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19 years old female injuried left shoulder blade 2 weeks ago, now I am having left arm/hand numbness tingeling and turning purple. Left breast swelling?

A nerve in my left arm on the side by my wrist has been jumping all day.What cause that?

Aching and tingling in right shoulder, down arm into hand, wrist and hand swelling female age 47

After, jogging my left shoulder down to my shoulder blade, my upper left arm feel sore, and my fingers are numb and tingly. What is wrong with me?

Any ideas for a numb left pointing finger and a sharp pain in the same arm?

Been doing a lot of shoveling and stuff now I have a pain in left arm i can pinpoint and my fingers are tingling?

Been having a dull tingling sensation down my left arm all the way to my hand for the past hour. Not sure what's wrong?

Burning sensation, and tingling and swelling in right side of body. Hand arm leg an feet. What could that be?

Burning tingling in my left arm, why?

Can a pinched nerve in your neck on the left side cause weakness in the left side of face leg and arms?

Can laying on my left side and the arm for a long amount of time cause a prolonged tingling/numb feeling in my left hand and forearm? Is this common?

Can neck problems cause tingling in right arm and hand?

Can thoratic outlet syndrome cause left side of face and left arm numbness?

Can u advise numbness in left side of fingers in the morning ?

Causes for tingling and warm sensation in left forearm arm and hand?

Diagnosis for left-sided numbness please; mainly the arm; but tingles too?

Doctor told me I have cubital tunnel in left elbow but now left arm shakes uncontrollably and now right arm is hurting what is going on?

Dual pain left chest, inner left arm, and slight tingling in my hand. What can I do?

Feeling numbness, like needles and pins pinching in right leg after spine surjery, left is 2 after surjery.

Feeling tingling and sharp pains threw out arms legs and hands. What could cause this ?

Feet tingle only when i lay down or sit. I notice my left foot more than right. No pain only tingling in hands or legs or arms. Possibility?

Female tingling left hand only what could this be?

First 3 fingers are really weak/tingly . Radiates to my chest and my neck. What could be the cause?

For about two weeks now, I have been feeling a numbness in my right thumb. What could it be?

For the past few days i've been experiencing pain in my right arm and elbow with numbness and tingling of the hand and fingers. What could this be?

For the past week or so i've been getting pains down my left arm, elbow and into my fingers. Help?

From right shoulder, down arm having aching, numbness.Tingling, hand numb, tingling and swelling female age 47

Getting a sharp pins and needles sensation to right hand shooting up arm any time i reach with my right hand. What could it be?

Good evening. I have an aching pain in the back of my left shoulder & upper left arm. my fingers & thumb on my left hand go numb & tingles?

Got a tingle and numbness in the left side of my face and arm?

Hand swollen and pain up arm?

Have left arm pain and numbness?

Have numbness in elbow and right arm?

Having pain on my left side been going on for a few days now. Now I have numbness on the ring finger of my right hand, tingling. I am 34 f?

Head tingling, left arm tingling chest infection?

Headaches, front of head, all day. Random tingling in left hand and foot. Single twitches in left shoulder, hand, leg, and foot. What is going on?

Hello. I've had constant numb/tingle in left fingers for 5 days, occassionally in left ear, & right now heat in left torso/arm.

Hi doctor, I am having random pain & tingling especially in the left hand (lower part) and left leg (near ankle) for last 6 months. Please advise.

Hi Doctors I have tingling sensation, numbness on my right thumb. It's been 3 weeks now and my neck and shoulder is painful. Please help. Thank you?

Hi I am having dull ache in left hand side deltoid area which is going down the arm with slight ache & then tingles in my hands & fingers ?

Hi I have pain at my elbow and my left arm and it's going down to my fingertips and my fingers are tingling what could be causing that?

Hi. I have been having numbness and tingling down my left arm for 2 to 3 months. It's not a constant sensation. It happens on and off throughout the day. Sometimes, I think it originates from the palm of my hand, then sometimes my elbow, and sometimes

I having tingling sensations in my right foot, right hand, and right side of my back just below the shoulder blade. ?

I 've had numbness and tingling in my right hand for awhile now . My right arm gets numbness and tingling too . I experience no pain at all . ?

I am experiencing elbow to finger tingling in my left arm . no pain it just feels as if i hit my funny bone , but i haven't . what could cause this ?

I am having horrible shooting pain on the left side of my left hand into my pinky finger. Any ideas on what it could be? I'm a female and i'm 29.

I am having numbness and pain in my left arm and it goes all the way down to my fingers. What would be the cause of this.

I am having numbness on my left leg and pins and needle feeling on my toe also getting that numbness on my left arm can u please tell me why?

I am having some chest discomfort left arm tingling/numbness, what should I do?

I awoke several times last night by pain and numbness in my rt arm and hand. Today my rt hand is swollen and stings, arm stiff and achy. Any ideas?

I awoke this morning with my right arm numb and tingling? What should I do?

I feel pain on my left hand. Mostly the area under the thumb, and sometimes numbness. Why?

I get a sharp pain in my armpit region when I tilt my head up or down. It radiates numbness & tingling down the inside of arm to 4th and 5th fingers.

I get a tingling sensation on my middle back and left hand fingertips. What can cause this?

I got a massage. Now my left leg tingles to my foot and my left side of my face tingles and is numb. Any ideas ?

I had a swelling in my left toe which was painful a few weeks ago now I have numbness n tinglin around the area.What can be the cause?

I had tingling in my left hand for about a week then my left foot became tingly and now the left side of my face what is it please?

I have a bad burning sensation in my left arm and left hand?

I have a burning pain in my left arm, just above the elbow. There is numbness down my arm. No other symptoms. It started 3 days ago. What should I do?

I have a dull ache in my right arm throughout the day and pins and needles. Sometimes in my left side too. My hands and fingers swell up. What could ?

I have a knot in my right shoulder, it causes a numbing ache in my shoulder, arm and hand, my fingers go from a numb feeling to a tingle. Please help.

I have a lump on the side of my left hand, just where your thumb starts on my left hand. It's been there for over 2 months, and causes severe pain?

I have a numb lower left back and top off my left leg and a little pins and needles in my left arm. I'm worried any ideas?

I have a numb, tingling feeling under my left jaw and neck, what could it be?

I have a really itchy and burning painful right hand the palm but now I'm getting pains in my left arm?

I have a recurring sharp shooting pain on the back of my left hand just above my index finger. What could that be dr.?

I have a sharp pain in my left wrist and its extend all the way up my arm and sometimes my whole arm will go numb its been off and on for about a year?

I have a stabbing pain that is on my left hand. It starts on the outside of my hand and the pain shoots all the way through my hand & up half my arm.

I have a tingling sensation throughout my right arm as if I have bumped my funnybone. In the morning is when it is the worst.

I have a totally dead arm with numbness tingling and sharp shooting pains from my shoulder to my fingers?

I have arm numbness and tingling in my left arm but also sometimes my right arm. My hand also feels like it wants to cripple up. Im only 26 years old.

I have been experiencing shooting tingling pain down my left arm. I broke it 10 years ago. What can cause this ?

I have been having arm pain. it doesn't bother me so much during the day but at night it is worse . it's is my whole arm and its tingling in my finger?

I have been having left leg paun and tingling feelinf?

I have constant pain in my right arm and pins and needles what is it ?

I have constant tingling in right hand, any recommendations?

I have excruciating pain in the palm of my left hand...What could be causing this?

I have had a lump in my right my hand tingles...could this be a nerve?

I have had a pain in my shoulder that sends tingling down my left arm and numbness in my hand. What should I do?

I have had numbness and tingling and pain in my hands for about 2 yrs now. It does it for no reason and now my left arm is starting to do the same .

I have had tingling and numbness is on my right knee area and tingling and numbness in my right shoulder and neck area. It comes and goes depending...

I have icy tingling in my left arm for months and now left foot?

I have intermittent tingling in the left arm, no pain?

I have left arm pain with numbness and tingling in my left pinky finger.

I have left leg and left hand pain for weeks what should I do?

I have Lupus, and my left arm is numb and tingly and cold. What could this be?

I have neck pain that's running down my left arm numbness and tingling. What is the cause of this?

I have numb and tingling sensation in my right arm along with stiff wrist, and swoleen hands with numerous other symptoms what can cause this?

I have numbness from my fingers up my right arm to my neck and compression across my chest. What is it?

I have numbness in both my legs and hands and left shoulder . Burning in my feet and my left shoulder. I have not beeen in a wreck or been injured.

I have numbness in my vaginal/buttock area and the numbness has now moved to my left arm/left leg, foot and some in my right foot.?

I have numbness left arm/fingers leg, with pain in same leg where previously broken. Feels like left side is almost asleep...What should I do.?

I have numbness, tingling with pins and needles in my fingers and arm (right side)a week ago. Now I feel it in my left side and even my legs(frontal)

I have pain in left arm and it is shaking too?

I have pain in my entire right arm and numbness in my fingers, what could it be, please help me?

I have pain in my left arm between shoulder and elbow.arm feels strange and numb if affected area rubbed?

I have pain24/7 in my kness, elbowsand numbness in in two of my fingers in my left arm what could this be?

I have pinch nerves. My left side is numb. What can I do?

I have pins and neddles in my left leg and foot as well as dull sensation, what should I do?

I have pins and needles/tingling sensation in my right arm and leg?