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For 4 months now my middle finger of right hand has been total numbness/pain due to golf injury of forearm. No anti-infl/cortisone helped. Any idea??

1 Dr said bone spur & 2nd Dr says that I have a ganglion cyst in my hand. Any tests to tell me what it is? Tired of pain, weakness and tingling.

10 weeks ago, sprained my wrist and the pain has not gone away.The dr ordered ot, but now I am having numbness in my hand.Could they have missed a tear?

14 days ago had cortisone into a diffuse thickening of flexor tendon sheath of left ring finger with triggering evident. Still have severe pain ?

2 X's TFCC tear. Last 8 mon(s) ago. Ulna freely moving no pain. Can not flex hand and pick anything up. Gives way and that causes some pain. Aches and swells sometimes. Intermittent lateral forearm muscle tremor and hand weakness just started. Is this

2012 Guyon's decompres. on R wrist.6 yrs pain.Cervical straight neck.Bilateral ulnar pain @wrist & elbow.Shoulder/Trapez. intense pain.Diagnosis?HELP!

21 years old carrpole tunnel left wrist doctor suggests surgey is this nessisarry?

3 bulging disc in my neck /pain and numbness in right arm from elbow to index finger and thumb doctor wants to refer neurologist is this correct?

32 yr female w5 yr ulnar wrist pain.No motor loss.Burns/aches/numb.Painful to type, apply makeup, write.Xray, ncv, emg negative.Pain on pisotriquetral joint.Ulnar/median decompression.No mri.What's wrong?

34wks pregnant. 5 staph infections over 3yrs in middle finger. After this last one, developed numbness/stiffness and pain in wrist and thumb. Any idea?

37 year-old woman with 2 years of variations in numbness, pain, weakness, and spasticity in her left hand and fingers, now also has left shoulde.....?

4 months ago i had cmc thumb surgery. Last week i woke up and my wrist was snapping (radial side). It is swollen and painful with movement?

6 month soreness rt shoulder, upper arm; numb/tingling /cold fingers; neck soreness less so.Hist rheumatoid, not carpal tunnel?

7 yrs bilateral ulnar pain at wrist/elbow. 3mm [email protected]/NCV. Edema at ulna,fat atrophy at opponen digiti minimi.No mass.Shoulder/neck pain?

8months after tennis elbow release surgery im feeling pain, stiffness in elbow. Cant twist my hand without pain. Hand and fingers getting numb. Why?

9 mths ago had Carpal tunnel surgery, normal recovery, woke up this morning and thumb severe pain can't do anything, when bent, pnky/mddle flex too?

A 21 year old girl who does weight lifting. Neck and shoulder pain with tingling down right arm anf thumb and index finger. Pain and tinglimg and slig?

A condition of a nerve in the elbow from extensive pressure...Are on elbows a lot, can pressure on that nerve cause RA like symptoms in hands?

A week after endoscopic cts I am having a burning sensation in hand and fingers, is this normal?

About to give up. Neurosurg says pain& numbness in hands and hand tremors not from neck. Pain dr says comong from c5, 6 nerve cond study.How or who can?

Ache in my left shoulder joint that radiates down arm into a tingling sensation in hand, resulting in numb thumb. I'm a type 1 diabetic w/ Hashimoto's?

Aching pain in left wrist I have carpal tunnel in both hands and I'm a cashier so I'm constantly using my hands?

After an emg my dr said i needed a cock-up splint;i do not have carpel tendon pain in my left wrist but pain in my left shoulder due to a fall 2 yr ag?

All pain is on right side finger joints elbow shoulder neck and feet fingers and in back could these be early symptom of ALS or MS or any idea I'm 21?

Already had radial nerve decompression in arms. Still when i grip or grip for long, my hands go into spasms snd fingers contort.Why still?

Annoying pain in pinky finger. Used to have numbness months ago but meds healed it. Is pain due to cubital tunnel?

Are tight shoulder blades and tingling in the arms possible symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome?

Arm, hand & elbow pain & skin burning forearm. X Ray neg. How was dx of RSD made without testing for ulnar nerve impingement?

Arthritis in left hand and wrist lose of movement?

Back pain in middle of back and numbness of toes and fingers. Forearms and hands seem cold/sensitive. No initial outstanding event before numbness.

Bicep/wrist pain, tingling elbow/fingers what causes this? Electrolytes ok, neck MRI neg, xray of arm neg. Dont know what else to do.

Blood poisoning in arm after carpel tunnel surgery, should I be concerned?

Burning pain, tingling, occassional numbness in finger joints or side of fingers? Nothing seems to help. Hand and wrist xray'd, no issues there.

C4, c5, C6 are bulging. I have shooting pains, burning, general weakness in left arm. Both thumbs hurt to grip. 2 rt toes are numb. Is it all related?

Can a cervical disk cause an electricshock to both arms down the last two fingers?specially when i touch the funnybone, not cubitaltunnel

Can a pinched ulnar nerve cause my arm not to swing, my hand to swell and get pain from the neck and throught the whole arm and hand?

Can a shoulder injury cause your hands to tingle?

Can a thumb injury lead to numbness in your upper arm?

Can an infection from your finger travel up to your arm?

Can c-4 through c-7 pressures to the spine involve numbness to the pointer and pinkey fingers?

Can cadpal tunnel extend up into the forearm and upper arm? Tingling in hand. Pain when extending the arm.

Can calcification in shoulder cause bad pain in arm down to hand and numbness both hands. Have disc comp on c-7. Sched for shoulder surgery.

Can carpal tunnel b detected by xray?Pain b/hands stiff middle/ring finger b/hands.pain on top of b/hands.r/hand pain extending to elbowSometingling

Can carpal tunnel cause excuriating night time pain and cause fingers to become stiff. Pain wrist bone to outer side of hand and on top of hand.

Can carpel tunnel be caused from an mva i was involved in an mva and my vehicle was totaled. My hands began going numb and tingling. I was referred to a neurologist for a nerve conduction test. I have severe carpel tunnel in my right hand and moderate

Can carpel tunnel give u symptoms anywhere else i mean can the pain travel up ur arm anywhere else?

Can finger tingling be caused by the neck, back, and/or both? Is it more likely being caused by an elbow, shoulder, or arm issue?

Can hand and fingers be affected from shoulder subluxation?

Can hand numbness/weakness go away after mild neck sprain heals?

Can having a thumb injury also cause numbness in that upper arm?

Can herniate disc cause chin/ lip tingling? Have shoulder blade tendonitis & tear, tingling hands and ostheoarthritis.Emg said axonal polyneuropathy.

Can neck and back problems cause tingling/numbess and pain in hand and fingers? Already had carpal tunnel release surgery.

Can neck injure cause pain in both feet and hands together?

Can rotator cuff issues cause numbness in hand and fingers?

Can shoulder blade numbness be caused by cubital tunnel?

Can someone develop systemic rsd following what appeared to be remission of rsd in the left arm, wrist and hand?

Can strained biceps cause numbness in hands?

Can tennis elbow cause occasional hand numbness?

Can thoracic outlet syndrome cause tingling in both left hand and left foot?

Can tingling in the arm and hand be associated with a torn rotator cuff?

Can wrist tendonitis cause trapped nerve, forearm is painful as well as tingling, numb, loss of feeling. Can't get a doc appointment for a week, help!

Can you compress the alna & radial nerve in L arm in multiple spots. Causing tingling when arm is as straight as possible and when are bends.

Can you experience slight tingling in arm from tennis elbow?

Can you have cubital tunnel syndrome with no pain? Have slight forearm numbness that comes and goes and trouble moving pinky and ring finger sometimes

Can you have tendonitis throughout the forearms and hands WITHOUT the muscles being tight ?

Can you tell me if there are any nerves or pressure points in your hand?

Can you tell me what steps should be taken if there is numbness in the fingers following a shoulder dislocation?

Can't figure out these symptoms Non-exertional chest pain, cold hands, unilateral swollen interphalangeal thumb joint w/o trauma, dyspnea on awakening?

Carpal tunnel had surgery on my right hand 12/08 because i was in a accident that cause me to have surgery on my right hand because i conuld't make a fist so now i had the surgery but now my hand & wrist just pain me all the time i don't sleep i can't l

Carpal Tunnel left wrist. Shoulder bursitis left shoulder. Both hands going numb. C-4 herniated disc. What kind of doctor to see?

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in my hand. Intense tingling or pain and loss of grip strength. Do i risk further or permanent damage if ignored?

Carpal tunnel type of symptoms stopped with less typing. Then deadline, and cramping in middle of hand and ache up deltoid to shoulder. Related?

Carpal Tunnel/BFS? A twitch/spasm that can be seen in my right palm, under the thumb area when I apply pressure (i.e. grip with reasonable force)?

Causes of sudden pain/stiffness in the base of both palms (between thumb joint and wrist) accompanied by extremely dark blue/bulging veins-no injury?

Chronic thrombosis of radial artery. Having pain in fingers and hand. What to do.

Chronic thrombosis of radial artery. Pain in hand and fingers. What is cause. Pain in elbow also. Could it be hand ischemia?

Circulation cut off in wrist/chest pain, what to do?

Common to get carpal and tarsal tunnel in all 4 extremities even if you have very minimal swelling during preg? Numbness/joint pain for over 7 wks now

Could cervical issues cause extreme hand pain without arm pain. Only slight numbness, pain in palm, index finger knuckle , starting in other hand too?

Could it be okay to work out one arm if other is in splint due to surgery on the hand?

Could my hand tremor be related to kneecap dislocation?

Could my numbness and tingling in my right hand be tenditions? I've had 4 cases of tenditions in my right wrist before due to my job.

Could nerve firings be anxiety along with muscle and joint aches and pains in hands arms legs feet fingers toes.. Doctors keep blaming anxiety ?

Could numbness and tingling at finger tips of pinky be due to a wrist sprain? Hand surgeon said i had no clinical findings for ulnar compression.

CTR w cubital tunnel decom/sub muscular transposition 1/30/14 and still have pins and needles. Pain/pins/needles in forarm burning shoulder pain???

Cut thumb 5 years ago. Still have full motion. Muscle wasting in opponens pollicis. Tingling when pinching something. Is there something to be done?

Dad had bad pain, at and below elbow (wrist, fingers). Neuro diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment. No improvement after 1 week. What to do for pain?

Dear Dr I am having a pn on my left shoulder where u give the flu shot sometimes I can't lift my hand not in the joint?

Deltoid pain but no finger tingling or numbness. Using mouse that is hard to click. Related?

Diagnosed with carpel tunnel and tendonitis. Last 6 months, pain in left elbow, increased weakness and waking at night with pain and numbing. Normal?

Diagnosed with elbow tendonitis for two months. Experiencing tricep spasms and odd finger tip sensation. Is this more serious form or limited movement?

Do bike racers experience numbness, tingling, or pain in the arm, hand, or wrist?

Do lots of computer work. Recent jump in repetitive motion->finger pain, pins needles in arm, tingling in hand, trouble gripping pen. Getting worse. ?

Doctors can you tell me why is palmar erythema more on ulnar side of hand?

Does bulging neck disc cause numbness in left index finger?

Does chronic radial artery occlusion cause sharp pain un hand at various points such as elbow wrist shoulder. If not what would cause pain?

Does frozen shoulder cause any issues with circulation or nerves of the hand/fingers on that side?

Does pain in my left hand between my thumb and pointer fingers mean I have carpal tunnel? I tried a hand brace but no relief!

Dr. said pinched nerve was causing numbness in thumb and pain up and down arm. More pronounced with computer work. suspect carpal tunnel. Difference?

Dug driveway, heavy shoveling & wheelbarrow use. Pain, numbness, weakness in hands & arms daily life is difficult. Will massages help a pinched nerve?