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?I'm starting to grow all these masses in my neck, armpit, knee, elbow, groin abdomen frequent vomiting, I cant straiten my arm from masses

10 months post-stroke. A lot of strength has returned to my limbs, but why would my upper arm/shoulder feel so very heavy, especially in the morning?

15 years old boy.I have different arms. My right arm is weaker and thinner than other.And i often have headache on the back of my head.What can I do?

3rd day post tetanus injection in left arm. Arm swollen, red, and warm. Should CT follow up with dr. Or is this common after the 3rd day.

4 many yrs I've had what I call dryness flare ups where my eyes,nose,under arms,where arms bends, under breasts get severely dry under the skin. Y? DX?

46yo lady, pain Right arm now for about 04 years.pain spans the whole arm, sometimes just forearm or hand,difficulty movement above the head,asthmatic?

5 wks post pregnancy, severe keratosis pilaris on arms legs back chest & neck. Doc gave triamcinolon but not working. What is best prescription?

72 hrs this pain has gone from the neck and R. Arm to elbow, now it is spreading into right upper shoulder/chest/back! He exp as Dead arm, level 9/10?

72 hrs this pain has gone from the neck and R. Arm to elbow, now it is spreading into right upper shoulder/chest/back! He exp as Dead arm, level 9/10?

8-yr old with chest pains-squeezing & pricking spreads to body becomes pale & numb then falls due to weakening of legs. Heart is ok.Cleared by cardio?

A man with warts all over his body, face and arms walked by in a crowd. His arms might have came in contact with my kids' bare arms/face. Are my kids at risk?

A nurse took my BP on my forearm instead of my upper arm. She said the BP is normal. Is the result as accurate as the upper arm method ?

After getting a cast off my arm, how long could it be before my handwriting gets back to normal?

After having a pic line in my arm an then removed, I have very visible veins across my shoulder and chest. Is this something to worry about?

After surgery both arms bruised on inside from wrist to elbow with needle tracks four months ago i had a kidney removed because of cancer. What did they do to my arms?

After the blood drawn for the test near elbow of left arm I had a pain in the arm near elbow & forearms for a days now I see some blood spots on arm?

After using blood pressure cuff multiple times per day past week, I noticed my bicep is larger than non using arm. Will this go back to normal?

All my face is filled with large painful pustules..Now it's spreading to my hands back neck and chest..33 weeks pregnant. Cant sleep at night of pain?

All the nerves on hands legs and full body appear swollen and v visible...for my two children aged eight and ten.this has happened only now?

Any pounds that I put on goes to my tummy or face and I still have skinny arms and narrow shoulders. Bad genetics?

Are there any new treatments for arm laceration?

Are there restrictions of use for secondary arm lymphadema? My arm is 5 cms larger after mastectomy?

Arms are really weak. Tender spots with development of bruising. Twitching and tingling at times. Would really like an answer or guidance please.

As of 2wks patches of broken hair raised at root (like an exclamation point) on arms and legs. Random needle-like prickling/stinging throughout body. ?

At 47 I'm starting to see some cellulite on the inside of upper arms. Did I do something to cause that, possibly incorrectly shaving under arms, etc?

Baby slept on her arm with a toy ring around her arm 45 mins & when I got her her arm was dark purple, could the tight ring around arm cause arm clot ?

Began as discomfort in left elbow. Tender with pain in arm muscles when I use arm. Age 66. Good health. Take BP med. Shoulder bursitis history. Heart?

Besides scleroderma what can cause skin that is tightening fingers & neck, hardening hands & patches & lines on arms, legs, & trunk?

Best way to get rid of edema in arm between elbow & wrist.

Blood draw from inner elbow 1 month ago. 3in x 2in hematoma. arm still aches, sore to touch at elbow and clear to shoulder when lifting something?

Bp in right arm 126/95 then took the left arm and it was 120/80? Why would this be different?

Bp readings were taken from my lower forearm. As the cuff inflated, i noticed bruising on my upper forearm. I thought it'd go away but it didn't. Why?

Bruise on back of left arm poor circulation in that arm due to neck problem should I see a doctor?

Bruising from bf squeezing my arm. School is starting. Help please?

Bump under arm pit hello i, m a 47 yr old hispanic male. About 3 or 4 yrs ago i used to do ALT of push ups and i developed a little bump under my arm pit it never bothered me so i just thought i pulled a muscle so i never had it checked ... The other hel

Can a moderate case of poison ivy on arm make your armpit hurt?

Can a person get corporal tunnel in their shoulder and if so can it cause the upper arm to swell?

Can an ipod cause electrostatic like tingling? Started in my forearm, spread to leg and even my ear canal all r side

Can body parts such as arms and legs swell up so much they actually bust?

Can cerivcal neck spinosis affect the legs and feet, or just the upper half of the body?

Can Chlamydia cause any skin conditions/diseases? (on arms and/or legs)

Can getting a full arm tattoo irritate/worsen tendonitis of the elbow?

Can having a bit of a straight neck and mid back cause pins and needles in arms and legs as well as digestive issues?

Can having psin in chest neck and arms hav to do with alcohol?

Can I have an MRI on my head if I have a tattoo on my arm?

Can I still work out other parts of my body safely if I have a broken left arm?

Can phlebitis in the arm caused by i.V.S come back?

Can skin cancer on the right shoulder blade, itch?

Can someone be admitted to the (general) hospital for chronic symptoms with itchiness of the skin folds (arm pits, in between fingers, behind knees, ankles, crease of the inner arm?

Can there be a way i can clear a scar on my right arm?

Can there be any way to work your whole chest with out using your arms, or only using one arm?

Can u get a tumor under ur arm kn ur arm pit and can it kill u?

Can you get shingles on your wrist or arm?

Can you tell me in three year I have gotten X-ray of chest, arm and knee, should I be concerned?

Carpal canal + pain on shoulders +triangle above collar bone between neck & shoulder that pumps up like gel filled when raise arms lemon size.related?

Could a cortisone shot in the left shoulder cause loss of arm use. It's been 5 months and still no change. ?

Could fibromyalgia occur in different parts of the body that is one day in the back, the other day in the legs& another in the shoulders or chest.Help!?

Could lack of calcium in our body causes pain near our shoulder , arm , neck , legs etc..?

Could lidociane 5% patchs caus my arm(the 1 i used it on for, the dr's suspect, ulnar nerv ntrapmnt n arm pit), caus my arm and face to swell?

Could longer arms mean skinner biceps compared to shorter arms?

Could sleeping on my chest with my left arm underneath could cause petechiae to appear on that arm. only lasted a day. Shoul I be concern?

Could you tell me what was in the IV they put in my arm?

Crps for 4 years, started in my rt foot & spread to rt arm. I have been getting weaker and able to do less. What can I do to get stronger, i'm scared.

Diagnosed with thyroid cysts two weeks ago, I have soreness in the l limp nodes under my arm and my elbows especially my left arm what dose this mean.

Doctor injected Depo-Provera further back more into the shoulder region rather then the middle the the upper arm muscle and was swollen for several days?

Earlier this morning my cat scratched me across the face, left elbow, and collar bone. Will i get csf, what to do?

Ever since i had an IV put in the back of my hand i've had these bumps or knots in my veins. Can this be a serious problem?

Every time someone tries to give me an IV on my left arm they blow the vein. Why does this happen.

First time mom. Breastmilk came in and arm pits really sore arm. Is this normal?

For the last 2 days I have an unusual amount of static electricity built up on my arms and legs. Why?

Getting tingling in different parts of body like arms, chest, neck, face at different times of day for no reason what could cause this? Should i worry?

Gradually over 1 yr my healthy active 10yr female developed invol head tics and now arm tics at the elbow/shoulder. We are very concerned.?

Had iv 9 days ago. 7 days ago arm muscle sore above and below iv site. Painted house 2 days ago. Arm burns with movement sometime aware of pulse inarm?

Hand starts swelling, arm hurts and veins become more noticabl when washing hair. Can this be tos because it matches all the sympotms i have.

Hanging skin from arms and lower abd surgery ?

Have a bulging vein tender to touch @ wrist (below backside of pinky) for months. Will this get dislodged, travel to lung & kill me if keep sedentary?

Have ahyperpigmentation on my upper back of my neck from my childhood till now 34 years as well my leg & hand fingers different from my body by 4 deg?

Have big difference in arms.Left arm is thicker,stronger.But right arm is thinner,weaker.Sometimes right arm is whimpering.What is that?Any treatment?

Having very mild night sweat several times/week. Only hairline, thigh crease, and bend of knees damp. Normal CBC. Doc seems unconcerned. Pursue more?

He have the injury on the arm with is called I think Corticosteroid this thing he have it a long time ago And now there is some kind of hole in his arm ,leg and in his private parts ?

Hello docs..Iam 18 years old..And I have black areas under my eyes, arm pits, and knee...Any natural treatment?

Hello doctors.I'm 18 now .I'm 1m60cm and i really look like a kid my arms my legs even my hands are very small.So are there anyway for me to improve h?

HELLO how are you? I recently got a tattoo on my left shoulder blade, It's Not red, or anything like that. But muscle around area of tattoo is achy??

Hello, I had a volteral injection about 3 weeks ago now, I have a hard lump under my skin and the area about 5 inches in my upper arm that is numb?

Hey I have bruises that cover most of my inner fore arm and run down my spine, is there something im low on or do I meed a new vitamin?

Hi im a 26 year old female and ll in the sudden i had the great big rash ocurr all over my body.Its specificaly more pronouced on my hands and arms.?

Hist eds3 is causing my 1st rib to pinch my brachial plexus over and over. My DO keeps fixing it. Occasionally upper arm swells slightly.need surgery?

How big of a red flag for autism is asymmetrical crawling. My baby is 8 months old and also will twirl her arm and wave left hand up and down on occas?

How can I get a six pack and muscular arms in 6 weeks!?

How can I get rid from swelling in fore arm due to muscle rupture?

How can I get thick and strong arms?

How can I put an end to fat on arms and legs?

How can I put an end to fore arm acne fast?

How can you take care of knots in your body? Especially in the shoulders?

How can you tell if your arm is bronk?

How do I get ride of arm acne? It is near my elbow but just above. It goes mid way up from my elbow up. It is on my both arms. Mainly my right.

How do I know if I have dandruff? #nqlu why do I scratch my arms, and wrists, and shoulders/neck? #nqlu how do I know if I have dandruff? #nqlu why do I scratch my arms, and wrists, and shoulders/neck? #nqlu

How do I treat an abcess on my wrist that has swollen my entire arm ?

How do I treat broken skin under my arm pit?

How do I treat or prevent muscle spasms without Valium i get tgem in my left leg n right forearm/wrist?