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37 weeks wake up every morning with numb/tingling legs from my knees to my feet. Is this normal?

5 days post-op TKA. Numbness and tingling in lower leg , calf, and foot. Weakness in both hands. Slight dizziness when sitting or standing too long.

Been to 5 doctors numbness in foot leg toes tingling back knee pain 8 weeks no answer?

Been to foot spine orthopedic family dr numbness foot leg knee thigh pain in leg no dr can tell me why?

Best way to treat foot numbness & lower leg weakness?

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Can a pinched nerve cause pain, numbness and tingling in both hands and tingling in both lower legs? I had a broken vertebrae a few years ago ?

Can Achelles tendinitis cause tingling in your foot? Can the tingling & numbness in my foot/ toes come from really stiff ankle? Normal EMG

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Can hyperextending a knee cause foot numbness?

Can leg/foot numbness be caused by a cervical issue? I have C7 right nerve root compressed, but the last 2 days have had tingling in right leg/foot.

Can meralgia paresthetica cause pain when the leg Isn't numb?

Can midodrine cause severe neuropathic foot/toe nerve pain?

Can neck and shoulder arthritis cause my feet to numb and tingling sensation? Thanks you!

Can over supination cause burning symptoms in the feet and lower legs ?

Can sciatica cause numbness in right thigh and cold right foot?

Can stress cause your knees and toes to become numb? I'm having issues with headaches, facial numbness, knee numbness and now my toes.

Can tingling numbness in toes be caused by spine fracture?

Cause of numbness in one heel?

Cause of numbness in one heel?

Cause of rightt leg below calf numbness, tightness?

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Doctors, can my jeans actually cause numbness in my legs?

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Does tinging in feet and legs have anything to do with your heart?

Feet and hand numbness along with leg pain. What is wrong with me?

For a diabetic what can numbness and tingling in the feet mean?

Hair loss, tremors in arms, hands, legs and feet, loss of balance and strength, numbness in legs and feet all after a lumbar puncture, why?

Having tingling, numbness, and pain in my hips,legs, and feet. The numbness and tingling is serve where i cant feel my legs while resting what is thi?

Help! i just have sudden pain/tingling/numbness in big toe & unusual discomfort on soles of feet.?

How do I figure out what is this numbness in my toe and back?

I am a 26 year old female and i feel tingleling and numness from my knees on down to my feet what could that be?

I am a 31 yo f, with numbness in my legs from the knee down for 3 weeks now. In the past 1 week, I also have weakness when walking and numb feet.

I am experiencing heels numbness and fingertips numbness in different time of the day & during sleep i wakeup for heels numbness what are suggestions?

I am experiencing numbness in my leg when sitting. What is the cause of this?

I am feeling tingling in my arch of my foot, what could be wrong?

I am having burning and tingling pins in my calves and feet. Started in my feet now have in my feet and is moving up my calves. ?

I am having burning and tingling sensation.Under my feet, my muscles of hands and leg iare very weak but nerves are ok.?

I am having numbness and tingling in my hands, legs and feet. Also muscle atrophy in my lower legs. What's going on?

I been having numbing in my legs and feet and I don't know what causing this problem?

I have a cold but im also having numbness in my toes in hands and pain in my lower back and legs?

I have a numbness in my left foot and a mild numbness in my left leg. What could this be related to? I woke up with pins and needles in my foot .

I have a pinched siatica nerve. Does that cause numbness in the whole leg? I get numb in the leg and foot when i run. Also sometimes when i sleep.

I have a tingling mole on my leg?

I have bilateral burning and stabbing pains in feet, legs, hands, arms. Numb in patches on legs. Bottoms of feet are excruciating. What's happening ?

I have burning, tingling and numbness in my arms, fingers, elbow, leg, foot and toes on both sides, mainly my left side though. I have scoliosis too.

I have calf pain, tingling in feet. What should I do?

I have foot pain numbess, vasodilation, why is this?

I have had knee pain for the last two days and now im getting tingling in my foot and toes. why?

I have had leg numbness starting from my toes up my leg what could I be suffering from?

I have had numbness in my arms and legs and sometimes in my hands and feet what could becausing this?

I have leg numbness or tingling that worsens on walking?

I have leg tingling, pain, cold feet?

I have numbness and sudden pain in my hands, feet, ankles sometimes in my arms. It can on suddenly one week ago i'm 31 female.

I have numbness in my feet what could be causing that?

I have numbness in my foot after twisting it 2 days ago, also swelling and discoloration, cause of numbness?

I have numbness in my left leg from the knee down I have no pain it's just numb not my foot or thigh?

I have numbness on my left foot is it curable?

I have numbness to my right lower extremity that starts at my calf down to my foot X 2 hours . It is a tingling numb feeling without burning.

I have of and on numbness my second toe on my left foot and a burning numbness in my right shoulder. What's wrong?

I have pain stemming from the back of my left leg (calf) down to the ankle and numbness like pins and needles in my toes on the left foot. ?

I have painful and numbness in the sole and upper feet, sometimes the numbness goes all the way to my back and legs. I have a lot of foot issues too?

I have stabbing pain in my legs and arms. Also having tinglings and numbness in legs and feet. Difficulty with balance and weaknesswhat can it be? Ms?

I have tingling and numbness and pain in right leg and foot due to my tibial nerve being cut during a total knee replacment?

I have tingling in my feet?

I have tingling in my left foot what causes this? Nerve compression?

I have tingling in my toes that have painful radiating up my leg. I have no history of injury or diabetes. Is this neuropathy?

I have unexpected numbness in my right foot?

I just had arthroscopic knee surgery and now have electrical shocks in the lower leg? Explain. Along with numbness and tingling in the ankle? Help

I keep getting pins and needles/numbness in my legs and feet. Could this be because I injured my knee? Any advice?

I need help. I just had knee surgery and I am having numbness and tingling in the leg what causes this? Especially when elevated or on the floor?

I think I have damaged my sciatic nerve, I don't know how but I have random tingling and numbness in my feet, legs, arms and hands. Why could this be?

I'm a hairstylist and my left ankle and foot have had a tingling pain for over 2 weeks now. What could it be?

I'm experiencing numbness/tingling of my face, fingertips, bottom of my feet. Its sporadic. I also have sciatica. What could be wrong.

I'm having numbness in my knee cap and numbness on one toe each foot?

I'm not diebetic, can I still have neuropathy (left leg below knee)?

I've had consant pain in my lowet leg I also have numbness and pins and needls in my foot snd num toes?

I've had transient numbness in 2-3 toes on each foot for 5 years. I think it's expanding to my calves. Is that weird? Is that even possible?

Im feeling numbness and tingling in my toes of right foot ! Should I concern ? It is spreading to the whole leg !

In cast and leg tingling?

Is foot tingling.Common.After a knee injury?

Is it common for foot injuries to cause foot tingling?

Is it normal for calf muscles to twitch and toes to tingle after a broken foot?

Is it normal to feel tingling and numbness in my foot and toes 3 weeks after an ankle fracture?

Is it possible for sciatica to cause a dragging foot?

Is leg numbness normal after lss surgery?

Is numbess in toes while walking normal with sciatica?I've had numbess and tingling at rest but recently I've noticed my toes go numb when walking.

Is numbness in feet due to frostbite?

Is numbness in foot normal after DVT surgery?

Is pain and random numbness normal in the hand and foot after hip surgery?