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I have pain in my left hand at left side of palm and thumbs meet It is swell& pain is on pressing the area tightly pain is sharp painkillers taken?

stabbing pain in the palm of my left hand, no other symptoms, does not come from anywhere else ..been about 20 minutes..41 yr old injury?

22 R Hand little finger numb throbbing pain and agony at times no swelling redness or injury its been hurting for 2 weeks now?

25 y/o with a dull, vague ache in both hands. Similar to a tooth ache. No tender points/swelling/or numbness/tingling. Artist and pianist, need help.

25f frequent back pains and spontaneous numbness in arm/hand/fingers/feet & toes! when i press on my lower spin above my butt crack it feels like pins and needles?

3-4 hours ago I started to experience severe shooting type pain starting from my wrist up to my elbows in both arms every time I clench my fist. ?

41 male severe pain on right hand thumb lower joint. Pains more during movements. Usage of laptop high.

6wks post-op, open shoulder surgery. Incision doing well. But, experiencing severe pain radiating down arm to ring/middle fingers. What's going on?

76yo m severe pain both arms 4 months.MRI normal,on pain meds.2day w/ swollen r hand.Can't lift arm,can't flex fingers.Does this signal a visit to ER?

A few years ago, a pain in both my thumb joints on both sides began. On both thumbs, it hurts in the middle left/right when extended, or pushed. Help?

A severe pulsating pain started between my knuckles, over three days the pain has moved up my(right)arm to above my elbow. No injury sustained prior. ?

A very sharp stabbing pain l/foot 2nd toe, now in r/upper arm mid detoid last 1-2 sec feels like a burning pin piercing the surface, 1-4 x's a day.

Acute pain in right elbow , no known cause but has been 4 weeks and doesn't seem to be getting better, pain when extending arm, gripping with hand etc?

After 2 months since cat bite to left wrist I still have limited movement and server pain at times along with a burning sensation. What could be wrong?

Alves ache bad to toes. Arms hurt from elbows to fingers with sharp pain shooting thru them occasionally. What would cause it? Started about a month ago and the local dr said i had the flu the flu is gone but the aching pain is still there. Hurts to bad

Any tips on what I should do about my elbow pain on a weekend?

Anything for pain I can do before I can go to the doctor to remove or treat this wart on my thumb ? I'm waking up from the pain !

Approximately every 2 week i feel a shooting pain in my left index finger (on pip) and just the same second a shooting pain in my heart area. Why?

Are immediate swelling, lots of bruising, and a sharp, intense pain turning into a burning sensation, then numbness signs that I broke my finger?

Arm aches/pains from overuse. Also sore finger from using mouse?

Back of hand swolle up and have a sharp pain in my wrist?

Bad pain in hands when doing anything physical with them im only 26 its been like this for 3 years i can't do anything. No numbness or swelling! help!

Bad pains in hands, especially finger joints, since 3 months. And sometimes bad pains in innerside of wrists/ forearms. What could this be?

Been having horrible pain. It's in my neck, back , knees, and hips, finger tips, and my eyes have a lot of pressure pain. Have a rash, that comes up?

Been waking up w/pain in left pinkie knuckle for about 2 months. Pain diminshes in day but hurts to squeeze. Maybe i'm sleeping on it bent? Any ideas?

Bilateral finger pain at dip joints and right arm pain throughout. 32 yo f. What could this be?

Blood test clear, aches and pains (dull-shooting-burns) hands, wrist, arms, shoulders, ear ache, pelvis, knees, feet, moves from one place to another.

Bone pain center of Lt hand, worse w/ grasping/pressing with fingers. Lt arm pain radiates from inside elbow. No trauma or swelling, Rt handed. Cause?

Broken finger 2 weeks in splint no pain but now feeling pressure pain in 15-30 sec. Cycles of tightness & relief. Splint is tightening or norm healing?

Burning pain near right pinkie knuckle where it attaches to hand. Pain is on the palm side only and is present when i make open/close my fist. Fixes?

Burning pinky knuckle pain in hand. It's only palm side and present when i open/close my hand. No swelling/redness/numbness, just dull burn w/movement?

Burning sensation on left wrist last 10 seconds been going on for a week and a half no medication or injuries ?

Can a sinus infection cause neck pain, and extreme phone use cause slight numbess in pinky/wedding finger?

Can crossing your fingers excessively cause pains anywhere?

Can i take motrin for sharp stabbing pain in palm of hand?

Can you have pain in right wrist and hand one day then it start in the left wrist a few days later. Is this heart related?

Can you suggest simple exercises for my left hand fracture and back pain?

Can you tell me how i can reduce pain in my left thumb?

Can your fingers hurt from being on phone too much? Shooting pains in fingers from time to time out of no where. Could it be anti convulsant meds

Can't move hand also pain in arm?

Can't move my finger without pain? Due to too much typing?

Clicking noise from wrist as well as pain. Chronic. Was Every few months, now every few weeks. Mainly in left wrist. I'm right handed. ?

Constant pain in my right thumb(2nd knuckle up over) which weakens my grip can cause pain up to my wrist n and arm and through my hand on the side?

Crampy hands, wrist pain, a random sharp pain, darkened veins in hands, a lot of cracking and some tingling. Pain in arms too. What could it be?

Cut my upper palm deep and get an extremely sharp shooting pain up the index finger if I touch near the wound? Will this heal? (it's been 1 week)

Deep cat scratch on palm 8 weeks ago. Still bruised, mild aching pain when too much movement, tingling occassionally. Is it compartment syndrome?

Every morning i find great amount of pain in my finger joints for a min. I move my fingers a bit & then the pain goes away. Please suggest what is it?

Every morning the fatter side to my palm near my thumb aches, through out the day it gets worse. And is really painful when putting pressure on it?

Every now and again I get mild sharp pain hands My job involves lifting all the time could that be connected ?

Every once in a while i get a sharp pain in my left hand. The bottom right of my hand where the pain is, the skin sucks in. It lasts for 10 sec. Why?

Excruciating pain in tip of right middle finger at slightest touch or knock. Pain consultant looked at the finger, even with ultrasound and no joy.?

Experience intense sharp pain, sudden difficulties moving rt. thumb. looks black & blue in the joint area feeling cold and swollen. what could this be?

Experiencing joint pain in fibgers and a bump on knuckle painful to touch?

Extreme pain in elbow, going up to shoulder & down to wrist. Allergy needle 13 mths. New pain. Related to injections? causes? Other elbow started hurt

Extreme wrist pain and swollen hands, unable to fully make a fist without extreme forearm pain.. Comes and goes sometimes have numb finger tips?

Feeling lots of pain in my hand from old injury what should I do?

Fell 3 days ago, landed on r arm right under the elbow. Continues with swelling, lots of bruising, some pain, no issues with rom. Should i x-ray?

Fell catching myself with my right hand now the area of right knuckle/middle finger is a sharp pain when using to open things or etc. Has stiffness?

Fell on left palm months ago. Wrist now hurts with rain and humidity. Onset arthritis? Any remedies to ease pain? Pain is heightened during rain

Finger, and the pain radiates up both the thumb and first finger. Can infection show up that quickly (15 hours), what to do?

First knuckle pain in pinky when pressed down or massaged. No swelling. No pain on movement. No injury. Pain has persisted for two weeks. ?

For 13 days, my hands are swollen and hurt, I am also having pain in my left elbow.

For over a month now, a portion of my right hand has been kind of numb. Is this usually a serious issue? My hand was not injured in anyway. I think i just noticed one day that it was numb. There is no pain associated with this.

Girl, 13 getting severe sharp chest pains on &off for a couple of weeks deep inside her chest on left also blue fingers &tingling in fingers &toes?

Good morning doctor. The corner of my right hand thumb has been swelling and hurt.The pain radiates to my arm. It is hard to write and the thumb is even stiff. It did look kind of yellow/green on the side. Thank you for your help?

Got a shooting pain in middle finger carrying a bag, now can't bend, its swollen, xtreme pain, what should I do now. 2yrs had carp.tunl. surgery.

Gripping side of left hand gets dry and starts pealing every once in a while for the past month.It doesn't hurt or have pain. What could this be ?

Had angiogram thru my wrist a week ago I went back to see cardio with pain in my wrist he said its bruising but it's a cramp like pain up my arm now ?

Had ganglion cyst removed. Now I have a burning pain through my little finger. I can't fully bend without burning & shooting pain in side of hand ?

Hand is swollen, painful, sometimes much colder than the rest of body. I also have pains shooting from little finger almost to elbow. Wrist hurts too.

Hand pain over a month after an iv?

Hand symptom - the muscular part at the thumb side is hurting, but don't know why?

Hands swell and burn unbearable pain?

Hard to curl my index fing. Also get a radiating pain in the top of my hand, I have mild carpal t. I also get a pain in my forearm is there tendo. Too?

Have got suddenly swelling in my left thumb (feet) from past 2 days causing discomfort ?

Have mild/moderate pain/burning sensation in left hand/wrist for over a week. No visible cause. Worse when touched. Whats wrong?

Have numbness along nail side of my thumb with pain going down towards wrist. Hard to grasp anything. Don't remember any injury.

Have slight pain when i rub over vein on forearm?

Have Trigger Finger/Pain Accompanied w/Arthritis in the middle digit on left hand Which Pain relievers would work the best???

Having a shooting/tearing pain between first and middle fingers?

Having pain and redness in right hand thumb with slight swelling. Similar pain started during pregnancy. Now i hav 8 month old son. Pain has reappear?

Having pain in my thumbs and having problems using it. What can I do?

Having pain whenever I do pushups in my right hand joint, why is this?

Having painful cramping and locking in mostly the left hand. Seen every specialist. No answers. What do I do?

Hello doc.i m having severe pain in my thumb nail and the skin around what can i do to relieve pain?plz tell.

Hello i was doing boxing the other day on the pads and i hit the pad with my right arm powerfull and then a sharp shock pain accured at my wrist ?

Hello I'm having intense wrist pain when pressure is applied to it. Could you help diagnose it?

Hello, I have a horrible pain that starts from my shoulder till the wrist of my right hand I can't even sleep on my right side cause it is painful?

Hello, I have some pain to my right forearm. I am unable to twist my wrist in either direction without increased pain to my forearm. It happened last ?

Hello. My mom has a problem with her palm she always says that her palm pains a lot and sometimes it hurts very badly while sewing something.

Hello. For about a month now, I've had terrible pain from my right elbow down to the tips of my fingers. I also have knots and some swelling. Painful?

Hello. I jammed my right ring finger 12 years ago and i still have pain in the knuckle. Is there anything i can do to get rid of the pain?

Helo doc. i m having severe pain in my thumb nail and skin around what should i do to relieve pain?plz tell.

Hi about a week ago in the morning when I wake up i have severe pain in both my hands i can barely close them.

Hi have pain in my right thumb?

Hi I am 46 and for the pass month I have this pain on my left arm and it numbs my fingers what can I do?

Hi I have had pain from the middle of my hand to mid forarm especially when I touch it please help Ps I have fracture this wrist multiple times(left)?

Hi i have sharp shoting pain in my right hand starting from my rist and going all over my thum and finger next to it what could it be?

Hi i've been waking up with pain under my feet for a while and its getting worse.Also pain in knees and elbows and have numb hands all the time.Help?

Hi sir I have pain my lift hand middle finger join actually its long time have this pain and i take my scan they said nothing above 1 year ?