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2 months. Mild colic pain, constant yellow stool, sometime orange, Bilirubin levels 23, frequent wind, had weight loss 6kg..put a lot back on. Age 18?

After a 3 days of influenza (flu) w/ fever took ibuprofen and acetaminophen it have left me with a back burning sensation. No problem during peeing. ?

Black stools, Xanax, extended ibuprofen use, AS, chills and sweats, fainting feeling, no fever, nausea, anything match all of these symptoms?

feeling sick for a few months I've been running low grade temps, muscle weakness, white cell counts up and down, blurry vision, cold hand and feet?

Have a pocket of,fluid in my left breast. It has been 8 weeks since surgery and know i have fever and chills. Should i call the doctor.

Have swollen glands neck pain pressure iny head and a fever as long as i take advil (ibuprofen) every 4 hrs i can keep my fever down however this is painful .

I have been sick for the past 3 weeks. I have no energy ,my chest hurts when I cough, and low grade fever. What should I do?

Last time I was sick and slept I had very weird dream because my fever reducers only work for 4 hr. How do I make sure my fever is reduced all night

only symptom is kidney pain, nausea and body aching. could it be a kidney infection?? no fever or no problem urinating no burning.

X 2 wks = Feet, ankles , legs , & face feel swollen & puffy . Abdomen is bloated , with loss of appetite, general malaise, w/headaches- concerning ?

? Lymphoma but no enlarged lumps or bumps. Weight loss, night sweats, anaemia, chronic low back/hip pain present. T.b ruled out. Still? Lymphoma?

+Ana 1:160 H. +EBV 3.97 H (via igg). Joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, phantom smells (bleach),metallic taste, dizziness, weakness, some nausea. ?

+ana that went from 1:80 to 1:160 within a month. Neg-other antibodies, on and off flares, joint pain, chest/face rashes, fatigue, cough, chest pain?

+ana1:160, skinbiopsy showed inflammation, fatigue, joint pain, rashes, hot flashes, trouble breathing, brain fog. Neg for lupus. Doc thinks me/cfs?

1 week ago i had flushot after 3 days I have severe muscleandjoint ache stillcontinue blood work shows normal my gp check my reflex normal maybe flu?

10 days post bilateral partial vulvectomy. I get periods of sweating and feeling feverish despite having a normal temp. Should I be concerned?

10 days post op from gallbladder removal. Lethargic and have flu like symptoms , tired, chills, no appetite but no fever. Should i call the doc?

10 year old daughter, adopted from south china, had mono jan-may in 2013. Fatigue, stomach pain, muscle fatigue re-emerged with cold weather. ?

100 degree fever, cloudy urine for about a week and low back pain that's gotten progressively worse through the week which is now extreme?

100-102F fever for 2-3 days headache, earache & sore throat No appetite Fatigue Call doctor or treat fever/pain with NSAIDs, rest, fluids?

100.9 fever, chills,body aches,nausea & low back pain for 1 day. Next day real groggy, no fever and little appetite. Could this be a UTI or virus?

103 fever along with headache that has lasted 1 entire day. Plus body ache. Fever has reduced but stays constant at 101.

103.2 fever,Been 100.4-103.2 for four days.Only symptom is stabbing pain in back of head on/off.Just had a double ear infection. Should I go to the er?

103.5 Celsius fever and joint pain. Vomiting since morning. Unable to move. Can this be chickenguniya type fever? She's also a Asthma patient

104.5 f, ear&throat pain, headache (throat 2 ear), lside. Chills [email protected]& fever @6pmpst, rising. 200mg ibuprofen @5. Should i take more ibuprofen/an aspirin, see dr today? Pain 4/10 when swallow.

11 turning 12 year old boy - sore Testicles slight (1°)fever headache, is this puberty?

11 weeks 3 days pregnant and i've been battling constant headaches and a temperature. What can I do to relieve this?

11 yr old boy: Severe head ache (20 mins) x 2/day with mild fever since 10 days, tolerating feed. CSF analysis normal. What could be the problem ?

11y/o been sick with various viruses for 6 months. Last two weeks has dropped 10lbs/serious fatigue. Cbc normal so doc said "depression". Is he right?

11yr old has am nausea, joint pain(xray normal), occassional low fever. Symptoms worsened over 1yr. X-rays normal. 3 dr's & no dx. Any ideas? Please!

12 weeks post partum. I have extreme chills. Temp is normal. Feels like my blood is ice cold. Infection?

12 year old, puking, nauseated , loss of appetite , no fever but rising temp, tested negative to strep headache, also sore throat , what could this be?

12.5mg i ingestion caused immediate thyroid soreness, still felt now, days later (se also taken). Preceding thy panel showed normal fxn. Why sore?

12w6d running a fever off and on. Headache and can't hold anything down. ER said I have uti that is cause all of this. But fever is jump like crazy?

12yr old daughter has had temp of 101.6 for 13 hrs. Bad headache , pain in center chest, nauseated, fever are symptoms.

12yr old had shingles a month ago. Been losing extreme weight & malaise. Doc took blood today-results Tuesday. Could it be mono?

13 month old had low grade fever of 100.5 for 3 days and now has a rash on her back and a little on chest. What can it be and do I need to take her to doctors?

13 yrs old, fever 100 - 102 x 6 days. Body aches, headache, RLQ cramps, pain level 5. Green BM. Neg for flu & strep. No nausea or vomiting. Puzzled?

14 yr old son has been sleeping all day, w/low grade fever (99.5), hasn't eaten much the past few days and has a pinching pain @ his belly button.

140oz h20 a day. Intense thirst. labs still shows chronic dehydration. Possible causes?

15 year old boy low WBC but no syptoms.Has great appetite, no pains or sickness, its 2.2 he was reffered to a hemotologist.He is ver active may, tired?

15 year old diagnosed w Parvovirus B19 &Flu A yesterday. Complaining of lower back pain on right side by kidney. Not dehydrated&no temp for 36hrs.ok??

15 ys old son liver & spleen enlarged Antibiotics give fever keeps fluctuating 100-102 but down from 103 gets pain in his chest area Why is this?

15. Female. (108lbs) 5'7ft Does not take medication. Seems like absence seizures. Spinning sensation. Severe fatigue (over 3 months) Enlarge nodes?

16 month old broke out with fever 2 day. It started in the am. Now 102.1, no other symptoms, just fever and lack of energy. Advice/ suggestions please?

16. Female.108lbs 5'7ft. No medications. absence seizures. Spinning sensation. Severe fatigue. Enlarge nodes. easy bleeding and bruising. Pale skin?

16yr night sweats & chills, mild fever on and off past 3months, neg for mono and tick diseases- monocytes 18% decreased strettara not better on this?

17 month old w/constant diarrhea for 6 days. appetite not normal but does eat lightly. plenty of fluids no fever. temp as low as 97.4. what is wrong?

17 y.o. Dizziness, headaches, easy bruising, fatigue, bleeding from rectum, had frequent nosebleeds months ago, low grade fevers, bone pain. Any ideas?

18 month old has 102.5 fever for 10 hrs now.Not going down with Tylenol (acetaminophen).Runny nose/fatigue/irritable.No appetite.When should she be seen by a doctor?

18mo is vomiting (5x last 1.5hr), no fever, no diarrhea, lethargic, leg shakes post episode(doesn't have cold chills) and appears confused. Hospital?

1st nausea & vomiting, then painful spider like bite red n irritated and chills, dizziness, a lot of pressure on spine n pain. But 3wks post myelogram.

2 1/2 yr old has a temp of 102.5 / complaining of ear pain. If infected this will be her 3rd in 2-3 months. Back to dr? Why aren't antibiotics working

2 of my sons & I within 2 hours of each other we're all puking & diarrhea. Body aches & chills but no fever. I had a bad headache & dizzy. Contagious?

2 swollen lymph nodes 4 3 months night sweats IBS chronic fatigue low back pain and im sick 5x longer ppl around me dr said paranoid but ran no tests?

2 week fever, kidney pain and finished antibiotics still no change in fever Or pain. Why?

2 weeks after lap appendectomy. Pain on right side, slight fever, chills and nausea. Infection?

2 weeks coffee ground looking diahrea, headaches, lower abdominal pain near hip and always tired... any ideas and my DOB 03/28/1984 (system won't fix)?

2 y/o w/ mucus stool with a few flecks of red blood after 3 days of mild diarrhea. Hydrated, not in pain, acting normal,no mass.Emergent or watch?

2 y/o with vomiting and fever. Vomiting stopped 2 days ago but fever remains and is high while sleeping. No other symptoms but bug bite on arm. Whiny.

2 year old had a fever yesterday(102.5). Today has diarrhea and no fever but excessively sweating and cranky. What could it be?

2 years ago i finished treatments for acute lymphoma lukiemia, i've been bruising badly recently, is this a sign its coming back?

2 yr old eye red &watery.Dr said pinkeye treat w drops.Thurs a lot of tummy pain &102 fever.dr said bc of eye.Still has 102 fever,conjested &tummypain?

2.5yr old complaining of pain in left ear no fever no redness no reaction when touched but is unable to sleep without waking with pain do I wait ?

20 year old male, I've been waking up with fluid retention/swelling in my extremities. Normal CBC, CMP. What could cause this? Slight short of breath!

21 month old has been lethargic and irritable for 5 days. Complaining of body and teeth hurting, not much appetite, but no fever. Is it serious?

21, f, I have muscular dystrophy. Have been having chills, hot skin and night sweats. No fever. Ended period 1 wk ago; been happening for 2wks.

21y/o ,have loose stools with urgency for 4 months,i go once daily &maybe once every 2 days,no ocult blood or pain or history of illness or fatigue?

22 mo old daughter with sudden fever of 102. No symptoms other than body aches and excessive gas. Fever lasted less than 24hrs. Still has gas. ?

22 years old male, I hav diarrhea that started yesterday. There ws passage of loose soft stools that felt grainy. Now I have mild fever and headache.

22 yrs of prednisone treatment for SLE. 3days of nausea,fatigue,weakness, dizziness and low body temp between 95.2 to 95.6. What could it be?

23 now.Diagnosed low IgA 10 years ago.Prone to colds and flu and severe.Now has endometriosis, blood and protein in urine, chronic sinus congestion/pain?

23 year-old woman with fatigue, cold hands and feet, pallor, elevated TPO, iron-deficiency, and other symptoms. What steps for a good evaluation.....?

23 yr old female. Night sweats, extreme fatigue, bruising very easily for about 6 months. Internet keeps saying Leukemia. Is there a chance of that?

23. Tired, cold, short of breath easily, joint pain, wt loss, syncope. CBC: h/h 7.4/27.7; wbc 13.4; neutrophils 90%; lymphocytes 6%. Should I worry?

23yr old female. Night sweats every night, extreme fatigue, bruising very easily on legs. Ongoing for 6 months. Basic bloodwork normal. Suggestions?

24 hours w/pharyngitis,sore neck shoulders,mild headache comes and goes.Worried about bacterial meningitis doc said don't worry. Get 2nd opinion?

24 year old boyfriend has had 100-103 fever, body aches, and dizziness for two days. Been to ER and doctor, they don't know what it is. Any ideas?

24f, feels like lead in my bones, bodily fatigue/weakness, falling 2-3x/wk, muscle spasms, pain, no fever/signs of general cold/infection?

25 yr old Fe. Have had large back of neck nodes since teen.WBC always nml.Have fatigches, depression, skinlesions, nose sores abd pain, GIupset.Ideas?

25hours ago i took 18paracetamol tablets. The past few hours I have had dizziness, sweating, freezing chills, no appetite and aching bones?

27 y/o female with 4 days history of fever, night sweats, headache, generalized painful lymphadenopathy, fatigue, elevated liver enzymes? Mono neg

27 yoa F.I had a c section 9 weeks ago. I have been naseous w/ on/off diarrhea, extreme fatigue, clammy & feel like i am burning up temp is 95.7?

28 mo old had bad rash that caused to hold her stool from pain & even after rash is gone still holding stool. She's dev'd fever twice. what's causing?

29 yr. Old male with history of hypothyroid & has severe head cold and chest congestion since dec. Muscle weakness and fatigue. Is amoxil (amoxicillin) best route?

2months ago my Son got stomatitis sore Trough fever neck lymphNode enlargement&Parotitis.Lost appetite.mono test neg.He recovered but lost weight now.

2nd day of being sick, woke up with fatigue, slight nausea, loss of appetite, nasal congestion. My temperature is back up to 100.3. Should I go to ER if it gets any worse? What would they do to help?

2nd opinion. High ASO titre 6+mo despite tx w/ pen per Infect disease Dr. Cont to have weakness/fatigue, night sweats, excess hunger/thirst, achey,?

2y/o fever 102.7, productive cough, decreased appetite diarrhea lethargy. Now feels better but is getting small red dots(not raised on chest&groin.Er?

3 days ago, I felt general tiredness a little weak and had a fever of 38slight abdominal discomfort,a day after I developed watery diarrhra! Wt is it?

3 days fever, pale, nausea, fatigue, no appetite. Have had to push fluids into my 17 yr old son. He had dinner with friends Friday. Advice please?

3 days of hacking cough jags w/ sudden severe pain in front left part of my head & getting very light headed Had pertussis vaccine 2 yr ago No Fever?

3 month old decreased urine output. Breastfed well. Seems to have abdominal pain. Moist mucous membranes. ?

3 month old has a WBC of 23.1 after finishing antibiotics. He has frequent nosebleeds, trouble breathing, fevers, vomiting &poor appetite. Help?

3 month old. Decreased urine output. No signs of dehydration. Irritable. Some abdominal discomfort at times. Breastfed, eats well. No other problems ?

3 months waking up running fever..No sweating or chills but skin is hot and red..Not been sick...But been really tired and not myself. I have a pacemaker but other than that im ok...I don't undersand why I would be running fever?

3 weeks after my laparoscopic appendectomy i still have abdominal pain, low appetite, diarrhea with blood and mucus and feel very tired?

3 weeks of reduced loose stools. Slight r abdo twinge. Bloods+ stools + abdo U/S ok just cysts. Nausea + fatigue improved. Advice? Very anxious ....

3 wk post tah now low grade fever off & on x 3 days, hard lump about 1" above incision with abdominal pain and is slightly warm and painful to touch?

3 wks v reduced, incomplete, loose BM wit r abdo discomfort, poor appetute, super fatigue. Bloods and faecal sample for microbiology fine.++fatigue?