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Hello this might sound stupid but anway , my implant (in my right arm) was ment to be removed over a month ago ( i never realised ) i have been to get it seen to n they dont have an app for about a month , i have been having pains in my right arm and whe

Why would the hair stand up on my left arm and not the rig ht?

Got bit by a bee yesterday in palm right hand. Last night, the right side of shoulder blade and back swelled.Today finger numb and still in pain. Dr?

Was working out on the floor and lifted my arms and grabbed a pole behind me to lift myself feet up. I felt a pop under my left breast and sharp.

(yes i will follow up with my pcp), left armpit ache, fingertips/hand tingle (left), and have stiff neck. That aside i'm peachy. Any ideas?

1 month ago i was transport a large man from the stretcher onto bed. Every since my left arm hurts near the elbow forearm hurts. Sharp pain. Help?

1 week ago i got 6 stitches on the palm side of my wedding finger now i can't straighten out my arm & hand because i get a sharp pain, will it go away?

1st time donating plasma & my arm is totally bruised front & back & its been 5days but now it hurts worse & im having trouble staightening my arm?

1week ago ihad a bloodtest & left a bruise,& now when I flex my arm or close my fit, my arm trembles, feels weak & the muscles hurt. It's that normal?

21 female,healthy.Have vein that sometime pop out in one spot on the back of left hand especially when hand is down or on the table.No pain.Worrisome?

27 female 240lbs 5'8 .my left arm hurts when my chest hurts. Why?

29 month old toddler has been complaining of arm, wrist &leg pain for the last 2 months.she's still active but doesn't like to be touched what's wrong?

3 times random wrist pain Left only. Hurts with use & movement on back of hand side of wrist. What could cause this & what to do w/o paying for appt?

31 yr old female healthy i think left elbow achy for arm little weak for about 2 weeks should I be worried sleep on that side all the time?

36 weeks pregnant, hands and feet not always swollen but when they are right is always bigger than the left. Could I have dvt?

39 year old male - right arm - started as pain, then changing to tingling and is now going numb any time he bends his arm.

6 days ago I got hit by a sftbl in my upper arm right about elbow. Before I couldn't move it. Now I can buy it hurts. The bruise is spreading around?

63 year old woman.Woke with pain upper left arm 4 only liken it to bad tooth ache deep in my arm. Paracetamol hasn't touched still not gone 6hrs later?

A carton of juice fell on my left arm hurting my left arm&shoulder .I have noticed some green veins on my left breast &arm. Did the injury cause this?

A light random throb in my right testicle, and my right leg, feels off, perhaps lightly pulled for a week but not sure what is chicken or egg, advice?

A phlebotomist hit a nerve in my right arm while trying to find a vein 9 days ago. I still get sharp pain occasionally, what should I do?

A vein on the back of my left hand hurts whenever I move it a lot (mostly at work. grabbing plates lifting with my wrists) no idea why this happens..

About a 4 months ago my right knee swelled up went to er they said no water on it. but now my right shoulder is doing the same thing is this related? Or could it be? My right shoulder looks swollen where that dip should be from your neck to the bone

Adfter breakfast i got really nauseas . Driving to school the left side of my face went numb then my left hand now my left leg. What's wrong?

After eating and the severe pain hits me my hands become white and yellowish? And i curl over in pain that shoots threw my right ride and belly/arm

After exercise my left arm started to hurt and it still is (for about over 30 minutes now). Applied Ice, helped but still dull ache in arm :/?

After microscopic shoulder surgery now by left hand all puffy. And my arm still hurting. What should I do?

Arm and hand numb and tingling i had been turned around backwards for around an hour, my shoulder started hurting. I was sore for 2 days.On the 3rd morning i woke up in severe pain and could not move my arm or hand because of it.My brother had to drive me

Ask online doctor fmy dad has slight pain in shoulder and he is unable to take his left hand up. Theres a slight trembling in his left hand whree chat?

Awoke n the a.M. W/extreme pain n my shoulder & upper arm a few times. Couldn't raise it out straight but back & side ways ok. Better w/rest. Idea?

Back of right shoulder feels like tingling with little or no work & little pain .mom said, right shoulder is little overgrown .I use laptop .wt's it?

Bad elbows for a while now, unsure why, but lying in my bed with arms bent towards chest whilst on mobile phone I get uncomftable aching in my elbows?

Bed bug bites on side of face / and back of left arm on my right hand my thumb is num

Been doing push-ups with correct form. Left forearm hurts lately when I push. What could it be? Never happened before. Inner part of forearm.

Broke my right wrist and i'm right handed, what to do to cope?

Bump on right arm above the elbow. Been for many years and never hurt. Now it started hurting. Random Pain with increase swelling and Blood Pressure.

Can you pull a muscule in right arm (upper part of arm) from masturbating once-a-day?

Carried some heavy bags on left wrist. Day later noticed left wrist hurt during push-ups so I stopped. Since then wrist hurts a lot about 5 days. ?

Cramping pain in the middle back next to backbone when i rotate right.Started frm 2ys when i ws stretching my leg to touch my right hand to left toe.

Dad's right arm suddenly became unable to move. It hurts to move it. It was never injured either. Could this be something serious?

Diabetes last 38 year have, bad movement in left shoulder and left leg get it hard to put on left sock can not reach my foot?

Doc my left hand is weaker than the right one from the age of childhood. What are the causes for that? How can I improve the strength of my left hand?

Doesn't make sense to have upper back pain rading into hand and under arm?

Dull ache in upper left arm. Use it to carry groceries but don't understand why it hurts?

During simple daily tasks, my left hand (i'm right handed) catches and is in intense pain until i move it out of that position. Normal? (21 female)

Earlier today my right arm tingled, then I got a pain from the elbow to the shoulder and now it feels a little heavy and is difficult to lift???

Early 20's male , I been having weaknes on left arm and hand and left leg but comes and goes , some twitching around my body any ideas , ? Thanks

Emg/mri of head and neck with contrast normal. Still feel weak, fat feeling in left arm and hand especially on top of hand. Hard to open and close?

Ever since I had a operation to place my VP shunt I have had weakness on my left side if i lift my arm or leg I get tired out whys this happened?

Exercised biceps today. Later got Charlie horse in left arm.Bad pain subsided but arm still hurts, running through hand. Can this be heart related?

Extreme itching on my right arm. It's painfull- like i'm being bitten. I had an mr arthogram yesterday in my right shoulder. How do I stop this?

Extreme pain in rt shoulder. Cannot lift up more than a little. Beginning to hurt from bicep down. Hand can go numb, drop things.

Feel a pulling senseation in my leg when i bend over like on the front left side between my knee and ankle like someone flicked a guitar cord ?

Feels like someone is squeezing my left forearm between wrist and elbow. Dull, achy pain - not severe. Normal CBC 4 weeks ago. Concerned abou leukemia?

Fell downstairs on my left hand side+now i cant lift my arm, wash my hair or put bra on, my shoulder doesn't hert, just upper arm front+under muscles ?

Fell on my right shoulder cracked as if I cracked all my fingers, and now is really tender especially as I sleep on my right side. What can it be?

Fell three weeks ago landed on my arm, it was swollen a couple days and a little black and blue, arm still hurt arm does not hurt if at 90 degree angle but when i extend arm or bring in less than 90 degree angle arm hurt at front crease part of elbow

Felt extr pain during blood draw Fri in left forearm. Now shock-like pain in that spot radiating to wrist when I flex.Should i worry and/or visit doc?

Felt extr pain during blood draw yday in left arm & asked to stop.still hurts in that spot and nerve clicks when I lift the arm.will this heal?thanks.

For about 3/4 weeks my right arm has started to feel heavy, achy & week. This has spread right to my shoulder and down my wrists and fingers. I now find it painful to write even! also on odd occasion feel like my jaw and face are numb/achy. I've just fini

For about 3/4 weeks my right arm has started to feel heavy, achy & week. This has spread right to my shoulder and down my wrists and fingers. I now find it painful to write even! also on odd occasion feel like my jaw and face are numb/achy. I've just fini

For about the past five yrs. I have to "pop"my left elbow, ...And i've noticed my arm does not stretch as far as the right.....?

For the last few days I've had very bad arm ache in ny left arm and bloody stool anyone have any idea what this could mean?

Forearm veins .. I recently lost blood circulation in my left arm but I got it back to flowing. Weird question but now one of the veins in my left arm looks different from my right arm. Should I be worried?

Frequent/avid bowler. Last couple weeks my throwing arm hurts a lot, in upper forearm to lower bicep area. By the end of the game I'm fine. Tendon?

From today my grandpa(he's 80, on regular dialysis) can't stand up, when he's trying to his left leg, left hand(total left side) is trembling. Help pls.

Getting pain in right hand top middle where hand closes. Hurts more when doing things with it?

Got electrocuted r. Arm. Er said 24 hrs to heal no meds. Heart ok. still hurts now noticed right side back thoracic 2 lumbar area side of spine hurts?

Got kicked on my collarbone.It looks bended almost risen.Years later arm is heavy,weaker,sometimes pain,feel a ever present pressure on my collarbone.

Had a blood test done monday on my right arm and woke up today in complete agony with my right arm from above the elbow down to my hand can't move it or touch it without being in a lot of pain.

Had an iv 8 days ago in elbow bend. Now upper arm muscle feels like it's cramping when I use that arm. Why? Should I be concerned? Clot?

Have had swelling on top of rt hand come n go for last month with pain generating in ring n mid finger. Went to ER said sprain.its not I know my body?

Have major neck trouble with numbness in my left arm and hand. Today i discovered i can fix the numbness by bending my head forward. What's wrong w/c6?

Have no pain but mostly i feel that my left arm - shoulder joint has being budged every time that i rise up my left hand or put it under my head,WSID?

Have some shoulder pain in my right arm, it started today, mostly when I move it certain ways or go to grab or pick up something. ?

Havin pain in my right arm from my palm to my elbow. It's been like this since yesterday. It hurts to move or touch should I be worried or seek a Dr.?

Having 3cysts in left arm, 1 in right arm, 1 near the ribs and 1 in the back side of the neck.My dad too have this, is this harmful.Hw can I eradicate.

Having numbness in the right hand numbness in the left leg fell and broke tail bone about 10 years ago .I smoke and drink what could this be?

Hello dr. In my every sleep i get my left arm numb, cn't move it and i cn't sleep at my left side, y is it so please do tell me as itz incrsng daily..

Hello I cant stop tensing my left leg and it continually looks smaller than my right. The veins in it are always showing but never are in the right le?

Hello im new here. Im female 22 and on my right arm I have these indents on my right hand they itch. What are these?

Hello, front of left thigh has been numb for about a week now. No impaired movement. Visiting Poland when it started. Thank you!

Hello, I'm 19 years old. I've been getting a random sharp pain on my left bicep muscle randomly for about 2 weeks already. Usually it happens when I put pressure on it for example if I'm laying down on my stomach and get up but lean on my left forearm, I

Hello. Yesterday my left arm felt heavy achy. Underneath my shoulder blade as well. Today it is difficult to even brush my hair. Should I be worried?

Hey I have a question what does it means when your feet and hands are swollen and you have chest pain that shoots to your back and right shoulder hurt?

Hi doctors my husband has pain in his two arms .At day time is less at night it's too much pain. He wrap the arms overnight with bandage.. What todo?

Hi I burned my arm pit with nair what should I do it hurts really bad and I can barely move my arm with out crying?

Hi I hit my elbow this morning on the corner of a bathroom cabinet I cannot fully move my arm now and am in a lot of pain could it be serious ?

Hi I'm a student currently sitting exams throughout the week and have begun getting shooting pains in my right middle finger upwards just past wrist?

Hi I've been having pain.In my upper right arm and also in my left wrist i feel like its going to break if i lift something slightly heavy been 1 week?

Hi Ihad one hammer to correction now i have a pin in place the pin was twisted a few times left to right. Should i be worried? There is no pain.

Hi my daughter is 15 months is standing and walking if you hold her hand we noticed her left leg turns in a little should we be worried ? Thanks

Hi my mom had angiogram last week and they attempted it through jer wrist but had to do it through her groin.She has lot of pain up her right arm stil?

Hi my wrist is twice the size of my left hand and I'm in sooo much pain can't move it at all help please.

Hi sometimes I have chest pain in my left arm in hand gets numb what does that mean had blood work done but nothing back yet.?

Hi, at work couple of days ago sudden stabbing pain in my right index finger after few mins swelled to nearly twice the size very painful. darren?

Hi, i woke up not being able to move my right hand, seems to br getting worce hardly any pain /im dragging it around, can't help it, i can't even hold a spoon.

Hi, I'm 36 and in great health but I' have some annoying twitching in my right and left arm bicep and above left knee. What could cause this?

Hi, when I pull with left hand a weight, my left shoulder hurts. Pushing is o.k. What?

Hi. I have a writs pain when I rotate my hand in either direction along the arm line. What may be the cause of this and how can I reslove it? Thanks