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17 y/o f. Severe wrist pain on top when leaning on or putting pressure. Can't bend wrist down or up. I can't use my wrist at all. Ok when not using. ?

2-3weeks of painful, sharp shooting veins. It has gone from my fingers, to wrist and sometimes up my elbows. Wrist splints dont help. Possible cause?

27/female sharp pain in my inside elbow when bending or moving my arm.What is this? Tapped nerve?

2days pain inner forearm from elbow bend to wrist. Hurts more with wrist extension. Not constant or nerve pain. No discolorationor obvious swelling.

4 months ago I sprained my shoulder playing tennis. I am in pain especially when rotating my arm, tried ice and anti-inf but didn't work?

45M Guitar player. Tingly lower left forearm , from elbow down , for 2 weeks. Also in left fingers. Ice helps a bit. No weakness or pain . Cause?

6month pain radiating frm shoulder down left arm to hand 1 day pain will be in forearm for 3 days then top arm then wrist/hand. Seems like flare ups.

8 weeks ago i injured my right bicep doing seated chest presses. Pain runs from shoulder to elbow. Any advice is appreciated.

A bar with 195 pounds fell on shoulder and I have had pain for over a week and it went to my elbow, what do I do?(bruise on my shoulder & elbow)

A friend had surgery dislocaited L shoulder six months still very painful cast on arm fingers swollen unable to move arm forward is that normal?

A friend ran into my arm and after x-Ray I was told I sprained my elbow. After three weeks I have severe pain when i straighten my arm. Is this normal?

A week ago playing dodgeball I tripped and braced myself with my left arm. Shooting pains in my elbow. It still hurts and I can't fully extend my arm.

Abductor digiti minimi pain in left hand going up towards my elbow. Is it just pulled?

After falling over and landing on my elbow i can't fully extend my arm, should I give this a while to heal by itself?

After landing backhandsprings weird last night, (backflips with hands) i can't straighten my elbow without pains running down my arm and severe pinching feeling in my elbow. Pain is to the outside with my palm facing forward.

After my elbow has been bent a long time it's hard to extend, also if i'm laying in bed reading, while my elbow is bent, my hand goes numb?

After my elbow has been bent a long time it's hard to extend, also if i'm laying in bed reading, while my elbow is bent, my hand goes numb?

After playing badminton i experienced stiff shoulder and now after 17 days still i feel pain and weakness from my neck to my elbow. What should I do?

After playing basketball, my arm hurts from my fingertips up to my elbow. Does this sound serious?

All blood work normal. Neck cracks when I turn my head, pain radiates to my arms, wrists, and hands. Arthritis? Shingles?

An inch above my elbow is stiff and I can't move it. Help?

An inch above my elbow is stiff and I can't move it. My stepmom thinks I have tendinitis. This has been going on and off for a few months... HELP?

Are Spasms a part of experiencing Tennis Elbow?

Between my elbow and wrist, and sorta feels like i hit my funny bone at times. Could this sensation be arising from my neck?

Bone in elbow is swollen and arm pain ?

Both forearms hurt when i pick up anything heavy with a tight grip. Anything i can do?

Broken arm with metal plates and screws. my elbow has shifted all the way into my upper arm, tingling, pain, out of touch with reality please help?

Bumped elbow 2 days ago. Diagnosed ruptured bursa. Wrapped+sling but arm now black and blue and while lump on elbow is gone. rest of arm has swelling.

Came on suddenly a week ago: tingle in right side of right hand *every* time i flex/touch fingers. No pain! arm/elbow normal! cubital syndrome?

Can an injury to the long head part of tricep cause pain to the shoulder and directly underneath your elbow?

Can an untreated wrist fracture start to cause pain in the back of elbow (innerback)?

Can arthritis b in just 1 main area? Left elbow & bicep hurt all the time with it other places hurting very little right arm/elbow legs wrist knuckles

Can not bend or straighten arm with Palm side up without tremendous pain in biceps elbow &forearm. Can not touch shoulder at all. No injury or trauma ?

Can you get a pinched never if your elbow was out of place? It's been 5 months and i still can't make a fist with arm extended or lift

Can you tear a ligament in the for arm? I was pulling something heard a loud snap and felt it middle ways between the wrist and elbow .

Can't bend left elbow or right ankle without pain, what could be wrong? More joints are being affected, is something seriously wrong?

Can't straighten elbow more than 135deg pain in my forearm inner shoulder and fingers at rest. pain inside elbow wen trying to straighten. also tingly fingers ? it is getting worse

Cant straighten right arm or extend it after hitting closet doorknob with right arm bicep?

Causes of nerve pain from the L. thumb-wrist, to the L. Arm bicep, with a swollen 1 in. lump around Extensor pollicis brevis, with a clear neck MRI ?

Constant need to stretch my elbow. What does this mean?

Could it be healthy to get elbow pain when extending arm?

Could it be possible to suffer of tennis elbow, without playing that sports? Been having pain and tenderness in my left arm

Crack in elbow/shoulder while arm wrestling, what is this?

Cracking in elbow, pain in forearm when lifting a heavy object, now weak. What happened?

Diagnosed with tendonitis on right wrist, what i want to know is that will the injection hurt?

Did backhandspring twisted arm and felt elbow pop, sharp pains a lot, behind elbow...?

Does a dislocated elbow affect your entire arm?

During venipuncture and when needle was removed, felt sharp pain in arm to wrist.Now feel vein popping near wrist everytime straighten arm down from elbow.It is uncomfortable but not painful.

Elbow doesn't sit right. If arms extend straight palms flat iner elbow faces up. No trama. Just noticed when stretching. No pain. Stiff movement.

Elbow hurts on a daily basis. Any suggestions?

Elbow hurts when arm is fully extended?

Elbow pain over 6 months. Went to the gym for 6 months and it started randomly in both elbows. Push ups don't hurt but rotating wrists fast hurts. ?

Elbow pain when leaning on it and bending my elbow and my arm and hand feel numb, i also have hypermobility?

Elbow pain? I've had a pain in my right elbow for over a month and it only hurts when i extend it. It makes a cracking noise when extended?

Elbow popped during arm wrestling. Felt like extreme version of when your elbow can catch and pop during the day. joint sore on inner side of elbow.

Elbow tenderness & pain at the joint; bothers when i stretch arm or leave it in the same position. I've had for over a month. What is it-what to do?

Elbow, forearm, and finger pain. Arm cannot straighten my right arm has not been able to straighten at all for 6 months. My last three fingers get numb, my elbow stays swollen and warm to the touch. My elbow cannot bend upward. When i try it feels like th

Electrifying pain in forearm may be because of blockage or bending of swelled nerves, which I saw while curling my arms for doing hammer curl exercise?

Every time i bend my hand backwards I have this pain in my wrist of my pinky side and i would like to know what kind of problem or injury this is?

Extensor Carpi Radialis longus (inside forearm arm) muscle small knot? Longish-lump, tension? Pain when flexing wrist shoots to upper arm

Extreme sharp Pain in elbow when touched, on the inside of elbow around where the brachial muscle connects with elbow. ?

Fall on l/arm during football, shooting pain in elbow when straightened, no swelling and no bruising as far as I can see what should I do?

Feeling lots of pain in my elbow when doing curls?

Fell asleep with head on desk, forehead on top of back of hand. Woke up and couldn't move from elbow down for a few minutes. Wrist clicking. Damaged?

Fell at work. Landed on my knees and left arm. Already have torn rotator cuff in right arm. Now left shoulder extremely tender, any suggestions?

Fell bad on arm over a week ago. Still hard to rotate arm from palm down to palm up, bulge on back of arm above elbow, painful. Is this a tendon?

Fell down stairs, hit L shoulder on railings between shoulder blade and spine. Mild pain in shoulder, tingling in forearm & fingers. Did I hit a nerve?

Fell landed on elbow. Didnt feel pain for about 2 hours then my hand started aching can only hold elbow @ 90 to avoid shoulder and wrist pain go 2 dr?

Fell off my bike, hit both palms with full force, elbow hurts and can't fully extend arm and elbow discolored, , wrists slightly swollen, why elbow?

Fell on arm a week ago, still can't bear weight well, push anything or flex arm real well. Inner elbow pain. Is this ucl or a bruise? Neg for fracture

Fell on arm two weeks ago. Pain in shoulder/tricep/elbow. Got x-Ray and nothing is broken. Two weeks later I still can't put any pressure on arm.

Fell on ice 4.5 weeks ago. Hit arm slightly below elbow on forearm. Sore has healed but area is still very tender. Cannot rest arm on items bc of pain?

Fell on my wrist. It hurts to move it up, grip or lift anything or rotate my forearm.. Pain with moving up is becoming less.

Fell tore right rotator cuff. Previous epichondolectomy on same arm. Now having pain in elbow fingers esp small/ring also cold. Did i reinjury elbow?

Felt the need to crack my forearm and when it finally cracked it caused me searing pain from my elbow to my wrist. Should I be concerned?

For 2 wks, I've had left wrist aching on the pinky side of my wrist. It's only felt when I move my wrist/hand in certain ways. What could this be?

For 6 months my hand, wrist, lower arm have been swollen, then a swollen place on top of shoulder now an very painful place on top of shoulder-no injury?

For about two weeks from my elbow to the top of my hand I can feel muscle strain what can be causing this?

For some time I have bone pain: fingers, elbow, finger sometimes leg, knee and groin. From what can be? I work in the office and sit on the chair 10 h

For years my elbow has been popping with some moderate pain until lately it is like a toothache with stiffness extending down my arm ... is this tenni?

Forearm is very sensitive. My forearm (only on the ulnar side) is bruised and swollen. Is it fractured?

Forearm pain w/ swelling bruising & tender spots near the ulna, makes popping sound when arm is moved sometimes & lightheaded sometimes, can move it?

Getting a sharp pain in my elbow when i bench press my doc said it's golfers elbow, a physio said it's a nerve who do I belive. Thanks?

Getting forearm and elbow pain. Get a sharp pain when my elbow pops and arm locks in place at time when bending. 1 month long. Is it forearm or elbow?

Golfers elbow and twangy feeling. Is this normal?

Got blood drawn 2 weeks ago and it didn't hurt.2 weeks after I have pain on palpation, pain is where bicep tendon inserts on forearm/ forearm muscle?

Had a diagnosis of tennis elbow in my right arm while working on my computer. A week later my left arm became affected. 6 weeks with OT and physio and now im told they don't know what I have. My fingers now tingling and wrist/forearm pain too. Help!

Had a work accident 10 weeks ago.Fell on my hands,nose,&knees.Had x-rays.No fracture on right knee&suspicion of a fracture on left wrist.Some numbness on right leg sometimes.Both parts still hurt.Which specialist should I see for my wrist&knee pain?

Had rotater cuff surgery arm still hurts other arm hurts also?

Had shoulder repl a week and a half ago. Today i notice my bicep will not flex at all. Is this normal?

Had surgery on my elbow 6months ago.The last 6weeks i've been working & now both elbows hurt! am i getting tennis elbow again i felt great until work?

Had tennis elbow injection yesterday. My elbow so stiff i can hardly move u feel worse with pain when I bend is this normal. How long will it last ?

Hand bone bulging after fall over a month ago matching one on left side to. Also one appearing near elbow On foot on left side as well as hand & elbow?

Hand pain when squeezing/closing, tendon that runs from my middle finger down to my wrist that seems to be cramp.I've been golfing a lot so maybe grip?

Hardish mass on the top R. side of L. forearm, around extensor pollicis brevis, with wrist-thumb pain,that ortho.said is nothing. Can this be serious?

Have a small ganglion cyst on my left hand. Not painful. Can I strap it up tightly with wrist straps and do a bench press workout?

Have anterior right arm pain when arm flexed in hammer curl position; just above elbow; beside & behind biceps brachii. What is it & how to treat it?

Have excruciating pain in upper left arm. Had tennis elbow with cortisone shots previously, advice?

Have pain in anterior lateral forearm for 4 months. Pain aggravated by movements and any pressure on that part of forearm, radiates to thumb. Advise?

Have pain in left elbow and when bent it shakes terribly. Should I be concerned?