortness of breath .

4yo that has been complaining of tummy pains every evening for the last week. No fever, loss of appetite, normal bm's, curls up in tears from the pain?

9 months of tingling legs, aching back, headaches, strange bowel movements, fever, nausea, generally feeling unwell, intermittent attacks where worse?

99.8 temp, kidney pain, dark urine, hurts after urination, nausea, 9/10 pain but helped with Tylenol (acetaminophen) with codeine #3, fatigue, sweating, chest pain?

A few months ago I had a rupture in my ovary, I still get pain nausea tiredness and trouble bending and lifting, is there anything I can do?

A gallbladder malformed cand cause pain, nausea, depress, head pain, shake of the body?

A hematoma after back surgery 2 years ago. Could that be causing my symptoms? Constipation, fatigue, stomach pain?

Abdomainal pain and tenderness, reflux, aches, ratiates to back, fatigue, no appetite. Please help. Been 6 months.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea for 4 months, headaches sometimes chest pain a lot of burping and some times dizzy. Head mri, CT blood CBC ab u/s all fine?

Abdominal pain near belly button, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, can't sleep or walk, fast heart beat, feverish, chills, worsens while moving, gas. What is this?

Abdominal pain on right side and center of belly, right side back pain, nausea, diarrhea and constipation, low grade fever, loss of appetite for 2 wee?

Abdominal pain, headaches, hot flashes, abdominal pain, fatigue, hot flashes, muscle pain and weakness. 27 year old female please help?

Abdominal pain, heavy period, fatigue, headache, hot sweats, chills, lower back pain

Age 17, female, chest (breastbone) pain, extreme bloating, constipation, hard/painful abdomen to touch, nausea, and feeling of fullness. Any possible causes for someone of my age? Symptoms started to develop around a year ago.

Ankle swelling, tenderness & swollen abdomen , nausea , headaches. For a month . Then sudden lower back pain. Drs said a stone. Getting worse. Help ?

Are nausea, lightheadedness, lower back pain, and shoulder and neck pain signs of pregnancy?

Back pain just under ribs, loss of appetite, occasional nausea and light headedness and achey joints/muscles, what could this be?

Been tired, had abdominal pain (localized and aches), mucus in stool, and joint and muscle pain. What could this be? I have been to the doctor.

Bloated, gassy, abdominal pain, light headed/dizzy, nausea anxiety, vary between hard stools and diarrhea, back pain, fatigue & sleeplessness; 1 year+?

Bloating in stomach, difficulty breathing while laying flat on back, dizziness , fatigue, swollen ankle and weakness... what can the cause be?

Body aches all over with some nausea and some vomiting also some sharp pains in back. No other symptoms. Besides tiredness. Plz help?

Breathlessness after light activity, bloated/stomach cramps, gassy, sweating, tiredness, pain in shoulders, neck, arms, head, throat pain. Any idea?

Burning abdominal pain along with night sweats wakes me up at night, what could cause this?

Burning pain in middle of stomach- between ribs to navel(severe), constant nausea no vomiting, weightloss, no appetite, lethargic, etc. Constantly 1yr?

Burning sensation in my abdomen for the past 3 nights. But during the day I feel fine. Symptoms include loss of appetite, slight nausea, and chills.

Can anxiety cause constant upper abdominal pain and worry cause loss of appetite?

Can fatigue produce chest discomfort and nausea?

Causes of low abdom/pelvic spasm type pain, a lot of pain/pressure in low back and a funny feeling in head an eyes, nausea all is worse when laying down?

Causes of severe daily nausea not relieved by zofran, (ondansetron) abdominal pain, low appetite, and low back pain for over a week. high TSH cause these symptoms?

Causes of stomach pressure lower back pain no energy and nausea in the morning and night ?

Child severe pain in left side of abdominal, bruises, night sweats, sore joints, dizziness. Rashes come and go, loss of appetite. Tightness in chest?

Chills, feeling cold, mild chest pain, tingling discomfort in arms. Frequant urination. Had flu shot last year. Lower abdomen pain. Sex last night?

Chronic abdominal pain upper right quadrant cramping pain takes breath away nauseous off solid food no weight loss please help been told its anxiety and i know it's not?

Cold/hot @same time, upper back pain, lower abdomen pain , extreme fatigue , nauseous.. what could it be?

Constant Bowel sounds, headaches, dizzyness, accasionally chills and vomiting, mild pain in back and bowel area and very uncomfortable ????

Constant nausea for 11 years. Scoliosis diagnosed at the same time. Could the scoliosis (now corrected) have squashed my stomach causing the nausea?

Constant nausea for a week now Occasional vomiting Pain in ab chest back & shoulder Headaches & lightheaded Am waiting to have gallbladder out?

Constant nausea, abdominal pain (upper and lower), loose stools, fatigue, hot flashes and dizziness, emotional, flu-like symptoms and tender breasts!?

Constant stomach discomfort/soreness, nausea, light cramping, lower back pain, tender nipples, dizzy spells, extreme fatigue. no insurance,neg hcg?

Continuous unintentional weight loss, headaches, feel sick, right abdominal pain occasionally, OK blood work?

Cough ongoing for 3 weeks.Severe ear pain, pain on right side of abdomen, hot & cold flushes, severe headache, body aches nausea, dizziness, should I worry?

Could a spleen of 13.5cm cause nausea and a feeling of fullness intermittently ?

Could all of these go together? Here r my symptoms any ideas? Rash nausea loss of appitite throwing up (x1) lower right pain kind by appendix?

Could pelvic inflammatory disease cause nausea loss of appetite and pain near and around right side of belly button?

Decreased urination, joint pain, lower back pain, left rib pain, all over swelling, nausea, weight loss, dizzy spells, weakness, extreme tiredness?!

Diarrhea, body pains, fatigue, tired eyes, chills, slight pain on right side of neck under jaw, dry mouth,sharp pain umbilical region?

Diarrhea, weight loss, l shoulder blade pain, luq pain, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite. Abominal CT was fine. Endoscopy was fine. What next?

Diarrhoea, vomiting, joint and stomach pain. Hight heart rate. Severe shoulder tip pain when vomiting. Light headed, a headache like water in head?

Dizziness and nausea with mild chest pain started today mostly when lying down?

Dizziness extreme tiredness urinating more than normal unexplained weight loss with stomach pains and nausea have ultra sound scan on wednesday?

Dizziness, abdominal pain, back pain, headache, joint/muscle pain, blurred vision , nausia occasionally diarrhea, loss of appetite, purple fingers toes?

Dizziness, cold sweat and trembling, then sudden onset of vomiting, followed by lower back pain and leg pain/numbness. What could have caused it?

Dizziness,nausea, vomiting feeling spe after eat heaviness or pressure n my left side of my chest burning sensation after passing a stool,constipation?

Dizzy/fainted, mod to severe pain lower right ab worse when urinating, nausea, mild fever and general malaise. What could it be? Should I be seen?

Do gallstones cause lower back pain, nausea and loss of appetite?

Do i need to go to the hospital? Pain in the upper right quadrant of my stomach with swelling, pain varies between dull & throbbing and sharp & stabbing, fatigue, nausea but no vomiting, shaking, pale coloration of face, slight fever, diarrhea.

Does extreme heat cause an abdominal migraine in females around 12

Dull lower back pain, fatigue, irritable bowel, aches throughout my body. I woke up very tired as well. What could be causing this symptoms?

Easy bruising yellow skin vomiting, burping, tender abdomen, abdominal pain upper and lower nausea dizziness hiccups and itchy skin. not feeling good

Every 6 weeks I have a bout of severe pain in my right hand side then nausea and rectal bleeding I am tired out and low then fine again?

Excessive dizziness and minor left side abdominal cramping. no ear pain, vaginal bleeding, head ache, and increased heart rate.

Excruciating spasms in stomach and pelvic area, nausea, dizziness, chills and weakness. No fever. Pain lasted 5 hours, now better with painkiller. ?

Exhausted the last 4 days, overheated, nausea and Fullness/heaviness in pelvic area.

Exp. hot/cold flashes, dehydration, (ER visit), breast pain, lower left pelvic pain. insomnia, excessive fatigue, lightheaded, shakiness and headache ?

Experience fever, sore thighs, left leg pain (stabbing), fatigue, pain while on bowel movement or urinating, nausea, and lower abdominal soreness during period. Is this normal?

Experiencing abdominal pain/nausea worsened by eating, diarrhea, pulsating sensation in abdomen, back pain, feeling "winded". What could it bed?

Experiencing burning in abdonem, arms and lower back, as well as nausea since reducing mirtazapine. Worse after eating? Normal side effect?

Experiencing weight loss diarrhea and chills every now and then nausea and pain in right and left lower abdominal area both c protein tests high?

Extreme abdominal pain and tenderness . Keeps me from sleeping or doing anything. Going on for 6 months now. Doctors aren't listening.

Extreme fatigue nauseavomiting yellow liquid stool loss of appetite pain right upper abdomen aching into mid back CTnormal start week ago gettin worse?

Extreme fatigue, dizziness and fainting, severe stomach pain/cramps. Ovarian cysts?

Extreme fatigue, night sweats, kidney pain, burning sensation on upper arm, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, low fever intermittently. Any ideas? 2+ yrs

Extreme fatigue. Fall asleep in car, standing. Abdominal pain, blood in loose stool, normally constipated, extreme joint and back pain.fog head dizzy?

Extreme pain for over a month in my back now for the last week extreme pain in side my uterus area after i pee and bad smell and high fever two days ?

Extreme pain under center of abdomen under ribs. So severer it causes nausea,vomiting,dizziness and shortness of breath. And Severe sweats. ?

Extreme, sudden onset of pain just below stomach. Crippling. Frequent urination, nausea. Back pain for few days. Interrupted sleep because of the pain

F16 upper abdominal pain, nausea&vomiting, sudden pain spike&dizziness led to things going black 2seconds, low back pain both sides; hematuria, no uti?

Fatigue ,loose stools, sickness feeling, constipation, headache, hip pain ,groin pain, overall muscle pain for over a please?

Fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain & tenderness, upper, middle, & lower back pain, shortness of breath, stool w/black spots 1 mm in width. what is it?

Feeling full after eating very little, low appetite, nausea & short of breath while eating, abdominal/lower back pain, heaviness of chest?

Feeling sick loss of appetite dizziness pain in lower right side gradually getting worse?

Fever off and on chills,extrem lower back pain on and off headache throwing up weak ..hard time keeping Consintration.. :( ?

Finding bruises all over my rib cage my back & legs. No appetite for 4 days and no bowel movements. Nausea pain in joints feeling unwell. Advice?

First thing in morning of severe low abdominal pain, nausea, weakness, hot sweats, to point had to rest. Gone 30 minutes later? What could this be?

Flank pain+lwr r abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, chills, hot flashes, fever that comes and goes, decreased appetite, can't stand straight or sleep. Help?

For 3/4 weeks now I have been having all over abdominal pain, back pain, fatigue and hair loss.What could this be?

For 57+ F what could have caused lower abdomen pain with gas along with feeling hot & loss of appetite for a day or two ?

For approximately one week i have muscle pain with headache and abdominal pain frequently and am losing my appetite Help me out doctor's What is tha?

For several days I've had severe leg pain in the top of my thigh, random bruising, Dizziness, nausea and stomach pains. Help?!