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1 1/2 years ago i got really bad headaches and all the symptoms of meningitis. So did my 21 year old daughter no tap. Beginning of this year started with small headaches.Now I have had severe headaches stiff sore neck no fever.Had spinal tap not meningiti

102.5 fever, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue. Today only. My appetite is ok, and I don't feel too sick. Some neck stiffness. Motrin/Doctor?

17 days of neck stiffness and headache back pain, improved for 5 days, then returned today with some nausea. I have IIH but worried about meningitis. ?

23 yo female. Full body aches.chest pain. Coughing up mucus. Sore neck and headache. Progressively worse through day.

3 days flu, sore throat, body aches. Felt better, now temp 37.5, 24 hr worsening headache, severe ear and jaw pain, pain meds don't work. What cud be?

4 days chronic facial aches, dizziness, malaise, upper spinal pain. 2 days severe nausea. Worse in morning/evening. Woke up middle of night from aches?

A 6 year old child complains of headache and fever almost every month and headache alone without fever once a week and upon moving the head. Help?

A day after MRI of brain and spine w contrast , I have a fever , aches, chills , slight headache and feel like my back is sunburnt. No kidney issues?

A week now with a stiff and painful neck , slight headache sometimes. Could this be meneigitis? I thought menegitis symptoms come on very quickly

About 5 weeks pregnant & waking up with body aches. Head, kneck, back. Is this a type of symptom or? Is it common?

Aching bones, sore eyes and throat, irritable, lower back pains, headaches, nausea. What is this?

Aching headaches for 2 days, without cold symptoms. What could cause it?

After i stop my period i been having nausea migraine back pain sore throat?

All of a sudden im experiencing cold chills, headache, & body aches out of the blue. What could be the problem

All of a sudden sometimes i get low grade fever, headache and jaw hurts. ?

All over head,ear,neck pain for 3days.Had low fever but its gone now.Would I know if I had meningitis or could I be over thinking this?Thanks

Always exhausted with sore muscles and painful headache.

Are headache, painful neck and shoulders symptoms of flu?

Are these symptoms of toothache fever pain from head to neck nasty taste in my mouth don't feel good

Back neck muscles ache, dizziness, light headed, ears burning, what could this mean?

Back pain from scapula down, sore throat, headache, chills and shivers, mood swings, BUT NO FEVER, is meningitis still a possibility?

Bad headaches off and on for 4/5 days. Stuffy nose/cough. today my neck is sore when i touch chest/back ache. No headache 2day. meningitis?

Bad stomach pains of the left side under my ribs and really bad headaches and also am sweating and hot not running fever just got over sinusitis??

Been feeling mild flu like symptoms for last few days. Starting today- moderate stiff neck and mild headache but no fever. Meningitis?

Been on the amlodipine 4 days now. Take it early in the morning . Am ok until about 3pm then i feel aches in shoulders:neck. Dull headache chills.

Been sick for 8 weeks, started with chest pressure, now have sore throat, headaches, neck and back pain. Persistent, won't go away. What could it be?

Bit by a lonestar tick- headache, diarrhea, nausea, neck and shoulder pain. It's only been 2 days. Could this be from the bite?

Can a bad breast infection cause extreme headaches?

Can forward head posture be the cause of the following symptoms? Headache, mucus in back of throat (gerd/lard), fatigue, dizziness, neck/back pain...

Can i get viral meningitis if i had it b4? I get bad headache, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, diaherrea

Can meningitis go away? Ii had a stiff neck and fever/headache for a day but feel fine now. Head hurts sometimes though. Or could it be my posture ?

Can sinus problems and allergies cause muscle aches, neck pain/stiffness and full body aches?

Can symptoms from meningitis come and go? I had the worst headache of my life and neck stiffness but now I only have the stiffness

Can tight neck muscles cause nausea, headaches, and vertigo like symptoms?

Can tight neck muscles cause stinging eye pain and temple aches? Been havin these symptoms for 5 years started after being stressed a lot

Cause of severe headache, ear ache, sore throat, chest pain and tightness, loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting?

Chest and neck burning, headache nausea all over body aches, bearable when lying down BP 149/106 pr 114 standing. Severe back pain.

Chills (no fever), headache (back neck, ears and eyes), warm/tingling in face/head/arms/legs, lightheaded, nauseas, shaky, fatigue. For 5 days. F/31

Conjunctivitis followed by swollen neck glands, sore neck, headache, tiredness. Started Monday,now have dull, throbbing headache, feeling sick, virus?

Could I have bacterial meningitis without fever or vomiting, but with neck pain but not stiff and mild headaches?

Could tick bite cause severe tiredness, on and off headache, back ache, and nausea?

Could you have sinusitis without the pain around face eyes only a feverish fatigued feeling?

Daughter had a C-section 4 days ago, this is her second. Very high bp, headache, fever 100.4, chills, light headed, back & neck pain. What do I do?

Diagnosed with mono & flu. My neck is so stiff & shoulders too. It hurts so bad. Headaches & very tired. Is this from mono or could it be meningitis?

Did you have a good treatment for nack ache?

Dizziness lasting a few minutes at a time. This has been happening throughout the day for a week. Stiff neck. Shoulder pain and nausea?

Dizziness, headache, sore throat, fever of 102.8, and pain on the back of my left eye in my head like pressure. 3rd day of it. what is it?

Dizzy, vomiting , stomach pain , head aches , runny nose , coughing & body pain , i went to the doctor 2 days ago he said i was ok but my body hurts now?

Do I have meningitis? I have back and shoulder pain, dizziness, fatigue but the cold has subsided about a week ago.

Do u get symptoms off headache stiff neck/shoulder diaohrea loss off apetite and tiredness with pneumonia?

Don't feel ill, no fever but have WORST headache and neck ache ever had. I do have IIH. Treated for tonsillitis and infected nose piercing.Meningitis?

Dull ache in back of head after belching then slight pressure .Have URI & my ears are aching, have cough, slight high bp. What's the dull ache about?

Er because of pain from my neck into the back of my head, like a mild headache and my monocytes and basophills were a little elavated, but no mono?

Ever since my throat been hurting for two weeks I've developed this massive headache, eyes hurt nausea and dizzyness. What could be wrong?

Experiencing symptoms from mylelogram. Done 2 days ago. Severe headache.Worse when i stand. Dizzy. Neck is very stiff. Low back very painfu. Help :(?

Face feels hot, cold chills, tight throat, fatigue, upset stomach, diarrhea, shoulder/neck aches, brain fog, congestion, but no fever?

Feeling off for about two weeks now. I felt like I had a fever, it went away and now back, 99.5 temp. Also headaches & muscle soreness. Is it serious?

Feeling really off for the past hour. Heavy pressure in back of head and neck and ears. Feeling feverish but no fever. Fatigue. What's wrong?

Felt weak, body aches, no fever, headaches, chest pain, vomiting. ?

Fever and stiff neck, difficulty turning my head. Came on pretty suddenly and haven't had this stiffness before. Thoughts?

Fever Head ache nausea eyes back pain?

Fever n pulsating headache. scalp sensitive, now no fever after 2 days. headache, stiff neck sensitive scalp still there. what the diagnosis for a 9 y?

Fever, aches and pains, chills, stiff neck, dizziness, stomach pain, headache very weak, bedridden for 24hrs now. Should I go to the hospital?

Fever, entire body aches, neck hurts, and mild stomach pain with nausea. . Get sore throat but only at night. What's wrong with me?

Fever, some bone pain, headaches, throat pain, dizziness, hard to breath easily, am like this for 4 days now. What to do?

Fever, weakness, headache, pin, cold, itchy throat, recently left a malarious region?

Fevers off and on a week. Severe back and head pain. Temp hit 103 today. Slept 18 hours. Neck feels like meningitis . Why intermittent fever??

For 3 days have had headache when cough bend down or tilt head is at worst, today I'm sweating but no temp I'm clammy got over a cold is it associated?

For 3 days, i've had a severe headache, severe back/neck/joint pain, dizzy, bad fatigue, no fever. Had meningitis 19yrs ago. Worried as it's no better?

For the past two havin a constant headache wid fever,neck pain,itchy throat and blocked nose?

For the past week I have had awful headaches either waking up or during the day..Now i'm experiencing nausea slightly sore throat & muscle aches w/it?

For two days I've felt weak with body aches and headache. diarrhea the first day but is gone now no other symptoms what could I have?

From headache to stiff neck then back pain, cold sweat, vomiting and now having abdominal pain. My history is bronchitis and gastric ulcer. What is this?

Girlfriend had neck popped by chiro. Now has terrible headache, neck stiffness, nausea and numbness in fingers. No fever. What should she do?

Got flu shot a week ago. Every day I've had a headache along with stiff neck. My arm is also bruised and super sore. ?

Had a sore neck, headache and fever last week. Still have a headache sometimes.Scared its meningitis, do symptoms just go away or was i just sick?

Had a stiff and painful neck for a week. Slight headache and no fever. Could this be menegitis ?

Had carpal tunnel release surgery today at 1. Now having chest pain, sore throat, headache, fatigue, nausea still but Zofran (ondansetron) helping. Any ideas why?

Has fever, nausea with some vomiting, body aches, and headache. He also says his hands feel numb and his throat and spine hurt when he swallows ?

Have a headache with bad nausea and my left hand has been going numb. Allergic to tylonal, what can I do to help with the headache ?

Have severe anxiety, I woke up with the worst headaches and stiff neck?

Head aches fatigue pain in neck and now diarhea. What can I do?

Head feeling really really achy. Maybe some fever too. Any help?

Headache and neck ache for over a month. Had CT and it was clear. What should I do now?

Headache everyday for 3 months , nosebleeds 3 a day lasting 20-30mins on occasions feeling tired (unusual for me)&recently ear pain and sore throat. ?

Headache for 2 days..Now in back of neck..Chills but no fever..Doesn't feel like flu..Worse when sleeping and lying down.Hurts more when eyes move?

Headache for 4 days with chills and no fever . I don't feel weak just in pain from my head hurting . Also having pain behind eyes .

Headache from forehead to the neck . Very Severe at night . Sensitivity to light . Slight neck stiffness . Any causes and cure ?

Headache right across forehead, fatigue, body aching and sore throat.

Headache, 102.3° f fever, nausea, vomiting, extreme neck stiffness, cold hands, feet, and lips. Doc said its a virus. Just gettin worse. Meningitis?

Headache, body aches pain ; swollen glands in neck fever 101.6 cough and burning in face and ears stopped up?

Headache, earache, body ache, sharp chest pain and itchy throat?

Headache, tingling across forehead, stiff neck, & fatigue for over a month, only goes away when sleeping. What can be causing these symptoms?

Headache,backof neck ache ,lo bac ache, an left leg aches an off balance ,dizzy ears ring what's wrong ?

Headaches in back of head stiff neck cold sweats and back pains are symptoms of what?

Headaches, ear aches and irritable bowel. What is it?

Help docs! my aunt is complaining of a neck discomfort. What do we do?

Hi for the past 2-3 days i've been having, headaches, below ear pain, neck, body and joint soreness. Is this the flu ? I had the flu shot.

Hi I'm a freshman in college and have bad neck pain. 48 hours ago I had a bad bout of the stomach flu and threw up probably 8 or 9 times. Today I woke up with bad neck pain as I mentioned before. I was just wondering if it's possible to strain neck muscle

Hi my sis she have a heavy pain in her ear and lots of headache vomiting and temperature feeling hot in her chest doc suggest her paracl its not helpf?