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Left Lymph node under my armpit is swollen and painful and pain started down inner arm turned to bruising now it's in the right arm pit & innerarm?

my right arm and leg is darker than my left arm and leg. Should i be concerned?

18 year old with a lump in my arm. Should I be worried?

2cm lump on right arm. Inside above elbow. Sore and tender. Arm hurts to move. ?

8 days after blood drawn for labs-hard, nickel-sized lump in arm where needle was inserted(inner elbow). Lump is painful/arm aches, is this dangerous?

A bump or knot under my arm , about half inch around ?

A mosquito bit me night before last on my arm where my tattoo is. My arm is swollen as of today. What should I do?

A small lump has come up on my elbow and its really sore and my arm is aching. What does this sound like?

After lifting some light weights I have had a lump on the top of my arm in the crease of my arm what could it be..

After lifting weights two weeks ago I have a lump on top of arm near crease?

Are lymph nodes in the arm on the inside crease or above the crease and on what side of the arm?

arm cyst and

Best way to get a knot out of my arm?

Both of my arms on my upper forearm have a lump under skin what could that be?

Bumps in vein in my right arm, what is this?

Bumps on arm?

Bumps on left arm only, why?

Can a boil under the left arm cause cancer?

Can you get bloodclot in for arm?

Can you get skin cancer in your arm pit?

Can you tell me what these bumps on my arms are?

Circular bruise on right arm what is it ?

Could shingle be under my arm pit?

Daughter fell outstretched arms and was in a lot of pain initially. One forearms has a bump under the skin where it hurts. Can use arm but tender.

Found a firm mobile pea-sized lump under skin near elbow on left forearm. Now found one near elbow on upper arm, and one 1/2 way up back right bicep.

Hard little lumps under my skin on both of my arms right before my elbows could it be cancer or swelling?

Hard lump under the arm (armpit) very painful, difficult to move my arm up and down. no insurance i need help. ?

Have bruising from the being squeezed on the shoulder. Normal?

Have linear scabs on both arms from wrists to upper arm. They're on the underside on my forearm and center of upper arm. No itching. What could it be?

Have two lumps in my arm pit that hurt?

Hello I just noticed on my 17 months old son right arm above the armpit he has a really dark vein that appears when he stretches his arm out and dissa?

Hello, I am 29 years old male. I have some nodules on my arms and one on my thigh. They don't hurt at all. But I am not sure what they are. ?

Hello. I wrote yesterday about pain in my upper arm/shoulder. Today I have found a pea sized lump in my arm pit that hurts! what is it?

Hi I two lumps under my arm pit and stinks and sore?

Hi. I have small red bumps only on my right arm and only on my start of my arm and in the middle part of my bicep. There are only a few and I pop them?

How can I address my arm cellulitis?

How can I get a bigger chest and arms?

How would you know if you have a cyst in arm?

I always feel ceasing in my arm from armpit to elbow what is this?

I always have these pains under my arm pits and it hurts like a bruise?

I am 19 yr old. Last september or october, i hadn't lot of hain my arms and chest, but now in april i have..And on arms, hairs are around 1 inch! why?

I am getting boils on my scalp, arm pits , and on skin. What could be the cause for this?

I am having around 5 small lumps under my skin on my left fore arm. No pain. These are small lumps. Initially started with one near the wrist.

I broke out with bumps on my arms what could it be?

I cannot put my arms down after surgery under arms (abscesses) it has a lot bumps now, what can I do?

I cut my forearm with a blade,deep and after 2 years the scar buldges when i tense my arm , the lump is very soft?

I feel bruise like pain on the side under left arm pit when I press on it. It is literally on the side of my body under left arm pit. Didn't bump into?

I had 4 needles today 2 in each arm and in my right arm my armpit really hurts and I can't lift up my arm?

I had my last gardasil vaccine 2 months ago. No complications. Now i have a lump on my arm that hurts to touch and move my arm. Should i be concerned?

I have 3 fingernail size bruises on my upper inner left arm what causes this sometimes i get it on my right arm inner as well.what is causing this ?

I have a bite on my arm that is swollen and my arm is numb. What can I do?

I have a bruise and tender spot on my left arm that i don't know how it got there. there is tenderness to the touch further down on my arm as well?

I have a bump by the side of my left armpit but it's only there when I lift my arm up and feel it it's not visible no other symptoms ?

I have a bump in my arm & my arm is really sore along my veins .. What could it be?

I have a bump on my left upper arm. I do smoke. What could it be?

I have a bump under my arm pit should I be worried?

I have a bump under my arm what is it and it hurts?

I have a bump under my left arm pit. It's the size of a cherry. It's sore to touch. There's no rash.?

I have a dark circular bruise on my left arm and my whole upper arm is sore after an injection, is this normal?

I have a few skin sores on my left shoulder and near my armpit. What could they be from?

I have a hard, itchy lump. One on my palm and one on the back of my arm.

I have a knot in my fore arm?

I have a knot in my left fore arm and the whole arm hurts and so does my heart what is it?

I have a lot of boils. In between my thighs, on my sides, on arm pits, as well as breasts. Is this normal?

I have a lump below my elbow on the outside of my arm, what do you think it is?

I have a lump in my under arm that really hurts?

I have a lump in right arm and the pain goes allbehind my bust and under my arm pit?

I have a lump on my arm after an injection ive had it about 2 years, can you tell me why?

I have a lump on my arm midway between my elbow and shoulder? It's on both arms what could it be

I have a lump on my arm near the inside of my elbow. It has been swollen for about 3 weeks. ?

I have a lump on my left arm above my elbow on the inner side under my arm feels slightly bruised. What could this be. Its been the same for a week.

I have a lump on my uper arm and it hurts its been 3 days what can it be?

I have a lump on my upper arm after having a canula in for 3 days. It is just above the insertion site at the bottom of the bicep. Is this common?

I have a lump on my upper arm; had a bruise above but now it's gone. About quarter size, not painful. I have soreness in my arm around it?

I have a lump on the inside of my arm, to the out most part of my arm, it's moves around like the ones in my neck. Not painful no fever?

I have a lump or knot on the outter part of my upper arm, it doen not hurt but my arm is sore. What can it be?

I have a lump under my arm?

I have a lump under my skin by my elbow on my bicep and I am dizzy. What is going on and what should I do?

I have a lump under skin on right arm by my elbow. Can not tell if it is attached. Does not hurt. It is raised slightly what could it be?

I have a nasty bump under my arm it hurts i had it for over a month now but i don't have insurance?

I have a painful lump under skin on bicep/ elbow. Hard lump not visible to the eye. Sends pain down arm?

I have a painful pimple on my elbow and it hurts when i stretch my arm out.

I have a painful red swollen streak from my armpit to below my elbow on my inner arm. It's slowly going down my arm.?

I have a painful, immovable knot under the skin in between my bra strap an arm pit. It hurts also when I move my arm. Should I get it checked?

I have a red bump under my right armpit and i hurts when ever i put my arm down. Could it be from the underwire of my bra or something? What is it?

I have a small lump that moves in my left arm near my elbow?

I have a weird lump under my arm. What should I do?

I have an itch on my left arm for the last 2 days. What should I do?

I have been having boil like bumps on either sideof my thighs and arm pits?

I have been having this lump under my armpit for weeks and it has gotten worse it has my whole arm sore from the shoulder down what should I do?

I have boil type lumps between my legs & under my arms what are they?

I have boils . I get them in my buttocks , waist , & arm pit . What is causing this and what can I do ?

I have bumps on both my right and left arm, most of the bumps are more above my elbow. How can I get rid of them?

I have bumps on my back arms and neck but not on legs, what is this?

I have fine bumps on my left arm what are they?

I have knot in my left fore arm and the whole arm hurts and so does my heart?

I have knots under my arm that are very painful and turning black?

I have lots of lump in my hand leg and stomach please tell me why ?

I have lumps under my arm pits, they are swollen, always red, tender, they have been underneath my arm like that for almost a year, what could it be?

I have pea to penny size recurring bumps on my back, shoulder blade, bicep forearm, upper calf and outer thigh areas for a yr now. please help?