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splitting headaches for the last month behind my right temple, it feels like needles being stuck in. 30-120 min duration. OTCs don't help. Help?

07/24 had 1st cervical epidural injection, since I have had a severe headache when i turn my head i get dizzy? No meds help is this normal side effect

12yr old daughter complaining of popping in head followed by intense headache on left side of head. Happened 3x this week but never before. Ideas?

13 year old had abcess removed from brain 14 months ago started headache constant and left hand swelling. Any suggestions she has been very tired?

13yr son fever 2 days throbbing headache started today and spots now appear on cheeks of face and chest he in pain with headache what will it be?

14 yo son has had a headache ongoing for over 1 wk. Dull, achy stabbing. Frontal and sides. Ct head norm. Doctor prescribed sutraline? Neurologist?

15 + yrs strictly right side head pain, mild to moderate. Daily. Pupil on right slightly larger. Unresponsive to meds. Doesnt fit migraine categories. 4 mri/a all clear. Would aneurysm show on tests?

150mg clindamycin and oxycodone for infection in head/tooth (left side). Increase pain on top of head & front tooth after taking. Oxy, clin, glycemia?

16yo girl. Two pebble sized lumps on back of neck, growing in size, and have been there for a week. Have been suffering dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Any ideas??

17 year old son with headache(both sides), sleeps alot, light sensitivity, dull ringing in ears. Alot of stress with school, also has a section of upper back that he says is numb.

17/female. been having brand new visual & auditory hallucinations getting worse for 2-3 mo. & sudden sharp pain behind my eyes frequently. wht do I do?

17weeks pregnant 2nd bby hands & feet swollen had middle upper abdomen pain 1time that was follwed by migraine and vomit could it be preeclampsia?

17wks preg. Severe migraine (18+hrs) with extreme pain in the eyeballs. Causes pain to close eyes, can't sleep. Suggestions for remedy/cause/meds?

17yo female w/ glasses. Frequent headaches for past week, along with head feeling heavy sometimes, and pain in temples. Sometimes sore eyes?

18 y/o girl. Being going to the toilet 3-4 times a night, left side chest pain, vertigo when I wake up until I eat, headache. What could cause this?

19 m, scared i might have brain tumor.Have headaches which i never get on left temple that occasionally spreads, occasional weakness on left side of body & loss of appetite, nausea. Under ton of stress.

19yrold male, prblm last 5 months been on antibiotics. Start as bad allergies, turned into dizziness, vision problems, eye pain, headaches, clearmucus?

20yr old. stressed And worried and now have aching neck and headache. And beginning to think it's a brain tumor. Is it just anxiety? two weeks Started

21 yo F. Hit in head with softball above forehead on hairline 8 hrs ago. No loss of consc. Only symptoms are headache and local pain. Should I worry?

26yr/f &have headaches about 5/7days wk. 2days, severe "pressure" ha's mainly on rt side above ear w/pulsating&fluid-like knot. What could it be?

2yrs. Ago had craniotomy & the last couple headaches there has been a bulging vein on left side starting just above temple down to ear?

38 weeks and left foot stays swollen, mild to severe headaches, & normal bp. What could this mean?

38yo male & I've had ab 5 throbbing minor headaches in back right of head in past 2 months. Non severe. Scale 1-10 ab a 2 if that. Migraine or tumor?

3rd day in a row that I have had either a very bad or moderate headache behind my right eye? I'm a girl and did used to get frequent sinus headaches?

41 yr old female. Terrible headache yesterday and today I have a burning sensation at left temple in hairline. What could this be?

45F Every now and then I get very brief, stabbing pains in forehead, temples, eyes. Feels like a knife attack. No other problems. What is this?

4yr old w/hdache lasts 5sec or less. Happened 5-6 times in 2 weeks, never more than one in a day. No other symp. Temple area. Kiss makes it go away?

5min bouts binoc diplopia,after bending in shower.Daily bouts rt facial pain,dull to severe,along temple to lower jaw.Eye exam normal.Normal BP.Cause?

6 weeks painful top left scalp. No visable sore, daily migraine upon waking. Eyelash loss Deep pain in left ear. Dr gave Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim).. No diagnosis?

8 days ago i hit my head, for about 4hrs after i had blurred vision and felt sick, I have had regular pain relief since but still have head pains.

85 yrs old Mild left half headache,4days comes & goes throb some time.Is it serious?Father had stroke.Take baby aspirin Caduet daily. Avnish

A sudden very hurtful throbbing headache starts at the beginning of a workout. Never experienced this before. Lasts for about 10 sec or so then milds

After giving birth w/preeclampsia(treated with magnesium) i see spots in my left eye accompanied by temple throbbing but minimal pain. Stroke?

After havin pain in forehead, behind eyes& heaviness &burning sensation in head for 2weeks, CT shows acute sinusitis. I took zinoximor but still pain?

After migraine, have slight pain around eye that's going away. Way to speed up the process w/o NSAIDS? Have migraine every 6 years. Is that good? Bad?

After whiplash in 09, i started getting tinitus right away along with these brain spells. Left side of tongue goes numb and my behaviour changes 24/7 ?

Allergies? Iv have had a head ack for the past 3 days. Sometimes when i blow my nose a few sec aft i get a sharp pain on side of head. Am i in danger?

Am 20years old and from no where i got headache at the back and top of my head for 7 days in a row now. It causing me weakness in my body and eyes?

Amitriptyline safe and effective for preventing hemiplegic migraines? I get slight numbness and tingling left side and headaches. Past 2yrs on and off

An Intense pain in the front part of my head every time I sit up, stand up for 4 days? I also have flu like symptoms. But headache began a week prior.

Back of head hurts suddenly. Usually while working out. I^m 44 yes old. Never had this kind of headache b4. What is it?

Bad headaches for number of years,now they are always in left temple & eye,Ex Str. Excedrin takes away pain,54 & in perimenopause,temporal arteritis?

Bad headaches from above eyes around top of head to nape of neck began 7/6/13 went away w/tx for sinusitis & returned 1wk later. Only fioricet (acetaminophen butalbital and caffeine) helped.

Been waking up with a mild headache on my right side for 3 days, but goes away when i run or excercise.. Scared of brain cancer, but my doc says no..

Bilateral headache shifting front to back throbbing with pulse, lasted noon-11 pm. No aura or visual changes?

Brain fog for the past couple of weeks coupled with dull ache behind both eyes. Stiff neck also. My Lexapro (escitalopram) dose loosing effectiveness? A migraine?

Can an emotional breakdown be the reason for severe headache, pain in right shoulder right thigh, lost focus, blurred vision to a sensitive man(35) ?

Can cervicogenic headaches turn into migraine? Mine start in neck/sholdr then excruciating back head w vomit, light sensitivity, lasts 12 hours plus. 

Can headaches & pains n your head cause brain swelling or cause problems like this.. All my test have came back normal but i'm still worried!

Can i get advice?I was discharged home from hospital yesterday.Spent three days there with migraine, tension headache, vision problems and unexplained left sided weakness.Today, i can't feel my left leg

Can losartan for hbp cause headaches that come and go throughout the day?Taken for 2 1/2months. Pain moves around head.Only lasting 5-15sec each time

Can requip (ropinirole) cause pain in the back of the head and disturb vision?

Can trigeminal neuralgia happen on both sides of the face?Or switch from right to left? Getiing progressively worse. Low grade fever. Lost 90lbs in6mo

Can you keep gettin headache or pains in different parts of de head from comin off birth control?

Car wreck about 3yrs ago. Still having migraines, neck pain, forget stuff. Seems in a different world. The pain is right side mostly. What could it be?

Cause for 26 yo f awoke with severe rt. Eye pain, lt hand numbness, dizziness, vomited x2 taste &smelt sweet. Few hrs later only has rt eye soreness?

Cause of severe front right localised head pain? Occurs avg 20 times a day lasting 5-15 mins. Not to do with eyes or stress. Mri clear. Relief ideas?

Chronic fatigue, headaches daily(mostly right side), constant brain fog, chest pain left side. All diminish when pregnant and return 3mths postpartum?

Chronic sinusitis diagnosed ten years ago.Used medicine many times but nothing changed. I feel pain around eyes, have head ache.Is surgery last option?

Concussion in jan, pcs since. Meditatively tried to access trouble part of brain, sudden severe stabbing pain. What can I be doing to heal/reroute?

Constant right frontal headache for 12 days; ibuprofen does nothing for it. Nothing makes it better, worse in the a.M.Face is 1/2 hot and 1/2 cold.

Constant xtreme headache worse by day. 1year now. Pressure inside, hurts to touch.Can't do anything(drive, work) MRI was fine. Norologist giving up.

Continues headache for a week not high BP i've been using soft later for my face before this headache started. When I touch my face the flesh even hur?

Coughing causes sharp pain in temple with double vision sometimes temporary blindness lasting approximately 30 seconds to a couple of minutes?

Could getting hit in the eye area cause brain swelling? How long before that would show up? I don't have a headache or anything. Just some jaw pain.

Could this just be a normal migraine? I have a severe pain @ my left temple and forehead it hurts worse when i close my eyes it has been almost constant since august 16th when i got hit in that spot with a full 20 ounce bottle of water I have taken my scr

Csection 2 weeks ago, I have fever, awful headache, nausea, dizziness, and my right outer thigh is completely numb. Are they related? Should I worry?

Dad is 64 Yrs old,he has frequent pain which starts from left arm till neck then grows till head and forehead with eyes burning irritation.MRI is clean,visited many neuro surgeons, but still pain remains.Pls advice which specialised doc to consult?

Daily headache that comes after waking by 1-3 hrs, increases during day, pulsates, moves all around head(mainly top head)been weeks, mild sinusitis got magnesium deficiency symptoms (random twitching)

Develop sores in head/scalp after taking 800 mg ibu 2x/day & over time. Feels as though nerve endings reach down into my head/cause travelling pain.?

Diagnosed w migraines by neuro. Starts w/ tense neck/ trap muscles, eventually turns into pain around entire head. Vomit. Whatkind of migraine is ths?

Diagnosed with migraine headaches Jan 2016. Given 250mg Naproxen. Recently feeling constant pressure, dull ache, brain freeze sensation. Back to GP?

Did 3 lines of meth last one gave severe headache on both temples, goes away when I stand Is it serious, what causes it? pls help No more drugs for me

Did I have a mini-stroke? I am a 25 year old female. I had an experience last night that scared me. I was just walking along in my house and got a sudden, intense headache. The headache felt worse when i moved my head, with pain kind of rushing to whateve

Dilantin level was 5.4 (2) weeks ago, 1.4 today have severe headache only on left side. Feel like funny hard to describe. ?

Do brain tumor headaches tend to come and go? Had headache for several days that stopped for a couple weeks and now is back again for several days.

Do i require a tetanus shot for a cut from a concrete block? 72 hours ago. Feeling dizzy/nausea for 48hrs. Woke up with intense neck pain, now passed.

does trigeminal neuralgia start mildly and then progresses? or it starts suddenly with the serious stabbing?

Dr said I have shingles in rt. Side of head and eye/. Pain is severe in that area and will not let up --he put me on lyrica 75 mgs but it doesn't help so far. How long does this severe pain lasr with shingles. I broke out very little but eye is still

Dull forehead pain all day for weeks.Sensitive to touch. Mri clear. I meditate, exercise. Neuro thinks tension. Please help.

Dull headache past 3 days, all around head & behind eyes. I have anxiety pretty bad & stressed out. Eye exam normal, not taken meds. Worried cancer?

Dull left side headaches, come and go for 2 months. Work in front of computer 12 hrs/day. Sometimes neck is sore. No insurance, tension headaches? 29m

Dx chronic sinisitis (MRI)- is it poss to have moments of pressure in jaw,temple,upper teeth,head thru day with no congestion,discharge or oth symp?

Dxd w/rrms left side numbness, left side eye pain. Finished 3day IV steroids & prednisone titration 2days ago. Eye pain is back, did the meds not work?

Ear pain and dizziness suddenly developed a few hours ago, what can this be? Female, age 50, hx of Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Ever since i was a kid (i am now 22) I have experienced severe migraines but they only ever occur behind my left eye. What could it be?

Every so often I get a single pulse headpain, left side. Pain mild - moderate. Only lasts 1-2 seconds. What could the cause be?

Extreme headache on the left side(above ear). Just started 5 days ago. Doc tried muscle relaxers-didnt work. Codeine barely helps. What could it be?-

Extreme upper forehead pain & between eyebrows shortly after crying? (Near hairline) Stops once I'm calmed down. What is this?

Eye pain when moving them up and down and side to side. Slight headache when moving them. No migraine. 10 days after mmr vaccine. Should I see a doc??

Feels like pulsating dull pains in head followed by lightheadedness. Sometimes just a dull bad pain.Blood taken recently, nothing found. Stroke signs?

Fell while kneeling on bed and hit head on wall. I've had a bad tension headache for 72 hrs. Taken hydro because pain. No other symptoms. See a Dr?

For 1-2yrs, mod. pain around temples when laughing hard. For 2-3mo, mod-sev. pain above left eyebrow when laughing hard. No known trauma. Thoughts?

For 2 weeks I have had tightness around my forehead and temples. Also feeling out of body. I recently was diagnosed with astigmatism. What's wrong?

For 2 weeks I've had a weird tingly pressure just under my left eyebrow, it's not painful, just annoying. Migrane relief tablets didn't help.

For 8 mos. I had a headache (posterior, 10+ pain) & rash on thighs. Both gone for 2 mos.-but are now back! MRI of neck up =good. Think stress induced?

For a while I had sinus pressure. Doc said sinuses were swollen and gave me a steroid shot. But its back along with headaches and slight lightheadedness if I move my head from side to side. This has been going on now for over a month. Otc meds don't seem

For many years i am suffering from right side headache and pain behind my right eye . it starts mostly after 3-4 hrs after plyg badminton regularly?

For many years i am suffering from right sided headache and pain behind m right eye .. it starts mostly after 3-4 hours after playing badminton?

For the last 2 weeks IV been getting a numb ache in the centre of forehead above the nose , lasts about 10-15 secs and happens about 15 times a day?