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'what does it mean if i''m having numbness in arms when laying down?'

"both of my arms were numb from the forearm down for two weeks. Now the numbness is gone but they feel weak. Could this be a pinched nerve?

3days,arm and leg numb.arm well,leg dragging and hip joints screaming.what could it be?

After a bee sting on my arm. I am experiencing arms tingling, arm weakness, arm numbness, arm swelling, finger numbness, finger tingling (quality: in the little finger, in the...

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Arm and leg tingling, what to do?

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Blood pressure 150/90 , left leg numb tingling up to thigh for 3 months dr do not know why?

Both arm weakness below elbows, both leg weakness below knees.. Plus shaking in hands, on and off last few weeks. Age 26, f... What is wrong with me?

Both of my arms were numb from the forearm down for two weeks. Now the numbness is gone but they feel weak. Could this be a pinched nerve?

Can a disc problem cause weakness in right arm and leg ?

Can a pinch nerve cause numbness in my arm and whole side of body?

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Can vertigo cause body tremors? Such as hands neck and legs?

Can you get sciatica in your arms?

Can you have muscle degeneration without weakness ? In arms and legs ? I have severe burning in legs and arms but no reason why ? Normal blood emg/ncv

Canfoot nunbness and leg weakness be caused by shingles in chest ?

Chest, arm, hand, back pain for 3 months with twitching all over, palpitations, pins and needles in hands and feet, headaches, anxiety about ALS & MS?

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Dizziness and tingling in arms and legs?

Dominant arm weakness; something wrong with my nerves in the neck and arm?

experiencing health anxiety and I've had chest pain and noticed that my veins on my arms, leg and chest are more prominent and blue?tingling in hands

Eyes rolling up and down. Leg numbness. Tingling in left shoulder. Dizzy. Keeps happening. Why?

Fluttering in the testicles and tingling in torso and leg one side of body? Possiabilties?

For 2 years I've had tingling in bilateral hands and feet. Blotchy hands and off/on neck and shoulder pain. Lately I've had cramps just under R ribs.

For the past month I have been experiencing heaviness in my arms and hands. What could cause this?

Got the flu shot 3 weeks ago. Still have severe arm and shldr pain, numbness down to my fingertips and i can't lift my arm over my head. What can I do?

Had Facial tingling and now twitching in my right hand with some heaviness... MRI was normal.. What could it be?

Had painful sensations in arm, muscle twitches in arms, legs and face and having lately painful joints, feet and leg muscles. Is this a nerve problem?

Hair falling out, numbness in hands and legs. What can I do?

Have constant pain in legs & feet Had swollen right leg & foot, went down when elavated Tingling left arm & hand Heavy chest Shortness of breath?

Have had buzz in foot when tilting neck to chin. Now electric shock to all fingers, buzz and shiver spots on arms and legs. Does it sound like MS?

Have trouble moving fingers, arms, legs, and neck ?

Having chest tightness and numbness in both arms numb and tingly sensation in both arms and hands

Heavy legs and tingling in right arm is it a heart attack?

Hello I'm Natasha and I'm 30 and experiencing numbness in my shoulders arms and hands at night and it usually wakes me up at 4am?

Hello! I've been having cramps in my feet, legs, hands and arms for the past 2-3 weeks along with tingling and numbness. What's your advice?

Help! i just have sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side body. Any risk of stroke?

Help! i just have sudden unexplained numbness in right hand and leg?

Hi, i'm having tremors, muscle weakness, feet are dragging.Sensative arms feeling in arms and legs.Very painful, and i don't like to be touched.Stiff jaw.

How can I stop that tingling feeling and weakness in my left leg and foot?

How can I tell if my arms, legs, face, are tingling bcuz of nerve compression, circulation, oxygen, etc. I can exercise, lay or sit and get tingling?

How long can stroke symptoms last? The past week and a half I've had tingling in my right arm and leg, some weakness in my right arm, tingling on my l

How to prevent numbness in left arm after doing weights?

How to relieve numbness in arms after 2 days of chopping weeds?

I am 3 months postpartum and have just recently been experiencing arm and hand numbness. What is causing this?

I am a 27 year old female and I am feeling heaviness in my chest back and numbness in my arms and legs, i also feel heaviness and pain in my arms & leg?

I am having numbness and tingling in my hands,arm, feet and leg and my head feels very tight. I took my blood pressure that is normal what can I take?

I am having resting tremor on my upper left arm only. What could be causing it?

I am having resting tremor on the left arm(from shoulder to arm) only. What can I do?

I am very tense in back of neck and numbness in hands and feet. What can I do for this numbness?

I been having numbness in both hands and a shooting pain going down my neck to my arms to my hands. Also tired and blurred vision ?

I had a sudden numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg any suggestions on what could be wrong with me?

I had arm paralysis during sex. What should I do?

I had new numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg. Any suggestions on what could be wrong with me?

I had numbness in my wrist/arm suddenly as I was sitting. I was wondering what happened? There's was no weakness anywhere but it's been hours.

I have a herniated disc in my neck,I get numbness down both arms to my hands.I can feel tingling all down R arm this morning. Is this normal?

I have a neck injury and am experiencing arm weakness, what should I do?

I have arm/wrist/hand weakness on my right arm and my forearm cramps up a lot, plus i get spasms in my upper arm. What could cause this?

I have been having body pain for many years, back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, now it's tingling all over including my face. It never stops or almost?

I have been having my face lock up & go numb -ie when I smile, etc- numbness of my neck and weakness of legs/arms. Any idea what it could be?

I have cold sensations in my arms, legs and back, what could be causing this?

I have extreme arm itch and tingling, what to do?

I have had weakness, numbness, & tingling on my right side (arm, leg, face) for about 2 months. Brain & spinal MRI came back normal. What could it be?

I have heavy arms and legs and pressure in the back of my neck for almost 2 years?

I have leg and arm pain pain finger numbness leg stiffness which affects my walking, and balance my fingers shake and i always feel tired ms?

I have numbing and tingling in my chest and arm. What can cause this?

I have numbness and tingling in both legs from the knee downward, and the same in both arms which has very gradually become more persistent.

I have numbness in my hands and legs all the time. If I croutch down for a couple seconds..Boom numbness and tingles. What could this be?

I have numbness or tingling (one side only) (time frame: sudden) on R. Side of face and head and shaking hands or tremor w/muscle twitches in R. arm?

I have numbness/tingling on my feet and hands. I also have it more on my torso and chest. It's stiff like ?

I have perceived arm weakness in my right arm but my arm isnt actually weak. I'm worried about a stroke because of my anxiety, how to tell it's stroke?

I have pins and needles, numbness down the left hand side for two weeks slight confusion and weakness, all sats ok?

I have some tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand after drinking a lot of alcohol . What is this and what can I do?

I have swelling in my R hand, arm, leg, and face, L side is normal. What is going on?

I have tightness in my chest numbness in arms and legs and diarhea?

I have tingling in my arms and legs that is almost constant. ?

I have tingling in my legs n arms often. What could b the cause of this?