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10 days ago slight tingling in feet. Now whole left leg is very tingly and a bit numb. Headache for 6 days, all day, ibuprofen no help. Brain tumour?

2 weeks ago i was on the phone then my entire left side suddenly became numb and tingly, heaviness also accompanied with severe headache and heart pal?

28yr old female.Momentary pins & needles in hands on deep breathing. Constant dull ache/creeping feeling in lower left leg. Occasional tongue tingling?

29 weeks pregnant with slight right arm swelling/tingling. Is this normal?

3 months rt side sciatica, past week has spread to lft side, feet going numb, and random feelings of almost stumulation of genital area! what's happening?

3 weeks ago I got a terrible headache on the left side of my head. I few days later the left side of my face went numb with a burning sensation. ?

30yr with pins & needles for 3weeks now it started in left arm/hand then right side including feet. Now left side of face is tingling all the time.?

4 weeks of pain with left eye movement. Left hand numb 3 days ago, pain in right tooth last night and woke up this morning to cold sweats. 43 year old?

41 yr old, normal MRI , having right sided weakness then switches to left side in arm. And tingling in face.. Could it be ALS?

48 hours ago tingling burning along tops of both breasts.Woke up last night with entire left breast burning and tingling. Doc says heart ok.Thoughts?

6 months twitching,worse on left side, progressing but no weakness. Clean exam 5 months ago, clean emg 2 months ago, but on right side only. Am I ok?

A pregnant in the 9th month feels a severe numbness in her right hand .. What should she do ?

About 5 days ago, the skin on the upper left side of my left foot went numb. No diabetes, good blood pressure, not sure what's causing it. ?

Advice please? I had tetanus vaccine this morning in right armnow have tingling and pain in right leg and right side of face?

Anesthesia caused my left side of neck to swell and go numb. How long will this last?

Back side of my shoulder hurts (numbing or tingling sensation) with little work and no work any medications please (I use laptops heavyly ) ?

Been feeling dizzy/ off in my brain for 1 week. Along with headaches. What could this be? Also some tingling on parts of left arm and left thigh.

Been getting pain on left temple. Been contstant for weeks, also notice I get numbness and tingling sensation should I go to the doctor?

Been told my head pressure and tingling down one side is a spazzing nerve in my neck, does this sound right, if so how long does it last on 4 weeks nw?

Brief left side of face numbness and lower left arm numbness that went away after a few seconds. What's wrong?

Burning and sensitivity in my left forearm and upper wrist. This happens every once in a while on the left side only. Sometimes in the foot also. ?

Burped after ate, then felt something twitch or pulsate not sure which sensation , under my chin , around upper pt if throat near mid left side. Idea?

Can anxiety cause a numbish feeling in the left side of the face and left arm on and off for almost a week? Had MRI CT and EEG normal

Can anxiety cause a tingling sensation left side of face left arm and left calf on and off today. No other symptoms. If I'm busy I feel it less.

Can anxiety cause numbness in left side of face feels?

Can anxiety cause tingling by your collarbone? or something more serious? I had pain in one fingers also but it.wrnt away it's on my left side

Can low calcium cause tingling on the left side of my face? I've had the tingling on the one side for 5 days now. My calcium is at 1.09 i think!

Can sinus cause left sided face numbness, tingling and tickling?

Can trigeminal neuralgia early symptoms be mild achy feeling in cheek on both sides of face ,weird sensations all over face and no sharp pain ?

Chest pain left side , numbness in left pinky , chills , fluttering , disorientated , burning needle feeling on whole body , migraine , heavy breathin?

Could goosebumps only on left leg along with occasional collapse of left leg be related to migraines in my right side of brain?

Ct scan of the brain is normal. Numbness left cheek, left side of head, left arm and leg feel numb sometimes. Sensitivity to sound, too loud... ?

Dear Sir/Mdm, I have been experiencing numbness on my right arm for some morning when I woke up. Some times it persist for the whole morning. Thank u.

Dizziness, sore shoulder, sore ear, aching cheek under eye, numbness in arm. All on the left hand side. Any ideas?

Dr. Colombowala hi, i have been feeling a thrubbing sensation on my left side of the neck only when i stand up and it has been noticed 3 days ago, im ?

Epic migraine currently; is it normal to have tingling/numbness in left side of body with migraine? (hands and lips only)

Every few days to weeks i'm getting tingling down my left side (face, arm, leg). 8 times in total, today it's the same but on right. Am I have tia's?

Everytime i get this tingling sensation on side of head the nerves in my legs start twitching and jumping..

Experiencing a Tingling Numbness on outside of right ear while sleeping?

Experiencing numb feeling in my lower right leg and foot, rashes on my neck and my bottom, and hair thinning. Always cold. What could this be?

Expiencing strange tingling sensation left side of my face off and on for a couple weeks now. Should i be concerned?

Extreme sharp pain in left temple, last 30 sec-1min. Finger contractions. Itching all over no rash. Tingling left face and left head. Fatigue. Twitchi?

Face tingling left side what could this b i'm 21 years old concerned CT of the brain 1 wk ago was normal lil numbness?

Feel tingling both hands and sometimes legs.tingling face commonly of the left side if i slowly slap.any idea please??

Feeling for a month a strange numbness on left side face and head only. No pain. My left eye is also dry. What could it be?

Feeling numbness on the right side of my face and head and having calf discomfort. What could be wrong?

Feeling numbness/tingling right side of face& body for almost a day. what can be causing this? i felt a pinch on right arm when it started.

For 2 days i've had a numb feeling in my left arm , left side of head & left leg ( from knee downwards ) the right side of my mouth is tingly too?

For 2 yrs I've been suffering with a tight / crushing feeling right side of my head with numbness & trickling sensations down right side of body .

For 3 weeks ive had a burning tingly pain at diffrent parts of face, last 2 days its stronger and more frequent and only on the left side of forehead.

For going on 2 days now, i have had a strange sensation/numbness on the left side of my face by mainly lower lip & nose. what could be the cause?

For past 2 days I have had a tingling crawlings sensation on right side of head with dizziness had a CT scan it came back normal. What else could be?

For the last week i have had numbness/altered sensation in my left arm. In the last 2 days it has travelled to the left side of my face and head. ?

For the past 3 days I've had a dull headache constantly that won't go away. Just left side. Tingling/burning sensation in face and lip. Is it stress?

For the past 4 days, I have had a tingling sensation on my right cheek and now having like a twitch with my eye. My right arm is now feeling numb.

For the past month now i've been experiencing tightness/tingly sensations on the right side of my face. I have also been very tired. Is this anxiety?

For the past two days, entire right side of body weak. Intermittent right facial twitching and right hand/arm twitching. Eye pain. What is going on?

For the past week I have had a tingling/numbness on the left side of my head and sometimes it will escalate to the top. It has also been like this for my left foot

For twos days I've had slight numbness and tingling in the arch of my left foot, and slightly blurred vision. Now I have a small bump on my calf. bad?

For years, Iv been feeling a tense, tight and tingly sensation from left side neck to left side of chest. Is it anxiety?

From my head to toe on the right side of my body is numb.. What can it be ?

Good day! I am 11weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing numbness and tingling sensation in the left side of my body and lower back pain.Wat s ds?

Good day!Last night, during the sleep, my right hand and leg, my tougue with the right side of the head numbs 2 times so i had to wake up. causes?

Goosebumps on left leg in strange patches.. Bad migraine top right of brain.. Left leg occasionally gives out and can't hold my weight.. What is it?

Had a Tia In 2012 left me with weakness in left side of the body I had numbness and I sometimes have tingles in my neck like electric shock ?

Had gallbladder surg. One week ago. Breathing tube left my lip feeling numb, when will numbness go away?

Had shingles left side of scalp , blood pressure very high over a week, left side of face mouth hurts, numb very sick?

Had tightness/numbness on right side of face. It seems to have gone but right above ear on head have slight pain. Could I have damaged nerve by layin?

Had weakness on left side of my body few months ago. tingling/needles sensation on my legs started it again 1month ago n recently muscle twitching too?

Have a benign lesion on right side of brain and now left side pain & numbness down arm and leg now have crawling sensations across scalp. Any advice?

Have an odd pressure sensation when I touch back left side of head. Not painful, and does not occur all the time. Could this be an irritated nerve?

Have had a full feeling in my neck just under the jaw had a CT scan one day ago now my right side of my face is tingling what is this.

Have had tingling in arms, spread to legs, lots of random nerve pain. Lymph nodes feel swollen, uncomfortable feeling to lower head, metallic taste?

Have numbness in feet, right side of body and head, pain in left side of neck and jaw, heart feels weak, what could this be?

Have severe burning/tingling of face, began about three months ago with slight burning sensation right cheek. Over time has enveloped entire face?

Have severe pain on left side of head feeling numbness on left side of face..and left arm is painful what could it b?

Having tingling on left side of face ,near cheeks and mild pain in head. Sometimes numbness in left arm. Also having extensive watery eye.

Having trouble breathing i'm weak and my left side hurts radiating to my. Pelvic area and tingling and buring in my finger tips please help?

Having twitching on face and in head along with pain. Feels like face is going numb and having tingling in arm. What could this be?

Head ache with tingling left side of face numbness also what could be wrong

Headache on the right side, in front with tingling sensation on scalp like pins and needles. Is it life threatening?

Headache top left side radiating to left temple. Skin on top left tingling/sensation of heat. symptoms for 3 days. Ache not constant; tingling/heat is. ?

Headache, blurry vision, numbness in right arm and hand and right of face?

Heaviness and some numbness in right arm and whole right side. Very scared because I have small children and they need me. ?

Hello Doctor, For last two days, I have a mild numbness on my slighlty above my left ear. Can you please help me?

Hello, I have a pin pricking sensation in my right breast on the bottom periodically. I am very nervous and could you please help me and tell why coul

Hello. I frequently sleep on my couch at night, left side. I woke up this morning with a tingling/burning sensation on my left leg below knee?

Help docs! i had a nightmare where a had pains in my side and when i woke up my hand was pressing into my side?

Hi the right side of my body is swollen, from my face right down to my leg and foot should I be worried and I have a tingling in face also do I panic?

Hi Doctor, I have a complete right side body burning sensation, I feel burring in my right face, hand, leg and feel. Only right side of the body, please advice - Jalen?

Hi Dr. My sister complaining of sudden numbness in Lt. Side of head , upper limb & leg ?

Hi i'm william for the past 3 days i've been experiencing in the lower right side of my neck numbness and pulsing what can this be ?

Hi, i am experiencing a little tingling in my left palm for the past days. Could you tell me what can be causing this?

Hi, i have a tingly sensation down the outside of my left arm and the left side of my head/face. It wont go away. I am healthy. Am i ok?

Hi! last night i had palpitation while sleeping and had numbess in left hand? What was reason .After that a minor pain in left arm?What should I do?

Hot sensations and tingling in parts of my body, mostly on my left side. What can be the possiable causes?

How do I treat a trapped nerve in left side of hand?

How to cure right arm numbness? Feeling numb when the arm is in "L" position like using the PC.

Husband has numbness his left side jaw. Should i be concerned?

I ache all the way up into the side of my face on left side. ..can this be a pinched nerve? I am also 30 weeks pregnant