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have cold shivers/ shakes, harsh coughing and sometimes vomiting and recently need to pee a lot why is that?

11 days ago I got 3 stitches above my eye from being punched, ever since I have been feeling nauseous and my body temp has been going from hot to cold?

18 years old 36 weeks pregnant chest pain/heart burn dizziness and bad migraine. And heat flashes. I get really hot out of no where what's wrong?

2 weeks of weakness followed by cold feeling and then sweat. Is this the flu?

2 year old has his head very hot and his mouth is burning also his breath is hot but shows no fever. Is this something I should worry about?

2 yr old coughing, dry, can't take a nap, body feels hot. Only been coughing for 3 days. No throwing up but body started feeling hot today.

20 yr old f: suddenly hot and dizzy. Walking to office, i was breathing heavy, cold sweat and nearly blacked out, then unbearable menstrual cramps.

24 weeks pregnant. Today i had chills run down my body but was sweating, i did not feel good. Is this normal?

29 weeks pregnant, i feel like i'm having hot flashes, i feel constantly hot and irritable and fatigue. Is this normal?

3-5x week my face gets very hot to the touch (not flushed/no fever), I feel lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseous. Can't preform simple tasks. Help?

81 yr-old woman with 1 year of frequent spells of hot, prickly, tingling all over skin; hands cold, chest tightness, and exhaustion after spells.....?

A chilling cold feeling at night, then after that a very warm or hot feeling replace. What symptoms of sickness is it?

A week before my period I feel get really cold even if the room is not so cold. I have various PMS symptoms but that is the strangest? Is it PMS?

About a week ago i noticed that my hands were clammy, since that day they have been clammy everyday since, what could cause this? Dehydration?

After 8 days treatment of typhoid, sometimes i feel too hot & sometimes feeling chill and tiredness but have normal temperature.What should i do?

After a c section, after 17 hours labour and lots of antibiotics, I am getting vomiting attacks that are intense and lots of dry wretching with hot and cold feeling. Is it normal?

After an appendectomy would feeling like you are very hot but actually feeling cold to the touch indicate any possible complications?

After hot bath or hot shower i feel very dizzy, my heart rate speeds up, and i get a bad headache. Is anything wrong&should i be concerned?

After hot humid day, muscles skin and head aches. No thirst or hunger, blurred vision. Cold then hot. Restless sleep with heavy breathing.

After I hit my head a few days after got a drip and keep getting hot flashes or fever like symptoms it gets hot and goes away doc t was sinus infect?

After i swam, my nose started to block and started to cough.after 2 days , dizzy and feeling super cold in cold place and sweat a lot in a hot place.

All day for the past 2 days my face has felt really warm, but I have no fever. No other symptoms except very tired. Very bothersome. What could it be?

Any ideas for frequent heat flashes (sweaty, very dizzy) and constant head pain such as feeling heavy also always thirsty but am drinking frequently?

Are hot flashes and dizziness symptoms of pregnancy? I am only 20 and lately i've been havin hot flashes, cravings and dizzy spells.

Awful overheating, what to do?

Been nauseated for 1.5 wks, hot flashes, dizzy, and cramps the last three days. Have been to the dr, but told that "it's just a virus". No relief.

Blood in urine which i know is UTI but i also have pains all over and having cold and hot sweats and am feeling weak. Is this part of the infection?

Body feeling off and hot. Sudden sweaty palms and feet. Sudden light headed and feeling about to pass out. Nausea. ?

Can a oncoming mirgrane cause a hot flash cold chills and a headrush where you feel like you are on a cloud rocking or is it a seizure?

Can amitriptyline cause increased sweating? On 10mg for a month and i've noticed i feel hot (no fever) and sweating. Thyroid normal. Hypochondriac.

Can being dizzy and heavy headed be due to cold or is it hay fever feel really horibble :(?

Can being too hot and sweating cause UTI symptoms?

Can flu like symptoms be caused by a uti? I have a super public catheter and feel so ill. I do have a UTI hot n cold flushes?

Can fluid retetnion ,headache,in the morn. be because i sweat a lot at nite an actually be dehydration.

Can hot coffee cause a slight fever?

Can inhaling hash oil cause dizziness and nausea? I'm feeling really bad have some chills as well

Can Zoloft (sertraline) cause hot flashes, sweating and shakiness? On 150 mg for 1 week. At times I feel on fire/skin hot. Temp 98-99.4. No other sx.

Common cold and vomotting feeling?

Confusion feeling faint sweating walking in air almost passing out i drank iced tea slowly and started to feel better?

Constant dry cough for several days. No appetite. Random bouts of nausea. Feeling lethargic. Face feels hot, sweaty palms. No fever.

Constant high temperature, vigorously shaking, cold, headache, head is hot! been sick once. Been like this for 3 days.

Constantly feeling sick, headaches, hot flushes, faint, dizzy, abdominal pain. How do I treat this?

Could lack of water and hot weather be the culprit for me waking up light headed the past few days? My glucose and bp are normal.

Could raynaud's disease cause a cold wet feeling in back of head with headache?

Did I have an allergic reaction to msg? I take mirapex .5mg for rls. While eating a chinese meal i became violently ill within a minute - lost all color, sweat profusely, skin cold and clammy, was incoherent, extreme nausea and profound sick feeling, no

Difficulty sleeping at night, loss of appetite for the past couple months, getting lightheaded and dizzy frequently, sweaty palms, pale skin?

Dizzy durning the day almost like passing out, headaches, always thirsty, chills when hot, rash on my arms almost like eczema, night sweats in a cold room. Was just at the er diagnosed with migraines but I feel it might be something more.

Dizzy throwing up sick to stomach almost fainting and feeling like im too hot all the time no fever just hot. What could this be?

Dizzy, weak, and nauseous when exposed to heat. What could be wrong?

Does sun poisoning cause severe headaches and hot skin? I almost feel like I'm getting a fever

Drank 4pts beer last night and feel especially ill. Diarrhea, vomiting, hot and cold sweats, faintness. What can I take to alleviate symptoms/recover?

Dry cough, dizzy, weak, sensitive to noise and light, no headache, body feels warm but no fever?

Dry skin and hair, always tired, hot and cold off and on and lots of gas and indigestion. Could this be hormone issue?

During a hangover I, started to have these episodes that made me shiver. I'm not cold and I don't know what the cause is for this shaking.

Excessive burping, light headedness and cold sweats after shower. Dizzy feeling when lying back. Can tumor in colon cause excessive burping?

Extreme dizziness and body burning with a cold sweat...What can cause that?

F 28. 3 episodes of UTI. Feeling hot inside (face and under breasts), feverish, heat, only hands & feet cold. Periods 20 dys away. Feeling exhausted.

Face feels super hot, no fever. Bad headache and very tired. Happens same time every day, no matter what. 3 months now. Any idea why? Or treatments?

Feel head hot, neck burning, eyes hurt, temp is in normal range, unable to sleep, not hot flashes, libido is good, testosterone is in the 450 to 600.

Feel hungry. Shaking. Glucose at 115. Extreme fatigue. Feet are cold and sweaty. Dizzy.

Feel intensely dizzy/out of body, legs & feet tingly/not support me, hot/flush, headache. Just ate or havent ate. Lots of tea. Little sleep. Ideas?

Feel like throwing up as soon as i get out of bed. Hot and cold sweats. No fever yet. Weakness. As long as i'm lying down, i feel ok. What is this?

Feel so ill and sick in heat wave weather what can I do?

Feeling faint and lightheaded in shower. Water is usually hot. Has happened 3 or 4 times. Sometimes including a headache.

Feeling head numbness. It stays constant. Feeling hot sweating more then usual. Diarrhea for last month or so. Feeling not myself by anymeans. ?

Feeling sick and hot flush day after my period .Is it normal .

Feeling sick, tired and hot flushes too. What should I do?

Feeling tired and sick in hot weather .What can I do?

Feeling weak light headed chills some numbness in extremities somewhat dizzy warm and flushed no aparant fever pale in color some lower left bacpain

Feeling weird and out of it since yesterday. Nausea at times, dry mouth and cough. Sweaty palms, gag at times. Feel hot, no fever. No appetite.

Female, 36, very intense cramp-like symptoms; feels like need to use bathroom but can't; then dizzy, then feel faint. Lie on floor. Hot towel to stomach helps. Heavy sweating. Lasts 5-10 min. Ideas?

For 1yr I get very fatigued fall asleep wake up in a hot sweat nauseated have a soft bowl movement followed by cold sweat vomiting and cant walk?

For 2 wks Ive been exhausted, thristy, bad headaches and when I work out I get dizzy, short of breath, cold sweats and almost pass out.

For 3/4 days I have been feeling dopey/kind of lightheaded. Feet are clammy/cold as well. No diet change. No drugs. What is wrong?

For a long time, i've felt weak and dizzy, had blurry vision, intense pain with cold sweats, lump in throat. What's wrong with me?

For a moment i felt lightheaded, dizziness, blurry vision, hot, i was covered in sweat, and then cold, i felt like i was going to faint. What can it?

For last 6 weeks, feeling like i'm 'coming down' with something that never materializes. Having hot flashes followed by headache. Malaise/nausea.

For over a week now i've felt run down, had diarrhea, & i've had 3 migraines, also i feel like i want to crawl out of my skin, cold sweats, what is it?

For the last 2 days i've been getting hot flashes very tired nausea and head aches. Trying to get pregnant could this be signs?

For the last 2 months, i've been feeling really thirsty tiredness skin and sweat smelling sweet?

For the past 3 days I've been having hot flashes, but my legs are really cold. Plus today, I've been urinating frequently. What could be causing this?

For the past month lve been nauseas & runnin a fever off & on. I get hot flashes then get cold flashes.What could this possibly be?

Get a really bad headache while taking a hot shower.. sometimes even get dizzy.. is this normal? I know the hot water can dilate the blood vessels...

Get nauseous and shaky through out the day. Also feels like my insides are hot but no fever. Feel cold afterwards. Also have brain fog. Plz help!

Getting 2500% daily value of niacin. Does niacin flush cause one to feel hot and cold at same time? Feel very cold

Getting hot flashes cold flashes every three seconds diahrrea feeling put not going what's wrong?

Glucose tests always normal. Episodes of severe dizziness, hot/cold flushing, feeling weak, feeling hungry. Having sugar relieves symptoms.

Going on camp in central Australia in September, I'm scared of heat stroke, I always feel dizzy in the hot weather and I'm always dehydrated?

Green vision, hot and clammy, feeling like going to vomit, should I be concerned?

Had a C-section a week ago now I have hot flashes and wake up sweaty at night. Headaches and chest feels like mucus is in it but cough not productive?

Had a cough for over 5 weeks now and not really feeling my self at the moment also feel really cold all the time and shivering.

Had a filling 3 weeks ago. Sensitive to hot/cold.Pain occasionally. And been having constent headaches lately. Any advice/help?

Had fever 2 weeks ago for a couple days, cured with asprin. Been feeling so tired for a week now, may it be the hot weather? But i'm getting worried.

Had heat exhaustion yesterday with some symptoms of heat stroke for two hours..still not feeling well today...should i be concerned?

Happened in a matter of a few hours. Aches, coughing, hot cold flashes, major lack of energy. Is there meds that can help or how do I make it stop?

Have a super headache, and nausea when I eat, and I'm so hot! Have ac on so my house is cold. It came on randomly. I've been drinking water too.

Have abdominal burn & cramping, headache, diarrhea, hot/cold flashes but no real signs of cold. Been 3 days and symptoms seem to be worse. Do I worry?

Have stopped up ears, feel dizzy and light headed. very fatigued and weak. Not sure if I'm running a temperature or not. Sometimes cold sweats come all over my body. What might I have?

Having diearia all the feeling sick no energy sweating?

Head ache, really cold, nausea, Did eat and at first I was getting hot ?