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1 side dull headaches all week, in morn. Advil (ibuprofen) helps. Last night woke w 1 sided ext headache & stabbing eye/head pain. Stuffy nose on & off last night?

23yo female. Can tension headaches last alday. Pain doesnt get any worse no nausea or vomitting. Worried about brain tumor?

3 days on nystatin oraldrops,since noon I have terrible neck/headache pain.Some says if you experience muscle pain seek emergency help or its normal?

After bowling now I am suffering from back pain causing headache & nausea. What can I do?

All of a sudden I have a terrible toothache?

Almost constant pain in both ears that's been slowly getting worse for a couple weeks. Not sure if related but headaches and fatigue also present. ?

Always suffering mild headache and sometimes severe. i feel the headache is mainly on the right side. what could this possibly be.please advice.

Are dull migraines that are progressively worse in the day a sign of anything other than just a sime migraine?

At least once a week, my eyes pain which also causes headaches. Any remedy for this issue?

At work, typing, had visual migraine,no headache pain. Then in 10 min, had right sided chest pain, profuse sweating and bout of diarrhea. What is it?

Bad headache kept waking me from sleep last night.Sharp pain l, r, back of head.No nasal congest/drainage or fevers.Sharp pain if i bend over.No h/o ha?

Bad headache last night. Painkillers didn't help. Better today, just pressure when lying down, but sharp throbbing when up and moving. Is it migraine?

Bad headaches and nausea 4 or 5 days now, and heat flashes (i am 24), what could be wrong? Don't think I am pregnant! some middle back pain as well.

Been having mild headaches and occasional ice pick headaches, what could be wrong?

Been experiencing anxiety symptoms since sunday only they are worse with major headaches and severe numbness in my head and neck.

Been experiencing huge headaches and back pains. What can I take for this?

Been suffering with constant headaches, pressure in head and eyes, eye pain, neck pain, teeth aching, dizziness, what could it be?

Bilateral mild to moderate pulsating headache, gets worse with activity or when suddenly stand up. No aura and nausea. Thanks!

Burning or tingling sensation in you head, headaches, blurred vision, vomiting, neck and back pain, no appetite?

C3-4 large herniation causing severly worsening intense migranes w/ occipital pain.?It cause hemiplegic mig

Can a 'normal' headache, or headache caused by sinus pain turn into a migraine, if left untreated for too long?

Can a migraine cause tooth pain? Severe headache, neck pain, sensitivity to light, tooth ache, feeling lightheaded

Can a virus cause headaches and gas pains yes or no?

Can an oncoming migraine cause dizziness and an out of it type feeling with small pain in one temple?

Can anxiety cause intermittent episodes if forehead swelling, abdominal swelling, eye pain, and neck pain?... I also suffer from sinus .. No fever

Can headaches be caused from giant cell arteritis? Pain on temples, scalf tenderness. Started 3 weeks ago sudden. Comes and goes, also have fibro

Can migraine start with gradual vertigo over a few days, getting worse and worse and then on 5th say severe migraine like headache? Pain moving eyes

Can migraines cause stroke like symptoms my left side goes numb my vision is impared and I get stomach upset like a migraine but no headache?

Can renal cancer cause headaches and chest pain with pain in the arm? Seen lots of doctors not really getting any answers. The headaches are bad!

Can somebody tell me how would i no if my ha's r migraines or chronic tension?I get these shooting sharp pains n head & get ha that r very painful

Can topamax (topiramate) cause chest pain and dizziness that worsens when lying down?

Child with headache for 3 days. Persistent dull ache with occasional severe pain localized back of head?

Chronic headache in back of head near neck. Sometimes causes vomiting. Alcohol makes it worse.

Chronic headache in front of head that doesn't go away w pain killers, back pain when changing position, and severe fatigue no matter how much I sleep?

Chronic headache, fatigue, nausea, upper left stomach pain. Painkillers don't relieve symptoms. On and off for months and getting worse.

Constant dizziness and eyes black out for a few moments. Constant dull headaches and random sharp ones. Moderate fatigue. All symptoms for 1 month?

Constant headache? Becomes more apparent and then goes away slightly.

Constant headaches best way too release pain ?

Constant headaches, pressure on face pain and face(pain)?

Constant Migraine headache pain, stabbing pain around left eye Starts at around 6am. Worse after a little wine or whiskey. Head pressure bending over?

Constant pain/pressure right temple/eye area.Nausea(puke),light sensitive, only thing that helps is meds help.headaches? Cluster? Migraines?

Constant pressure type headaches for a month. About 8 migranes and 10 stabbing type pains. All on the left side of my head.should I be worried?

Constant tension headache for 10 days straight, any tips to stop or ease them?

Continues headache with pain around the eyes? ? What is the most popular pain doyodo you think?

Continuous headache mostly at forehead and back worsen by bright light, exercise, stress. chest pain mostly in winter and fever at nights, dizziness a?

Cough headaches, 8/10 pain, had them before, neuro knows. Can these be dangerous? They hurt

Could growing pains cause headaches?

Could topamax (topiramate) be causing chest pain and dizziness that are worse when I lie down?

Could toxic mold in my work bldg be the cause of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, chest pain, and chronic headaches behind my left eye? Help

Couldn't sleep last night due to stomache pain and a light headache because i was tired. Headaches worse now. When i close my eyes it intensifies?

Diagnosed with mild concussion in february. Headaches have lessened but throbbing head, slight dizziness still there (can't exercise) what to do?

Difference between: throbbing, pounding, splitting, stabbing, and blinding headache? I have an idea but how in simple terms would you describe each?

Dizziness, headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue for 3 weeks recently accompanied by twitching in left eye and pain in top of left nostril.

Don't get headaches.Had headache that progressively worsened to 10/10 indescribable excruciating pain after 3 days. Now day 4 and gone.Causes?See md?

Dull headache and pain in head when swallowing. What could be the reason why?

Dull headache becomes very sharp intense and pressure when cough or sneeze, pain in neck?

Dull pain/pressure in left temple to eye to ear all day took ibuprofen still not helping? Do not get headaches so this is new to me? More serious?

Ear discomfort, cervical headache, neck pain, and pulsing/ring tinnitus for years. Recently, headache/pain won't go away with OTC. Overweight, 26 F?

Elastics class 3 hurts so much causing me a sever headache ! what should I do ?

Experiencing constant throbbing and swirling in ear . Keeps me from sleep and concentrating and it never stops. Headaches worse by day?

Extremely bad headaches, extreme pain in eye. Should I get an injection?

For over a month I have had a mild-severe headache pain above and behind the eye. Am I at risk for an annuerism ? Should I go to the ER ?

For the last 3 days I have this throbbing headache, along with fatigue, weakness, hard time focusing, it hurts mostly when I bend down. No sinus congestion No fever. Also the pain is mild to moderate. Could it be typical migraine? L. Back of head

For the past 3-4 days am having headache to the left side of head it is not that severe but I have pain.And the pain is not constant also..Pls help me?

Frequent headaches since last week.One sided..Some throbbng h/a other h/a constant pain by my eye. Comes frequently..Lasts not long.Throbbing h/a last?

Going to neurologist for daily migraines with dizziness, pressure in head and nausea. What will they look for? What can cause such an increase in pain

Good Day, Can you please help. I have a constant headache for the past 5 weeks. Nausea come and go. I'm 24y old. No painkillers help for the headache.

Had recurring headaches for a week, sometimes mild nausea, mild jaw, ear and neck pain as well as pressure in either one or both sides of my forehead, above the eyes/temples or headache. Had my first two migraines ever. Idk whats going on. Thanks?

Have a cold that is causing the left side of my jaw to ache & headache. what could it be & what would be the best medicine to relieve it & my headache?

Have a concussion had a field evaluation headache isn't getting any better and having server neck pain. What can I do to help with the pain.?

Have frequent headaches. I take excedrin often. How can i tell if its a rebound headache or a migraine? Throb pain on left temple and head side.

Have had headache with sharp pains in my eye, ear and head all right sided 4 days. Was taking flomax, (tamsulosin) discontinued. Could that med cause these symptom?

Have history of sinuitis have had headache and serious neck pain a week now and been really dizzy what could it be?

Have shooting headache on left side 2 times a week and pain in sinus points. Take sinarest for headache. Please help.

Have you on topamax (topiramate) experienced chest pain and dizziness that worsens when lying down?

Having severe toothache throughout whole mouth. Jaw pain, headache, brain fog, and fatigue. Is all of this normal with major pain?

Head pain on one side accompanied by vertigo? What can be causing it?

Head pressure dizziness sometimes vision.Changes somerimes headache nd sharp pains could something be seriously wrong with me? Anxiety TMJ allergies

Headache an backache worse tonite what can i do to alleviate this pain ?

Headache every day for 2 weeks now (slight pain - but noticeable & all over). What could this be?

Headache that begins in the occipital and radiates to the right eye or borh, which can be? I do not have symptoms, and it happen 4 or 5 times a day.

Headache that comes and goes, extreme pain. ?

Headache that started with eye pain and watery, goes back and forth to 3 days,moderate intensity, responds to ibuprofen.Can be paroxysmal hemicranial?

Headache with pressure and pain in left ear and nausea?

Headache, ringing in the , seeing spots, and chest pain but no is normal ?

Headaches daily (Some migraines) for 3 weeks. Back pain. Neck pain. Threw up twice last night. Blurry, spotty vision. Doc not worried. Your input?

Headaches that seem to never go away for 6wks. Most days I wake up w/ a mild one. I've been to doc, she said tension headaches but I'm still not sure?

Help i'm very worried about headache pains, could it be serious?

Help! my eye is in intense pain and I am vomiting. Migraine?

Hey doctor I have a headache and stomack pain and back burning and heart burning my headache symptom start every night and morning time especially my?

Hi doctor. I have constant headaches, sometimes there are sharp pains around the temple area, i also experience dizziness and light headed sometimes?

Hi I have had a constant headache for the past four days. I keep taking pain killers but the headache does not subside.

Hi i'm 26 yrs old, have 3 children age 3.5yrs, 2 & 6 months & for the last 2 weeks i've been experiencing sharp stomach pain on occasion & almost constant abdominal pain, migraine like headaches, hot & cold flashes and dizziness. I've also experienced ra

Hi, for months now I have had constant aching kneck.Eyes are really tender, have headaches, and sometimes ulcers?

Hi, i have had a constant headache for over a week and painkillers are not managing it. it is mainly on one side of the head. should I see the Dr?

Hi, i've been suffering from severe headaches for a week now, they come on all of a sudden and are very very painful. I've never had any pain as bad?

Hii doctor... Its been about 2 weeks since I have a headache pain which it cause with dizzines i don't know if it is because I have stress or migrane ?

Horrible migraine, with blurred vision, tingling fingers, neck stiffness, and nausea not normal for migraines for me nothing is helping any ideas?

How can I deal with these sharp sudden headaches?

How can I prevent the pain of constant headache?