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I had numbness in my right arm along with weakness for 20 minutes today. What could be the problem?

In july i was on a 4 hour flight ever since then ive been having neck pain, and also pain in my arms and legs. Is this a sign of a conpressed nerve?

18 months episodes of left sided numbness that last up to 2 weeks. 4 neg MRIs.Now more intense right sided numbness lasted 3 days. Day 4 mild headache?

2 days since caudal steroid injection, flushed chest pain, tightness and tingling through face and arms; lethargy, worse when sitting up or standing.

2 weeks ago-burning in both calves numb arms &hands, clumsy finger movements.Now constant pain in mid back with burning down spine & chest pains?

32 m, BP ok. Ache/numbness in left arm during brisk walking. Smetimes get ache in l/arm at rest. Have discomfort in rotating l/arm. Cardiac issue?

32 weeks, during the past week I've been experiencing tingling/ numbness mid back to the left of my spine. Especially when sitting?

4 months ago I started having tingling and pain throughout my left arm.. The pain spread to what appears to be a stiff neck also on the left, and pains directly on my spine.. Later I started having what appears to be toothaches, constant headaches.. Only

4 months having pins pain tingling dizziness and numbness all over body. Now have vibration in my left ankle and burning sensation in lower back. I noticed it gets worse when i turn my head/back down?

4 months of off balance feeling, sore arms, shoulder and legs, pain in neck. Tingling feeling when sleeping at times. Doctor didn't know. Do you?

A few days ago, I started having tingling, numbness, and sharp pain in both of my hands. I don't know what's causing this to happen. please help.

A male of 50 years is having cramping in lower limbs with tingling and numbness for many years, his symptoms have now progressed with bearable pain an?

About 5 days ago i started experiencing tingling in my upper back between my shoulder blades, sort of like when your foot falls asleep. Its off and on?

ACDF surg 06/2015 3wks experience pressure on throat swallowing issues numbness tingling pain in upper extremities head pain w neck bend backward?

Aching pain in arms, hands, legs, feet w/occasional tingling. Did not fall, but have back pain with feeling of pressure on lower spine. Ruled out diabetes, aids, nutritional def. I'm 28. Any ideas?

After 2 episodes of intense facial pain i've been told it could be trigeminal neuralgia but now i'm also experiencing upper lip numbness & twitching.

After weight training deltoids have less feeling in the front and back muscles with tenderness, weakness, mild pain and slight burning in whole arm.

Age 21 pain in bones of legs foot arm and hand all on right side also tingling which come and go everyday also same side paincalf muscles could be MS?

Age 81. Numbness on upper left thigh for a week. Numbness in hand. What could these symptoms be?

All over joint pain especially shoulder neck lower back. Severe head aches extreme fatigue. Numbness tingling fingers and toes about 6 months?

Alot of neck and shoulder pain with extreme tingling and numbness in arm and four fingers. Headaches as well. 7 weeks now. ?

Any doctors advice on symptoms spine pain, muscle spasms in ribs, dizziness, breathing probs, muscle weakness, tremors arms/head/legs not constant?

Any ideas on why i'm having jerking movements in my right hand and leg with extreme pain?

Are there any deficiencies that cause muscle pain and tingling? Upper back and arms are aching and feet legs are tingly. brain MRI normal a month ago

Are these symptoms normal after having fusion done in my neck back in march(c5-c6), burning, pinching, and numbness in left arm?

Arm pain and nick pain i also have diabets?

At night I can't sleep on my left side as I get tingling pains up and down my left leg. Is this early signs of arthritis?

Back muscle pain, weakness in legs and arms shoulder pain too, pain hurts more when pressure is applied. Side effect of colchicine? Will it go away?

Back numbness, more in the area near the neck +/- pain.. Also I have numbness in my extremity. Cuz I have hypoca. But i concern about "back numbness"?

Back of Head, upper neck stiffness, headache, heaviness in right ear, weakness in legs, numbness & radiating pain in left arm&leg. ECG normal. Worry?

Back pain and muscle problem in right arm and leg be caused due to posture during mastubation and can pinched nerve cause leg and arm pain at sametime?

Bad habit of sleeping on arm. Causing shoulder pain, arm numbness, upper chest / collar bone tenderness. Neuropathy? What to do during sleep? Also pt?

Bad Numbness and tingling from shoulder area to fingers both sides, 4days now worse when I sit but constant. Go to doc or er? No injury,fibromyalgia

Been having numbness and pain in arms but this morning had numbness and pain as usual but literally could not move arm at all for about 10min. Why?

Been having random bruising all over right leg. Severe numbness and tingling. Diarrhea and nausea.

Being using my drugs for time now but still having chest pain numbness in my left hand and legs pls what should I do?

Bilateral arm numbness, eye blurry periodically, groin muscle pain, occasional swallow dif?

Both arms hands tingling/aching some weakness. Comes and goes weeks at a time. Upper back pain sometimes. Scared?

Burning pain that radiates. Legs arms elbows and hands. It stings as well. I also have some back aching. All the pain comes and goes.

Burning sensation on leg and hand. Ir happens on de ledt side.. I usually have pain on de ledt shoulder too..

C5 problem in the neck should give me pain and tingling where?

Can a pinched nerve cause numbness along with a dull ache? i have numbness and achiness on right side of torso.

Can acidity and gas cause jaw numbness and left arm pain? 33 male

Can an untreated throat infection 3 month later cause bruising, joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, muscle twitching, burning sensations, tingling?

Can anxiety cause physical symptoms? Like arm pain or leg pain

Can anyone tell me what causes tightness, tingling, and slight pain behind the knees?

Can anyone tell me what could it be if you are having pain in your spine and numbness on the right side of your body?

Can back problems cause numbness, tingling, and spasm like calf pain in both legs?

Can bad anxiety cause all kinds of pain such as 1 sided arm and leg pain stiffness & tingling etc! had lots tests all ok.Told its anxiety..

Can bulging discs in my neck and lower back give me certain symptoms like nausea, abdomen pain leg pains fatigue arm pains and headaches?

Can burning gnawing pain in the neck be cervical radiculopathy or rsd? I have burning down my arm also please help any thoughts?

Can cervical neck pain and lower back pain symptoms along with numbness in ring and pinky finger on left hand, be an underlying symtom of something?

Can cervical spine pain, shoulder pain, tingling, ankle pain and burning eyes be symptoms of prediabetes?

Can constipation with mucous cause pain, tingling, coldness, numbness on the left side of my body from the shoulder down the leg to the foot?

Can coreg (carvedilol) cause joint pain, prickling & tingling in arms and legs after being on it already for a month?

Can disc degeneration in my neck cause severe elbow and back pain (no numbing or tingling, just achy, throbbing pain) I do have appt to see an ortho?

Can fibromyalgia cause hot&burning sensation in the left shoulder&neck at the same time with cramps.Does it cause throbbing in diff.Body parts .Help!?

Can I tell my neurologist for cervical mri. My neck is burning, all my upper and lower extremities are tingling and having pain. Feeling so weak.

Can massaging a whiplash injury cause more irritation and numbness?I'm experiencing numbness in back of neck and arm worse after a"nonprofessionalone.

Can muscular pai cause tingling?

Can nautical vertigo/boatfeeling be a symptom of Als? Also have burning pain in upper right arm + stiffness/pain in right forearm. Twitches on and off

Can prediabetic neuropathy cause neck muscle cramp, tingling, heel pain and shooting pain in arm, neck and wrist? Or it's more likely to be sth else?

Can shingles cause back pain and leg weakness? All other disorders have been ruled out.

Can someone have Lyme disease without fatigue? Muscle aches/tightness in right side of body, esp upper back/scapular area, arm, and leg for 3 weeks?

Can stomach pain be related to numb hands?

Can stress cause arm pain and pressure?

Can ulcer result in backpain, neck and limb pain and numbness?

Can you please explain the assymetric pain associated with als. Does it go away in one week? I had pain in both arms for one week that was severe.

Chest pain with dizziness nausea and numbness tingling in arms?

Chest pain, belching, along with pain/jolt in the arm, numbness or tingling, sometimes pain in the neck or jaw: why?

Chest, groin, testicular pain, bowel issues, pain radiating down left leg, headaches, pain head & neck, achy all over. Skin itchy & tingling

Chronic neck and lower back pain. Tingling burning in shoulders and legs. and headaches. What is wrong?

Cold tingling feeling between shoulder blades and full ache . Also sore shoulders and arms. Mild scoliosis . Tender spot by or on spine. What causes?

Constant bowel movements 10x+ daily, pain in chest and back severe, right arm and leg going numb and tingly, what can be the cause?

Constant heart burns, right breast pain numbness in arms and constant headache?

Constant swelling in hands and arms feel like they are burning along with severe fatigue?

Constant tingling pleasure-like feeling running down spine. I can feel it in my legs and arms...Its causing a mild weakness. What could it be?Serious?

Continuous pain on my life side . From neck to my feet . What can be the cause?

Could a nerve problem be causing such symptoms? Such as left shoulder pain when breathing deeply and lying down, left arm tingling at all times.

Could kyphosis that has a measurement of only 55 degrees be giving me severe pain, numbness, tingling, and a burning feeling?

Could sleeping on the floor 2 nights on my shoulde caused a pinched nerve? Had a week of dull pain. Having some weakness with lifting weights now also

Daughter is 17 said she is having shooting pain up her spine, ribs , neck. All severe pain, crying. Arms and legs numb. Hospital?

Diagnosed W gastroparesis. Also have burning bottom feet. Tingly fingertips at times sharp pains in arms and leg could it be related? Not diabetic

Did not mention problm with intermittent leg pain when i saw neurologist, feels like nerve pain i experience in my face, could this be relatd?

Discharge* , muscle pain in my arms, and slight weakness. Any ideas?

Dizziness, minor chest pains, painful tingling in stomach, tingling feet ?

Do Epidural Steroid shots usually work in the C6-C7. Have severe pain in neck, shoulder and arm with weakness and numbness in hand. Also reduculopathy?

Does diabetes cause severe arm and hand pain?

Does epidural injection in the neck help burning pain and numbness and tingling sensation? Please help

Does metanx cause any joint pain me right arm is now numb?

Does MS commonly cause tingling, muscle spams, prickliness and pain down one side of the body (for example left side)?

Dull achy growing pain like pain, from shoulder to hand left side. No chest pain etc. Feels like arthritis, pinched nerve or carpal tunnel. Opinion?

Everyday my mom has numbness in all four extremities, severe neck pain and back pain.She is unable to move and her doctor doesn't know what hes doing, ?

Excuriating pain in neck and back. Can't sleep muscle relaxants and pain meds not working. Throwing up, burning, pins and needles pricking sensation?

Experience bilateral leg numbness and tingling and heaviness during the night, no back pain or other pain or trauma. I have a slight neck crimp too.

Experiencing muscle weakness/cramps /Aches in jaw, arms, shoulders, legs (both sides) 6 days and no other symptoms what could this be?

Experiencing sudden waves of numbness, chills, extreme pain in abdomen, arms, back and legs. Any thoughts/advice on what I should do?

Experiencing sudden waves of numbness, chills, extreme pain in abdomen, arms, back and legs. Thoughts?

Extreme pain at side of my post neck during or after sleep.transient finger numbness in morning for 20min.hnp can cause such? Anything other than hnp?

Extreme pain down both arms when sneezing/coughing.Numbness/swelling of neck/am.Unable to walk normal/rubber legs.Had neck trauma yrs ago too.