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Im 24.Since 2weeks I feel tingles in all rightarm. Now my upper arm hurts alittle &Ifeel a burn sensation & neck pain.Could it be arm artery disease?

I keep having pain in my right arm and when I go to lift things my arm hurts a lot and pain in my arm wakes me during my sleep?

Sudden sharp pain in neck followed by Pins and needles in arm. Felt like an elastic band had snapped. Neck still feels tender and had a few twinges?

18. Chest pain. Not overly painful. Left arm somewhat numb. Anxiety problems. What do I do?

23 f. On and off pain in my left chest last 3 days. Now both my elbows feel tingly. Should I be worried?

29 years old and a smoker and i was laying in bed just relaxing and my heart started to hurt really bad then my left upper arm was heavy/numb feeling?

2weeks ago fell on right arm wrong.Now, everytime I move it towards my left body I get extreme sharp pain in right shoulder other thrn that its fine.?

31 yr old female healthy have achy feeling in elbow left arm kinda feels weaker than normal. Sleep and lay on that side a lot healthy i think. What cou?

A few days after my mva i felt something pop in the rs of my neck sending a tingly sensation up & thru rs of head. R cheek arm & leg went numb & ting?

A headache for the past three weeks and I have getting constant right calf leg twitches and feels like my arms are pins and needles. Catscan bw clear?

All of a sudden I have a cranky aching feeling at the bending part of my right arm what could this be?

Annoying arm feeling near triceps, what could this be? it's not really painful

Arm being numb hand locking up, hurts and having really bad sharp chest pains only 21 and losing alot of weight?

Arm feels warm what is it?

Arm pain when hear something bad, should I be concerned?

Arms feel numb and painful, right leg weak. What are these symptoms of?

Arms feel numb towards the top not the whole arm and legs feel weak they told me I have back arthritis could this be the cause?

Around my left shoulder area in my back has had a tingling feeling for a year or so, now it constantly hurts and feels numb to touch. What could it be?

At night my hands from the elbow down fall asleep and while i work my right shoulder has a burning or maybe stabbing feeling what could this be?

Bad head ache,left arm and leg gets numb,heart beating twice as fast, feeling light headed when standing,lower right side of back hurts( cant lay on)?

Been having a burning sensation in my chest this week went to the ER EKG is okay &diagnosed it as heartburn days after felt tingles in left arm/face?

Better today. I noticed it mostly when I'm laying on my back. It is now mainly the shoulder and elbow with a slight tingling throb in rest of the arm.

Bone in right pinky finger doesn't feel the same as the left one. Feels like bone is leaning to the left. Light numb feeling at night. What is it?

Both left and right hand have cramps sometime painful and feel very tired or strained?

Both my left and right arm feel tired all of a sudden. What could be wrong?

Both of my arms have felt strange for the past five days, moreso my left. My forearms are fatigued, weak, heavy. Hives. No swelling or inflamation.

Boyfriend has bppv and is complaining that his right arm tingling, going numb and hurting. Is there a connection?

Burning feeling on upper back and down right arm. Feels like a sunburn. What could cause this?

Can anxiety cause arm weakness my right arm feels really weird . ?

Can shingles normally on left shoulder, but without an outbreak right now, cause the arm to go numb and cause dizzy, light-headedness?

Can someone tell me what I should do? My left arm and ring finger hurts really bad. And i get a little pain in my chest.

Can't sleep left chest tingly and prickly, what's wrong?

Causes of armpit pain?Randomly my right armpit started hurting,only with movement,If I raise my arm for example,feels sore but I didn't do anything

Chest pain and arm gets numb after an argument.

Chest pains, left arm numb and legs feel heavy. What could be wrong?

Could anxiety cause you to feel burning sensation in parts of the body? I felt hot on right side in the back of my neck all the way down to my arm

Could you tell me why my left arm and ring finger hurts really bad? Also i get a little pain in my chest?

Dear sir I am feeling pain inmy left arm and little bit in chest?

Did holster and ECG, everything is ok. Still feel tingling on my left chest, and my left leg becomes stiff. Feel nauseous and confused at night. Why?

Did I have a stroke or a TIA? I woke up numb on only the right side (arm & leg). My arm had marks on it (it felt like I laid on it). & swollen hand.?

Discomfort n left shoulder worse n evenings when sitting around feel like left arm goes to sleep w cool feeling all way down hand & tends to come & go?

Do i really have anxiety or is there sometjing wrong with my heart. It hurts all the time. And left arm always either numb or faint achey feeling.

Doc says my anxiety is causing my sore arm, back, chest and light feelings in arms. Any tips on how to fix these feelings?

Doc, i feel discomfort at my left side of my butt, its not painful.Its lyk somethng tickles and conected 'til my left leg.And sometimes feels weakness?

Doctor i suddenly started to feel pain very badly in my sholder even though i raise my arm straight i cannot do it fully .. pls help its painful !!

Entire back and upper arms feels bruised when poked or touched. Has been this way for years no other symptoms. What could could this be?

Ever seince my C-section 4 years ago the top of my thigh feels numb it never went away.What could be the cause?

Every morning a stabbing pain wakes me up. It is in both hands and sometimes travels up my right arm. Then it feels as if both hands have gone to slee?

Every morning im woke up by a terrible pain in my right handm ot shoots up my arm and my fongera feel numb. what is it?

Every time I move my left arm my shoulder makes a sound, and my upper left arm area feels a bit different compare to my right side. Why it that?

Every time i sit or stand a certain way i get numness in my left arm. Right now i don't feel it, ?

Everytime i hear the sound of electricity or get shocked my right arm near the my elbow feels numb and there is intense pain. What causes this?

Extremely painful tingling sensations down my neck back shoulders and arms when I sneeze. Recently in car accident ?

Feel light headed buldging vein in left arm from elbow straight through to chest.and pain in left arm and instant onset of dizziness and tiredness?

Feel tired, left arm is numb and have a pain in my armpit.

Feeling pain when trying to straighten right arm fully up. I can get it about 3/4th of the way up before feeling a shock tingling pain in shoulder?

Feels like a spasim. My left arm is going numb with pins and needles what can be the cause?

Fell on my right arm it feels stiff and. I can't raise it avove my head without it hurting what do I do?

Felt cold yesterday, struggled to get warm, heavy legs and arms. Now very painful low back pain on left and right, what could it be?

For 3 months now I have Chest pain and upper back pain and sometimes weird feelings in my arms and fingers and get tired, and weird feeling in head. ?

For a week and a half now I've been feeling very dizzy when I move my head around. Also my left hand and left leg have a weak feeling.

For about 4 days I have had odd/dull feeling/pain in my left arm, mostly in the lower half of my arm to the thumb. Veins are swollen and visible. Help?

For mnths im having strange symptoms, onece i had a light squeezing sensation in my right upper arm radiate into my arm pit intermittently went away a?

For the last couple days, I get this weird tingling, almost a little wave feeling tingle in the left side of my right knee?

For the last few days I've had a pain in my right shoulder blade (pretty much in the middle) and my right armpit feels a little strange. Advice please?

For the last few months whn im laying down my right thigh goes numb every now and then it really is weird. Do I have anything to worry about?

For the last year I have had numbness and feeling weak or slow on my left side arm and leg. Asked my doctor and they shrugged it off :(?

For the past few days i've been feeling like my left arm is on fire it runs to my upper and lower back, a little to my feet and a little in my right ?

For the past month I have had tenderness in my left arm and last night i had a sudden swelling of the elbow which feels warm to the touch.

For three days I've had numbness n tightness in my right arm its now starting in left arm its hurts bad n i feel very uncomfortable what do I do?

For three months off and on having pain in my left arm and leg when lay certain way also numbing in fingers as well when i move it feels better?

For what reasons might your arm feel fuzzy after hitting the side of your elbow against something?

Getting random chills on left arm and left leg. No fever and not sick?

Got upper arm tattoo worked on. Woke up over night with what feels like inside of my arm bone hurting and burning.What can this be?Stings bad.

Got a weird sensation in my left shoulder blade. Should i get it checked out?

Got in a car accident a few days ago and my upper left back and left arm are aching with a stinging pain my neck&chin hurts and I feel like puking?

Had 24 hr virus now have discomfort in left arm w some pain by my shoulder. Sometimes feels like my arm is going to sleep with a cold feel thru hand?

Had a bad case of Stomach flu. now neck is so stiff and sore and have shooting pain down right arm and can barely move it. Is this serious?

Had a c cection on march 31st and ever since my right thigh feels numb and pain when I push on it and random stinging feeling?

Had pinched nerve in back/left arm. Started lifting weights after it felt better. Now left arm is weak & MUCH smaller than right arm. What to do?

Have a constant burning/sharp in the right shoulder. I can hardly use my right arm and it feels alittle weak and kinda numb! i'm 29 and healthy.?

Have a kink in left shoulder blade & makes upper left arm feel weird & tingly & also have gastric reflux. heartbeat feels normal. Any suggestions?

Have a left sharp pain in upper left arm that comes and goes and feel a little breathless and thraot feels tight. A little numb in right arm before :/?

Have a numb armpit with pain right inside plus going down my arm.

Have a pain in my thumb, which is directly on top of a vein. Everytime I press on it my arm goes numb and I feel sick. 17 what should I do?

Have had a very dull but constant ache/throb in left neck and shoulder for few days. Spreads down upper arm. Also feels hot to touch, feel flush also.

Have odd feel in left shoulder/arm for week like pinched nerve or something w/ tingling & sleep feel. Heart feels normal. Would it hurt to take motrin?

Have pain on left side only coming from just outside my arm pit and goes across my back and down arm. I feel nerves inside. Heart is good 84-86.

Having a burning sensatiom im my upper left arm. But also feels like a charlie horse. Been 2 days. Gets worse at night. Could it be a pinched nerve?

Having pain from my shoulder down about 6 inches or so and i can barely lift my arm sometimes sometims it hurts so bad and sometimes it feels fine...But sometimes i can't even lift my son....Is this something I should get checked out?

Having tightness in my arms for a week now. The tightness is a bit better, but when I press on the top of my forearm it's very tender. What is it from

Hello, I am feeling this crazy tingling under my left shoulder blade. It feels so odd but doesn't hurt. Could it be serious?

Hello, i'm in my early to mid 30's. Lately i've noticed my right arm from the shoulder down feeling fatigued for no real reason and a swollen rt hand?

Help! pain in shoulder and upper arm till elbow . unexpalined feeling. hurts when i move it or raise it up. feels weak and kind of hot from inside?

Hi doctor, lately my left arm is hurting me pretty much if i get angry. Ps:i have a tattoo in the same arm that starting to feel painful.

Hi I feel like if my left arm has been feeling very very mild numbness. Mainly at my left shoulder. No chest pain at all. Should I go see my doctor in the morning? Does this sound urgent?

Hi I get pain all over in arms legs and chest . And kneck doctor says it's my nerves coz overweight . But I worry still . Chest also hurts when moving?

Hi I have a lump on the bone of my upper arm, no pain, feel well. When I put my arm in a different position I can't feel it as much, I suffer anxiety?

Hi i have been getting a burning sensation in back of my head(brain) i also feel really run down and getting pins and needles in my arms and legs alot?

Hi, for the past week I have been getting a pins and needles sensation up both my arms, chest and head. This happens twice a day and lasts for 30secs?