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20 y/o Female having frequent fainting spells, excessive tiredness, and history of Vitamin D deficiency and six past concussions.

Aged 23 had a heavy drinking weekend and since then I have had no appetite, insomnia, headaches, constipation and shortness of breath. Please help?

Aged 23 had a heavy drinking weekend and since then I have had no appetite, insomnia, headaches, constipation and shortness of breath. Please help?

All day drowsiness, fatigue and tiredness without any accompanying symptom. Stressful life and feeling sad. Feeling like faint&tired all time (f, 32).

Almost constant headache, dizziness + occasional lack of balance, chills decressed need for sleep/ food. I think im starting 2hve mild hallucinations?

Alternating insomnia and over-sleeping. Hot flashes. Poor appetite. Lacking energy. No obvious signs of cold. Started 2 months ago. Is it a virus?

Anxiety attacks most of the day, tired, not sleeping well and now sudden watery diarrhea. Loss of appetite and queasy for weeks.

Anxiety or leukemia? I have been bruising, have loss of appetite, paleness, stomach pain, headaches, very tired, trouble sleeping, slight fever at 99.5?

Are extreme headaches at bedtime a sign of fibromyalgia?

Are red ears a symptom of lack of sleep?

Are these symptoms linked?...Depression, fatigue, my hands fall asleep quick or get swollen and hot, salt cravings, thirst, stomach problems, insomnia

Been having a lot of anxiety attacks throughout the day with nausea, loss of appetite, little fluid intake, fatigue, bouts of insomnia. ?

Began Metformin 500 daily 4 PCOS. After 2 weeks it caused severe fatigue & drowsiness. I sleep most of the day & night & still feel no energy. Normal?

Can 5mg of isotretinoin cause tiredness and weakness? I doubt it.

Can a thyroid problem cause people to be light headed too? Can it also cause nausea, and trouble sleeping, and a lack of memory?

Can anxiety make you tired? Weakness? Diarrhea? Loss of appetite and hunger like pains after eating? Dizzy? Head aches?

Can butalbacetamincaff cause confusion, forgetfulness, etc..? I'm experiencing it.

Can chronic fatigue cause trouble with balance due to being weak ect ?

Can clinical depression cause all day fatigue, drowsiness and general weakness even after waking up until bed time? I fear MS for extreme fatigue. F 32

Can constipation for 5-7 days cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, bloading, and just a weird overall feeling?

Can extreme tiredness qualify someone for sick leave?

Can gad cause tiredness, weakness, fatigue and cold chills, body shivers and shakiness? I've been very anxious lately.

Can hypothyroid cause feeling faint after a run? Are feeling of balance being off, lightheadedness, fatigue, dry heaves possible from hypothyroid?

Can lack of sleep cause dizziness, lack of balance, as well as nausea (vomit after eating)? Thanks!

Can lack of sleep lead to stomach ache?

Can mg deficiency lead to muscles aching, cramp, nausea, heart ache, excess sweat, thirsty even consume lots water and problem sleeping. W no sign of preg.

Can post partum anxiety cause severe body fatigue and weakness and a floaty feeling ? Been feeling awful had baby 4 months ago . Thyroid is normal

Can stress cause fatigue insomnia and just not feeling we'll?

Can studying too much and sleeplessness lead for headache (like pressure on head) and nervousness and insomia and dizziness ? Or counsult a physician

Can tremors make you feel neasous? Can tremors be caused from lack of excerise or poor posture?

Can weather changes cause dizziness, fatigue and headache?

Can't stop shaking and have extreme body aches and weakness?

Cant control it. Why does my speech become impaired under extreme fatigue, dehydration, stress?

Child has morning vomits sometimes headaches blurred vision pale nightmares night sweats sleep walks confusion when having episode shaky what is it?

Chills that won't go away, extreme fatigue, feeling out of it. No appetite and losing weight since Nov 2016. Chills just started. nausea, hot flashes

Chronic headache, frequent urination, daytime fatigue, trouble sleeping. Anxiety from trying to treat headaches. Thin 44 year old female.

Chronic insomnia, causing balance an dizziness an weakness during the day evcen with sleep aids i just cant sleep what helps ?

Cold intolerance and fatigue the past year; what could it be?

Constant fatigue, hunger, increased thirst, freq. Urination. Bp 82/78 and some times lower. Sleep 13--16 hrs still exhausted. What is causing this?

Constant thirst, dry mouth, extreme hunger, headache, fatigue, dizzy spells, night sweats, urinating at least 3x nite. Could I have diabetes?

Continuous nausea and fatigue and zero energy. What's wrong with me? I'm a female, 19 years old.

Could i be having trouble with my hypothalamus? I have "terrible" burst of sweating and occasional dizziness. Is there any over-the-counter remedies?

Could you tell me what are some leads to of intense dizzy spells?

Dehydrated, nausea, fatigue. Been having issues sleeping. Anxiety all day, jittery, low grade fever, irritable, aggressive, No appetite. Ongoing week?

Depression, sever hair loss in 2 months, tired, week, constipation, red eyes, sleep paralysis, numbing sensation throughout bod what's wrong with me?

Diagnosis? Tremor, fatigue, weakness, blurry vision, headache, hard time sleeping. Anxiety. Sweaty hands. Drooling. No balance.

Difficulty breathing, fatigue, upset stomach, dizziness. What could this be. It's not allergies?

Difficulty going to and staying asleep. No appetite. Constant fatigue and brain fog.

Difficulty sleeping, nausea between meals, occasional headaches, generally feeling unwell. Could problems be liver or stomach related?

Dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, eyes twich acasionally cause me to loose focus, mind insomnia, fatigue...What could be causing this?

Dizziness, SOB, parathesia, prroblems concentrating, fatigue, feeling slowed down & foggy, nausea - can these be signs of pernicious anemia?

Dizzy, nausea, fatigue, headaches, loss of focus, can't stay awake?

Dizzy,shortness of breath,tiredness,low suger,loss of appetite,feeling like puking is that bad?what can that be a sign of?

Do hydrocephalus cause extreme head sweating?

Does it mean anything if I have a constant headache and a change in appetite?

Does over-masturbating cause extreme fatigue and bad sleep? Please, need some answers?

Does tiredness and lethargy follow a sustained period of drinking?

Excess adrenaline causing strong palpitations even from little activity? Ekg normal. Symptoms include: polyuria, indigestion, insomnia, fatigue.

Excessive Sweating and chills (day & night), fatigue & headache for 2 weeks. Female 36. No recent change to meds.

Excessive sweating, temp is 87.6,shaky, brain fog, stomach pain,fatigue,can't sleep, extreme sweating, take Januvia (sitagliptin) for diabetes.

Experiencing excessive menstrual cramps with pain scare rating of 6-8 leading to difficulty focusing and concentrating and dizziness. Ways to help?

Experiencing weakness, nervousness, sweating, unable to make decisions, trouble sleeping and sudden mood changes by too much thyroxine, remedies?

Experiencing weakness/fatigue, nervousness, sweating, unable to make decisions, trouble sleeping and sudden mood changes. Please help with my symptoms?

Extreme brain fog, constant urination and constant dry mouth. ideas??

Extreme dizziness in the past two weeks with insomnia and very exhausted, tingling sensations and slight confusion. Should i be very concerned?

Extreme dry mouth, trouble swallowing, swollen ankles and increased more intense palpitations?

Extreme exhaustion with nausea, diarrhea and a thumping in my body when I move my eyes.

Extreme fatigue . Comes onset suddenly . What could be the cause? No other Symtons besides maybe lack of appetite

Extreme fatigue, no illness. So tired that have stumbled or dropped things because muscles weak.?

Extreme irritability, weepy, tired, sore nipples, lightheadedness, more frequent feelings of dizziness headaches? 28 days into 31 day cycle

Extreme lethargy after feeling anger or stress? It is followed by muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, heavy eyes and shaking.

Extreme naseau accompanied with excessive gagging and burping. Mainly in morning, life affecting.

Extreme tiredness even after sleep, feeling winded and sick when standing up to long, sometimes resulting in blacking out and losing some hearing. ?

Extreme tiredness extreme weakness always feeling hungry can't keep my eyes open confusion dizziness and extreme sleepiness?

Extreme tiredness have children so don't sleep well usually but this is worse also have random bruises, nausea and migraines what could this be?

Extreme tiredness no energy daytime sleepiness blood test are all normal what could this be memory problems too wake up feeling Unrefreshed?

Extreme weakness followed by sweating all of a sudden!?

Extremely fatigued lately, with increased frequency of migraines, also experiencing light headed feeling daily. This is affecting my work?

Fainting/dizziness light headed weak no appetite always thirsty no energy and not in the best of moods night sweats please help?

Fatigue for two months, irritability, mucus in chest, dizziness, and nausea. What could the problem be?

Fatigue loss of appetite nausea, weak dehryayted , feeling sore and tired. Flank pain. ?

Fatigue, dizzy, pain under ribs, weakness, thirst, loss of appetite, nausea?

Fatigue, exhaustion, head pressure, what to do?

Fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite, jittery, anxiety at times, Haven't had caffeine, no fever. Feel spaced out. Period just ended, nightmares, queasy?

Fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite, jittery, anxiety at times, Haven't had caffeine, no fever. Feel spaced out. Period just ended.

Fatigue, lump in throat, dizziness, loss of appetite, severe anxiety-health related, night sweats which just started, can this all be due to anxiety?

Fatigue, shortness of breath, profuse sweating, nausea... depression, psoriasis, arthritis, fibromyalgia...41, female... Want to sleep all day and nig?

Fatigue. Weakness. Lack energy. Sore throat by uvala. Loss appitite. Tiredness. Had bad head pressure week ago.This be mono? My docs told me anxiety.

Feel lightheaded headache ans sickly loss of appetite mood swings?

Feel severe fatigue an weak an low backache an off balance is this hormones or allergies ?

Feeling down, low concentration, muscle pain, heart palps, overeating, easily irritable, exhaustion, occasional nausea and headaches?

Feeling fatigue ... All time ..... :-(?

Feeling fatigue, generally unwell and very irritable. What are some causes. Also nausea and pounding heart.

Feeling fine then sudden irritability, heart palps, warm all over, queasy. fatigue, brain fog. No appetite, Been drinking nutrition drinks today.

Feeling lightheaded, loss of appetite, weakness, lack of energy/fatigue and a little shaky for a couple of weeks.

Feeling tired, loss if appetite and nervousness or anxiety. What can these symptoms be related to?

For 2 days now, been oversleeping, slight loss of appetite, slight dizziness at times. Exhausted behind the eye area. Could it be an infection?

For a week I have had these symptoms dizzy , nauseas , lack of appetite , weak body and chapped lips dry mouth?

For a week now I'm having dizziness, sleepnes problems and feeling heavy?

For several months i've had lightheadedness, weakness and fatigue. Bp and sugar under control. Always feel "out of it". What can cause these feelings?