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Are hot flashes, dry mouth, fatigue, gas, slight mood swings and some mild cramping a sign of early pregnancy?

Can i be pregnant? Im experiencing loss of appietite, nausa ,headaches, backaches ,tirednes dizzyspells and my period is lighter than usual.

headache,, bloating , off balance , vision trouble, dizzy, off balance . heavy menapause ...pms but dr. says no PMS then what else ..

I feel constant fatigue late afternoon over a year now,other symptoms are easy bruising and yellowish urine,what it could be?

"Hot flashes" and chills during my period, I'm 23 years old, is this normal? I've also had a history of severe cramps and nausea during the first day.

10.5 weeks pregnant w/ intermittent mild-severe cramping, spotting-light bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and mild dizziness. I am abroad. Is this urgent?

11 days late, increased clear vaginal discharge, headaches, increased appetite, headaches, tired, leg and lower back pain. Negative pregnancy test?

11 weeks pregnant. Never got major morning sickness, only slight nausea sometimes. Haven't had much of an increased appetite yet? Is this normal?

12 weeks pregnant and experiencing night sweats some nights. Is this normal?

12 years I been having cold sweats all over, palpitations, internal cramping, passing out & can't breath after sex, before menstruation. Endometrios?

17 weeks pregnant.Diarreah, increased nausea, constant urination, overly tired all the time. Is this normal?

18 female/ never been pregnant: copper IUD inserted 2 weeks ago, had sex once after now vomiting, nausea, lightheaded, abdominal pain and tiredness?

19 y/o F with severe period pain. Miss school&work monthly. NSAIDS don't relieve pain. Also have nausea, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea. Is it normal?

2 Dpo nausea, bloating, cramping, fatigue and dizziness could be caused by what?

2 month missed period pregnancy symptoms pain on right side lower back have a cyst on ovary bad headache dizziness nausea fatigue what's wrong ?

2 wks of intermittent diarrhea and nausea, headache, decreased appetite, pelvic pain, extreme fatigue, period delayed 8 days, neg preg?

21 weeks pregnant. No morning sickness (MS) in first trimester; however, past three weeks, I have been nauseated, experienced loss appetite, and upset stomach. Can I be experiencing late onset MS?

22 years old, having frequent spells of hot flashes, nausea and extreme tiredness. Not pregnant. Have never experienced this before ?

23 yr old female--extreme nausea, metallic taste in mouth, sore breasts, and extreme fatigue, put on provera (medroxyprogesterone) and symptoms continue after period?

26 yrs,had a miscarriage 6 months miss my period 1.5 month.severe gas problem,headache, constipation,no other symptom,is it pregnancy?

3 weeks I have had nausea, mild abdominal cramping, fatigue, significant sore breasts and few times a metallic taste. Light period 1.5 day but hpt-?

38 1/2 weeks pregnant sudden headache nausea frequent bathroom visits no diarrhea and fatigue normal or something else?

40 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have massive headache and extreme fatigue.

5 days late, pink watery fluid today, headaches, heavy fatigue, backache, abdominal pain, nausea, frequ urination. No protection was used. PREGNANT?

5w3d, no symptoms at all. No craving, no tender breasts, no nausea, no vomit, etc. Except on and off tiredness. Am worried. Am i normal? Pls help! tq

6 days late. No pms. 3 day pd. Now after it I have slight cramps. Fatigue. Headaches. Dizzy. Nausea. Heartburn. 90F body temp. usually 86. Normal?

62 days since last day of my last period, waking up with headaches, no vomiting, and mild exhaustion. Should I take a HPT?

8 days past period and neg preg tests safe to say not pregnant? Even with all other symptoms- nausea, loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, dizzy, etc

9 weeks pregnant and loss all symtoms. I went from extreme nausea and more to nothing. Is there something wrong?

A week before period fatigue, nausea, slight cramping, low back pain increase urination, some headache, breast tenderness, PMS or pregnancy?

About 4 weeks pregnant, intense abdominal pain, intense nausea, dizziness, feverish,no appitite, light bleeding for 4 days. Is this a miscarriage?

After I eat, I end up having a heartburn & a headache/migraine. & some white discharge. Is this a symptom of pregnancy?

Age 43, periods irregular, no interest in sex, on heavy meds. dizzyness, nausea, stomach discomfort and weakness. Should I consult gainic. or is it ok?

Age 45.Period two weeks early. Symptoms of nausea, back ache, headache, bloating, fatigue, loss of appetite. ?

Am i pregnant if flow started reducing immediately and a sense of nausea and hunger also begun?

Am I pregnant? Frequent urination, nausea, lower abdominal pains, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite towards certain foods, light spotting, discharg

Am i pregnant? Hot flashes, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, sore breast, dizzyness, light spotting, tiredness and headachs

Are cramps and major fatigue 8 days after IUI a good sign?

Are UTI and pregnancy symptoms same? Like tender and achy breast, mild cramps, back aches, fatigue, naussea, frequent urination, food craving, nd more

Around ovulation i experience moderate pain, nausea, diarrhea, and i become very cold. This happens every month. Why?

At 10w pregnant is it normal to loose the very few pregnancy symptoms you had like slight tiredness & nauseas & feel completely normal again?

At what point are PMS symptoms abnormal? Been off bc for a yr. Irregular period, horrible pain, fatigue and very emotional w frequent crying. Normal?

Been having cramping, headaches, frequent urination, dizziness, lower back pain, and mood changes but i got 2 negative pregnancy tests am i pregnant?

Before I got period last month I was experiencing frequent urination,constipation,breast large,tiredness,nausea. after period nausea alone continues .

Before my period i get severe emotional downfall and sore and dry skin then just about the night before my period i experience diarrhea + feeling sick?

Bloated an heaviness in low belly an headache worse with walking off balance is this PMS or withdrawel from antidepressant?

Bloating, frequent urination, metallic taste in mouth, back pain. no nausea or cramping. still pms or pregnancy? period due in a week

Breast tenderness constipation dizziness cramping. What are these symptoms of?

Breast tenderness, constipation, dizziness and cramping. What are these symptoms of?

Can early menapause cause frequent headaches?

Can a woman experience nausea & fatigue or any symptoms during her fertile days or is it only during ovulation?

Can dizziness and vomiting with no fever be linked to a car accident two days prior, her menstrual cycle also began today.

Can extreme motion sickness (especially around more hormonal times of the month) (not pregnant) be a sympt. of seizure? Vest.Migraine?

Can hormonal changes cause backache bladder problems weepiness and tiredness?

Can low TSH .007 cause all day nausea? Not pregnant not flu/sick been nauseous all day over a week with headaches, chronic fatigue, low appetite

Can nausea (no dizziness) only when standing be related to a menstrual cycle?

Can nausea a week before period be a sign of pregnancy? Can nausea be caused by being tired? Or having stress?

Can pregnancy symptoms be acne break out, loss of appetite and nauseated only?

Can you be 2 weeks and still have a period and experience nausea constantly for three weeks?

Can you experience period symptoms, like bloating,cramping,fatigue, increase urination if your cycle is delayed or changing?

Can you feel rebound tenderness with early appedicities ?

Can you tell me what's wrong with me, spotting, nauseous, vomiting after great meal, fatigue, and cramping?

Can you tell me, are a stuffed nose, continuing mild headaches.. Very mild cramping or your sides of your uterus or so, can those be pregnancy symptoms?

Can.Uti cause dizziness.And slight nausea.Or am i pregnant?

Causes of severe headche during 39 weeks pregnancy?

Confusion between which rashes are due to being pregnant?

Could be 2 weeks preg. Having dizzy spells, extreme fatigue, headaches, mild cramps, basically PMS symptoms but it's too early. Could this be preg?

Could I have a hormonal imbalance? Nausea, dry heaving, crying, anxiety, stomach ache every time after period for last 3 months. 16 female. Not pregnant.

Could this be a alarming facter bloating mild with discharge cramping, nausea, headache and butterflies feeling also missed period?

Cramping every so often at 34 weeks. Cause?

Cramping, headache, hot and cold flashes, fatigue and discharge. Could these be pregnancy symptoms?

Cramps and nausea post partum due to constipation. What do I do?

Cycle day14, intimate the last 5 days. Feeling nausea, dizziness, bloating, mild cramping and just plain weird.. Prego?!

Daily nausea and fatigue. I find myself gagging amd dry heaving at work and at night. Not pregnant. What are common causes for these in a 26 yr old?

Diarrhea aftr each meal, loss of appetite, nausea, slight pelvic cramps, had short period 2wks ago, faint, fatigue. Been 2wk. What could this be?

Diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, and lack of energy for almost a week now... Could I be pregnant?

Dizziness headaches increase cervical mucus breast tenderness. What are these symptoms of?

Dizziness headaches increase cervical mucus breast tenderness. What could this be?

Dizziness, lightheaded, nausea, cramping, could this be all related to my anemia or fibroid tumor, not pregnant?

Dizziness, two periods per month for two months, nausea, headaches, hot flashes, cloudy urine, weight loss.

Dizzy hot flashes/nausea light cramps random headaches sore/tender breasts (not normal before period) hunger pains.. period expected in 1-2 days ?

Do menstrual cramps often cause an increase in appetite?

Do RA patients regularly suffer from nausea, fullness, feeling bloated and light headed ? I have been experiencing these since 3 weeks. Esp in the day

Does a late period always mean pregnancy if youve had some symptoms? (frequent urinating. Nausea. Headaches.Tired.Back ache.)

Does exhaustion or tiredness caused backache with white discharge?

Does nausea come with menopause?

Does the lack of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy always indicates low level of hormones? Is the lack of nausea cause for alarm?

During my period i experience severe shivering, anything to do about it?

During my period, I experience an increase level of temperature sensitivity, nausea, and very upset stomach, is this normal?

Early light period, fatigue, abdominal cramps, blurred vision intermittently severe what is it?

Early pregnancy or period symptoms? Dizziness from back of head, enlarged breasts not too sore, reduced appetite, vivid dreams, mild constant cramps lower pelvic, and light spotting 3 days before af.

Endedmy period9/28/12, had pink spottin, nausea, frequent urination, headaches, fatigue, constipation, bloating, gas, &been feelin sick since, why?

Every morning i suffer nausea light headness diarrhea confusion. No i'm not pregnant i had a hysterectomy but still have my ovaries ?

Excessive sweating but not hot missed period nausea heartburn and fatigue could i be pregnant?

Experiencing fatigue, moderate nausea, bloating, dizziness, increased vaginal discharge, & abnormal period. Negative HPT. Something is wrong, what?

Experiencing right ovary pain and intense hunger. Can't tell if it's PMS symptoms or pregnancy symptoms. My temp is 99.1. My period comes in 5 days.

Extreme cramps, flatulence, tiredness. Are these perimenopausal symptoms?

Extreme fatigue, persistant cramp in low right stomach, purpura during period only, bloating breast soreness, no appetite. No insurance.What is going on?

Extreme lower backaches, extreme fatigue, queasiness, and mild pain in breasts. Period one day late but usually irregular. Could i be pregnant?

Extreme nausea, metallic taste in mouth, sore breasts, and extreme fatigue for two months-put on medroxyprogestrone and symptoms continue after period?